How to identify & tweak the most sexy blog post on your blog!

Most sexy? πŸ˜‰

Yes I mean the most attractive blog post on your blog. That’s the article or blog post that has attracted the most traffic from the Internet to your blog (Traffic from referral and search engine sources).

I don’t mean which article is the most commented, tweeted or liked. These are not often the most popular or most useful on your blog. I want to show you which article attracts the most traffic to your blog, how to tweak it for more traffic and profit.

In this article on emFastIncome, I shared with you how to use Google Webmaster Tools to identify the keyword that pulls the most traffic to your blog. You may want to check the article out.Β 

That was more about the keyword and to which page it draws traffic. In today’s post, we are looking at the article that’s the most popular landing page.

Now, everyone that comes to your blog lands on a certain page – home page, product page, contact page, about us page, product review page, etc

NB: I’m using page and post to mean the same thing here.

For the most part, your home page pulls the most traffic as a single page. However, I don’t want to talk about the home page here. There is one other page or post on your blog that has gotten the most traffic since the day your blog went live apart from home.

NB: Check out this post I wrote on both referral and search engine traffic.

There are some questions that are ringing in my mind right this moment:

  • How old is this page/post that has the most traffic
  • Has it constantly been the most attractive?
  • What’s on this article that draws the most traffic?
  • Was it massively promoted on social media?
  • What percentage of its traffic comes from search engine?
  • Can this page be tweaked to monetize the traffic?
  • Is it the page with the highest number of incoming links? if yes, why are Β those links?
  • Etc

As a matter of fact, we will identify three different pages. Note that these three pages may be the same page. Here is what I’m talking about;

  1. Which landing page receives the most traffic from search engines.
  2. Which page receives the most traffic from referral sources.
  3. Which page combines both traffic sources and comes top.

Note that I have not mentioned direct traffic. That’s not an error. Most of your direct traffic ends up on the home page.

Most sexy page for search engines

It’s easy to find out which page on your blog receives the most traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines. Here is how to find it;

  • Go to Google Analytics

most active page search

  1. Click the Acquisition tab.
  2. Go to Keywords
  3. Click Organic

Now this takes you to the next page. You may not see Landing Page as I underline in the picture below. In that case, click Other -> Acquisition -> Landing page

On the page that shows the list of landing pages, make sure the list is in order of visits – that is, from the page with the highest number of visits (listed at the top) to the page with the lowest number of visits (listed at the bottom).

The page on the top of the list is that page/post that has received the highest traffic during the chosen period.

landing page

– > Most traffic from referral source

To know which page gets the most referral traffic, simply click All Referrals on the left of your Analytics page. Follow the same steps above to show the list.

– > Most traffic from all sources

To show the page or post that gets the most traffic from both referrer and search engine sources (and direct traffic of course), you have to click All Traffic on the left menu. Follow steps above to view the list.

most popular post

Why is this important?

Identifying the most active and attractive post on your blog is just a step forward. Knowing more about this page and what to do to increase activities on it is another step.

Now, one reason why the most active page is very important is that it helps us know what our readers want. It’s one of the most perfect ways to know what your readers are most interested in. With this knowledge, you will be able to tweak the article to get more results. You can also write many more articles in that direction to make your blog more relevant.

What to do with the most attractive blog post

  • Edit the article and add more contents. You may rephrase or do some more keyword tweaking. Add more images and videos where necessary. Create some few more links from it to other internal and external resources.
  • Do some more social media promotion – Attract more Twitter tweets, Facebook likes, Google+, etc
  • Do some more blog commenting and drop it as commentLuv link on other blogs. In other words, create more backlinks to it.

NB: For the most part, the most attractive article on your blog will not be one of the 10 most recent posts being available in the drop down listΒ when you comment on CommentLuv enabled sites. What I suggest you do is go to commentluv premium dashboard and set this article as one of your 5 favorite posts. This will make it available when commenting on other blogs so you can easily select and drop a link to it

All this is to refresh the article for better search engine ranking and more traffic.

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  1. Nice post. Some very helpful ideas in here. I’m going to head over to GA and look at my bounce rates by page on my blog.

  2. That’s really nice information about our blog. i don’t know about this kind of information to make some analysis of my blog. i really like the all points you have mentioned. this will help newbie to understand how keyword help them.
    Thanks For Sharing.

  3. Hi Enstine,

    Reginald called it tutorial, I call it great teaching guidelines. The topic almost make my head go awe, not until I sat down to read the content.

    Thanks for sharing, it will sure help folks like me and some other newbies to better have a proper understanding on landing page and how to optimize what gives us the most traffic.

  4. Hey Enstine,

    Very good tips pal.

    If you have an article that is getting lots of traffic, you can add an opt-in form to it as well or adsense in that post so that it converts well for you.

    Nice job pal.

  5. Another wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it. The guide is really helpful in finding the top posts using google analytics. And yes we can also use articles which are getting good traffic to share good info for readers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Enstine,Thanks for the reply, i appreciate it. In the past few days my blogs were suffering from traffic loss. I thought is was due to algo updates. I following your suggested measures will help my blogs recover.Thanks for the post.

  7. Hi Entine
    Great idea. I have also been looking into this a bit lately to see what kinds of content people are finding on my blog and seeing if there are more posts I can do on this topic.
    I must admit I have not added a significant amount of content to that most popular post, but perhaps that is the best idea. People are already reading it, so why not make it better and more evergreen!
    Great stuff

  8. The word “sex” or “sexy” attracts itself attention from people!
    You used it the right way, in the title.

    You are doing such a great job here, Enstine.
    Tutorials with descriptive images help readers understand the concepts easily.

    Thanks for sharing, mate and have a great rest of the week! πŸ™‚

  9. Reading is one practical way to figure out if it. And it is easy to identify I guess, the shared numbers, the visitors, the traffic, the conversation, the appearance, comments, if you’ll try to observe, you can identify yourself if the blog/post is tempting or attractive.

    The shared tips you showed us Enstine is an action of being wise. πŸ™‚ Nice!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  10. Hello Enstine,

    An impressive guide. Some of the facts, I was unaware are included here. And, your article has attracted me to get a premium copy of commentluv premium plugin, as the same situation is here. My most popular post is not one of my recent posts. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  11. Very interesting article man, and an excellent idea to help optimize one’s site even more. I recently came across the landing page statistics in Google Analytics and I’ve found it very helpful in analyzing my site’s traffic.

    One thought though:

    What are the chances that these edits might actually hurt your ranking? Often I’m a little hesitant to change things with some of my more visited pages in fear that it might actually affect my rankings in search engines more negatively than positively. What’s your opinion on an idea like this?

    Definitely an interesting post idea though man, thanks for sharing.

    Josh May

    • Hi Josh,
      Editing any article should be with care though so you don’t over optimize. However, I don’t think add some little more content can hurt ranking.

      If you don’t have videos for instance, adding some will be a good idea. As a matter of fact, you just have to add a little of what’s missing πŸ˜‰

      That’s my take

  12. Hey Enstine,

    Well written mate. Haha you jumping into tutorial huh?

    Great write and thanks for sharing. I love the images! It makes peeps who just dig into images to stay longer!

    Thanks for sharing mate and appreciate it big time.

  13. Hi Mr. Enstine
    It’s been a while since i came here. I’m taking a short break from the web because of my college exams.

    You have nailed it again sir! I like the fact that you highlighted that the article with most likes, tweets or comments is not the most popular article. I used to make this mistake when see lots of comment on a particular blog. I believe any newbie that reads this post will find that very useful.

    As i said in my previous comment on this blog, right now all I’m doing is digesting resourceful contents like this for the niche blog I’m planning. I’ll soon be going through your series again to jot down salient information that will help me in the future.

    Have a blessed week ahead πŸ™‚

  14. As they say, always have your basics clear. Digging deep into blog analytics data or webmaster data can give you more clue to change your blog for good. We can even get out next blog post idea or keywords from these data.

    Great post once again Enstine.

    • Hey Sekhar,
      I love the last statement. It’s very true. You can get even more ideas from these stats. That’s just exactly what happened to me. I got the idea for this very post while browsing my stats πŸ˜‰

      You see it works !

  15. Hello Enstine,
    I did enjoy every line of this article and must strongly agree with every thing you said. Knowing what your readers want is one of the most important aspects in the success of blogging. I have been using google analytics to see how engaged my readers are and also enjoyed monitoring the traffic to a particular page. But I never figured out how I could use this information to help improve the status of my blog. After reading this article, you’ve made men understand how exactly that information is important to me. Thanks once more for sharing.
    Do have a great week ahead.

    • Hey Benoit,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for interacting .
      Yes, Google analytics gives a lot of interesting information to help you know your visitors behavior

      Thanks for the engagement and do have a wonderful week

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