5 Ways to Improve Your Online Visibility

Most bloggers have a terrible visibility problem.

They have writing skills. They solve problems easily. Some spin entertaining yarns. Others offer practical, proven tips. But they are publishing posts in an empty blogging cave, echos carrying through the chamber each time they hit the “publish” button.

Nothing feels worse than having zero exposure.

I know.

I used to get like 3 visitors a day to my blog.

Now I drive a lot more traffic than that. Even better? I have been featured on some of the world’s most famous, respected blogs.

The last time I published this type of exposure post on Enstine’s blog I had been featured on rocking blogs like Forbes, Virgin, Fox News and Entrepreneur.

Since then I have been featured on John Chow Dot Com, Positively Positive, Life Hack Dot Org and Smart Blogger.


By increasing my visibility through following these tips.

If you are starving for greater visibility and are sick of blogging for a chorus of crickets follow these 5 tips.

1: Guest Post

Guest posting is the ultimate way to increase your exposure exponentially. Or to do it stupid quickly.

I have added hundreds of people to my email list during a recent guest posting blitz.

I have also built stronger friendships with superstar bloggers like Enstine.

Think of it this way; I have 60,000 members in my Blogging From Paradise community between social media and my email list. If I guest post here I am connecting with Enstine’s massive, targeted community, plus the 60K folks I reach every time I publish a post on my blog.

Both parties win too. I get exposure. Enstine gets a helpful blog post published almost completely on auto pilot.

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document for practice. Gain confidence and clarity in your writing. Find your writing voice. Place more guest posts.

Make sure to publish guest posts on blogs predominantly from your niche. Straying a little bit is OK if you can get massive exposure – last week my blog and brand was introduced to 3.5 million Facebook fans via Positively Positive and Lifehack guest posts I placed – but stick to your blogging niche most of the time to see the best results from guest posting.

2: Comment on Top Blogs in Your Niche

Blog commenting is one of my favorite ways to be more visible in the blogging and travel blogging niches.

I share 2 to 5 paragraph comments on blogs related to my niche to:

  • build friendships
  • boost traffic
  • boost profits
  • help fellow bloggers

Share your thoughts in a helpful, generous manner. See comments as mini guest posts. Be persistent. Folks *do* read comments and bloggers often befriend fellow blog commentors.

Blog commenting is an awesome, low barrier to entry way to make friends, gain exposure and drive traffic for free.

3: Join Social Sharing Groups

Join social sharing groups through sites like Facebook and Google Plus to maximize your blog traffic and to expand your visibility.

You can also join a site like Triberr to be seen within your niche.

These groups are based on the concept of reciprocity. Help a bunch of folks. Many will help you in return, promoting you freely.

4: Be Active on Forums

Being active on the Warrior Forum has increased my visibility and credibility quickly.

I’ve been a member for 8 years but only became hyper active on the forum within the past 2 months.

Almost 3000 posts later I drive traffic and business through the platform.

Join Warrior. Be active. Ask questions. Learn. Share answers.

Engaging Warriors have zero issues getting noticed in the internet marketing, affiliate marketing or blogging niches.

5: Be Active on Q and A Sites

I am currently the #3 most viewed member in the Blogging category on Quora.

Just today I received messages and emails from individuals who found me on the platform.

Quora is a goldmine for blogging ideas but an even better spot to improve your visibility through the simple act of answering questions.

Be generous. Spend 30 minutes daily offering your insight, building bonds and increasing your exposure on the site.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

31 thoughts on “5 Ways to Improve Your Online Visibility”

  1. In total for me social media is the biggest platform. At the end it depends upon the user how he utilize it. Thanks for nice article it was worth reading.

  2. Hey Ryan,

    thanks for sharing it with us.this post contain very nice information.

    rahul pandey

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Glad to see you here with a nice article.

    All the points you shared are very beneficial to get quality backlinks. But According to me, Blog commenting and Quora are the best way to building a good relationship with your niche people. And guest posting is such a good way to grow a business.

  4. Hey, Ryan!


    That’s totally the best! 🙂

    I’m so enjoying Quora but only giving in the 1-2 answers in 1-2 days. Yeah, I have to up my game there.

    And like you said, plan 30-minutes to get the best out of Quora.

    Guest posting is the one thing I am not any good at it.

    I have to be good at it! I understand it is so fruitful! So beneficial! And so awesome! 🙂 You’re totally rocking it!

    The blog comment is somewhat okay for me. Yeah, I experience the pause time to time but it is still a bit okay.

    And I have to expand my network to comment more. 🙂

    All in all, best you shared with us! 🙂

    Keep rocking!

    ~ Adeel

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  6. Great Post. I got so many ideas to make my website in front of the targeted users only after reading your post. Thanks for the amazing work there mate 🙂

  7. Guest posting is a big problem for me. I doing everything but I have no idea about guest posting. Because I am afraid that If I will disapprove by the top bloggers when I ask for the guest post. Is there any good idea for guest posting.
    Great sharing. Thanks.

  8. Wow, this is cool tips to boost blog traffic and awareness.

    I’ve been using forum to engage with new and old bloggers in many niches.

    It helps to boost my traffic too.

    Thanks for posting this and do have a nice day.

  9. Hi,

    This is one of best post for improve your online visibility and having right idea here for improvement in online visibility.

    Rama Krishna

  10. Hi Ryan Biddulph,

    I must confess, the 5 techniques you quoted here to improve Online Visibility are all very profitable, I have engaged them in my last 10 months of blogging and I saw wonders.

    – NCitySeo

  11. Hi Ryan Biddulph,
    It’s been 2 years since I’m in blogging and I already apply 4 of the 5 techniques that you have quoted to improve Online Visibility. I will launch on Quora this year and try to help others beginners like me.

  12. Practice writing 1000 words daily for years and you will land guest posts on top blogs Shaq. No excuses. Just work, practice and they will ask you to submit guest posts.


  13. The problem with guest post is difficult to fulfill the standart of top blogger. If I choose to guest post in unknown blog, it will useless. So where is a popular blog but accepting my articles.

  14. Awesome tips Ryan. I am very active on Quora, as well as a couple of Facebook groups. Facebook groups that are related to your niche are a great way to get exposure and traffic too.

    I plan to start seriously start guest posting and forum posting as well.

  15. Hi Ryan,

    I’m going to start guest blogging soon for both link building and exposure because I need to build an authority blog and that’s the only way I can do that as a starter.

  16. Hi Ryan,

    this list is awesome.I am beginner so I feel trouble while guest post. If you have any site about guest post than please let me know about that.can you help me?

    ruby singh

  17. I see you all over the place on Quora Donna. Every time a new top question gets answered, you are in the area. Really is a goldmine for helping folks from all over the globe. Thanks much.


  18. Hi Ryan,

    Great to see you here on Enstine’s blog.

    One thing a blogger always must do is to be visible. You sure have the corner market on that one my friend. I see you everywhere and am always happy when I do. “Look at my friend Ryan” I start telling people, he is a mover and shaker. I often use you as an example to other bloggers when they start whining. ….OK I’ll be good now.

    I am so impressed of what you are doing on Quora. I’m still pretty new on that platform, but am meeting so many people. I’m even starting to get “requests” for an answer from me in just a short time. Indeed…Quora is a goldmine.

    Keep on rocking my friend.


  19. I think another way is by building promoting your Facebook page.

    Also pin your best tweet about your blog on your twitter profile so that people can know you more.

    Nice post by the way.

    Please keep up the good work.

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