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Uscreen Video hosting Reseller Program ~ Create a Video Distribution Platform

The growing popularity of videos in content creation and distribution has ushered in different more ways to do business and generate income online. With very little investment, you can be running a very successful video distribution platform powered by Uscreen video hosting reseller program

Statistically, Video is gradually taking over content marketing today calling for a great portion of attention from content producers. Before we see why Uscreen Reseller program is the perfect place to start a profitable video hosting platform, let's see some exciting statistics:

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PublicityClerks Review ~ The best BuySellAds Alternative 2016

PublicityClerks Review feat

In this PublicityClertks Review post, we are looking at a platform that’s proven to be the go-to site for bloggers and webmasters who want to monetize their properties and advertisers who want targeted exposure and traffic.

Let’s face it, advertising networks are popping up these days and BuySellAds has been leading the industry for pretty long. But things are soon changing as the leader itself has set rules that fight its growth, making way for competitors to gradually gain a reasonable portion of the market.

Getting approved on these platforms is tough. These is simply because there is need for quality. Sometimes though, things happen that cannot be explained. Whatever the case, let’s take a closer look at PublicityClerks.

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Thrive Content Builder Alternative ~ Forge content Builder

thrive content builder alternatives

Thrive Content Builder Alternative  -> Forge content Builder, an excellent front end page builder designed to create amazing layouts that impress your visitors.  Forge is snappy and very fast to manage, allowing you to create entire layouts in minutes, not hours.

Forge plugin is fully compatible with every single WordPress template in the market. With Forge WordPress content editor, you do everything in the front-end of your website and see results in real time, without need to preview. Continue reading


Schemaninja Review ~ Get more clicks, Double your Search Traffic!

SchemaNinja Review – WordPress Plugin to help you stand out on Search Engine Result Page. Get more eyeballs on your entries. Remarkably boost your Click Through Rate (CTR) and drive more targeted traffic.

Generally, search results on position #1 on page #1 of Google gets the highest number of clicks. But you can change that fact from today.

Even if you are on position #3 or above, you can attract more clicks than the entry on position #1.

What’s the secret?

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Solopreneur Review ~ Blogging Theme for Bloggers & Marketers!

Solopreneur review – Responsive WordPress Blogging Theme for Bloggers and Marketers, from the guys of FancyThemes!

The WordPress Theme industry is increasingly becoming very busy. Thousands of places to buy any theme from but one still has to be cautious.

While beautifully designed WordPress themes don’t mean your business will see success, poorly coded and woefully designed templates can pull your growth down the ladder.

One of the responsive premium themes I have been testing lately is FancyThemes’ Solopreneur. When I read from Devesh Sharma of FacnyThemes about this new addition to their collection, I knew something has been released to pick the interest of bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Continue reading


Webtexttool Review ~ SEO OnPage Optimizer 2018!

webtexttool review

Webtexttool Review ~ A closer look at an unmatched web-based SEO Tool for OnPage SEO optimization!

Whether you are a blogger, ghost writer, freelance writer, etc, you need an SEO OnPage Optimization tool! This is because for every online business, Search Engine traffic is the most important. The simple reason is that it’s most targeted and converts the most. But getting Search engine traffic is the difficult part.

The act of doing anything online in order to attract more visitors from search engines is generally called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are three main SEO areas to focus on if you want this natural traffic and boost your business. These are; Continue reading