How to add the HOME link to your WordPress Blog

The HOME link is one of the most important links on the top menu of your blog. It’s the shortcut to your home page from any other page or post on your blog.

I have seen a couple of fairly popular blogs around without this link. It makes it a bit laborious for your visitors to bounce back to home page where they can have a global view of your blog.

The home page is one of the most visited pages of most websites so I think it’s a weakness to not link to it on the main menu.

When you land on a blog post from maybe search engine result page or link shared on Facebook or Twitter, one of the next things you do after reading, sharing and maybe leaving a comment is to click ‘Home’ to visit the blog’s home page and have another view of the blog. You feel some frustration when you look round but don’t find this quick link.

How to add the HOME link

I love always going to the home page because that’s where I can easily measure the level of engagement on the blog. I can quickly finger out the recent hot articles and have a general appreciation of the blog.

One of the reasons some bloggers don’t have that home link is simply that they don’t know how to add it. I used to think this is easy. However, when I got about two requests for help on how to add this link to the top menu, I thought this simple guide will be very useful. So let’s see how it’s done

How to add the HOME link to your Blog’s menu

Login to your WordPress Admin. Point to “Appearance” and click “Menus

NB: This screenshot below is based on WordPress 3.7.1. There may be some minor differences between this and your actual version

How to add the HOME link

In 1 above, you have to select the menu to add the item (home link) to.  Generally, you’d want to add this to the top menu.

In point 2, click to slide-open the Links tap. In point 3, enter either the forward slash (/) which simply points to the root of your domain or your complete domain name, starting with https:// for instance

In 4, enter the link text that will appear on your blog’s front page (Home)

Just Click ‘Add to Menu’ in point 5

This will add an item on the right of the page called Home. You will now have to adjust the position of the home link. Just drag and drop to the first position where point 6 indicates.

Finally, click the “Save Menu” button. You must do this to have the changes saved.

That’s pretty simple and I hope you enjoyed the short tutorial. Don’t keep your visitors in frustration. Add this link to your menu and give them the shortcut they need.

This can also help reduce bounce rate. Don’t be surprised that some visitors to your blog article may just leave on that same entry post because they were not linked to the home page. That has happened to me and I don’t think I’m the only one in this category.

You can use these same steps to add more items or add these required pages to your menus. Just be smart to know the item type to choose from the left.

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  1. Hi Enstine,

    Well this information is vital for bloggers to know that how to add the Home link on WordPress blog. In fact most of the blogger use their website or blog Logo for same purpose, but you have shared with us and excellent tutorial through which one can easily understand how to add Home Link on WordPress.

    Thanks for fantastic share 🙂



  2. Hey Jeevan,
    Thanks for the contribution. A lot of people get frustrated when things are not made easy for them. I have closed some windows because I couldn’t easily go back to home page 😉 I hope this tut really helps many who are facing the same issue.

    Yes, I’m having a beautiful weekend and how is yours going too?

  3. I used to take this one for granted. The home page link was built into many of the WP themes I have used (so, I didn’t have to worry about adding it) I was frustrated when I saw blogs that didn’t use it. At that time, I didn’t understand that not all themes supported in-built home page button in the nav menu.

    Eventually, I came upon a theme without the home link, and I had to learn how to add home link to the navigation menu/bar. I was nervous at first; thought I had to learn CSS or some kind of coding. I was so relieved and surprised when I learned that adding the home link is this simple (And kind of embarrassed that I hadn’t figured it out earlier).

    I hope this post helps a lot of folks who are still unfamiliar with all the tricks of WP. Thank you for the share, Enstine! Appreciate it. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Hi Enstine,

    I once had such problem during my old days of using free themes. There was this particular theme that I love but alas, there was no home link on the theme design. I felt frustrated and unhappy, how I wish this post would have been available.

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, it will go a long way in helping newbies and probloggers likewise.

  5. A very simple tutorial I must say. There is no doubt that the HOME page link is crucial to blogging success. This is supposed to be the place where navigation begins. As for this tutorial, I see it is simple and well explained. Thanks for sharing the details, Enstine!

    This post was found in the Internet marketing content syndication website – where the above comment was also left.

    Sunday – contributor

  6. Hi Enstine

    If you don’t know WordPress it can be really tricky to find out how to do things like adding a custom menu item.

    Now that you’ve explained it though, people will know how to do it and I’ll share it on social media!

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Hello enstine,

    This is an important post for new bloggers who always have problems regarding how to add home page on menu bar, how to add categories etc. This will helpful for them.

    It will be great if you can write more on startup articles for newbies.

  8. Hello enstine,

    Really detailed article, it’s really simple to add homepage link in the wordpress blog and also blogger blog. Similarly we can also add other links in the same menu. This guide will surely help newbie to create their first homepage link.


  9. Hi Enstine,

    You are definitely sharing some great tips that will help someone who is just getting started with WordPress. I know that when I started using it, I spend over 6 hours trying to figure things out.

    I wish I would have this information when I first got started. Thanks for sharing these tips and I hope you have a great day.

  10. How I wish I got to know this much earlier. I was battling such problem to no avail when using one other template.

    That was interesting tutorial and easy to follow.

  11. I agree with you on adding a home link to every blog. I just don’t know why some bloggers leave this out knowing how important it is to their visitors. You explained things in a clear and simple way and I believe everyone who visits this post is going to add a home link if they don’t have knowing it’s importance

    • Hey Benoit,
      The main issue is that most don’t see the importance. That’s why they don’t worry about it. But like I said, it’s an important shortcut.

      Thanks for your contribution bro

  12. It’s a totally different than Blogger platform. I am using blogger hosting but now going to migrate my blog to wordpress. I will bookmark this post in my browser to get help in future.

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