How to Create a Positive Life with Hema Unnoop!

It’s another Thursday and I’m excited to bring someone on board. You know blogging is about connecting with people and that’s why on Thursdays, I try to bring someone you can network with for a new experience.

In the past, I have featured over 20 wonderful people so you can check them out here. I personally connect with these bloggers and having them in my community is awesome. Today, let’s meet someone I’m excited to talk about.

Meet Hema Unnoop!

How to Create a Positive Life

Born in the Paradise Island of Mauritius, Hema is married and calls Australia home. She moved on from her school teaching years to partner with her husband in his business venture.

She started Cre8teAPositiveLife two years ago for 3 reasons.

  1. Help make a positive difference in people’s lives.
  2. Work on her own personal development
  3. Share her personal life changing experiences.

For Hema, blogging was and still is a ‘learn as you go’ process. She discovered the potential of blogging only after joining the AhaNow community. She met many wonderful experienced bloggers who are always keen to advice and help especially on the technical side of things.

She recently revamped her blog and is currently working on a Free Guide that she intends to launch early next year. She is also undertaking a course in Positive Psychology.

Hema is determined to help people better understand the meaning of ‘being positive’ and dispel some common myths about positive thinking.

She is proud of her achievements so far and is in love with her life.

Coming from a conservative and strict environment, Hema had never gotten the chance or freedom to discover her potential and her true identity. She was too busy pleasing people, living up to others expectations that she lost herself in the process.

She tried to give up on life twice as she discretely battled self doubt, insecurity, lack of self esteem and all kinds of negative thoughts. She was an emotional wreck but was a pro at hiding it all from the world by always putting on a big brave smile.

Fortunately, life took a turn for the better when she married her husband in 2008. She feels blessed to be married to a man who gave her the freedom to be who she wanted to be. She considers him as her first mentor.

He initially was forced to give her some tough love as her erratic and victim playing mentality was ruining her chances at getting ahead in life.

Moving to Australia in 2010 has also contributed immensely in helping Hema rediscover herself and attempt what she never thought possible even in her dreams.

It’s been about 6 years now of living her truth and she has never looked back since. She is now confident of her growth as a person. She is a strong and independent woman and takes the simple approach to life.

How to Create a Positive Life

Here’s what you’ll find when you visit her blog.

  1. Real life experiences you can relate to.
  2. Practical advice to live a better and fulfilling life.
  3. Ways to love yourself.
  4. Inspiration to take on the challenges life throws at you.

And much more.

Her near future goals are to become a Mom, a Certified Coach in Positive Psychology and a Motivational Speaker.

Besides blogging, Hema loves travelling, hiking, dancing and listening to Ted Talks. She never misses an opportunity to go off the beaten track, experience wildlife and discover all that Mother Nature has to offer.

With 2016 fast approaching, she wants to inspire you with this post of hers. Inside you will also find her first official you tube video!

If you are feeling stuck in life and willing to dramatically change your life with positive thinking, do subscribe to get your hand on Hema’s Guide.

P.S It will be offered for free for a limited time only.

Time to connect with Hema

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