Author hReview $70 blog commenting contest – Drop a comment for $70

This is the first in the series of blog commenting contests I will be running on this blog. Today’s contest is sponsored by Author hReview (3 in 1 package), thanks to Hesham Zebida, the guy who has put up a lot of good things for WordPress including ThesisAwesome. He’s also the founder of

The winner of this contest will have $70 sent straight to his paypal. All I need from you is a great comment.

Not just any comment but you have to read this review, visit the plugin page and tell me in the comment what you think about the plugin package, do you have the plugin already and what’s your opinion about it.

NB: There is currently this promotion of 30% OFF going on so be sure to grab your copy before the prizes increase.

My personal opinion is if you want to turn your blog to a money making machine or build a dedicated product review site with ease, you just go ahead and grab this plugin;

– > Visit Plugin Page Here

The 3 in 1 Package

The AuthorhReview is a membership platform. It includes three awesome plugins that will allow you to rock your reviews, no matter what your site size is. Here are the three;

  1. Author hReview (author/editor reviews)
  2. WP Reviews (author/visitor reviews)
  3. Customer Testimonials (bonus plugin)

author hreview

There are generally 2 ways to make money with product reviews;

  1. Review affiliate products  and earn commissions on sales.
  2. Get paid once off by authors to review their products.

Now you can approach this money making method in two other ways;

  1. Create a dedicated review blog (with user reviews and rating functionality) that later on becomes a read affiliate income generator – WP reviews
  2. Publish reviews on your current blog and make money from affiliate commissions  – Author hReview

Whichever way you want to go about it, this 3-in1 package is for you. This package is the most flexible with search engine friendly plugins you need.

Here is a closer look at the three plugins in the package;

1 – > Author hReview

The Author hReview plugin was the first creation in the package coded especially for blog authors. You can use this on your blog if you don’t need  registered members to submit reviews.

2 – > WP reviews

Building a product review and rating site requires a lot of hard work, and it could be really expensive, especially if you want to have it custom made for your project. However, the expensive and hard tasks have been rolled out for you. All you need is  WP reviews

This plugin will help you create your review and rating site in minutes, so you can focus on writing your quality reviews and market them on the web. It also allows users to submit new products reviews with the Front-End Reviews Submission Add-on Plugin.

3 – > Customer Testimonials!

author hreviews

This is unarguably an important component in online marketing. You need a more flexible and user-friendly way to manage testimonials on your blog. This bonus plugin will take away the sweat and hard work involved.

Increase Search Traffic by making SERP results more Eye-Catching!

Author hReview’s rich snippets review information; ratings and descriptions can help searchers to better identify relevant products, resulting in higher click-through rates.

author hreview

Round up!

There are two main reasons I recommend you grab this plugin now;

  1. It helps you to easily create product review posts on your blog and make commissions.
  2. You can easily create a product review sites for consistent income through affiliate product sales.

The contest begins

You might just be the winner of this contest. Yes! I want to send you $70 cash for doing just what you do often – leave comments

Here are the 3 things to do;

  1. Read this review
  2. Visit the author hReview page
  3. Come back here and drop a reasonable comment. Short comments will be rejected. Comment out of topic will be rejected. Unreasonable comments will also be rejected.

NB: Only comments with real names in the name field will be accepted.

– > Visit Plugin Page Here


Here is a trick to win this contest.

Anyone can win but there is something you can do to add more to your chances. It’s amazing how this will take you closer to the winning point.

Both direct comments and comment replies are counted. So after leaving your comment, you can leave as many replies as possible to other comments. but note that these must be reasonable replies.

I will randomly pick any number between 1 and the last comment number (including replies).  If you have 10 comments (your comment and 9 other replies, there are high chances that you get picked 😉

Announcing Results

Results will be announced on this post. I don’t know when yet but as soon as these comments get to 100+ (including my replies and Hesham’s comment). However, Hesham and myself are excluded from the contest.

NB: Be sure to join my list. The winner will have 72 hours to contact me for the $70 prize. While leaving your reply, check the button (Send Me A Free Copy Of How To Make Supper Affiliate Commissions) to join my list.

179 thoughts on “Author hReview $70 blog commenting contest – Drop a comment for $70”

  1. Hey Enstine,

    This is excellent – good to see the first contest going live, and it seems like an instant success already.

    I have seen the – Author hReview – plugin in the past. I checked it again, thanks for the much detailed review. Since I did not had an active review blog for some time, the plugin was not much of a use for me. However, now that am back on my blog yet again – I might require to buy this time.

    There are a number of sites that uses this plugin – congrats to Hesham for getting such an awesome review plugin created.

    I like the bonus testimonial plugin as well. Looks very clean and professional.

    Best of luck to all the participants,
    Uttoran Sen,

    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for taking part in this contest. I’m picking the winner in the next few minutes. I have also closed the comments to avoid any issues.

      Good luck to you and the rest of the participants 😉

  2. Hello Enstine,

    Awesome, just in time. I’m looking for a plugin that allows me to add the right snippet for reviews in my site. Hope to win the pro version. The free or lite version looks good, but the premium version offers lots more great features.

    Thanks for awesome review

  3. Hello Enstine Muki. You have always been a unique man and a blogger. This idea of giveaway is cool and a way of learning more about the plugin. 

    This is my first time of hearing of such review plugin. It is fantastic. Not all review plugins really have the SEO integration part and the testimony aspect. 

    Abid’s testimony about the plugin is really great. The plugin, a review 3 in 1 plugin increased his traffic by 216%. That is really fantastic. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Miracle Ayodele really nice to see you over here. I also think that Author Hreview plugin is the most awesome plugin. It makes reviews look more genuine and more attractive….

  4. Seems like I’m really late here, However I’ve read most of the responses (comments) and I guess the plugin is really cool.

    Secondly I’m in for this cool commenting contest and lets see who wins it.


    • HeySamir,
      You are not late. Selection is not by order of entry. I encourage being active, replying to comments here to increase your chances of winning

      Good luck bro

      • Wow, I thought once only we can get an entry, but seeing your last comment, I understood what Sam Adeyinka doing here by replying.

        I will try in next contest by replying to the comments, if I get time Anyway will see the first winner who is that.

        • Hey Suresh, I must confess that I didn’t know too until I saw Enstine reiterated to someone and then I went back to re-read the “contest policy” and now understood. And that’s why I have been here all this while as I hope to win and purchase this plugin for a better reviewing experience.

          Well, i don’t know who the winner will be but I think Sharma and the rest are not doing bad too. there’s a lot of competition down here trust me.

          Enjoy the rest of your week man! 🙂


    • I don’t think you’re in anyway late. From what I read from the “contest policy”, it’s about being active in the comment section and adding your invaluable and significant thoughts, ones that will foster discussions and massive engagements. You grab what I mean, right?

      And Samir, if you’ve not yet read the plugin’s page details, I think you should heard on there as you would find most of the features there and trust me you will like it. Plus, I’d like you to download and install the plugin has it will help your reviewing endeavors.

      Enjoy man!


  5. These products are certainly very good products. I had heard of them but never really digged into what it was and what it did, you have explained it nicely. Would certainly like to have it though. Can this be used for any reviews?

    • Hey Shalu,
      Yes you can use it to review any products or even create a review site that generates affiliate money. I’ll be writing on that later this week

      • Hi Enstine, its making a lot of sense now. I had a good little read about it and I am certainly impressed with it.

      • I think creating a separate review site is not that much effective as creating a blog and then creating a affiliate review.

      • I am sure I won’t miss it cus I am subscribe to your thoughts like ages past. I sure will read that post once it comes up live. Thanks boss!

    • The product is definitely a great one and I am sure you already how it functions, right? Thanks to this review by Enstine and other fabulous comments as left by the awesome commenters that make this great community.

      Speaking about your question whether if the plugin is for any review. Well, it is but not just any review. Heshman and his great team put it better, “Author Hreview is not for any hos review, that is stupid reviews.”

      Now, hope you get that? However, the plugin can be used for just about any review, e.g. the likes of affiliate review, advertising review, product review, book review and a host of other review works.

      Plus the free version is pretty great and does amazing jobs and if it can increase Abid’s search ranking and traffic to about 216%, then I wonder what the Pro Version would look like. Plus it is three in one, and you can use one of the plugins to create a whole reviewing site. isn’t that lovely?

      I just love this plugin! 😀


  6. I would drop by here once a while to see if there is any thing for me to learn.

    I got to say that this site always got something new for me and everyone.

    Now we even got series of blog commenting contests!


    Do keep it up and stay alive man …… you rock !

    • It certainly is buddy, bookmarking it so that you can come back.My friend Enstine has many of these ideas. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I can not deny that one of the ways to get successful in blogging is just to be creative and be able to inspire others. Enstine Muki is one of those who have got many brilliant ideas that can contribute to others development in blogging. Each of Enstine’s idea is always unique and sometimes never been passed through our mind or brain. Each of his idea is always useful and meaningful so everybody can accept his ideas. He always express his ideas in simple way and not monotonous so they are not boring .
    Thank you Enstine for your appreciation for all of us. You are really a good friend for everybody. The best online friend…

    • Good to see you here Heru and thanks for the beautiful words 😉

      Now let’s get back to the contest! What do you think about this plugin? Do you have the free or paid version? You have to be within the contest in your comments to be entered into the contest 😉

    • Heru, those are kind words of the man EnStine Muki. I for one believed him to be one of the greatest folks the blogosphere has ever known. His ideas are always fresh and highly innovative ones. So I understand why you are so full of kind words about the man.

      So we are looking at the subject “Author Hreview Plugin” from yesterday and as you can see, a lot of thoughts has been established and I think you also should speak from that regards.

      I use the plugin and I think it’s the greatest of it’s kind. What do you have to say about it?


    • I agree Heru
      He’s not only a great blogger but a great human being. I am following Enstine (not stalking him) for ages and he has great ideas. He is one of the most inspiring bloggers I have known so far. He’s one of the most creative I have known. Author Hreview Plugin is certainly one of the best plugins created and I am going to try it myself. Thanks for your comment and see you around.

  8. Hi Enstine. It’s really nice to see that you have finally started the contest. As far as Author hReview Plugin is concerned, I am using it from last 1 year and can say that it’s great. According to me, it’s the best plugin for writing reviews. However, I am using the free version. Through this post, I came to know about the Premium Version. I will check its features and will definitely give it a try.

    Thanks for bringing this contest to us…Have a nice Week Estine.


    • Hi Ravi Kumar, it’s so pleasing to meet you here today. Hope you’re cool?

      Unlike you, I am only using the plugin since 2months ago and I am liking it as every time I check my review about one advertising company called “Adnimation”. I always love the plugin even though I regretted ever doing that review. (It’s bygones now though).

      The free version is also cool and the results are great as Abid already have good words about it. You can even see that reflecting from Enstine’s great review.



      • Sam, that is gone though. I will like to test the free version so I can likely see the output abid has seen. We will make sure we use the plugin also on BW and I’m sure it’s going to be really great.

    • Ravi
      I am glad you are using the free version of the plugin, what are your thoughts on the premium version? Would you considering buying it? Do let us know what you think and best wishes for your blog?

  9. i think the Author hreviews is really good and should be embraced by bloggers for positive results. its cool

    • Hey Daayur
      I agree completely with you. Author hreview is a wicked plugin and should be tried by all WP users. What do you say?

      • Let’s say that WP users should implement rich snippets as it’s a win win, but speaking about my plugin, it’s designed only for reviews, so you don’t really need to use it unless you are reviewing products or services 😉

    • Dayo, I think that’s a concise and nice review from your end and I want to believe you’re using it too. Hope I’m right? “It’s one thing to give review and yet another to actually be using what you’re reviewing.” It’s why I will never review products I don’t have or less experience with. Trust you understand what I am trying to say here. 🙂


  10. All three plugins are good for blogs & best one is WordPress Review since you can build reviews and rating website using that plugin which is something worth buying..:)

    • Hey Darak, I share in your opinion.

      The moment I read that in the “Plugin’s Page” I was extremely trilled and fell more in love with the plugin. I mean it’s great to be able to build a website from scratch using the plugin, which most definitely will enhance your reviewing experience.

      I love and will continue to love the Author Hreview plugin. Kudos Heshman!


      • I agree with you Sam, I also got the similar experience when visited the plugin page.Also when it comes to the CTR of SERP, rating does play an important role.

        • Like seriously?! That’s great then. 🙂 It all boils down to quality you know. When minds come across “Quality Things” it reason alike. It’s what just happened. Hehehe.

      • Hello Sam, I’m also falling in love with the plugin like you are doing. Really great and I must give a it a try.

        • Please do download it from the wordpress plugin repository and install it ASAp. Tell me about it when you start to get success from it. Enjoy!

    • Hey Sunday,
      The heat is on over here. I like that this post has been turned into real discussion board. That’s what I want with everyone multiplying his/her chances to win 😉

    • Only a master creator like Enstine can think of something as cool as this. Wow factor with Enstine all the way.

    • Sunday you are right. Only hardworking and active bloggers can take advantage of this. Thanks Bro

  11. Honestly I never heard about the plugins like Author hReview while I was also reviewing products and services at my blog, hope I could have googled the terms like ‘plugin to manage review’ or ‘premium plugin for reviews’ in order to see this helping applications.

    Now I’m realizing that why my reviews were not getting good organic traffic and why my advertisers left buying my services anymore, but now by writing this blog comment I appeal to all the bloggers who reviews products and services over their blog should use this plugin Author hReview in order to have a compelling position in search engines and helping your advertisers genuinely.

    I don’t care if this comment is eligible to help me enter in this contest or not but I would care if even 10% of commentators on this post comes a step out to start using this plugin and availing us some high quality reviews.

    • Thanks for coming over from Facebook Robinsh and dropping a reply. Your comment is valid and goodluck
      Be sure to jump to my list so you get informed when the winner will be announced and when the next contest will come up.

      I recommend interacting here and making many more valuable replies to comments on this post increasing your chances to be picked 😉

    • Hi Robinsh, you got a great name and it’s so nice to meet you here on Enstine’s fantastic blog. Hope you’re chilling well? And how’s India today?

      So you got a great comment here and what a fantastic one to enter for this great contest. I hope you will win but you should try and enter more comments okay.

      So speaking of your plea to webmasters, I think is a very great one. And I feel it’s one thing to say the “Plugin is great” and yet another to actually try out the plugin. Isn’t it?

      I started using this plugin, though the free version when I wrote my first ever review, thanks to Abid Omar for recommending it to me. And did I like it? Oh sure I did.

      Though have not used it since then but I will soon be using it like for real now as I have just joined the affiliate marketing bandwagon.

      It’s so nice to see you dear brother. Enjoy! 🙂


  12. Wooo Hooo Enstine! Love It you found your first sponsor for your wonderful contest! Did I think I read about this Hreview plugin here a few weeks ago Right? I did go and get the free version and have activated it but I have not used it as of yet!

    I do thin that writing reviews is a good idea, OH Yeh Imagine what could happen if your review get ranked on the first page of Google!! SWEET This was the main reason I added the plug in!

    Great Share My Friend! As well as a great contest you have going on here”” Author hReview $70 blog commenting contest – Drop a comment for $70″”..

    Let me know when you need my e-mail to add my $70 to PayPal HEHE Have an Awesome New Week.. Chery :))

    • Good luck dear friend. I wish you luck on this 😉
      I recommend adding more comments here by replying to other comments. That way, you stand a better chance to win

      I will also be publishing a post on how to use this plugin to create a very lucrative business. Watch out for it 😉

      • SWEET I will be looking forward to your e-mail, when I first heard about this plug-in I did come up with a few idea’s right away. I am looking forward to see what you have to say about this..

        And Oh Yes I will go back up and see what the others have to say about your contest for the $70!! Cha Ching!! I will be watching for your e-mails. Make it a Great Week My Friend!! Chery :))

    • Chery Schmidt really nice to know that you have got this plugin and activated it..I hope that you will soon give a try to this plugin. This plugin has helped many already. If you are going to write any type of review on your blog then you can definitely make of AuthorH review plugin..Enjoy blogging Chery..

      • Mohit, you’re right of making use of the Author hreview to write any type of review on your blog but I from the few things have garnered from reading the Plugin’s Page, you don’t want to write a stupid review and decided to make use of Author Hreview. I think it’s forbidden.

        Great and Epic reviews will only get you to the first page of SERP and sure will bring you ever green traffic. I think that’s great, isn’t it?


    • Hi Chery, and it’s nice to meet you for the first time on Enstine’s great blog. So I checked your blog and it almost feels like home. Plus I love what others are saying about you. It shows how great success coach you are. Kudos ma’am! 🙂

      I love that you’ve quickly activated the plugin but I’d suggest you start making use of it. It has a lot of benefits and I am guessing you already are familiar with some of them, right?

      And If you’re an Affiliate Marketer, I have good feeling that this plugin will sure help you as Noor just shared with us in his comment the benefits the plugin had brought to him and that’s great I think.

      I’ve not started making a good use of the plugin too but I sure will as I have now joined the bandwagon of an Affiliate Person.

      Again, ti’s nice to meet you here. Enjoy the rest of your week ma’am!


      • Wooo Hoo Sam! So nice to meet you here on Enstine’s blog! Thanks for the visit and the wonderful comment about my blog and Me Too! How Sweet! I did click on over to learn more about you as well and did go ahead and connect with you.. Looking forward to learning more about you and the gifts you have to share with the world. Chery :))

        • It was my pleasure visiting and trust me Chery, it really worth my while and I must say you’ve got a great blog running over there. 🙂

          Oh yeah…I saw that and I am so glad to be connecting someone as great as you. And how love that image of “Let’s Connect” you attached to me. It truly is lovely.

          Same ma’am and I am not sure you know but I have tried to open your blog to no avail. It’s been saying something like “Database Error”. You should please look into fixing it.


          • Hello Sam! I am not sure what you are seeing when visiting my blog! I just tryed the link and it seems to be working Perhaps it is on your end! Please let me know OK! Thanks for letting me know as well as connecting over on FB!! Chery 🙂

          • As at the time I visited it wasn’t going through but when I checked back it was fine. I am glad we’re connected and I will soon be addicted to your blog. Just wait and see ma’am. 🙂

    • Hi Chery
      Enstine is pretty cool at contests and give-aways. He has great things to hand out and also give-aways brought to you by other bloggers too. He is a master at it. Please feel free to come back as he has great blogging tips too.

      • Hello Shalu! yes Indeed Enstine is #1 in my books my friend! I have won a commenting contest right here in the past!! Wooo Hooo It was so valuable Loved It!! I am looking forward to the $70 Cha Ching deposited into my Pay Pal HEHEHE So nice meeting you here on Enstine’s blog. Thanks Chery :))

      • I agree with you Shalu, the first day I was able to chat with him was so fantastic, ready to give out and very creative. I have been a regular member of his blog and I really love it.

        Continue the ball rolling Sir.

  13. I am using author h review plugin from last 10 months . I had a pretty good experience using that plugin . It helped me pick up my affiliate sale To a great difference.

    • Hey Basheer,

      Are you saying Author Hreview is also good for promoting Affiliate Products? I thought it’s only for some kinda reviews. I bet there’s a lot to learn about this product. I also would be using it more from now on. Thanks for that quick insight!


    • Noor really like to know that this plugin helped you in increasing sales…I will definitely check out your blog to know that how well you used this plugin. People into affiliate marketing will now definitely start using this plugin…

      • I sure will be looking into Noor’s blog too and would most definitely be implementing the strategy into my own blog as I will be working full time with affiliate programs in the remainder of this year.

    • Hey Guys This is for reviews Right? So yes you could write a review for your affiliate product to help get this on top of Google! Sweet Plug-In if you ask me, I can see how this could be very helpful to get you sales! Am I right to assume this?? Chery :))

      • You’re spot on Cherry! I initially though the plugin is only for reviewing advertising programs, since I first used for reviewing an advertising websites, which ended up not paying me. Well, it’s bygone now.

        So Noor said it’s great for also reviewing afiliate programs and I don’t know how true that is but since he’s used it before and I’m guessing it probably worked for him, I also will be trying it out on my blog for my affiliate products.

        You should start making use of this great plugin too my friend! 🙂


        • Hey Sam! It is Chery Not Cherry But you my friend are not the first one to have called me this HEHE!!

          Now I am not sure where I read about this I thought it was here on Enstines blog but apparently not if he stated he will do a review for us, But what I learned was that Yes we can share a review of anything actually to help us get on top of Google!

          I have not tryed this out as of yet but it is on my to do list, Good Luck, Nice chatting with you here.. Chery :))

          • Oh I am so sorry ma’am. So madam Chery, I am glad you responded. Thanks!

            Truth is I didn’t know this but now I know and that’s the good thing of reading good stuffs. I sure will be doing more review in the coming days and I will definitely be maximizing Heshman’s great review plugin.

            Same here ma’am! 😀


        • Yes, the plugin will allow you to review almost anything!

          Rather it’s a product or a service, or actually anything; you can review it. That’s how the plugin was built, with no specification for a specific type.

          • Hey Hesham, I’m glad you’re here.

            And that’s a great one. I just joined affiliate marketing and I will be using this plugin more often. I have installed it on my other blog. And I think I will be upgrading to the Pro Version soon cus I think that would offer more since even the free version is getting Abid about 216 increment of search engine traffic.

            And Heshman, I will be contacting you soon on an important and pressing issue.

            Cheers and thanks for designing a great plugin such as Author Hreview!


  14. Hey Enstine,
    The plugin looks great, first ever to read about Rich Snippets, and reviewing sites could made easily by using this plugin. This plugin will be useful to build sites like hotel reviews and so on. There are some good things shows in search results, about rated by person name, ratings, Title, Description.

    In these days E-commerce sites are growing rapidly and I must admit to use this plugin if any one looking to open any review sites such as hosting, product review etc.

    The screenshots shows everything was built in simple to user friendly and easily customizable.

    • Suresh, a bright idea for reviewing site. This plugin if well harnessed will render webmasters a source of success. Heshman is indeed a great coding guy, it shows why Enstine loves his works, since he too is a coding master! I’m guessing a lot of us would be writing more reviews of this great plugin soon. Or what say?


    • Hey Suresh,
      I’m writing a post on how to use this plugin to build very profitable affiliate marketing sites. Hope you come along to see it.

      Good luck on taking part in this contest 😉

  15. Hi Enstine,

    After reading the review, I went to the plugins page and studied it carefully. Here is what I think. The plugin package is excellent and all the three plugins are needed. Why? It is very simple:

    1. AuthorhReview is the first you must start with because it will help you learn the ropes. You will learn how to make product reviews on your blog and make money in the process.

    You will also become familiarized with the mindset of the plugin’s author, the way he view things, the way he organized things, the way in which he structures the whole concept. This will help you learn a lot.

    2. Then you must install the Customer testimonials plugin (on your blog first) to see how it can improve the look of your blog and how can it help you with the reviews (you will also learn more in the process).

    3. Finally, you will go for the third plugin “WP Reviews”. It is a major breakthrough as it allows you to build a product review and rating site.

    This means you can do real business and make real money, far more than with the reviews on your blog.

    Look what I like when it comes to this plugin:

    I like the idea of using Pros and Cons (nicely formatted) because it builds a lot more credibility to the reviews.

    I like the amount of control you have on how a specific review looks like: rating box, image of the product, rating info and a lot more. (!)

    I like the fact that you can upload your own images and display a slider of images with one click.

    It can also display a video in the rating box (youtube video link) Very nice!!

    Finally the testing feature. This is awesome! You can test your reviews, after you publish it, and see how they look like in Google search results.

    All in all the package offers powerful tools do do business and make money with your actual blog or with a new one. I think it is a great opportunity and it will help a lot of people make serious money.

    Have a wonderful day

    • Now that’s a great review from you end Silviu and a huge entry into the contest. I’m excited to see you engaging around with other readers. That’s a great step towards being picked.

      Thanks for supporting my idea

    • Hi Silviu,

      Thanks for the awesome breakdown!

      I’ve been through all kind of issues being doing reviews myself, and since I released the premium package I’ve been working a lot with members to enhance it. So, it’s always good to hear what you guys think about it.

    • Hi Silviu !
      You are absolutely right. This plugin really helps in doing effective business and money making. Review posts are generally user and search engine friendly and it can effective bring lot of traffic to your site. Author hReview makes the review look even better in search engines and attract a even wider population to the review post. This feature can really turn a simple wordpress site to a fully featured review website which eventually attracts more money and traffic 🙂

      Great idea indeed. All thanks to Hesham Zebida. And Glad to talk to you Silviu 🙂

    • Hey uncle Silviu, it’s nice to see you here at Enstine’s great domain, and more nice it is to have been able to read such an epic comment from you. 🙂

      Now, you just did a mini review yourself and as mini as it is, I think it is strong enough to be published as a review.

      I use this plugin on my blog even though I didn’t understand how it works. I actually downloaded it all because I wanted to publish a review I did for an advertising company.

      But reading this article today, reading the comments and visiting the plugin’s page has brought me a huckeva knowledge about this plugin.

      From what Abid has to share, it seem the plugin is great for quick ranking on SERP and Noor also believed that the plugin is a magic for affiliate marketers and scince I have now joined the bandwagon of affiliate marketing, I’m guessing I am going to be needing it for my works.

      All in all, I think Heshman Zebida did a great job in thinking and actually creating this magnificent plugin.

      And again, nice short and massive review from your end! 😀


  16. Hi Sir Enstine, it’s been such a while I came here and have literally missed a lot. I guess it’s what you get when you don’t have a PC, is it not?

    So it’s great to find my way through to this great contest. Now, have always heard of “comment contest” and I also saw in one of your old post where you mentioned something like that and have subscribed to that idea ever since and have promised myself to join the bandwagon when it was live.

    Just like DJ and uncle Erik thought, I also do believe this concept you’ve so well deployed to be a very great and amazing contest. A kinda win-win situation where you as the author got some engagements and the commenters, like Sam Adeyinka get’s the “CASH GIFTINGS”. Fantastico!

    So let’s jump into the topic of discuss, I think you’ve got a nice subject here and a fantastic review. concise yet marvelous. A great review indeed!

    Some few weeks ago, an advertising company contacted me by virtue of Babanature of OneNaijaBlog, to write a review for them, which I did.

    In my bid of trying to write a perfect review, I contacted some webmasters and they all gave suggestions of plugins to install to help me achieve my desired result. And I could still remember vividly that the last person I contacted on the issue was Abid Omar and he sure was helpful as usual and suggested me to user “Author Hreview and I had no doubt about it’s helpfulness to my review as I have always came across the wonders of the plugin on Abid’s review posts and trust me I had liked it.

    It was with joy that I traveled to the wordpress plugin directory and installed the “Author Hreview Plugin”.

    I think Abid has like you pin-pointed some of the great things about the plugin and I think it’s indeed a great plugin worth trying, because I have never heard of it’s alternatives that will increase your search engine traffic by 216%. (Congrats right there, Abid)!

    Here’s my little personal experience though:

    Author Hreview is a fantastic plugin, I love the interface, that is, I love the way it works and I want to believe it’s the greatest of it’s kind.

    Thanks so much Sir Enstine for writing such a nice review and making the section a contest. Again, it’s a very bright idea that I sure would be emulating someday soon.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience Sam and welcome back
      I’ll so excited to see you run a similar contest on your blog 😉

      If you have any misunderstandings, please contact me

      • Hahaha………..I sure will sir. And trust me I too can’t wait for that time to come. BTW, you’ve got a great blog here. Have always been meaning to tell you this. 🙂

  17. Hi Enstine,
    You always come up with the best content and provides your readers (Including Me 🙂 ) a delightful experience 🙂 You taught your readers ‘how to make money’ and now you are here with the idea of gifting money to your readers 🙂 Great! I love this sublime idea 🙂
    It’s even more interesting than the proverb – ‘ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ‘. You did both the things. Perfect brain! 😀 Claps !! 😀

    Now, coming to Author hReview. Since, I’m using Blogger platform I have not yet directly experienced this plugin. Still, I’ve seen many of my friends using this plugin. Truly helpful , they said ! This is one among the WordPress plugins that I simply said WOW ! This plugin would be one among the first plugin that I would install when I switch to WordPress. I’m damn sure !! 🙂
    As usual, your review is stuffed with solid points stating this plugin is something that no WP user should afford to miss. Moreover, I know you’ll never let your readers down with nonsense products :). This plugin will surely enhance blogger’s relationships with their audience. Thanks to Hesham Sir !! 🙂

    Glad to be one among your reader. Thank ! Keep writing . I’ll be surfing around 😀

    • Hi Sourav, so pleasing and amazing to see you down here and I must commend your ability to be everywhere. That’s the way to go trust me! 🙂

      Did I tell you I love that quip you shared above? Indeed Enstine’s idea is definitely one of a kind – Like you said, he teaches US via his experience the best ways to make money online and now he’s decided to gift US some cool cash and that’s great and what a good leader is made of. Isn’t it?

      I can’t wait for your porting from blogger to wordpress and trust me you’d like it, I mean with the various layouts and plugins available. And yes…’d be able to download and install this cool plugin.

      Enstine is definitely one of the greatest reviewers have seenand I love how he goes about them. I’ll be learning his ways once I fully lunched out to reviewing things.


  18. First of all I will like to thank Estine Muki for having such type of commenting contest on his blog. We all bloggers make use of various different plugins and when I see a contest where I have to write about a plugin I really feel very excited.

    To be true, I used the free version of this plugin once but later on I forgot about it. Some friends nowadays keep telling me about AuthorH Review plugin and I start thinking that what makes this plugin so special. Now I think that this plugin is very special as bloggers get the chance to make the reviews written by them look more appealing by adding the stars rating to the review posts on their blog. Companies may offer more opportunities to such bloggers who write reviews really very well, and also provide the rating for the product they are reviewing with the use of an amazing plugin like AuthorH Review.

    I will say that every blogger who writes reviews on his blog should get a free version of this plugin. After getting good success one can definitely think to go for the premium version of AuthorH Review plugin as the premium version comes with more features.

    • Hey Mohit, nice to meet you on Enstine’s blog. Do you remember me at all? In case you don’t, I’m Sam Adeyinka – that blogger that participated in the TechyWood Guest Blogging Contest. Remember now?

      Indeed Author Hreview greatness cannot really be computed. And like I said in one of my comments, I didn’t know of it’s importance until now and I highly would recommend it to bloggers aiming to do more of reviews on their blogs as it will sure help them and will increase their search gon SERPs.

      Again, it’s nice to meet you here. 🙂


      • Sam Adeyinka I am not that Mohit you are thinking about…There are many who have the same name…. And you are definitely very right about Author Hreview plugin. It has a very great value and we can never compute that how much beneficial this plugin can be for bloggers….

        • Oh I see and I’m very sorry. 🙂 And yes…you’re right man! It’s nice to meet you and I think we should connect okay. 😀


    • Mohit
      Enstine Muki is one of the best bloggers I have found so far. In fact, I have learnt so much from him. I have been his fan since yesteryears. You should bookmark his blog and do not forget to subscribe, his tricks on money making is second to none. I personally have to thank him for great ideas.

  19. Hi Enstine,
    as I mentioned in the article where you announce this contest,
    you had a great idea!

    I’m not familiar with AuthorH Review or WordPress Reviews.
    but I had a look to the plugins page and I must say Hesham did a awesome job creating these products.

    I think it can be used to boost your search engine traffic, as they could be more attractive with the review stars.

    I am lucky enough to get the authorship by Google, so I can see how important is to be unique.

    Also, creating a great “Product Reviews Website” is a proejct that can bring you huge results in terms of money with affiliate marketing.

    Good luck to anyone with this contest.

    Have a great week, mate! 🙂

    • Hey Erik,
      Good to see you here and thanks for entering the contest
      Yes these plugins are great.

      You know my next post is on creating Product Reviews Websites that make money and it’s amazing you mentioned that in your comment 😉

      To increase your chances , be sure to interact here and respond to replies. Rather than having one entry, have 10 will draw you closer to the winning position 😉

      • You see, Enstine.
        I have read you mind!

        Creating a Product Reviews Website is such a great idea, and
        I can’t wait to read your post about it.

        Thanks for your reply, and have a fantastic day! 🙂

        • Hi Eric
          Nice to you see you here putting your valuable input. Review sites are great, they do well in search engines and also readers spend time analysing what you have written and if they like it then obviously you have made a sale and a commission.

    • Hey uncle Erik, I quickly wanted to use the opportunity of meeting you here to quickly said I’m sorry for not getting back to you ever since. No excuses though but I sure will get back to you soon.

      So speaking of your comment, like seriously, I didn’t know the importance of this little plugin to one’s search engine traffic. I guess I would be making more use of this plugin and that would mean writing more reviews, isn’t it?


        • hmmmm….okay and thanks for understanding! 🙂

          I guess I did but I am not too sure. Do you think you can put me through the right process? I will be waiting for your helpful reply as usual.


          • Sam,
            there are a lot of tutorials available online about how to implement your authorship with Google.
            See my CommentLuv link, it’s pointing to my recent blog post, where I explain the methods to implement your authorship.
            Let me know, good luck!

          • You’re very right Sir Erik and i did followed your post yesterday just after I replied the comment. I love your tutorial and I’ve set up my Google Plus profile just like you taught. Thanks sir!

    • Hey Erik ,
      I just had a visit to your blog. Great one !! Loved it.
      Being a WordPress user , you definitely need to try Author hReview. It’s a super cool plugin as per my views. Moreover, Author hReview itself will power up your review site one step ahead from your competitors and this will enhance blogger relationships with their audience.

      Cheers ! 🙂 Glad to talk to you and thank to Enstine sir for the opportunity 🙂

      • Hi Sourav,
        thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.
        Be sure to grab RSS feeds, if you liked the content. 😉

        I think I will seriously think about purchasing the WP reviews plugin,
        as building a product reviews website can give me huge results in term of affiliate marketing.

      • Author hReview is one of the most sought after plugin of all times, one of the best created by a pioneer and used by pioneers. Must have plugin if you ask me.

  20. What’s up Enstine,

    Another awesome contest Idea count me in!

    I can see why Author HReview is so useful as REVIEWS are the most sought after type of content right before people make purchases. This plugin makes the process very easy.

    • Hi Darnell,
      I’m great! Where have you been?
      Thanks for jumping on board this contest. You can multiply your chances by replying to other comments on this same post, engaging with other commentators. That’s it!

      thanks for supporting

    • Hey DJ, it’s been a while I see you around this blogospehere and I guess even your friend Enstine has seen you it’s quite sometime. Where have you been? Have not been getting any updates from you.

      Indeed Enstine’s got some great ideas and this one is also a bomb!

      Do you know I never knew the importance of this plugin until today. I didn’t even know it helps increase search traffic. That’s why is good to be subscribed to a resource centre such as Enstine’s great blog.


    • Hey there Darnell
      Enstine has contests all the time and every time. He has generous gifts all the time.Great thing about him is that he engages with lots of other popular bloggers hence he is able to bring the very best. With Enstine, you know you can’t go wrong. Thanks for your comment and hope to see you again.

  21. I’m not interested in any type of giveways. But Giveway is the best way to explore the functionality of any product or services. Nice to see this type of giveway on your blog Enstine. 🙂 Good luck my blogging mates.

  22. First of all, thanks Enstine for this awesome and unique contest and the product which you are reviewing. As a WordPress user Hreview plugin is something which I really want. I was thinking to build a site where I need to show the testimonial of my clients. I searched for the plug-ins out there but now my search is now complete. Another plus point of Hreview is its three in one feature.
    As we all know how important role rating does in search results, which is also one of the future of Hreview.
    I myself tend to read review of those products that has rating besides it.
    Another thing is its benefit in affiliate marketing. I strongly recommend it to those who are in affiliate marketing because it will generate more click through rate . free version is also looking great.
    I am looking forward to use it for showing testimonial on my new site.
    Thanks again.

  23. Hello Enstine,

    This is a nice and great collaboration. I love giveaways and feel they are a nice way of rewarding readers; I recently ran one and the results were great!

    Good luck to the participants!


    • Hey bro,
      Good to see thee here this morning. However, your comment didn’t sound like you want to be part of the contest. You can reply to other comment on this and be in the context so as to increase your chances 😉

      • Enstine, you run an impressive blog which I am eager to support. Why won’t this giveaway not interest me? I am with you!

    • Hi Akaahan
      Nice to see you Enstine blog. He has giveaways and contests all the time. Feel free to come back again to see what he has. Thanks for your comment and have a nice dau/

  24. Hi Enstine,
    Visited your blog after so many days man!
    Quickly read about the Commenting contest and here I am 😉
    I should say you have come up with an awesome initiative.
    And yeah, The Review too is awesome 😀
    I am using Author hReview from a long time on my blog and looks like after reading the features, I should buy the Pro version too 🙂

    Vishesh Kachheda

    • Good to see you are back Vishesh and good luck on taking part in this contest
      Yes, the pro version of this plugin has more important features. Go check them out 😉

    • It was the same thing I said, Vishesh the day I first read about this “commenting contest”. I thought the one over at Kingged was great and this one is literally out of this world. (But please don’t misquote me; the kingged commenting contest is also very great and fantastic) And did I tell you I love it?

      You should have seen me sticking my butts around here, especially on this post and dropping some comments. (I know some people thinks it weird) Who doesn’t want to win some dollar bills? I think you should be doing the same, I mean to get a chance to win and plus I think you should share this post with your networks.

      You know why, because this review is extremely great, plus Heshman did a very nice job to creating such a fantastic plugin.

      And I have come to learn a lot about the plugin merely from reading the comments. Abid’s experience was/is absolutely great and you should go back and read it. But just in case you can’t see it here:

      Abid Omar’s said he trippled his search reach to 216% with this plugin and the free version for that matter.

      Now, that’s the wonders of this amazing plugin! 🙂

      Again, it’s nice to see you here – and you should have a great week ahead.


  25. Hello Enstine,
    First of all I want to thank you for organising this awesome giveaway. Being a newbie I need something premium to boost my blog presence.
    My friend recently suggested to buy Author HReview Premium but being a newbie its very hard to afford it. I hope you understand !

    I am reading Author HReview blog from a long time. Hesham is an excellent writer and has covered his product features very well. Author Hreview is a great plugin that really leads a positive impact on boosting CTR and finally making more sales.

    I wish that I could win and enhance my reviews presence.

    Over all it was an awesome review. Good Write up Bro 🙂
    Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hey Nikhil, Just engage on this post. Respond to other comments and increase your chances to win. Once you are picked, you can go ahead and buy this plugin

      In my of my posts, I’ll be showing how you can use this plugin to build a profitable website. Be sure to join my list so you don’t miss it

    • Hi Nikhil, I like your name perhaps because one of my blogging buddies answer that name too or because of my preference for Indian folks. It’s nice to meet you here on Sir Enstine’s great and lovely domain. Hope you’re okay?

      So you said you’re a newbie and love doing reviews, at least what I garnered from your comment. See, you don’t really need the pro version now but if you have the money at heand why now. But just in case you don’t have the money and from what I read it seems you don’t, I’d then suggest you to quickly take full advantage of the free version by going into the wordpress plugin repository and download it. Install it on your blog and start enjoying it.

      Do you even know of the benefits?

      Well here are some of the benefits I feel will make you wanna go straight and downlaod it:

      1. You get listed ASAP and on the first page of SERP
      2. You get search engine traffic, which is awesome.
      3. You get favored by advertisers alike and that brings you the huge potential of making huge money from your reviewing efforts.
      4. And a host of other goodies….

      Did you heard Abid Omar’s testimonial of how he got his search ranked trippled to about 216%? That’s great, I bet you’re already thinking.

      Don’t forget to gist me about your success with it okay. 🙂


  26. Hi there!

    Hasheem has surely done a great job creating this plugin. This reduced the efforts of many bloggers and also helped increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).

    Reviewing products/services is one of the main sources of income for the bloggers. An in-depth and attractive review fetches more sales. A product might not be able to provide in-depth analysis, but something can be done for attraction. That is what this package does!

    I still remember that I could find the rating as well along with the blog post. I used to wonder how it used to happen, and later came to the logical conclusion that it was some default feature of WordPress. However, the conclusion was wrong. Your post helped me realize that!

    Sadly, I don’t use WordPress right now :-(. But soon I will be able to use this plugin once I migrate. (Yes, I’m moving on to WordPress)

    Hoping to win this giveaway. Planning to try damn-hard for this. 🙂

    Enstine, do wish me “All the Best”! 🙂

    • Hey Kakkad,

      Indeed, Heshman designed this plugin for bloggers who does reviews with the intent of helping them get more traffic and maybe make money through their reviewing effort and that I think is pretty great. What say?

      So like you, when I didn’t know about this plugin I thought it was some scripts or something until Abid brought me to the knowledge and share the plugin download link to me.

      I used it for my first ever review post on my blog and trust me, I loved it! It looks really great and brought out the beauty of that review and makes it look extremely professional.

      Oh really, you’re not on wordpress? How I wish you was. Please do the move to wordpress ASAP okay and inform me when you have.


  27. Awesome,

    Well to be honest I never used “Author hReview” and I guess it seems perfect plugin for wordpress users.

    The thing is I use author box rarely to my wordpress blog so I thought its not so useful for my blogs. But I just checked the sales page of ” Author hReview” and I must say its a must plugin for all wordpress users.

    I hope to be a lucky winner and waiting for results.


    • Yes, you are right vicky. It is the perfect plugin for wordpress users who are writing reviews on their blog. Yes. It’s landing page is awesome and it provides us more info about it/ Have a look at its free version. Wish you all the best.

    • Vicky, it’s really nice to see you at Enstine’s end. And yes Author Hreview is a must use plugin for every wordpress user as it create a better experience for reviewers like myself.

      And the good thing about the package is that you can even create a review site from scratch using this plugin.

      Plus I hope you know that using this plugin holds a lot of benefits in store for the one using it?

      Some of them are:

      1. You get listed ASAP and on the first page of SERP
      2. You get search engine traffic, which is awesome.
      3. You get favored by advertisers alike and that brings you the huge potential of making huge money from your reviewing efforts.
      4. And a host of other goodies….

      Did you heard Abid Omar’s testimonial of how he got his search ranked trippled to about 216%? That’s great, I bet you’re already thinking.

      So if peradventure you’ve not yet install this amazing plugin, I’d suggest you to quickly install it now and start making use of it for your affiliate review products and other kinda reviews. You’d thank Heshman Zebida and Enstine for writing this massive review.

      Enjoy the rest of your week man!


    • Hi Vicky
      Any plugin that is used by popular WordPress blogs is a must. Hesham Zebida is a pioneer and anything that he develops is very good quality stuff. Consider trying it, just take a look at some of the features they have.

      • You’re right Sharma, even though I believe in the philosophy of staying true to your mind and doing what you think it’s the best for you. But in this case, I think downloading and installing the plugin might just be the right decision for any sane blogger who looks to succeeding and earning greatly from his affiliate and reviewing efforts. You grab me?


        • Hey Sam,

          And rest of the people who has replied to my comment, it’s really good to know your opinion regarding the plugin. Actually I’m heading over to try the trial version now. Will surely let you know about my experience.

          Thanks Guys

          • And that’s my friend there! Thanks so much Vicky, for deciding to give the plugin a chance and I am sure you too will have good words to spill out at the end of the day about this fantastic plugin.

            Please be sure to let me know if you need any help getting it’s functionalities or something and I’d be glad to help out.

            Enjoy man!

  28. Hello Enstine Sir,

    And thank you for organizing this contest. And even though there wouldn’t be any contest. We all know; you bring up great and useful articles.

    And to be true, this is the first time I’ve heard about AuthorH. And as mentioned by Abid Omar, I’m glad that this plugin has a free version, to try it first and then move on to premium.

    Literally as seen in the images, it rocks Google search result. Seems a lot attractive to me.

    Even great is that the premium package comes with a one-time fee. So we literally don’t have to worry about any monthly payments. I really like the Customer Testimonial part. Its so cool that it doesn’t takes much real estate on our site. And hovering over customers picture shows up the rating and the testimonial.

    It truly another way to look cool and standout. I’d gladly try the free version, and then might even jump onto the premium single site edition.

    Cool article Sir. Have a great day!

    • Hey Abhishek,
      Thanks for dropping the great comment that qualifies you for the content 😉 I hope you grab the free version and then upgrade to premium shortly after

      Do have a wonderful week

      • Hi Enstine,

        Good idea. I know about Hesham Zebida and about his efforts to create review plugins, for quite a while. As it happens in life, you are so caught up in other projects and you forget.

        Thank you for reminding to download and try the free version. Apart from the general impression I got from studying the site, I can get a practical one, from experience. Even with the small free version, you can get a precious insight about a product.

        Have a wonderful day

        • Like you uncle Silviu, I have known Heshman it’s been quite sometimes. I actually knew him as the founder of Famous Blogger and not a PHP guru or something. And like you I got so caught up by other pressing projects even though I have always have some important questions I need to ask the man.

          So it seems you’ve also been a long term user of the Author Hreview plugin, I’m I right? The Plugin is great and it’s no surprise to me that in the few months of it’s lunching it had already totaled about 10,000 users. A fabulous achievement, if you would ask me.

          I love the Plugin and I’m sure everybody does!


      • Hi Abhishek
        I agree with Muki 100%. Just go the website above, check out all the details.If you like try the free version and if you like it consider the premium version. For example I was using the free version of commentluv initially and then bought the premium version and has helped me grow my blog. I am so serious about this one too.
        Thanks for your comment.

        • Hey Sharma, you are so darn right. You know why I said so? I love the example you gave about the commentluv plugin. Every blogger and even Enstine I’m sure started using the commentluv free version until the Pro Version was out with those invaluable features it had.

          I still I’m using the free version and trust me it’s cool and very soon I too will be using more premium tools and products on my website.

          So I’d like to advice those bloggers, especially wordpress users who are just hearing about this tool for the first time, should please try and download and install the free version of Author Hreview and started to use it for their reviewing works. It really would help them, I’m so darn sure!

          Thanks again for that quick insight about commentluv. 🙂


    • Dude, my case is almost like you only!

      I, too, heard about it the first time and am interested in trying it………

      And yes, this plugin is a lot attractive as well!

      Enstine did a great job organizing this!

      • Certainly Yashraj
        Must try plugins if you ask me. Take a look at some of the features it has. Which features you like the most?

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Yeah! I’m using it’s free version for the last 7 months and it is incredible and amazing. You should first give a try to it’s free version and your mind will tell you to move to it’s premium version.

      Thanks for mentioning me in your comment 🙂

      Abid Omar

      • Hi Omar
        Glad you are liking the free version. Would you consider buying the premium version, what your are thought, I would be interested in knowing.

        • Sharma, I don’t know about Abid but I for one will be purchasing the plugin anytime soon as I will be doing more reviews in the coming days. You know I have just subscribed to the affiliate marketing bandwagon. 🙂

    • Yes I think every WP user who wants to increase his affiliate sales, CTR and design, every one should use this plugin.

      • Pramod, it’s been a while I see you in the blogosphere, hope you’ve been well?

        The plugin is literally a must for every WP user and I am glad to be using it already and I must say it’s a great little plugin and it sure does wonders. By far the best of it’s kind.

        And another reason why I like this plugin it’s potential to increase search rank and traffic plus revenue. 🙂 You like it too, right?


    • Hi Abhishek,

      Now you know about the plugin and I am hoping that you’ve by now downloaded and installed the Author Hreview plugin. Trust me it’s the greatest of it’s kind and as you can see from the Plugin’s Page and around this comment section that there are several good and kind words of the plugin being spilled out.

      And yes…that’s another thing that actually tickled my fancy, I mean I purchase the plugin and that’s all. I don’t have to start worrying about some kinda payment the following months. You know what I mean, right? Cus that kinda thing can be totally hearthrending.

      This plugin is just too cool and I love that it makes your review standout from the rest of other reviewers not using a review plugin or maybe using but not Author Hreview.

      I like to put it this way….”If it’s not Author Hreview, then it can never be good”. 😀


  29. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for organizing such an awesome and new contest. I shared it on my social media and hope you get more readers response to this contest. I’m already familiar with AuthorH Review. I started to using it’s free version when i migrated to wordpress. It is an awesome plugin and it helped me to increase search engine traffic by 216%.

    It will Increase Search Traffic by making SERP results more Eye-Catching and attractive.
    The review stars are very flat and good looking. And it allow us to add a Recent Reviews widget on sidebar and it is very elegent. It is first time i’m hearing that AuthorH Review have a premium version. I went through it’s features and it is really amazing and incredible. Surely, I will give a try to AuthorH Review premium.

    Thanks Entine for this awesome contest and share your insights about AuthorH Review plugin. Have a Nice day 🙂

    Abid Omar

    • Wow! good to hear that plugin works for you and thanks for sharing the contest bro. That will surely bring more exposure.

      Your comment is great and entered for the contest. Good luck

      • Thanks for replying Enstine.

        Yeah! This plugin helped me a lot. And hope you get more participants from my readers 🙂 Best wishes for this contest.

      • Enstine, looks like some are using these set of plugins but so far have not tried it. I read about it but to be honest I had no idea what it was all about. But I think you have explained it pretty nicely. Perhaps I should try the lite version and take it from there.

        • Yes Sharma, most people are and myself inclusive. It’s a great plugin and I’m not that surprise about it’s virility amongst bloggers who does reviews and affiliate marketing and the likes.

          And I think you should try the free version as it’s also very good. As a matter of fact, it’s what I am using on my blog and it’s working fine for me just like magic!


          • Hey Sam
            I had a look and it does appeal tor me. Thanks for referring it to me. By the way that Gazette Theme you are using is very good, I quite like that.

          • Oh that’s good and I hope you’ve now installed the plugin. That’s the way to go.

            Awwwwh…..thanks for thinking my theme to be good, I really do appreciate and did I tell you I like yours too?

    • Oh….. So that’s why I was able to see ratings along with your review on the search engine listings!

      I thought it was some default feature of WordPress!

      Abid, you usually use the products that are recommended. Great job!

      • Hi Yashraj,

        Yeah! I think tell it once time i’m using AuthorH Review plugin. I’m using it’s free version. It wil look great if i’m using it’s premium version. You can checkout Reginald Chan’s blog for the live demo 🙂

        Abid Omar

        • This is a good plugin and apparently shows up in the search results which is good for those considering visiting your site. Will certainly increase search engine traffic. You’re right Reginald Chan is using it.

    • Hi Omar,

      Increasing the traffic with 216% is a a great result. However I want to know what version you used: the free or the paid one?

      I think, if the free version can increase the traffic with 216%, what can the paid version do for your traffic? This would make the package an incredibly powerful tool.

      Have a wonderful day

      • Hi Silviu
        it certainly is a powerful plugin, if the free version can increase traffic to 216% just imagine what the premium version can do for you. I am considering buying it.

    • Hey Abid, it’s nice to find you here at Enstine’s great blog.

      I was just telling him how you were the one who introduced me to Author Hreview…although I didn’t speak of the little misunderstanding we had thereafter….lolzz 😀

      So you mean the Author Hreview can also increase one’s search engine traffic? Now, I didn’t know that and maybe that’s because I didn’t ask you at the time.

      But like seriously! You mean the plugin increased your search reach to about 216%? Now, that’s so so huge!

      And that’s a free version doing great things, I wonder what the paid version would look like. It most definitely will be a monster traffic puller!

      Thanks for sharing with us this great secret dude. You’re the best! 😀


      • Hi Sam Adeyinka
        Glad you have sorted your misunderstanding with each other. About the Author hReview plugin, the ratings on their WP page is good, there are lots of good reviews that certainly proves that its a great plugin to have. Just go take a look on their page on the link above.

        • Oh yes we’ve since sorted that out. TY for taking note of that ma’am. 🙂

          And yes….I know that as I have checked the page yesterday and you know I use it on my blog so it’s not knew to me just that I have learned some of it’s great benefits merely by reading the comments down here.


    • Wow, this is good to know, 216% is huge 🙂

      Glad to hear that you’ve got success with the plugin.

      • Hi Hesham Sir ,

        Great to see you here. I just wanted to know how you came up with the idea of Author hReview. Any great story ?

        Thanks .

        • It all began with me and my blog, I’ve implemented the schema for reviews on my blog, and many people started to contact me asking how I did it, it wasn’t easy to tell at that time because the complicity of the code, and it was hard coded in the Theme I was using.

          So, I packed it in a plugin and released it for free to everyone. Quickly the plugin hit the 10,000 users at WordPress repository, and people again asked me for more features and customization. I decided not to add these functionality to the free plugin and keep it simple as it is, and packed all the feature requests in the Pro version.

          Practically, the idea was in my mind, but for me… A good idea should have a demand, and that’s exactly what happen 🙂

          • Great ! Nice talking to you 🙂 Thanks for sharing the birth story of ‘ Author hReview ‘ here and I think you are very happy to see this awesome review of your plugin here by Enstine Sir. 😀 😀

            Thanks 🙂

          • Hey Sourav, it’s nice to see you here and have been seeing you everywhere these days. Trust me that’s the secret of every success around this blogosphere. “Ability to be everywhere and be consistent at it”. Kudos!

            So you raised a very great question one that I was preparing to ask him in an interview I am already preparing. 🙂

            And what a great answer from you there Heshman! Now that’s a really good story and a nice birth of Author Hreview.

            Now, another question. Did you ever thought or saw that this plugin would be as versatile as the way it now is? You know like Abid is now getting about 216% result from search engine, even with the free version.


          • Hi Hesham
            Great set of plugins and nice little story behind the development. I think it was nice of you to create a free version as well which I think is being used by lots of lots of bloggers. You know more WordPress than any other person I know.

          • @ Shalu, my personal blog has an older domain and I used to update it in the past, it had PR of 4, and it actually lost its ranking in the last few months because I removed all its content to start over.

            I will be updating it again with new content as we go in the future.

        • @ Sourav Sudhi, indeed… I am loving Enstine’s review 🙂

          @ Sam, Yes of course, it was all part of the plan, which has not been fully implemented yet, I usually have a long term plan for any project I start. So, keep yourself around, there are more awesomeness coming on the way!

          P.S. Please, start your own comment if you have a question so I can reply to you.

          • Hashem
            I have a question for you. Your other blog has a page rank of 2. How did you manage something like that without any content other than a couple of blog posts. Quite remarkable.

          • Okay great and that’s good to hear. It’s always good to have the future in mind and I am promising you that I will be here when the time comes, I mean you start implementing all of your plans.

            Thanks for staying around to reply comments. That’s kind of you!


    • Muki is a spin master and he knows what he’s talk about. Think of him as spin bowler and this time he is spinning a leg spin. Well done for this great product contest.

      • Thanks for spinning my brain with a spin comment 😉
        Hope you interact with readers here and stand a chance to win. I’ll be glad to send you the $70 😉

    • It is cool you have dropped your testimony here. The plugin has really worked for you and I will also check it out.

      Thanks to the creator.

      • Hi Miracle,

        I’m glad you came upon my invite and that you’re also sharing your thoughts to and hope you will win.

        There of course are a lot of reviews down here about this plugin and that goes to show how amazing it is.

        Thanks indeed to Heshman Zebida for creating this kinda plugin.


    • It’s really great to know that this plugin has helped ABID to increase traffic. Well after lot of thinking 😛 I was planning to launch a new coupons site. Do you think it will be great idea for starting and using this plugin.

      Sorry if i go off-topic

      Thanks Enstine,

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