2 Blogging Currencies You Need to Pay to Succeed

Successful bloggers embody two qualities.

Each seems to be among the most powerful blogging currencies.

Enstine does an awesome job putting these two concepts into action on a daily basis. Do you feel confused about how to succeed online? Pay attention to his example. Sear these ideas I will discuss below onto your consciousness. Heck; I am up at 12:00 AM on a Monday morning to write this post because Enstine inspires me to keep embodying these currencies.

Recently, I noticed a few bloggers who ignored embodying these qualities. Less than genuine bloggers reached out to me faking friendliness and feigning interest in me, but just wanted to pitch their business. Not being transparent – aka, not telling the truth – turns people off.

I also spied a handful of stingy bloggers who held back sharing their time and talents. No doubt, their stinginess caused their blogging failure.

Build up these two blogging currencies. Position yourself to succeed.

1: Telling the Truth

Check out Enstine’s latest post on my blog:

Why you need MSI as a blogger and how to do it successfully

He honestly explains why you better open multiple streams of income. Then, he lists how to open multiple streams of income successfully with honest, practical tips. He holds nothing back. He just tells the truth. Telling the truth is darn important because people know, like and trust bloggers who tell the truth in all they do. Telling the truth is easy if you blog mainly to help people because generous bloggers are genuine bloggers. But telling the truth feels hard to do if you blog mainly to squeeze money out of people, because fear clouds your mind and makes you less than authentic.

Be authentic. Be genuine. Teach your readers how to blog the right way. Inspire your readers to tell the truth. Bloggers need to create content and build connections generously, patiently and persistently to succeed. No way around these basics.

Success finds truthful bloggers because readers follow your blog, buy your stuff and hire you if they trust you. Telling the truth makes you credible.

Meanwhile, bloggers who claim you can get rich quickly fade away quickly because people realize they are lying. Lose your credibility and you will fail as a blogger. Tell the truth. Gain credibility. Inspire readers to trust you. Multiply your blogging success.

2: Being Generous

Being generous increases your skills, exposure and credibility, amplifying your success. In essence, being generous is helping as many people for free daily as humanly possible. I create 8-10 posts daily between my blog and guest posts. Helping people for free helps me gain more skills (creating posts gives me practice), exposure (imagine popping up in 8-10 more spots daily) and credibility (skilled bloggers who appear to be everywhere boost their trust factor), each factor increasing my blog traffic and blogging profits.

Most bloggers struggle because most bloggers are not too generous. Perhaps you publish one blog post every 2 weeks. Why not publish 6-7 posts weekly between blog posts and guest posts? Increase your skills. Gain exposure. Be credible. Multiply your success. Never hold back because being stingy ensures your blogging failure. Bloggers fail because bloggers have few skills, little exposure and virtually no credibility. Simply be generous, nudge into your fears and position yourself to succeed.


Tell the truth. Never promise overnight blogging success. Good things take time. Be honest with bloggers. Becoming successful requires thousands of hours of generous effort. Blogging is a serious skill to develop, after learning and practicing this gig. Being truthful earns you credibility. Being credible inspires readers to trust you. Traffic and profits increase as your trust factor increases.

Be incredibly generous. Get lost in helping people for free. Never hold back. The skills, exposure and credibility increase your experience simply accelerates your blogging success.

Be genuine and generous. Taste the sweet freedom of being a successful blogger.


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