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It’s another Thursday and I’m here to introduce someone who will help you drive more traffic to your blog posts.

What’s exciting every Thursday on this blog is the fact that I try to hook you up with someone who has something to give.  I have featured many bloggers here in the past so check out the list here.

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Meet Tom Southern!

Tom SouthernIf you’re struggling to get blog traffic and getting frustrated because none of the tactics, tips or strategies you’ve tried so far has delivered on their promises… then Tom is the man to help you.

He’s got some strategies and techniques, some little-known but still highly effective, for driving traffic to your blog.

He can also show you how to write content that attracts more readers and how you can build your email list.

Here is just a glimpse at what people say about Tom and how he’s helped them solve their traffic and blog growth problems…

“Thanks to you, I feel more confident where I’m headed. I truly appreciate your time.” 

“I really appreciated the help that you’ve offered to me [it’s] helped me a lot” 

“Tom, thank you. You … rock!!!”

You can discover more about how Tom can help you here.

Here’s what you’ll discover when you visit his blog… 

Are You Feeling Discouraged After  Publishing Yet Another Blog Post and Getting Little Response?

If only that advice out there for getting traffic and growing your blog included the one thing you really want to know…

“What’s the best way to get readers to my blog in the first place?” 

“Another month of publishing posts but getting little response and feeling as discouraged as I do about it.”

Or maybe you have started doubting if you’re on the right track. Maybe you’re wondering if you picked the wrong niche.

How do you know if your niche is right for you?

How do you stop doubting yourself and stop struggling to get traffic, readers and subscribers?

And how do you stop it being so frustrating?

Well, that’s what Tom started his blog, Traffic Smart, to give you the answers…

You start by…

  1. Finding the right kind of traffic…
  2. Finding out what it is they want most of all, working out how you can give it to them (either by what you know already, or by finding out from other sources)…
  3. Giving it to them starting with the content you create…

Of course, it all depends on how good you are at creating content and if you’re willing to put in the work to finding the right traffic for you.

What is the right traffic? It’s traffic that is already looking for what you write about and can help them with.

Tom helps you do this. He helps you write content that they want to read. He helps you find the right niche (or making the niche you have work better for you).

Let’s face it. Getting traffic matters because without it you can’t get the readers you need to grow your blog, you can’t get subscribers and grow your email list (the money’s in the list, right?) and you certainly can’t make any money.

And that’s what makes lack of traffic so frustrating, right?

How does Tom do it?

Because Tom understands how frustrating trying to get traffic can be. He knows this from his own sorry experience of having 3 blogs fail.

None of the usual advice worked for him. You know, keyword research, SEO, sharing links to his content on social media. Maybe these tactics aren’t working for you. It’s okay. It’s not your fault.

But you don’t want to keep on failing and struggling and getting frustrated. Right? Well, now you don’t have to.

You can discover strategies and techniques that work (if you’re willing to follow them of course) because Tom can help you turn your blog around.

So, what’s frustrating you most…?

Lack of traffic to your blog? Start here. 

Getting people to read your blog? Start here.

Your blog feels like it’s going nowhere? Start here. 

Here’s how to get in touch with Tom

He loves hearing from people and helping them take the frustration out of getting traffic to their blog. So feel free to tweet him or like his Facebook page and send him a message about getting traffic to your blog.

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