Get Affordable & AdSense Safe Web Traffic to Your Website

Targeted traffic is the lifeline of every online business and this is the toughest part of building and running a successful digital business.

There are many different ways to drive this traffic and one of them is buying traffic packages from specialized vendors. In today’s post, my friend will be taking a dive into some details on buying traffic packages and looking at some services that sell these packages. Let’s here what he’s got to say and interact with him in the comment section.

Getting quality web traffic that converts into some kind of sale or transaction is the goal of any blogger or website publisher.

Plugins like WP Force SSL and WP Login Lockdown play pivotal roles in ensuring website security and enhancing traffic. From a security perspective, WP Force SSL ensures that all data transmitted between your site and its users is encrypted, protecting it from being intercepted by cybercriminals. This secure environment, signified by the HTTPS in your website’s URL, is often a factor that search engines like Google consider in their ranking algorithms, potentially improving your site’s SEO ranking and visibility.

Meanwhile, WP Login Lockdown safeguards one of the most vulnerable points of any website – the login page. By limiting the number of login attempts from a single IP address, it effectively shields your site against brute force attacks, where hackers repeatedly attempt to guess your password. This secure environment can boost user trust and confidence, encouraging more traffic as users feel safe visiting and interacting with your site. Together, these plugins help to create a more secure, trustworthy website, which can indirectly lead to improved traffic and user engagement.

You want affordable web traffic which boosts the number of real people reading your blog, and you want it to be safe to use with other online marketing campaigns such as AdSense.

So what’s the difference between good and bad quality web traffic and where does it come from?

Here’s an overview of what to expect when you buy good quality web traffic, plus a comparison of two reputable web traffic vendors which offer assurances of being AdSense safe.

What is quality web traffic?

quality web traffic
Quality web traffic means visitors that are real people with a genuine interest in your website or blog. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Quality web traffic is real, human visitors, not bots, who are genuinely interested in your website and are likely to click through your pages and ‘convert’ into paying customers.

You only want good quality web traffic. Low quality web traffic is detrimental to your website and its search engine ranking.

Bots are low quality web traffic. Astonishingly more than half of the world’s web traffic comprises bots.

Much of the Internet’s bot traffic has useful functions to make searching for and viewing web content a pleasant experience but among those benevolent bots are legions of malicious web traffic bots attempting to imitate human behaviour. These non-human hordes are sent out from bot farms and they are not good for business.

Where does web traffic come from?

  • Good Quality Web Traffic

Genuine web traffic sellers make use of networks comprising thousands of websites and domains to direct visitors in specific niches and geographic locations to customers’ websites.

This way the customers with websites marketing authentic products and services receive an engaging audience.

  • Low Quality Web Traffic – Bot Farms 

Low quality web traffic comes from spam techniques or paid to click (PTC) traffic originating from bot farms. The non-human bot traffic uses servers to imitate real web traffic.

A favourite trick of bad bot farmers is to use deceptive and illegal (black hat) methods to create thousands of fake social media accounts.

what is quality web traffic
Bot traffic often originates from compromised servers. Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

National security agencies take seriously the widespread negative impacts of fake web traffic from bot farms. Ukrainian Cyber Police in 2016 took down one of the largest bot networks in the world at the time in southern Ukraine.

The botnet (malware) used about 4,000 servers belonging to private companies in more than 60 countries, causing network failures and information leaks around the world.

The fake bot traffic put thousands of websites out of action because their IP addresses were automatically blacklisted.

What is affordable web traffic?

The cost of web traffic varies greatly between suppliers. Heed the old adage, ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’. Even the most pricey web traffic packages are a fraction of the cost of other popular marketing channels such as social media ads but claims to deliver millions of visitors for peanuts will likely result in web traffic that’s as disruptive as a troop of monkeys.

See the comparisons we’ve made between two web traffic generators later in this article to get a clear idea of affordable web traffic options.

What is AdSense safe web traffic?

Customer confidence in Google’s AdSense platform is founded on ensuring that the web traffic clicking on ads is human, not bots. As such, Google’s search engine intelligence closely monitors visitor trends on websites which use AdSense.

Google notices when a website suddenly gets a surge in web traffic. It assesses whether the increase in visitors is organic or artificially generated. If it suspects your web traffic is from a bot farm it will penalize those websites.

How to stay safe when you buy web traffic

As long as your website content genuinely provides the service which you advertise, a steady increase in quality web traffic isn’t a problem in the eyes of search engines. Steady growth indicates that your site is gaining popularity organically. In turn, your website’s search engine ranking should improve.

What’s in a Good Web Traffic Plan?

Reputable web traffic vendors generating real web traffic which is AdSense safe should provide you with the following:

100% Human Web Traffic

To buy AdSense safe traffic make sure the web traffic vendor provides only human web traffic.

Realistic Visitor Numbers

Authentic web traffic plans should offer you options between 5,000 and 500,000 visitors per purchase. Anything above these numbers is unrealistic and could only be achieved with bot traffic.

Customizable Cost Options

You should be able to buy a fixed number of visitors for your budget. Web Traffic plans usually offer anywhere from 10,000 visitors to 500,000 visitors for each purchase starting from under US$20.

Customizable Plan Duration

Specify the number of days across which to spread your batch of web traffic. It’s usually anywhere between 1 and 30 days.

Niche Specific Options

Choose which niche or niches your web traffic should be sourced. You can usually choose between 1 and 3 niches to target your web traffic.

Geo-Specific Options

You can usually choose at least one geographic location to target with a web traffic plan, which is very handy if you want to branch out into other countries.

Adult Web Traffic Options

Web traffic for adult content is handled differently to regular web traffic, depending on country-specific regulations and age restrictions, so a reputable web traffic vendor should differentiate adult web traffic plans for its customers.

Web Traffic Monitoring

To ensure that you are buying quality web traffic, you should be able to monitor your web traffic statistics through a dashboard or monitoring service provided by the web traffic vendor.

Seeing these web traffic statistics gives you excellent insight about your visitors’ behaviour.

Mobile Web Traffic

More than half of the world’s web traffic is from mobile devices, which is given special attention by search engines and webmasters, because web pages displayed on phones and tablets are formatted differently from content on laptops and PCs. So web traffic generators should offer plans specifically for mobile web traffic.

Where can I buy Adsense safe web traffic?

I’ve found two web traffic vendors where you may want to buy quality web traffic – real human web traffic by niche and geographic location – which is also safe to use along with AdSense.

Ultimatewebtraffic and Maxvisits are both well known and trusted sources for buying quality web traffic, each with affordable plans but with slightly different prices and options.


Ultimatewebtraffic lets you buy Adsense safe web traffic plans with the assurance of 100% human visitors sourced from more than 9,000 websites, 7 search engines and web hosting companies, boasting a total of 20,000,000 visitors a day to its massive network.

Web Traffic Plan Options

  • Human web traffic: Yes
  • Visitor Numbers: 7,000 – 250,000
  • Price range: US$55 to $799
  • Plan Duration: 1 – 30 days
  • Frequency: One time or monthly purchases available
  • Niche Options: Target up to 3 niches, including age groups, out of 300 niches in total
  • Geo-specific Options: Target up to 3 out of 400 countries
  • Adult Web Traffic: Yes
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Mobile Web Traffic: Limited


Maxvisits is a no-frills option to buy traffic for your web site at very affordable rates. You get more web traffic for fewer dollars than with Ultimatewebtraffic but you are limited to choosing just one target niche.

Web Traffic Plan Options

  • Human web traffic: Yes
  • Visitor Numbers: 10,000 – 400,000
  • Price range: US$12 to $380
  • Plan Duration: 1 – 30 days
  • Frequency: One time or monthly purchases available
  • Niche Options: Target 1 niche out of 120 niches in total
  • Geo-specific Options: Target up to 3 out of 60 countries
  • Adult Web Traffic: Yes
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Mobile Web Traffic: Yes

Buy web traffic cautiously and continuously to stay AdSense safe

While these web traffic plans claim to be 99% Google AdSense safe, you should still exercise caution if you use AdSense in conjunction with a web traffic plan. Your safest web traffic buying strategy is to gradually increase the number of visitors over time rather than splurging it all at once.

This way your web traffic statistics reflect steady growth in a reputable way which keeps you off the naughty list.

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