How To Edit A PDF Document ~ Soda PDF review!

Last week, I got a call from a childhood friend who works offshore. He just returned and told me on phone he was looking for how to edit a pdf document and thought I could help with some software. That was something I had not done before so I told him I was going to call him back.

I quickly turned to Google, looking for software that has the facility to edit pdf files. What I found was amazing so I decided I was going to share it with you. Of course, this helped in sorting my friend’s issue out.

My excitement with this pdf software is that it has exceptional features that literally makes it an unbeatable pdf machine. For a quick start, you can use it as a pdf reader but that’s the very basic functionality.

If you have been wondering how to edit pdf files, I’ve got you completely covered in today’s soda PDF review.

Soda PDF Review – How to edit a pdf file!

Soda PDF is a robust pdf creation and management software with powerful features that will help you save time as well as money. It currently has 9 features that cover just every function you need to manipulate your pdf documents. Let’s examine these features one after the other!

1 – Read PDF Files!

read pdf documentThis is the very basic feature every pdf software should have. But Soda PDF takes this far beyond its competitors, adding 3D mode with page flipping animation, Search, Navigate, Zoom, Rotate, Bookmark, etc Beside the traditional Single Page Mode, Soda PDF includes the Continuous Page Mode which gives your eyes an easy flow while reading your PDF document.

2 – Create PDF files

create pdf documentA common way to protect and share your electronic documents is transform them to pdf files. This is because documents in pdf format are not easily editable. Whether it’s an image, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or web document, Soda PDF makes it easy to convert it into pdf files while maintaining its original quality.

Once installed, you are able to generate PDFs from the print menu of any application with a simple click.

3 – Convert back to PDF

converrt pdf documentWhile PDF is most portable way to share files, there is often need to bring them back to their original format without loss of quality or information. You may receive a pdf file with a table that has some data you need to process. Converting that pdf file to excel document is almost an obligation.

Soda PDF helps you convert documents from pdf to MS Word (.docx), MS Excel (.xlsx),MS PowerPoint (.pptx) , HTML viewable in a web browser, Text files (.txt) and, images (.png / .jpeg / .gif)

4 – Edit pdf file

This is the feature that helped me discover this pdf software when trying to answer my friend’s question on how to edit a pdf document. Soda pdf is an amazing pdf file editor.ย  We know sometimes, we find the need to edit pdf files.

How to edit a pdf

Now, with Soda PDF, I found out that you can conveniently make modifications directly in your PDF file without the need to export it to another format. It enables you to;

  • Add, edit or move text in your PDF.
  • Change the font type, size and style.
  • Replace, move, and delete pages in a PDF.
  • Extract and Split PDFs into multiple documents.
  • Etc

5 – Insert pictures and links into PDF

insert pages pdf documentNow this is one very cool feature of Soda PDF. It’s exciting how you can insert header and footer, new pages, page numbers and links into your document. You can also insert images, clip, crop and change their resolution.

The Insert Module also allows you to add watermarks to the background of your documents and resize your images to fit accordingly.

6 – Review Module

I had a client who sent me a specification document for a web application job I was to work on. An aspect that caught my attention were colorful annotations. I was wondering how he did that in pdf. I dared not ask him ๐Ÿ˜‰

edit pdf

That’s exactly what the review module in Soda PDF allows you to do. It helps you collaborate on your documents using the review tools to annotate your PDFs as well as compare twoย  documents. You can insert comments, sticker notes and stamps, add shapes like arrows and stars, etc.

7 – Forms Module

add forms to pdf documentSoda PDF forms module allows you to create html forms in your pdf files. That was some crazy function ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can add text, check boxes,ย radio buttons, combo boxes, push buttons and other fields. It has a form submission and e-mail integration so forms can be submitted directly from within the document.

8 – Secure and Sign Module

It’s exciting how this world turns around. While others are worried on how to edit a pdf file, some are worried about protecting their pdf documents. I understand that as an author of a pdf document, you may have need to modify it without necessarily turning to the original file.

protect pdf document

Now, security is a critical issue in the digital world. Soda PDF 6 has a strong security module that enables you create password and signature to protect your file against unauthorized access. To make it more complete, you can create different access level. While some readers can only view, others can view and edit.

9 – OCR PDF Module

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature is what nails it and makes Soda PDF 6 the master in the industry. This is a powerful capacity to read text from a scanned document or an image.

Imagine having to re-type a 10 paged document. That’s some amount of work to do. With Soda PDF 6, all you have to do is can your document and its OCR module will extract the text for you.

Now if you were looking for how to edit a pdf file, you understand that Soda PDF 6 is a complete pdf solution that you need. Let’s look at the pricing plans

How much does this pdf edit software cost?

You may not need all the features this tool has. It has been strategically chopped into modules so you can pick which one you need.

However, the view and the create modules are free. Other modules have specific prices so you can buy just what you need.

There are also 3 professional packages you can chose from depending on features in each package. If you want something above these configurations, you can contact them for a business solution.

soda pdf prices

Soda PDF 6 System Requirements

This pdf complete solution is developed for both MAC and Windows users. Here are the different requirements for both operating systems;

soda pdf review

Soda PDF is also available online!

If you don’t want to download and install the desktop version, you can simply create your account online where you have similar modules.

soda pdf online review

While the online version is more flexible, making it possible to access your files any where (on MAC or Windows), some of the core modules of the system are still being developed. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

You can even have a free online account that enables you to create unlimited PDFs, convert PDF to Word, RTF and store your files securely online. The rest of the modules are only available in the paid package.


That’s the pdf edit solution I found while searching for a solution to my friend’s question on how to edit a pdf file. From its features, you agree with me that it’s a complete pdf management system. Whatever your pdf needs, you are covered. Click here to download a free trial.

So let me know if you have used it before.

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur


I have been using SODA PDF for long and i must say it makes editing PDF documents as easy as a Word document on Microsoft Word. If your job involves editing or generally handling PDF documents, then you need SODA PDF to make your life easy.Also check
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Love this post. Thank you so much. I am very glad to know.


I am very glad to know about it. It seems awesome tool.


soda pdf, another awesome tool for editing pdf. Thanks enstine.

John Grisham

what a simple and easy to understand procedure…and i have done it for one of my pdf which one i created for my new semester project..thanks…

Olawale Daniel

I think I have heard about this powerful software once….but never tried it out before. Maybe this is the right time to do just that.

Thanks Enstine for sharing this powerful review.


i think this soda pdf is cool even tho we can edit a pdf documnet will give a try soon thnx for sharing this wonderful info will try it an dshare this review with my frnds too.


I am very glad to know about it. It seems awesome tool. I am excited to use it.

    Enstine Muki

    I have completed the plugin and submitted to WordPress. It has also been approved so just time for me to upload and let you guys download

Enstine Muki

Hey Jeff,
I’m glad this is going to be what you were looking for.
It really has a lot more interesting features that are unique ๐Ÿ˜‰

BTW I hope you had a wonderful week and getting set for a great weekend

Jeff Sollee

Hey Enstine,

Every time I read your blog posts I leave feeling smarter! I have sat at my computer for countless hours, incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t edit a PDF file without converting to another format. Lucky for me, it seems like SODA PDF can help me with my problem and do much more!

This was a great review that I could not ignore, and will have to be checking out SODA PDF for myself. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

All the best,
Jeff Sollee

Swapnadip Chakraborty

Hi Enstine,

Actually I have no idea about it. I always use ADOBE PDF converter to edit pdf document. But thanks to you for sharing information about SODA PDF software. I am very glad to know about its several features. You explained all of them in details. I will definitely download it and use.



I am going to use this tool now….let’s see how perfect this tool is! I am going to download the free trial now.



Well I haven’t heard of soda PDF yet and it seems really awesome tool. Would try it soon enough.



Can I remove Watermark on PDF’S i need a method badly, Can you help me out?


Thank you very much Muki for this post, i must confess that i ve never heard of this tool before, now i am on my way to downloading it, i appreciate your efforts.


hi enstine i already used soda pdf and it has very nice features as you mentioned and also you can have a try with infix pdf editor its also an advanced hassle free pdf editing software


Well I use the adobe master collection and its the best option according to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kavish kansal

Well I use A-PDF products. You can find out PDF watermark software from here. https://techarrival.com/add-watermark-pdf-files.html


That looks brilliant!

I use adobe PDF editor, which works well but can work out expensive. I’ll have to have a look at SODA PDF and compare prices.

Nwosu Desmond

Soda PDF is indeed an awesome PDF tool for managing and editing PDF documents. And the best part of it is the awesome pricing model where you get to pay for only modules you need.

I have been using SODA PDF for long and i must say it makes editing PDF documents as easy as a Word document on Microsoft Word. If your job involves editing or generally handling PDF documents, then you need SODA PDF to make your life easy.

This is an awesome review and one of the best i have seen so far. I always like to read reviews on this blog because it covers every aspect of the product highlighting all its features.

Thanks for sharing.

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