Are You a Patient Blogger?

720 words.

Right down the drain.

But I am as calm and chill as ever.

I just finished a guest post here. Image chosen. Text done. Linked up beautifully.

I loved it.

In a split second I clicked a link up top in the backoffice and for some reason the text disappeared. Everything disappeared.

What did I do?

Did I desperately scramble for the content, looking for saved files, trying to ensure I did not waste my time?


I simply began writing a new post.

Different topic, even.

I formerly wrote about a chapter from one of my eBooks.

Buy it for a fun, entertaining read about how you can become a successful blogger based on my experiences in Bali:

10 Blogging Lessons I Learned in Bali (to Accelerate Your Online Success)

I picked one chapter. Explained how some tour operators in Bali and transport aka taxi drivers in Bali help you see what not to do when building a successful blog. I explained why some operators and drivers desperately scare off business.

I even mentioned my friend Sara Duggan and how she does outreach effectively, helping folks generously, promoting me on social media, noting me on her blog and even buying one of my recent eBooks.

But all gone. Down the cyber toilet.

No biggie though.

No crying over spilled milk here.

After 30 seconds of trying to find the post via the latest saved version thingee I simply began writing another post.

I am a patient blogger.

Are You a Patient Blogger?

Be honest.

Would you have flipped out after writing a post, formatting the post, grabbing the featured image, linking in, linking out, and deleting the post in a split second, watching text dissolve into thin air?

Likely, you’d have been upset.

No worries; the old me would have flipped out, even cursing, being totally frustrated with wasting my time.

The new me simply moves on. After a decade spent online I’d need to be insane to behave otherwise. I have learned the art of patience, through my blogging experience. Maybe I don’t have 1/10,000th of the patience of a Buddhist monk here in Thailand but I’m a chill dude.

Being patient prospers you. While most bloggers flip out for minutes or even hours after the poop hits the fan, blogging-wise, you calmly and confidently move on, letting go the past, and keep creating and connecting persistently, being unflappable, chill, at peace and prospering like a champion.

Some 19 minutes after the initial post and subsequent delete I’ll have written this post. I even get to use the same featured image 😉

Tack on 3 more minutes for the proof read and publishing, and after 4 more minutes I will have promoted the blog post to my tribe, giving it big traction on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the old me, and most bloggers, would have whined and moaned for 1 minute, 10 minutes or 60 minutes, complaining about making mistakes that human beings sometimes make. Since you are human it is OK to complain but it is even more OK to let go, move on and serve people. More prospering, too.

Your Turn

Could you use a little more patience with your blog?

How are you being more patient?

What tips can you share to develop blogging patience?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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