Blog Commenting Contest Winner Announced

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce the winner of the very first blog commenting contest held here since last Monday. It was a real battle with 179 comments. That’s the highest number of comments per post ever witnessed on this blog since near end of November 2013.

This comment was sponsored by Autho hReview, a wonderful 3-in1 WordPress review plugin to create professional reviews sites.

Participation was quite easy – simply by dropping a comment. As you can see in the following video, I have written a small PHP tool that helps me to pick the winner. The random number picked this time was 73 and comment with this number was made by Shalu Sharma. That therefore made her the winner. She gets $70 sent straight to her Paypal

Unannounced Bonus

This post was literally transformed into a discussion board and Sam Adeyinka was very active. So I decided to get a bonus of $10 across to him.

I may not be offering unannounced bonuses in subsequent contests. However, I think active members should be given some sort of encouragement.

So I encourage everyone not to just leave a single comment. Replying and engaging with others has a large surface of advantages.

The next blog commenting contest

As I explained in the video, the next contest is coming up next week, specifically on Wednesday 07th May 2014.

In this contest sponsored by X theme, I will be selecting 2 winners. First winner: $70 and second winner: $45. Don’t fail to read the review and drop your wonderful comments.

Why am I doing these contests?

I appreciate everyone reading my blog and dropping comments. I think it’s a nice idea to give you a chance to make some money as you do what you often do – dropping comments. While this will not make you rich, it can help buy a premium theme, plugin, pay for your domain or web hosting, etc.

I also give a chance to my sponsors to get more exposure, promote their brands and make sales. Everything in the contest is centered around the product reviewed and I think this is an element of branding. If you want to sponsor any of the upcoming contests, please contact me.

Just drop a comment and tell shalu congrats. You may be next

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