3 Ways to Take a Break from Blogging

We all need a break sometimes.

All bloggers are human.

Last time I looked.

I scanned one of my 126 eBooks recently.

Chapter 2 of:

10 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Living in Fiji

woke me up.

If you want colorful blogging lessons buy the eBook.

Folks ask me how I write so many guest posts, read and comment on so many blogs, help folks, coach folks, promote my eBooks and still enjoy my life of travel. I have a simple answer: I take frequent breaks. At least throughout my blogging work day.

All problems with scheduling, creativity and online success flow out of fear.

Many blogging fears flow out of a tense, chaotic, overworked mind.

Overworked minds tend to feel overworked because the mind owner rarely if ever takes breaks.

Taking regular blogging breaks increase your creativity, energizes you for your long haul journey and helps you spot and solve problems quickly and easily.

Let’s look at 3 ways to take a break from blogging.

1: Day Break

Perhaps you enjoy taking Sundays off from blogging. Or maybe taking another day off weekly floats your boat.

Do what works for you.

But more than anything, consider taking one day off from blogging every week to recharge your battery, to boost your energy levels and to simply exhale, for a 24 hour stretch.

I am a poor example in this regard. I enjoy blogging so much that sitting down to write and network feels like play to me. I do not take any days off from playing. Most bloggers though see blogging as work, or a chore, or a task. If this is you, take at least 1 day a week off from blogging.

2: Hourly Breaks

Hands down, every single blogger should take hourly breaks to top off their energy levels on a daily basis.

I take a 5-10 minute break from my blogging activities on every hour to think clearly, to proceed intelligently, to blog effectively and to see that I stay on track. I also nap for 30 minutes or more daily to refresh my body and mind.

Example; usually I move through my workday without interruptions but today I had to run a few errands after lunch time. On returning to my blogging tasks I took a deep breath, honored my hourly break, and made sure to take effective blogging actions, versus sprinting mindlessly through my blogging work day due to the unexpected errors I needed to run.

Take hourly breaks. Pull back from work. Energize yourself, think intelligently and blog from an effective space by chilling for a few minutes hourly.

Take a short walk. Do some jumping jacks. Lay down in bed for a few minutes. Do whatever works for you to pull back and relax.

3: Take a Week Off

Sometimes bloggers need a week long break to relax.

I have been known to take a blogging hiatus here and there to simply embrace my offline travels.

In a few weeks I will travel across the world to Thailand, flying from NYC to Bangkok over a 1 day stretch. Between the travel time, jet lag and overall rest periods I will need from blogging, I may not take an entire week off but will pull back from my blogging duties for a good 3-5 days to chill out, to sleep, to recharge and to think clearly when I do hop online.

Take extended breaks from time to time. Reassess your blog. View your blogging day through a fresh set of eyes, being fully energized.


Follow each of these tips.

Reduce your stress levels.

Rock out your blog.

What tips can you add to this list?

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