Are You Building a Blog or a Brand?

As I settle into Chiang Mai, Thailand for a 7 week trip I think about what helped me engineer a lifestyle of travel.

Blogging played a big part in my success.

But branding played an even bigger role.

People remember brands. Blogs? Not so much.

I always intended to build a brand and then to create a blog, eBooks, videos and courses to seal the deal.

Most bloggers make a huge mistake as newbies; they figure branding only matters for billion dollar empires like Apple, McDonald’s, Nike and Google. Why brand a seemingly small blog?

These folks quickly learn the error in their thinking.

Whether you build a brand or not people see your blog and make a judgment based on the impact you make, or lack thereof.

Non branded blogs make little impact.

Branded blogs make a huge impact.

In my eBook:

7 Online Branding Boo Boo’s and How to Fix Them

I stress why you need to build a brand before you build a blog because people crave a persistent, consistent brand message. Everybody loves a good brand. Everybody becomes impressed by a powerful brand.

Think of a cattle brand. The piping hot poker literally brands cattle, searing a tattoo on the body of the animal.

Brands like Apple and Nike sear a powerful, influential message on your mind. Maybe Steve Jobs and Phil Knight didn’t sear you with a branding iron to make the impress but the inspired, impacting message and brilliant products consistent with each brand message helped build each iconic empire.

Even if you have no readers right now, branding is just as important for a new blogger. Readers respond to your brand message through your:

  • blog posts
  • products
  • services
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • images
  • overall brand message

How can you build a blogging brand?

How to Build a Blogging Brand

Think of one core message.

Speak the message between all you do online.

Align every element on your blog with the brand message.

I help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

All elements on Blogging From Paradise align with my core message, from my:

  • 1080 p videos in paradise
  • images of tropical paradise
  • funny travel stories I tend to inject into my blog posts
  • eBook covers, all of which I snapped during my world travels

I do not go off brand so folks know me as the Blogging From Paradise guy.

Becoming known as the Blogging From Paradise guy:

  • expanded my brand awareness
  • helped me grow a large, loyal, supportive tribe
  • boosted my blog traffic
  • increased my blogging profits

All because I made my blog all about aligning with my Blogging From Paradise brand.


Nomadic Matt is a fabulous example of a well known, perfectly aligned brand.

From his home page to his blog to the services he offers, all Matt does conforms to helping you travel better, cheaper and longer. He helps you improve your travel experience. Everything on his website aligns with this core message.

Good branding sticks with you. Long after you read a blog post or watch a video the individual blogging brand stands out in your mind, influencing you without the blogger or their content being in front of you in the moment.

This is how it’s done, folks.

This is also why you need to build a blog before you build a brand.

The key is to develop one core message and to stick to that message no matter what.

One Warning

Do not deviate from your brand message to cash in.

Adding non aligned advertisements, products or services dilutes your brand and confuses readers.

Don’t sell out.

Stay on topic to avoid straying off course.

Your Turn

How are you building a brand for your blog?

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