5 Things You Shouldn’t Do As A Blogger In 2016!

Since the ending of the blogging year for 2014 and the beginning of the blogging year for 2015 I have seen tons of articles on what you should do in order to become a successful blogger.

I am not going to write this article as to what you are to do to have blogging success, because there are also things that you shouldn’t do as well in order to be successful bloggers as well.

In 2015 there were tons of new blogs that were created and many blogs that fell off the scene as well.

What about your blog? Is it still standing strong? Or is it falling apart?

I hope that your blog is doing well and that you are willing to put extra work into it because this year 2016 will be an epic blogging year. I can already feel it!

Well lets get into the things that you shouldn’t do as a blogger for 2016.

five things

1 – Never Ignore Your Blog For Too Long

As I had just mention above that 2016 will be an epic blogging year.

Why is that?

This is because tons of people are having blogging success and they want others to have success in blogging as well. So these successful bloggers are now helping new bloggers to create a blog and giving them tips on how to be successful as well.

So with lots of new blogs being created you now have to be proactive with your blog as much as possible so that your blog can stand out in a crowd.

This means that you are going to have to write more often for your blog and promote every chance that you get.

Make sure that your blog is updated on a regular because this is what will determine if you will have blogging success or not.

2 – Do Not Be Afraid To Optimize Your Blog

In 2013,  when I heard that Google Penguin was slapping the hell out of everybody’s blog, I was afraid to use keywords or certain tags on my blog posts.

I was afraid of optimizing or over optimizing my blog.

I didn’t want my blog to be hated by the Penguin or Panda.

But the thing is I’m not the only person who was afraid of these search engine animals. Lots of people were scared and some are up to this very day.

This is because search engine is free targeted traffic and it can help your blog to be successful. Free targeted traffic from search engine are people who are genuinely interested in your content and will purchase from your affiliate links.

So if you are afraid to optimize your blog, how will you get these type of people to your blog?

You are going to have to do some sort of search engine optimization to get ranked by search engines to benefit from such traffic.

Just don’t over optimize your blog and use the best keywords that matche your articles. Doing this will help your blog to be successful.

3 – Don’t Ignore Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is being practiced by many and they are having success with it.

It is also a great way to build backlinks for your blog and pull in new readers and subscribers to your blog.

If you want to become successful in 2016 then you should be participating in guest blogging as much as possible.

One thing for sure is that blogging is not all about your blog.

So be sure to rally around other blogs and write guest posts, this will help to expose your blog and boost your blog traffic.

4 – Don’t Be Afraid To Challenge Yourself

In order to become successful we at times have to challenge and push ourselves to the limit.

As a blogger why not challenge yourself to a writing challenge.

Challenge yourself to write a blog post each day for 2 weeks or do something you’ve not done before for your blog.

If your circumstances allow you, why not do a 30 days writing challenge?

Remember blogging is mostly about writing contents for your blog. The more contents you have for your blog then the better it is for you. Of course, don’t forget this content has to be promoted too.

In fact it’s not hard to write a few words for your blog each day. You can even write a great blog post in 20 minutes.

The more you write then the better you will become as a write.

Whatever weak spot that you have as a blogger, whether it is networking, guest blogging, social media engagement, challenge yourself to it and this will help you to become a stronger blogger for 2016.

This will even help you to become a successful blogger.

5 – Don’t Be Afraid To Make Money Blogging

You will never hear a blogger say, “I’m afraid to make money blogging“.

But instead you will hear them say, “I can’t make money blogging” or “I don’t know how to make money blogging”.

Well it’s time to change that up for 2016. Here are 15 ways bloggers make money!

Last year I was successful in generating money from blog.

Enstine as well was successful in making money from this blog, and I bet that tons of other bloggers as well was successful in making money from their blog.

So what makes your blog different why it can’t make money?

This is because you haven’t much traffic or if you have traffic then your blog monetization is weak.

You need to try different monetization methods for your blog. What works for my blog might not work for this blog. So you have to try tons of things to see what works well for you.

As for getting traffic, remember that you can’t make money from your blog if you don’t have any targeted traffic. So strive to increase your targeted traffic, monetize rightly and the money will follow.

In Conclusion…

Those are 5 things that you shouldn’t do as a blogger in 2016 if you want blogging success.

What are some other things that you wouldn’t do as a blogger for this blogging year? Please drop a comment and let’s interact.

56 thoughts on “5 Things You Shouldn’t Do As A Blogger In 2016!”

  1. Hey Kharim, thanks for this great article.
    I just started my blog last week and reading your article really gives me a sense of direction. I’d never even heard of ‘guest blogging’ before I came here. It definitely seems like it’s worth looking into.
    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work!

  2. Hello kharim,

    Thank you for those very helpful tips. I am a new blogger and have found that my biggest weakness is the lack of focus and discipline towards my blog.

    I am working through it now and I am starting to get the rubber to the ground.

    I am also wondering how do you go about to do guest posts?

    Thank you


  3. I made the first mistake over the Christmas holiday. I took time off from my blog and it tanked. I am still working to rebuild it today.

    Wow, I am seeing how guilt that I am of your tips here. I have been completely ignoring guest blogging but just this week, I started making notes of where I could possibly do so.

    These are great points. Thank you for the motivation Kharim.

  4. I have tried taking up a 30 day challenge to blog daily twice. Failed! I need some serious tips on how to stick to those challenges.
    I also need to focus on guest blogging. I just don’t do it. I know how important it is but I have never done that. Would require some resources to get started with guest blogging. Can you please suggest some ?
    Thanks for this post. It was great. Inspiring.

  5. Hi Kharim,

    Great post, I have actually been working on more outreach myself and especially with regards to guest posting. You can get some fantastic links this way!

  6. Yes I agree with you.
    These are common mistakes that never do any blogger.
    Thanks for sharing these with your readers.

  7. Hi Kharim, thanks for your awesome tips. I was also afraid like you to optimize my blog. Then I research and found that it’s okay to optimize. Then I started again with optimizing.
    You also wrote about guest blogging. I agree with you. Have a nice weekend.

  8. I particularly like the part about not being afraid to optimize. If you’ve ever had a website axed by Google, you’ll definitely be afraid. As you’ll constantly be watching your back, to ensure you don’t contravene Google’s rules. But, I’ve since overcome that. The key is to focus on many traffic sources. Search engine traffic, like you said is targetted and people who come through the search engines tend to buy. I’ll go with your advice to optimise without fear. While still keeping your eyes on other profitable traffic sources. Just my 2 cents.

  9. I know that you are right about guest blogging, but I shy away from it. It is purely about time. It all takes time, blogging on my blog and guest blogging. I think that I need to be more efficient.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Hi Enstine,

    Since we are coming up so very close to the New Year, I decided to take some extra time to look around your blog. Just as I suspected, lots of great ideas if one just takes the time to read and understand.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Hi Kharim!

    Nice article , I was interested about Google Panda and its penalties , since last version on september , many ranking sites got outcasted , what advice you can do ? Sould construct backlinks without getting worry about panda?

    Thanks Karim !

  12. The point of not leaving your blog for a long time strikes me so well. I once make that mistake and the result wasn’t good. My alexa rank and traffic went bad..But now I know better. Guest posting really these days don’t give traffic but backlink is a guarantee. Nevertheless all the points mentioned are worth putting to mind.

  13. Hello Kharim,

    Great to see you at Enstine’s place!

    And being very honest with my evaluation to these five “Don’ts”, I am victim of all of them..

    But that is due to some reasons or probably just a reason.. I am stuck at something very minor which has developed into the biggest obstacle in freeing up my mind.. And as mind is so stuck at it, I am not excelling well into my blogging life as well as working life..

    Hope to fix it up in coming days to get totally FREE from that problem!

    ~ Adeel

  14. Hello Kharim,

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ll have to admit, reading your list makes me feel guilty as I realize I need to give more time to my blog and this year 2016, I am looking forward to get some further one on one coaching and start making money out of my blog.

    The other thing I wouldn’t do is OVERTHINKING! Very often I write my posts then begin to analyze it inside out, overthinking the entire process of writing a post. That makes me waste a lot of time.

    I’m glad your post acted as a reminder to rework my blogging plans. Thank you so much.

    Wish you a wonderful Christmas and great year ahead.

  15. Hi Kharim,

    After reading this article, I am retrospecting myself to know what I am neglecting on my blog, sometimes I do ignore my blog for a long time, initial days of blogging I feared to monetize my blog, all the above points are good points to remember and execute on your blog, thanks for sharing this information, see you soon.

  16. Hello Kharim,

    Frankly speaking, the post title forced me to click on this link! Really!
    Updating blog regularly is most important and i do this very carefully! Because, without updating blog often you can’t get good results on SERPs as well as no traffic increase.

    I always try to update my blog twice a week. And, we need to think about blog monetization to make money blogging.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this useful article with us.

    Keep it up!

  17. Hey Enstine,
    An impressive and informative information that this kind of article is encourage new blogger, too short but its big think that how to optimize own blog. Thanks for sharing tips and very knowledgeable article.

  18. Hi Enstine Muki Sir,

    These are really great top 5 reason that we should not ignore while blogging.
    No doubt, Updating is most important factor is blogging. Without udate your blog, You can not get direct traffic as well as search engine traffic.

    As you said that we should not afraid to optimize our blog, You are right, I followed this rule and now I am successfully getting lots of traffic from search engine.

    Any way thanks Enstine for sharing your experience with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  19. Hey Enstine

    Although you didn’t write this. Okay then, hello Karim.

    Reading what Matt Cutts says about guest blogging and comment links, these are the things the beast will be hitting next. On guest blogging especially if they contain dofollow links to the guest blogger or something basically irrelevant to the content.

    Although, he says, nofollows shouldn’t be a problem, and be very careful who you let guest blog. If it is someone that does allot of guest blogging all over the place with the main purpose to get those dofollows to them, this will be yet another penalty in the long list of penalties.

    As for comment links, a backlink profile just seriously dominated by them.

    Which is kind of why I dropped by here to tell Enstine. I don’t know where Google is getting this, but I looked at my back link profile. I know I commented allot here in a couple of months, maybe like 30 to 40 times at most. Google says I have 385 backlinks from Enstinemuki. I think Google has gone insane.

    By the way Enstine. I temporarily deactivated comment luv. It is not gone. I will put it back up when I can upgrade to premium. But for right now, it is deactivated, so the links are temporarily gone. Gasp is in its place.

    Reason was, oh yah, I was getting comments like crazy over having it, and almost every single one of them spam attempts other then you and Adrienne, coming from, you and Adrienne, sending my bounce rate through the roof. Disabled comment luv for now, installed gasp. Miracle of miracles, traffic is down, page read time, pages read is up and bounce rate going back down.

    So when I can do premium and set, you get this number of approved comments, you can use comment luv, it goes back to active.

    I am almost afraid to list my website. What is Google going to jack this backlink number up to now over one more, 400?


    • Hey James,
      Welcome here today, man!

      I haven’t really been active recently. I think the season’s activities is weighing on me – too much to handle offline so I barely make some time to publish.

      I hope Kharim will be here to respond to these comments but let me pop in here because you are linking to an ongoing conversation.

      I think what Google fights against is low quality content and irrelevant links in guest posts. If the content is real value linking to relevant resource, it won’t suffer any action from G.

      385 links from here is sort of crazy and I don’t know how Mr G got that. did you get those stats from GWT?

      Well I have never used commentluv free before so I really don’t have the experience but I know the premium version can really give you some power to control what’s dropped as comment. By the time you upgrade, please share your results again 😉

      If those links are coming from the comment section, I don’t think you should have any fear though, because my blog’s SEO rating is green so you are not getting spam links from spam site. Being WP powered blog, Google knows about the interaction in the comment zone 😉

      Some blogging friends’s who have been active from day one should have 1000s (according to Google’s count) 😉 but that does not call for panic 😉

      However, I’ll check my GSC to find out how many links I get from your blog 😉

  20. Hi Kharim

    Yeah what cool tips you have shared and this is a gold nugget for bloggers in 2016.

    Thanks for sharing this post. It is a great food for thought for all newbies.

  21. Hi Kharim,
    Great post indeed!
    All are key points and more admirable. One of the best keys points for me optimize of own blog, and never to afraid. In started my blogging, I’ve no idea about the technical field like WordPress etc, after taking some time and getting more knowledge from different websites. Thanks for shared and enjoyed to read this post.

  22. Hi Kharim,
    Very impressive and timely post keeping in mind the upcoming year of blogging success 2016. Specially I really liked the part “Don’t Be Afraid To Challenge Yourself” because most of the time we lack motivation with time and couldn’t update our blogs on regular basis, therefore, challenging ourselves can do a lot.

    Over all a great post for starting new year of blogging, Thanks.

    Subha Sadiq

  23. Kharim Tomlinson I Thankful to You. To Shared Most Informative Knowledge, It is very helpful knowledge for me. Really I Will learn it new. Thanks

  24. Hey Kharim,

    while other bloggers tell that what we should do in the new year, you got us to the different path. I am surely going to follow the guest posting technique. It helped me a lot to this year, but the number of the guest post was very low.

    Thanks mate. Would love to read more articles from your side.


  25. Hi Kharim Sir,
    Nice things sir I will follow all these in 2016 in
    my blogging carrier. The one which i will follow the most
    is I will not ignore my blog for too long because i did that
    in 2015 and have experienced some traffic decrease, which
    i dont want in 2016. Anyways thanks for the article sir.

    Thank you,
    Akash Navi

  26. Hello Kharim,

    One thing is certain when it comes to blogging, many are of course afraid to monetize as if its a crime to earn money form one’s blog. I love the fact that you raised that issue as far as looking forward to 2016 is concern.

    I do think you’ve being a victim of number 1 because you ignored your blog for some time now. I do think that wouldn’t happen again in 2016 as you preached.

  27. Hi Kharim and Enstine, I would add not doing any self promotion to the list. I fail on that one and hope to ramp that up in 2016 and well as being more active and doing some guest posts. I really had some downtime this year but sometimes life outside of the blogosphere is more important. I’m glad I just didn’t quit it all together 🙂
    Thanks for some great tips though and reminding us the new year is quickly approaching! Have a great week Kharim and Enstine

  28. You are correct Kharim Tomlinson, I am an old blogger since 2008. but my optimization levels are very low. I have learned more points in 2013 with my failures. this year i am starting my blogs with these 5 boostup points to increase my adsense levels. Another point is need to opt good hosting service also. In 2013, i have opted very dirty hosting service to host my blogs. my precious time is wasted with hosting and my blogs trouble shootings. This is my dirty hosting choice experience. Thank you.

  29. Thanks for the tips!! I am here to know whether using multiple sites over a single adsense account can affect the CPC?

      • Thanks for your suggestion!!! I also looking for backlinks source. How can i get baclinks and organic traffic with in 7 8 days. Is there any method?

  30. Majority of bloggers use blogs for making money online. It is not always important what is your purpose of blogging but I think it is important to capture more traffic towards your website which is possible only if you consistently update your blogs with new, informative as well as interesting information. All the black hat methods like duplicated contents are now come to an end because its time to think about natural and ethical method of improving your position in search engines. Your post is pretty helpful for bloggers to avoid 5 things shouldn’t do in 2014 and lead to guaranteed success.

  31. You must make sure that your content is presented in such a way that entices people to read. In short, do not ever bore your readers.

    Don’t forget to proofread. Proofreading helps you identify if your write-up is persuasive enough or if it has some errors like spellings that you need to correct.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  32. Hello Kharim and I see Enstine is starting off his year right with this guest post. Congratulations and I’m sure you’re thrilled to be here.

    I think a lot of the posts about having blogging success are one sided and it depends on what you want to use your blog for as to what you want from it. There is no one size fits all I’m afraid.

    As for me, my blog is still going strong and I would love to see great things happen this year as well for not only me but for all my blogging friends.

    I think in my opinion at least that if you start a blog you should be dedicated to it. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with a schedule that’s unrealistic for you so come up with what works and stick to it. Making an appearance every once in a while is the best way to tell your readers that you just don’t care anything about them.

    Thanks for these tips and I wish you well in the coming year along with Enstine too. I have no doubt it will be a stellar year for us all.


  33. A post worth sharing, you know i kind of hate writing since English is not my favorite… I was thinking of starting a challenge where i will write 1 article every 2 days for a month… Then i choose to start a challenge of building a niche blog from the ground up and make it earn in 60 days.

    I fear no google animal updates again….

    • Hey Frank,

      That is awesome pal.

      Challenge yourself and see how well it goes. Hey, nothing try nothing done. This will help you to become a better person after the challenge is over.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  34. Hi Kharim!

    I can’t pinpoint what number to put forward. All were true and valuable. Optimization, challenging yourself, making money through blogging, guest blogging and especially ignoring your blog for too long is a NO NO!

    You can’t afford to lose your followers or subscribers right? Great and well-written post all in all!

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Hi Metz,

      I am so happy that you took the time out to read my article and comment on it as well. I always try my very best to deliver good.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  35. Well I’ve missed so many things in 2013 but I’ve planned to perform them in 2014. These 5 things seems pretty cool and I’m gonna schedule in too.


  36. Hey Kharim,

    Great post to start the year 2014. You gave some valid tips about what we shouldn’t do for this New Year. I particularly like the tip of not being afraid to optimize your blog. Yes we all been slapped by Google last year, but it was for the benefit of the whole blogospere. We all want traffic, and a lot of us want to monetize our blogs, so don’t let the slap hinder you with fear. Learn what you have to do and run with it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Sherman,

      I was in fear when that Google update took place. I never thought that my blog would exist after that.

      But I still monetized my blog and I am successful in making money up to this day.

      So don’t be afraid to monetize your blog. Thanks for the comment as well.

    • Hi Atul,

      Yep we have to get up and get things done if we want to be successful bloggers. A pro blogger doesn’t just write a post and publish, he markets and promote.

      They are humans just like us and we can do the same as well.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  37. Hello Kharim Tomlinson,
    Good to see you here 🙂

    I think – Keep updating blog is very challenging.
    Blogging is not about writing some posts and sit idle to see that money is coming!
    You mentioned 5 important things which i will remember.

    • Hey pal,

      It’s nice to be here as well.

      Your comment is true. You can’t just write and then stop. Consistency is needed. This is the key to blogging success, along with promotion and writing quality content.

      Thanks for the comment.

  38. First of all, very good post, and of course its good that we read this now-at the start of the year. These are definitely good tips for any blogger, and I would add that bloggers should not be afraid to make new friends and contacts via social media. You cannot become complacent, and with the rapid evolution of social media, bloggers cannot just sit around and wait to succeed on social media.

    • Hey Amit,

      You are so right pal. Can’t just sit around and wait on social media success.

      2014 I think is the year for a new start and we have to do something to make it work well for us as bloggers.

      I was weak in guest posting. See I am now doing this guest post .We need to work on areas on which we are weak in so that we can become successful bloggers.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you for the rest of the year.

  39. Very good post by Kharim, and very timely as well, to help bloggers get the best from this 2014.

    I particularly liked that of “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself”. That’s an awesome advice, and one that bloggers should take very very seriously.

    We won’t ever know how far we can go and how much we can achieve if we don’t challenge ourselves. That’s critically important. I remember in my early Internet marketing years when I challenged myself and did almost $30,000 in about 48 hours, with a launch of a tutorial course. If I hadn’t challenged myself, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that.

    So, bloggers should challenge themselves and set high targets. Like the great American motivational speaker, Les Brown, used to say:

    “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

    One of the things I will like to add (since you requested we do, 🙂 ) is this:

    NEVER GIVE UP in 2014!

    No matter how hard it may be for you, as a blogger, Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, etc… never ever give up, especially if you know you are on the right track. It may be long and hard but stay on track and trust me, you will eventually succeed. If it gets hard… just keep moving!

    I mean – how can you go wrong when you stay on track? There are lots of other successful (big and even small) bloggers to learn from. Thankfully all the information is free on their blogs. And if you are confused about anything you can even ask them for help/advice/guide/suggestions/etc.

    So, you are never alone in this journey and you will never be alone!

    Anyway, very good article again, Kharim. I have shared it myself on Kingged.com and I have “kingged” it. I am sure other Kinggers will find it helpful as well, 🙂

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