Alexa Traffic Rank 93k in 34 days for brand new blog – Here is how!

Alexa traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past 3 months. The rank is calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews is ranked #1

Following the definition above gotten from this source, we can clearly bring out 2 ranking factors:

  1. Daily unique visitors
  2. Daily page views

However, from my one-month experience with this brand new blog, given the blog’s Google Analytics stats (Page views and daily unique visits) and the Alexa traffic rank of 93k, I think there is more to it than just being about daily unique visitors and page views.

NB: Here is complete traffic report for this blog 30 days after it went live

Before I give you some tips how to go beyond what you are told and get a much more attractive traffic rank for your blog, I want us to examine the importance of these metrics to the Internet Marketing and blogging World.

How important is the Alexa Traffic Rank?

If you are blogging in any niche and care about generating income through sponsored posts and Ad space sales, achieving a much lower ranking figure should be a point of concern. The Alexa traffic rank has always proven to have an important influence on advertisers’ decisions to buy ad space online.

The lower the ranking, the more your blog is believed to be popular and visited. However, advertisers have gone beyond what Alexa says about your blog and are even more concerned about details from Google Analytics. You must also know that displaying attractive stats from Google Analytics and at the same time having a big Alexa traffic rank will raise unanswered questions. On a more general note, both ranking system must point towards the same direction.

One of the first things advertisers look for when they come across your blog is your Alexa rank. A lower ranking will pick their interest and push them to finding out more.

Fake Alexa Traffic Rank

Many lazy webmasters and bloggers today are opting for lazy and black-hat methods to get a more attractive ranking. This is pure demonstration of inability and a true confession of defeat. I have come across tools that allow you to rank super well (low ranking figure) with a site that literally does not have any corresponding activities and values. If you try to use these tools for your blog, you’ll be building a solid foundation for disaster. STOP!

My 93kΒ Alexa Traffic Rank in 34 days

I mentioned above that there is more to just daily unique visits and page views. My brand new blog was registered on October 28, 2013 and the first article went live the following day. 34 days after, I got 93k Alexa rank and domain authority of 21/100.

Alexa Traffic Rank

cashdonator-AdlinkMiddle Now, these are quite interesting stats given the age of the blog. From my Google Analytics, I have an average of 150 daily visits and 250 page views. These alone may not be responsible for the traffic rank. There are few more contributory factors that I’m going to rapidly share with you;

– > Frequency of Posting Content

How often you post content to your blog can go a long way to influence your alexa traffic ranking. I created 30 blog posts in 34 days with at least 700 words per post. Most of the articles however have over 1000 words. These articles are unique and have attracted both search engines and natural backlinks.

Posting frequently great content, to my opinion is one of the reasons behind the fast drop of the ranking figure and remarkable increase in domain authority.

– > Traffic Source

I don’t really know about but it appears as though your source of traffic has an influence on your alexa traffic ranking. During this first month, more of my traffic came from social media. Looks like that’s kind of telling alexa ‘hey this guy has some directly influence on people’ I don’t have more substance to back up this point though. However, I’m going to pay more attention to it.

There are some other points people talk about more of which are black hat. I absolutely don’t do any of these so I won’t even make mention of them here.

If you want black hat methods, go look for them on Google but I strongly advice against it. However, some ‘not black hat’ methods include installing the Alexa tool bar, linking to Alexa from your blog, attracting more traffic from webmaster and blogger – reason being that most of these guys have the alexa tool bar installed on their browsers, etc

Bottom line

Create and publish unique and ‘wow’ content on a more frequent and regular rhythm. Be active on social media, get the best webinar software if preparing for live audience, and stay away from back hat methods.

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think about the material I shared in this post. If you like the content, kindly share it on social media. I’ll be grateful.

77 thoughts on “Alexa Traffic Rank 93k in 34 days for brand new blog – Here is how!”

  1. Well said ! Actually people are more curious to know the site ranking and only option is Alexa. But as you said it is not helping your site to get visitors.
    You said it right, but vicky for mental satisfaction I am always want to see my Alexa ranking growing.

  2. Great success in short term yes I too agree that unique post and frequency will help to reduce the alexa traffic more over it’s generates as traffics between whats the status of your niche site.

  3. Hi, Enstine Sir,
    i was also used to increase rank using BlackHat methods, but it didn’t help for long term, so i am now using white hat method also i want to ask, is Alexa Rank no longer important ?

  4. Your article is really impressive..It is now helping my newly started blog to gain those alexa rank.. and I am pretty much sure that it would work out well!

    Thanks for your wonderful post.

  5. I don’t know if the first comment stuck or not Enstine.

    I applaud your success. Anyway you look at it going to that level on rank and up that high on unique visitors in that short of a period of time is excellent.

    But I have to honestly say that for someone, just about anyone blogging about things that will attract allot of traffic with Alexa Toolbars, a much lower rank that someone blogging about something else that draws little traffic with Alexa tools, the first category is very easy to drop and you don’t even have to cheat to do it. The second category of everything else, like Celebrities, Travel, Food, Wine, Health, Fitness and so on is very hard to get a low Alexa rank no matter what you do. Even if you certify your site, your rank will never be as low certified on those types of blogs as it would uncertified drawing that number of visitors with the Toolbar installed.

    So I congratulate you, but for the majority of bloggers, the system is not beneficial, it is very, very flawed.

  6. Good post Enstine I can tell you what primarily effected this rank and so fast though. It is your blogging niche and that they are using allot of Alexa toolbars versus let us say a travel blog or one about food, wine, travel, celebrities that do not care what a Alexa rank is at all. They don’t use the toolbar.

    A good friend of mine that has been blogging for 5 years about Celebrities, Fashion, Movies, Music makes a very good living at blogging is genuinely very popular, well over the 2,000 visitor a day mark. When her rank was uncertified, since her traffic had almost no Alexa toolbars installed, it sat at 1.5 million. She certified her site and it fell to 75K. If her niche had been something more along the lines of what would draw mainly visitors with Alexa toolbars, her estimated rank would have been much lower then her certified rank is. Because Alexa takes a average, then tosses numbers on top of it for the ones they don’t know exist. If you have X with Alexa toolbars, you get a additional they don’t know about percentage that will lower that estimated rank even further.

    And you wrote allot of relatively short engaging post that had people going from one to the next. Alexa values page views allot. They only count a visitor to one page with a Toolbar once, once a day, but they count different page views, calculating in that if people read more of your pages a day, your even more popular. The fact is that it is every bit as hard to write well enough, engaging enough to hold someone for 5,000 on one page for the time it would take the average person to read it, but for Alexa purposes and even Google maybe, getting them to read 5 to 8 pages of 600 to 1000 words means more and it really doesn’t.

    Another blogger friend of mine also writes quite good short and engaging post and I think he will be quite successful if he sticks with it. He has been at this about a year, has a Alexa rank of I think its 187,000 now primarily caused by the niche he writes about, not his overwhelming popularity. I write very long post, have been at this around 3 months and I have already caught his domain authority and page authority. Since I started paying attention to my Alexa rank, installed the toolbar on my own browser, the Alexa rank widget on my site, wrote a article on Alexa, my rank is dropping like a rock at about 50,000 down a day.

    This is a very inaccurate and biased metric, automatically benefiting some while it punishes other that could in fact be a whole lot more popular, but not writing about things that would draw webmasters with Alexa toolbars. For them it is wonderful, and for others it is terrible, and for the most part, neither of these is so much the truth, other then the system itself is very, very flawed.

    • Hi James,
      Good to see you here man and thanks for throwing more light on this topic. Your comment is quite detailed, even challenging the blog post. I’ll be to your blog shortly after this comment πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks Enstine

        I saw your comment and approved it of course. It was a very gracious thing to say.

        I am far from done on this topic. That Alexa rank changes daily, but it is calculating over a 3 month period versus the previous 3 months and I was quite curious to see what would happen just off installing the toolbar on my own browsers, putting the widget on there, writing a post as I see it.

        Then see how far it drops without even working it that hard to drop it, come back in 3 months and write a second post on exactly what I did, what the rank changes are putting up the graphics in increments and matching them to my google analytics.

        So far in 13 days with very little traffic change, oh, maybe a few visitors a day more, it has already dropped over 400,000. I still have over 2 1/2 months to go to see where it that Alexa rank finally lands compared to the real number of users.

      • And since you didn’t leave a link on your comment even though this post is very relevant to the subject and I don’t have comment luv installed yet, I went ahead and hyperlinked your post into mine on it. Thank you again Enstine for coming by and commenting on mine.

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Great post indeed!
    You are truly right, We can achieve this goal if we work hard. Post frequency is the key to improve Alexa rank because Alexa calculate your rank according to your update. If you update your blog with on-page and off-page seo then you can get your goal.

    It’ my personal experience., I got Alexa 5 lac in just 10 days with only 200 visitor/ day and totally visitor was coming from Google search engine.
    We can not ignore your hard work.

    Any way thanks Enstine for sharing such impressive post with us.

  8. Hello,
    It’s a cracking article really. Concisely written and full of useful advice and links. I’ll definitely be bookmarking and sharing. Thanks you for sharing.

  9. Your blog post is always evergreen
    No matter when you publish, it always matter with the time the reader is reading it
    You blog post is always precise and very interesting with adequately written information…

  10. Yes please do check them out.
    Hopefully you can let me know if you think I should combine them.

  11. Hi E.
    Thank you so much for another brilliant post. I have not ventured else where because I am not techie minded so when I found Aleza I installed and stayed. Last August I was ranked over 5 million and no am at wound 155k. its improving slowly but much too slowly for me. So i really have to buckle down and get on with some of the tips you have mentioned here.

    I currently have two active blogs and I think since the starting of the second blog last November (which is the seat for the money making operation _see it linked here) my main blog ( has really suffered in terms of frequency of content and I think if I can get that balance right…the 155k would go down fast.

    I know you suggested operating from one blog is probably the best thing….on my case I just felt that talking about giveaways and the actual promotions in progress might just overshadow what the main blog is about.
    Now I’m just not sure if that was the best move. **sigh**

    • Hi Wendy,
      Though slow (as you mentioned), I think it’s a good thing to have it move downward rather than upward πŸ˜‰

      Now, do you intend to focus on that one blog? Maybe that will help concentrate efforts on it and grow it so quickly. Yes, I don’t think more than one blog is a good idea especially if non of the blogs is stable and able to generate required result.

      From my experience, contest is a great way to gain exposure. If your prizes are important, people will coming flooding. I’ll check your linked contest πŸ˜‰

      BTW, I’m starting a new contest on my blog soon. I’ll post about it tomorrow Wednesday 23 04 2014 so please stay tuned.

      Hope to see you around πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi, this is really interesting, nevertheless I disagree that frequent posting is what influences alexa ranking except for the post lenght you id mention.

    In November 2013 alone I published over 50 post on my blog but instead of my alexa ranking to reduce it kept increasing and I was not happy with the development.

    • Hey bro,
      Many other factors influence this stat including post frequency and of course length. This has to do too with user engagement measured from AV Time on site, Bounce Rate, social shares, etc.

  13. amazing sir but how can it possible, tell me the process, because its very hard to get rakn in k’s, any how you are great sir,

  14. Congrats…. You did a marvelous job by getting such a great Alexa in just 34 days.

    You have very nicely pin pointed and described everything about Alexa and yeah !! I agree, good quality and unique content will never let you and your Blog down πŸ™‚

  15. You can do it man!!!

    EPIC CONTENT is how people come to a very nichy blog like mine. I’ve cried over writing better and it’s getting better!!!

    Keep is up Estine!!

  16. Alexa rank doesn’t matter at all, and you should not bother of this too.
    only a fraction (~5%) of the internet users uses alexa toolbar, and this is solely dependent on toolbar. So it’s not accurate either.

    The only thing which matters is Traffic. how much traffic are you getting now in this site?
    I have sites with half a million visits per month having alexa rank above 500,000

  17. Thank you for explaining all this, but sometimes i wonder if some bloggers are using another bad way to reduce their alexa.
    I would love to see my alexa under the 50k range, and i see you are already on your way to 50k congratulations.

  18. Wow! This post has allayed my fears that alexa didn’t make a mistake when my rank dropped from 12.9million to 2.2million yesterday. I’ve been afraid that they would correct it… Whenever I heard that it was about the traffic, I believed it until yesterday. Thanks Enstine. By the way, my blog is 8 days older than yours and with just 17 posts. I need to up my game… Also I suspect that it will get to a stage in the ranking where alexa will make solely a traffic thing, if not some guys would be higher in rank than google by now

  19. Wonderful post,

    The tips are really informative, actually I’m still struggling on my alexa rank and I’m glad that you’ve crossed a great alexa rank. I’m gonna surely follow your tips.!

    Thanks for sharing the tips!

  20. Hi Bro
    Great success in short term yes I too agree that unique post and frequency will help to reduce the alexa traffic more over it’s generates as traffics between whats the status of your niche site

  21. Congratulations with where the new blog is heading Enstine. I’m happy that you’re building a great brand and sharing with your readers how they can do the same and what it takes.

    I know getting on the map is important but I don’t think everyone can keep up the pace of posting daily. It’s not something I would enjoy doing and put way too much pressure on myself to always deliver.

    Glad you’re excited about this new one though and I know you’ll continue to teach us as you progress.


  22. Hi Enstitne,

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today! Wow your posting daily that’s awesome dude.

    Anyway your right dude it’s all about the content, the more quality content the better in my opinion.

    – Phillip

  23. Wow! it’s amazing to see how your blog is doing. you’ve rocked it Enstine with constant work on your new blog. Everyone wants to see their blog grow. Thanks for sharing your work experiences.

  24. Hi Enstine,

    Your stats resonates very well with the record of Reginald chan ( the young dude from Malaysia that achieved an Alexa rank of 25k, and organic traffic of 7,790 under two month of starting his blog).

    My blog is new, up to 2 month, but I must confess that I hardly have enough time to post daily and effectively.

    I think constant and consistent post publication is the main key to reducing Alexa rank.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hello Enstine,

    Alexa, though inflatable remains the popular choice of advertisers…

    The other ‘tricks’ you mentioned about using social media and concentrating on posting frequently are also very true. My Alexa rank took a super dimension when I posted everyday as against when I was posting once a week.

    Thanks for sharing your success. Do have a great day!

    – Terungwa

    • Hey Akaahan,
      Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment man
      Yes, publishing everyday really works to influence ranking. However, it’s not always easy bro πŸ˜‰

  26. Wow @Enstine

    how you do this ? I’ also started a blog on Blogger plateform and in 30days i got Alexa Rank 490k And My DA is 19.
    Please guide me also… πŸ™

  27. I’ve read several posts about Alexa rank but I wasn’t interested about it so I always leave the post immediately. But this one got my interest, now I know that this is useful to bloggers and that it will help them raise unanswered questions.

    And great to know about your rank Enstine! Congrats! πŸ™‚

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  28. Hey Enstine,

    I tip my hat off for you for accomplishing a global alexa of 94K within 34 days. You are definitely on superhero status for achieving this amazing feat!

    I agree with posting everyday up to a certain extent. This is from my experience. About 2 years ago, I was publishing content about 6 days a week and i did this for a month. I wasn’t getting the traffic I am now nor was i getting the comments. I don’t think it’s about how many times you publish your content, but how much you promote, engage and brand yourself. Also when you mix in really great, informative content that relates to your readers, then you’re on top of the world as far as traffic… This is what I notice about your blog.

    People already know you and the content that you deliver. With that in mind, they respond. When search engines and alexa see’s this, then definitely they’re going to give you your props! Hey my brother take care and congrats!

  29. Hi Enstine,
    This is really fascinating. Such a short life and such an impressive ranking is very impressive. I was intrigued by your title itself and then, I must give credit to your quality content. Your posts are informative and add value. No wonder you gained this momentum.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and yes, posting daily does help. However, I’m not going to be able to do that because once I used to do it and then I scaled it back to twice a week because of my other business commitments.


  30. Hello Enstine,

    Excellent post and congrats on your fast climb up the Alexa scale with ranking well. I couldn’t agree with you more. Black hat techniques are a bad idea. It’s best to deliver true value to our readers and avoid shortcuts.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

    • Hey Stacie,
      Good to see you around and thanks for the engagement πŸ˜‰
      Black hat is the way to a black future especially if you try it with your main blog
      Google is not stupid

  31. This is really something serious.. Man, congratulations for getting a great alexa rank in just a month..

  32. hi Enstine,very inspiring progress report,you got such rank within short span of time because of ur hard work,dedication towards ur goal,your achievement is really inspireing other to do better….
    keep it up..

  33. Hey bro,

    I have watched your new blog grow man, and you have been doing an amazing job.

    Posting everyday and also commenting on tons of blogs because I have seen you around on other blogs.

    All you have to do is continue and great things will happen for you.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  34. nice article muki.
    the social influence really impact our blog traffic and we can get daily unique visitor also.
    thanks man for sharing your credit.

  35. Hi Enstine,

    You’re doing a great job keep it up (speechless). If only i could update even just 3 times a week I’d be the happiest but it ain’t easy at all. Kudos to you πŸ™‚

  36. Good post on alexa ranking because my site’s ranking has been increasing lately and with this there is hope.

  37. Hey Enstine,

    Looks good mate. Happy for ya! Basically, just blog well (you are doing good in this) and you will see the traffic. With proper traffic, you would be just fine and have better Alexa rank too!


  38. Hi Enstine,

    Some really great tips here.. You’ve done really well to get to 93K in just one month!
    Yes definitely agree with two main points, providing regular content and staying away from black hat techniques.

    I’d like to ask you how specifically you go about attracting more traffic from webmaster and blogger as you say in your closing paragraphs?

    Many Thanks Enstine.

    Best Regards, Steve

  39. Amazing, Enstine.
    Really big stats. Congratulations!

    I think that if you keep working like this, your blog will be Very Big soon. πŸ˜‰

    I see Alexa at 111k on Klinkk today, after just 45 days, since it is live.
    Pretty happy with it! πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes Erik but it’s a lot of hard work publishing this kind of articles daily
      I’m not surprised at Klinkk’s progress too. I see a lot of activities on it and congrats on keeping it clean πŸ˜‰

  40. Hello Enstine, I’m going to agree with you that alexa traffic depends solely on publishing articles on a regular base. When I started my blog, I was around number 15Million and I did not really update my blog with new content everyday. Of recent, I publish more frequently and I have dropped from 15Million to 3Million. I strongly believe this is the key to a better ranking on Alexa. Thanks for sharing

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