How to Impress Blogging Influencers

Impressing influential bloggers opens doors for you.

Increased blog traffic? Check.

Bigger blogging profits? You betcha.

Top bloggers are human beings. Just like you.

They dig whenever someone helps them.

Established pro bloggers appreciate generous, kind bloggers from newbies to seasoned pros.

I genuinely appreciate anybody who RTs my latest post or comments genuinely on my blog.

But too many bloggers do a terrible job with their influencer marketing campaign. Or I should say, it’s more like an influencer manipulation campaign.

Trying to use someone to expand your reach via cold pitch emails, coming in as a stranger, is the easiest way to see your email junked, perpetuating your struggles.

Today I want to talk about how to do influencer marketing the right way.


My friend Alonzo Pichardo and I chatted about how to connect with influencers on YouTube.

Watch the video here:

How to Connect with Online Influencers

We talk about 2 core elements of connecting with successful bloggers.

Help them without looking for anything in return.

Keep it personal.

Help without Asking

Every terrible pitch email I read goes like this:

“I want to place a guest post on your site. Here are some topics.”

Why would a sane blogger who spent a decade building a successful blog, brand and business hand their blog over to a stranger who wants to use them for their name, their huge, loyal tribe and their blog?

Sorry; you need to bust your ass to get the keys to the Blogging From Paradise castle.

Help me. Persistently. Do not ask for anything in return.

Retweet my latest blog post. Facebook Share my latest video. Comment genuinely on my blog.

I checked my comments 5 minutes ago. My friend and successful blogger Janice Wald published another rocking comment on BFP. She also promotes me tirelessly and accepted many of my guest posts on her blog Mostly Blogging.

Why did I mention her? She is a skilled blogger but thousands of skilled bloggers exist.

What made her stand out?

She’s my friend.

How did she become my friend?

She helped me persistently without looking for anything in return.

Janice is an influencer. If you want to pop up on her radar screen do the one thing that makes you stand out; help her in as many ways as possible without looking for anything in return. Release expectations. Release conditions.

Detachment is a stunningly prospering action because the detached, present, generous, abundant blogger sticks out like a sore thumb in a world of fearful, desperate, greedy bloggers who only look out for themselves.

Keep it Personal

My friend Chris Deewaard commented on my Facebook Live video today.

I mentioned how we are watching a dog named Yoda here in Thailand. He is named Yoda because he does in fact look like the Star Wars character.

Chris published a funny comment relating the core message of my video in Yoda-speak; I chuckled and smiled.

Chris’ comment was memorable enough to warrant me mentioning him here.

When you are light, chill and detached, keeping things personal, chatting with someone about topics other than blogging, you shine brightly in your niche. You also prove that you aren’t just after someone for business purposes.

Chris has commented genuinely on my blog for years so he also is a master at tip #1; helping without asking. But he always keeps things light with a joke or pop culture reference.

Keeping things light and noting a blogger’s personal hobbies or interests is an easy way to connect with them and befriend them. This shows you’re interested in the person, not what they can do for you.

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