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I am the founder of Designatude Digital Marketing & SEO Solutions. I have a passion for blogging about all things relating to the digital marketing world. Our company is based out of Portland, Oregon. I spend my free time escaping to the woods and drinking great coffee! Follow me @Designatude.


17 Powerful Website Factors to Optimize Your SEO

17 Powerful Website Factors to Optimize Your SEO

So here we are beginning 2020 and the Internet world is still alive and thriving. The competition is fierce out there and obtaining great SEO results is still a great challenge.

Although there have not been any major Google algorithm updates, since the the ‘Fred update’ in 2017, it is always an ideal SEO practice to keep in tune with any upcoming algorithm updates even if you are new to SEO

Quality, Google trusted back links – are the ‘meat and potatoes’ for optimal Google search results, but it goes far beyond that. Your business website/blog really needs to be a well oiled machine, and contain all the relevant SEO parts working in harmony together. Continue reading


How to Improve Your Content Readability For Higher SEO Results

How to Improve Your Content Readability For Higher SEO Results

How You Can Write Awesome Readable Content Your Readers and Search Engines Will Love!

It really surprises me on the number of content and article writers out there that have never heard the word “readability”. Wait a minute…actually, I am not surprised by this at all! This seems very new to anyone starting an SEO journey

As for myself, I really didn’t start to take notice of this until my all time favorite WordPress plugin Yoast Seo integrated readability as a core function.

I didn’t pay much attention to my Yoast readability scores for a good long while. But after some time, I really just got tired of those ominous glaring red dots staring at me! Continue reading


10 Link Building Strategies You Should Avoid In 2020

Here we are at the beginning of 2019, and as most of us already know it, back links are still a top 3 Google ranking signal!

Having high quality, niche related links from trustworthy and high authority websites is what we have to come to accept and need to stay focused on and continue to practice.

Gone are the days of Web 2.0 spam methods and buying a 1,000 links for $50! Google’s algorithms have streamlined the SERPs toward a much more organic and natural way.

‘Black Hat’ link building practices are becoming more obsolete by the day, but unfortunately continue to be used. As a result, website owners are getting hit with a manual penalty, by violating Google’s Search Quality Guidelines.

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