How to Streamline Your Blog for Increased Profits


My developer Phillip Dews just transferred my blog to a new host.

The speed test says it all.

Note; if you want lightning fast speeds, pay up to play up.

Streamlining your blog to big time proportions (think “lightning”) is virtually impossible on 2 dollar a month hosting solutions.

Before we flesh out step 1 let’s ponder the benefits of creating a lean and mean blog:

  • increase blogging profits by focusing readers on a few core products and services
  • trim blogging fat; delete distracting elements serving no purpose
  • maintain lightning fast load times
  • feel clearer and flat out better about your blog

I ain’t gonna lie; I dove into a guest posting tear tonight. 1:52 AM Thailand time as I pen these words. Getting my new hosting and adopting a super minimalist design energized me.

1: Pay Up to Speed Up

Spend at least $7 to $20 – or more – to speed up your blog.

Paying for premium hosting streamlines your blog and boosts blogging profits because:

  • more people stick around a fast loading site
  • people pull the trigger more quickly – buying-wise – on fast loading blogs
  • fast blogs rank better in search engines, boosting your targeted, buying traffic

Do not cheap out on web hosting. Massive mistake made by amateur, struggling bloggers because in the blogging world, there is the quick, and the dead.

2: Go Minimalist

My blog design looks minimalist these days.

Visit my blog.

See a top menu.

See the latest posts.

See Amazon, iTunes and greeting widgets.

That’s it. Mean, lean and clean. No wasted content or images or widgets. No blogging bloat.

Readers see my coaching, course, eBooks and audio books links via top header. I follow up with Amazon and iTunes audio book icons via my sidebar, tossing in a little intro/greeting and link to my travel pages.

Be a blogging minimalist. Trim da fat. Cut back on bloat. Focus on content and your products and services. Release all else. Streamline your blog. Increase your blogging profits.

Alonzo Pichardo has a lean, mean and clean minimalist design. Perfect set up for fast loading and focusing readers on both his valuable free content and top shelf premium services.

3: Use a CDN

Use a CDN.

Host images from your blog off server to speed up your site.

Using a CDN boosts profits indirectly by speeding your site up significantly. As mentioned; folks who see a fast loading site are likely to stick around and buy something due to the seamless experience.

4: Delete Dated Posts and Pages

Posts, pages and any form of dated content needs to go.

Both for streamlining your site and for increasing your blogging cash flow.

Less dated, thin content = less server load.

We know this already.

But dropping posts no longer valuable or relevant for your readers creates a more eye-popping, respected, trusted brand.

Trusted brands make a serious splash in the blogging world. Serious splash types usually earn steady coin over the long haul.

As a rule, successful, prospering bloggers release worn out, old, dated content like a hot potato. Providing readers with timely, valuable data matters most to these top bloggers, who never cling to old, thin or inaccurate content.

5: Align to Shine

Every single:

  • blog post
  • blog page
  • video
  • podcast
  • Infographic

and any other form of content needs to align 100% with your brand message.

I help people retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. My products and services reflect this fact.

If any product or service did not align 100% with my Blogging From Paradise brand I delete the income stream, streamline my blog and boost profits by removing any trust-dissolving confusion.

Align to shine.

Prune any non aligned income streams.

Example; if you’re a blogging tips blogger monetizing through non-targeted Google Adsense, visitors tend to see Adsense ads on your blog based on the reader’s prior web history. This is why I visit blogging tips blogs but see Adsense ads about Phuket or Bali, or whatever tropical island I’m researching.

Not a good look for the blogging tips blogger; I only want to see blogging tips ads, products, services and eBooks from her to gain trust and to move forward with the click, buy or hire.

Align all elements and income streams perfectly on your blog.

Zac Johnson does this beautifully about

The blog teaches you one thing; how to blog.

This is one reason why the site usually ranks #1 for a hyper competitive “blogging” search on Google.

Delete non aligned income streams.

Trim blogging fat.

Boost blogging profits.

Do you follow these tips?

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9 thoughts on “How to Streamline Your Blog for Increased Profits”

  1. Hello Ryan,

    I am glad that you sorted out your web hosting problem and your website are loading fast. I have also made changes to my blog design and try to make it simple. Using too many graphics and CSS can slow down your website performance which leads to poor user engagement. Thanks for sharing these great tips here.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Great tips and I actually went through a small minor redesign not too long ago. My last theme was all cluttered and I really didn’t like how it made the home page look.

    I am happy with what I have now, it’s much less cluttered and in my opinion just looks a lot cleaner. I’ve also played around with the navbar and only put the links to the most important elements that I want people to see.

    It does take some time to see what you want and experiment with what works. You’re right, we can definitely take some lessons and learn from other successful bloggers to see what they are doing.

    If we see someone who is having more success than us, then we know what they are doing is working.

    Don’t be afraid to play around with the way your blog looks. After all, that’s the only way that you will ever learn is by experimenting to see what people like and where they click.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


  3. Hey Ryan!

    I follow these blogging tips and more.

    I’m actually big on the simplicity of your blog’s design. This is an important lesson I have learned a long while ago from Derek Halpern from There is a psychology behind why keeping things simple and well-organized can boost your blog’s conversions.

    I implement the same concepts and tips on my internet marketing blog. And, I do the same for my personal blog which is not a niche blog but I implement the same tactics to grow my audience and traffic.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the jam experiment which results tells us that more isn’t always better. The less you offer your visitor the easier it will be for them to make a decision on what to do next.

    There is a lot of human psychology that goes into blogging. This is a topic I’m passionate about and I’m looking forward to sharing more about as I blog.

    Thank you for sharing your tips here!

    best regards! 😀

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