Alexa Traffic Rank 93k in 34 days for brand new blog – Here is how!

Alexa traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past 3 months. The rank is calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews is ranked #1

Following the definition above gotten from this source, we can clearly bring out 2 ranking factors:

  1. Daily unique visitors
  2. Daily page views

However, from my one-month experience with this brand new blog, given the blog’s Google Analytics stats (Page views and daily unique visits) and the Alexa traffic rank of 93k, I think there is more to it than just being about daily unique visitors and page views.

NB: Here is complete traffic report for this blog 30 days after it went live

Before I give you some tips how to go beyond what you are told and get a much more attractive traffic rank for your blog, I want us to examine the importance of these metrics to the Internet Marketing and blogging World.

How important is the Alexa Traffic Rank?

If you are blogging in any niche and care about generating income through sponsored posts and Ad space sales, achieving a much lower ranking figure should be a point of concern. The Alexa traffic rank has always proven to have an important influence on advertisers’ decisions to buy ad space online.

The lower the ranking, the more your blog is believed to be popular and visited. However, advertisers have gone beyond what Alexa says about your blog and are even more concerned about details from Google Analytics. You must also know that displaying attractive stats from Google Analytics and at the same time having a big Alexa traffic rank will raise unanswered questions. On a more general note, both ranking system must point towards the same direction.

One of the first things advertisers look for when they come across your blog is your Alexa rank. A lower ranking will pick their interest and push them to finding out more.

Fake Alexa Traffic Rank

Many lazy webmasters and bloggers today are opting for lazy and black-hat methods to get a more attractive ranking. This is pure demonstration of inability and a true confession of defeat. I have come across tools that allow you to rank super well (low ranking figure) with a site that literally does not have any corresponding activities and values. If you try to use these tools for your blog, you’ll be building a solid foundation for disaster. STOP!

My 93k Alexa Traffic Rank in 34 days

I mentioned above that there is more to just daily unique visits and page views. My brand new blog was registered on October 28, 2013 and the first article went live the following day. 34 days after, I got 93k Alexa rank and domain authority of 21/100.

Alexa Traffic Rank

cashdonator-AdlinkMiddle Now, these are quite interesting stats given the age of the blog. From my Google Analytics, I have an average of 150 daily visits and 250 page views. These alone may not be responsible for the traffic rank. There are few more contributory factors that I’m going to rapidly share with you;

– > Frequency of Posting Content

How often you post content to your blog can go a long way to influence your alexa traffic ranking. I created 30 blog posts in 34 days with at least 700 words per post. Most of the articles however have over 1000 words. These articles are unique and have attracted both search engines and natural backlinks.

Posting frequently great content, to my opinion is one of the reasons behind the fast drop of the ranking figure and remarkable increase in domain authority.

– > Traffic Source

I don’t really know about but it appears as though your source of traffic has an influence on your alexa traffic ranking. During this first month, more of my traffic came from social media. Looks like that’s kind of telling alexa ‘hey this guy has some directly influence on people’ I don’t have more substance to back up this point though. However, I’m going to pay more attention to it.

There are some other points people talk about more of which are black hat. I absolutely don’t do any of these so I won’t even make mention of them here.

If you want black hat methods, go look for them on Google but I strongly advice against it. However, some ‘not black hat’ methods include installing the Alexa tool bar, linking to Alexa from your blog, attracting more traffic from webmaster and blogger – reason being that most of these guys have the alexa tool bar installed on their browsers, etc

Bottom line

Create and publish unique and ‘wow’ content on a more frequent and regular rhythm. Be active on social media, get the best webinar software if preparing for live audience, and stay away from back hat methods.

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