How to create very profitable review sites in 2019!

Product review sites are website on which reviews are posted about products, or services. This is a huge way to create money making websites that generate consistent income over a very long period of time.

I want to share information that may help you create very profitable affiliate product review websites to earn a comfortable income online this year and beyond.

There are many ways to create review sites that make money. However, I want to approach this business model from a single perspective that is sure to create a full time business for you if you take required steps following these instructions.

If you have been looking for a fruitful opportunity to invest online, you can give this a thought. The reason I think this is a near-fetched business is because it will not cause your arm.

With less than $200 investment, you can have a full blown review blog that will keep generating money until the Internet is disconnected.

Millions of dollars are spent online every hour on tangible and soft products. People don’t buy any product without a second opinion. Buyers always try to find out what has been said by others about a certain products before making a final buying decision.

Publishing detailed unbiased reviews of products brings the buyer closer to the buy now button, increasing your chances of making that sale that generates the commission.

So how do you create Product Review Sites?

There are often 2 ways to approach this business;

  • Create Brand review sites: This will generally require lesser information. For instance; Philips shavers. There are different types and qualities of philips shavers. You can create a review blog on this brand, reviewing items and accessories from amazon and making huge commissions.
  • Create Industry review sites: Instead of reviewing Philips, you may want to go broader covering the shaving industry, touching every product that comes to scene – machine, cream, soap, brush,gel, etc.

What do you need for a complete review site that makes money?

How to create very profitable review sites in 2019

WordPress and plugins have made things so easy so anyone can own a big business online with almost a negligible sum of investment.

You don’t need to break a bank or sell your father’s only piece of land to create 1 or 2 product review sites. Here are the few things I propose you start with;


You see initially, you don’t need to sweat to setup a very profitable business. I know there are other things that will come into play while setting up income generating top product review sites and the most important is content.

Where to get Affiliate products to review ?

That’s the toughest of the questions right?

The net is full of diversities and garbage. Getting the right product sometimes is a big challenge.  However, there are different platforms to grab products with affiliate programs.

If you want to review Internet Marketing products, that means any product from web hosting, list building, software, etc can be reviewed and Clickbank, JVZoo, ShareAsale, etc are often fertile grounds to find such products. Otherwise, platforms like Amazon, ebay, etc are areas where you will always have excellent tangible products to review and make commissions.

In the Health and Beauty niche, check out You may also want to specialize on Pinterest Course reviews. This is something I have seen come up in recent times.

Go ahead of others!

The best way to bank big with product review sites is to always be ahead of others, publishing in-dept reviews of new products. Generally, the earlier you publish these reviews, the better your search engine rankings and the more your commissions.

If a new product (for instance Gamanko SEO)  is released today and you are the first to publish an optimized in-depth review post for the keyword Gamanko SEO Review, you are certainly going to gain the first spot on Google page one for this keyword for a very long time.

If you do this consistently for different products, you will be dominating Google page one for numerous hot keywords and this of course will be making you money.

There are a couple of sites that can keep you informed on new products on Clickbank. Check out

So how do you get content for your Affiliate product review sites?

The product you have chosen to review should direct you to where to grab the content. However, this may not always be so as in some cases, you have to share from your personal experience.

I will not expect you to have used every product you want to review. An acceptable approach therefore is to contact authors for review materials.

Product owners are often very excited to work with their affiliates providing every information they need. They (product owners) can even go as far as shooting unique videos or providing co-branded promotion materials for your campaigns.

Another option is to hire writers to develop excellent content for your review sites. There are article platforms out there where you can find excellent writers from $10 per 500 word article.

Alternatively, your site may benefit from user-generated content. This is most common today and allows for more accurate source of information. InReview Theme will allow you create a review site that has features to collect data from readers.

Creating Product review sites with InReview Review WordPress Theme

InReview WordPress Theme is a template by dedicated to creating powerful money making Affiliate Review Websites on WordPress

It allows you to transform your blog to a full-functional user rating site. The integrated user-review system makes product rating simple.

Why this is important is because it allows you the site owner to collect review data from the general public concerning reviewed products. With this, you can create a go-to popular site that curates useful industry opinions to assist buyers in their decisions.

InReview WordPress theme comes with affiliate integrated and custom widgets making it easy for you as an affiliate marketer to review products and send visitors to your specific affiliate tracking links within each review post.

These are three more features that make the InReview Review Theme your choice for money making review sites:

  • Theme Option: This allows you to switch from one option to the other as you control your website without ever touching a line of code: adjust your layout, manage advertisements, control colors, optimize for search engines, etc.
  • Page Templates: The Elegant Themes Page gives you access to pre-made styles and functions that can be applied to different individual pages to give them different looks and functions.
  • Shortcodes: InReview Review Theme comes with a large collection of shortcodes. These shortcodes allow you to create beautiful and complex layouts to  make your site stand out and drive affiliate sales.

[thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Take a closer look at InReview Theme here[/thrive_link]

Strategy for recurring earnings

The best way to build a steady flow of income with product review sites is to focus on reviewing membership products that have affiliate programs. The reason is that as long as members keep their memberships, you keep getting paid. You make the sale once and each time the member renews his/her subscription, you get paid.

Over to you

Do you think it’s good investment to create product review sites? Do you have any? Do you publish reviews on your blog? Thanks for sharing your views in the comment box.

25 thoughts on “How to create very profitable review sites in 2019!”

  1. Hello Enstine, great post. I have an internet marketing blog but of course, I posted some reviews about my recommended products so I guess I should to do something like you.
    Asking details about the product from sellers is a nice way but you can’t judge the quality and performance of the product, and there could be chances that before you get the response many other reviews get published and you won’t get top rankings.

  2. Hey Enstine,
    I suppose even with a quality review site with the themes and plugins you mentioned, we still need to rank that website in search engines or use PPC advertising to divert traffic to it. I was never a fan of review sites as I think that the whole idea is outdated and does not work anymore.
    I will surely be looking into it.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Vineet Saxena

    • Hi man,
      Happy new year
      You know creating a site is one thing and promoting is a whole different ball game. This is more about getting the business setup.
      Reviews are never outdated as people constantly want to be guided in their buying journey. Many more review sites are coming up these days and doing well.

      Thanks for making it a date bro. I hope you are having a wonderful week

  3. The tips and the price you shared for each step was a piece of good knowledge for me. It was a complete and perfect blog that describes how to create a very profitable review site. Keep sharing this kind of informative things.

  4. I think making review sites in the era we live at the moment is a great opportunity to earn some if not a lot of cash. In addition to that you can do it from home or anywhere you want, all you need is a computer and a stable net connection. Great article, was a nice read!

  5. Hey Enstine,
    Nice post and Yes, product review sites are really very helpful in making online money. Creating brand review site is really helpful. These tips rally gonna help many newbies. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  6. Hi Muki, Thanks for the great stuff. I have already two product review blog. Got huge traffic and clicks on products but sell is too low, i don’t know why, try different techniques in different times but sales increase a little bit. Would you suggest me some advise to increase sales more?

    • Hi Fakharuddin,
      If your traffic is targeted, it should get for you result so to improve conversion, I suggest focusing on targeted traffic and maybe throwing some bonuses from your end 😉

    • Not sure what you mean by huge traffic!

      Most products I’ve seen has conversion rate of (0.5 – 2 %) means if you send their way 100 unique visitors, you make something around 1-2 sales. It’s rare to find a product with higher conversion that you can promote for long time!

      However, targeted traffic as Enstine mentioned in his reply could increase conversion rates. I will give you a hint… write more about the same topic or create a focused site that speaks only about one particular product or a set of products that has something in common (something like a niche site), but with high quality content and more often updates. Google will then like it!

  7. Hello Enstine, great post. I’ve internet marketing blog but of course I posted some reviews about my recommended products so I quess I should to do something like you.

    I don’t want to create new review website, but definitely will buy ‘your recommended’ author h plugin and implement it to my existing reviews and will do more reviews in future.. You kick my ass to action, thanks 🙂


  8. Creating a review website is really nice idea.. but many times people review those products which they have not tried.. Will it affect their review? I personally, we should only review those products which we have tried ourself but sometime it’s no possible.. there are lots of things and we can’t try every product..

    If anyone thinking to start his/her review website then you should use those product which have brand, features etc…

  9. Nice post, Well I think I was searching for some good stuff to start a product review site or a coupon based site as I haven’t tried this niche till now.

    Thanks for share

  10. To build a solid reputation, you must also be willing to give a negative review. If you say who wonderful every product happens to be or you only list the positive attributes and no negative ones, no one is going to trust your authority.

    • I don’t think negative reviews should be something you really want to do unless you personally had a really bad experience with a specific product. What’s better than that -in my opinion- is to actually let go that bad product and never mention it.

      To make a balance, I think you should focus on cons and pros, and show the points of weakness of that product as well as what you think is good.

  11. Its definitely a good idea for making money from affiliate product reviews. There are no shortage of products to review. In fact, this is where the money is, making commission from product sales.

  12. This entry came at the right time, Enstine. I want to expand my online empire to include review sites – seems there is big bucks (and prospect) there at the moment.

    The last tip about focusing on membership systems with affiliate programs was an eye opener! That would definitely create a win-win, right?

    I am still checking out the best plugin. Will this Author hReview plugin you recommend show up the ‘pecentages’ in SERPs?


    • The plugins available in the package doesn’t support percentage, it support only star rating. However, this will be added soon!

  13. sir great idea, to make money, really product reviews give more money, many people only want to earn money from adsense and affiliate programs but it is new way sir, really I thanks to you sir, because I want to create a site on current affairs, it is useful for job aspirants in India now I changed my idea because after reading article, I decided to opened a site on product review Enstine sir. thank you sir.

  14. Hi Enstine,

    Certainly a great idea to make money, but still I’m doubtful about product review. As you mentioned fastest review going to put you on the top of the search queries. But content is the problem, I mean unless you use the product you can’t write the fair and true review.

    Asking details about product from sellers is a nice way but you can’t judge the quality and performance of the product, and there could be chances that before you get the response many other reviews get published and you won’t get top rankings.

    What you have to say about it Enstine?

  15. Just a question out of curiosity 😀

    Don’t you think the “write reviews – earn money” strategy is already overdone?

    On another note –

    What about the reviewer’s authority? Let’s say I have a superb review site which tops search engine ranks but the sales are dismal. On the other hand, you’re reviewing the same product and recommending on your site, and people are buying from your link. The reason is people know you and they don’t know me (just a hypothesis 😉 ). What solution would you propose?

    • Hi Chitraparna,
      Thanks for the questions

      First, as long as they are new products coming up, this activity will never be overdone. Each new products completely creates a completely untapped review opportunity.

      I didn’t completely get the second question. However, if you review great products (not crap) and rank well, you should make sales 😉

    • Writing reviews to earn money isn’t and won’t be overdone!

      The problem is that some many people think that making a review post is enough to actually make money out of a product, this strategy won’t work for everyone! Sooner or latter someone else’e review will jump on top of your. It take more than one post to actually get a stable spot in search! (think about it!)

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