How to Increase Targeted Traffic By 100% Using Proper On-Page SEO and Blogging

Targeted traffic is the main thing that keeps every successful online business going. While we can get free targeted traffic from many sources, Search Engines have proven to be the most exciting source of traffic that converts the most.

Today, we have someone who’s got a firm grip on attracting search engine traffic and he’s here to share with us how his does this and the results he gets, and some interesting tips on SEO for beginners

Dennis Seymour of course is the man today. Let’s hear what he’s got for us so over to you buddy…

A little bit after mid 2014, I started to work on my company’s digital marketing and SEO blog.

I knew it was going to be a challenge right from the get go.

I’m in a niche where most of the competition has been doing it for a long time already. Factoring that it’s still rather small compared to other markets, that doubles the challenge because everybody competing will be on the top spots, let alone, the first 5 pages.

This makes the barrier for entry a lot harder for new websites like ours.

So I had to come up with a plan and stick with what I do best.

After 3 months, we got the site to double in traffic and it’s been growing ever since.

Organic Traffic Growth

Before we start, please note that if you have any trouble with the terms I will be mentioning, please check out our digital marketing & SEO glossary over here. Hopefully, it’s there BUT if it’s not, let us know so we can add it in.

Take a look: SEO Marketing Services for Cosmetic Surgeons (5 tips to boost SEO)

How We Did It:

Obviously, the organic traffic shown above wasn’t that big. Compared to what you might see with other posts but you have to factor in that we relied solely on optimizing for search traffic with a new site that publishes 1–2 posts per month. The niche, though internet marketing is pretty popular, is not really a mainstream topic that the common person would search for.

We have a good enough conversion rate with the traffic that we got as to not bother with other ways to acquire clients.

We didn’t publish (yet) on high traffic publications nor were we featured in other sites.

We were new and we had to prove something first before we can earn the right to be acknowledged by others, right?

It was not easy but it definitely was not luck. We had to put in the work and I’ll show you how we did it.

Increase Targeted Traffic

Content Audit & Quick Wins

Normally, I would already have a plan in place even before the content creation process starts but in this case, I took over a bit late due to other projects, so I had to work with what I have.

We had existing content already on the site that’s specifically geared for those new to digital marketing. We wanted to have a Knowledge area where business owners or new marketers can use as reference to get them started in the online marketing world.

Now, what I need to do are:

  1. Collect all the existing Pages on the site
  2. Find what’s working and what’s not working
  3. Fix Quick Wins
  4. Fix them or Improve them

I’m a big advocate of keeping things simple. I can drag this out and correlate numbers for you but that’s going to freakin’ bore the heck out of you.

You’ll end up leaving Enstine’s blog and we don’t want that to happen!

So, let’s get started.

Collect all the Existing Pages and Problems on the Site

To collect the existing content on the site, I bring out my trusty Screaming Frog app and crawled the website.

Since the site was small, still under 100 pages, the free version of the app will do. It’s worth every penny though. Free alternative: Rob’s Crawler

After Screaming Frog Finishes it’s run, export the following results:

Screaming Frog Response Code

  • General Export (the “Export” button at the top left besides the filter dropdown)
  • Export your 404’s (Bulk Export -> Response Codes)
  • Export your Images missing ALT text (Bulk Export -> Images)

Screaming Frog Image Optimization

Odds are, you’ll see empty titles and descriptions. You might even discover duplicates! You’ll probably discover images that aren’t optimized and broken links all around the site.

Find what’s working and what’s not working

Didn’t do keyword research before you created the content? Here’s a quick tip.

Head on over to Google Webmaster Tools.

Take a look at the “search queries” and arrange those with the highest impressions. With a single glance, you can see the keywords you are showing up for and where your average ranking is.

5000 impressions but you are at rank 9? 5542 impressions but you are rank 12? 120552 impressions but ranking at 18?

That means you are in-range and that traffic is almost within your grasp! You have to act and prioritize these pages.

For each keyword, Google will show you a URL that’s showing up. All you need to do now is to improve it and better optimize the page.

Fix Quick Wins

Meta Title
Since you now have the data, let’s start by fixing the meta titles.

Each URL should have a title less than 65 characters.

One of the main reasons is that you don’t want Google to cut off your title in the search results. You want the searcher to see your full title.

Meta Description
Keep this less that 155 characters. Much like the title, you want this to be optimized and not cut off when Google shows it. A good description and title can get you more clicks sometimes, even if you are a few spots lower than #1.

Be sure that you keyword is used in both the title and description. If it’s grammatically wrong, don’t force it. Break the phrase up and make it correct.

Broken Links
Open the 404 CSV file. Look at the broken links and redirect them to the correct one. If it’s an old post and the place you are linking to isn’t there anymore, then update the link or remove it.

Internal Linking
This is also an on-going thing that you need to do. Internal linking serves a lot of purposes.

One of the important reasons why you need to do this is that you can lead other people to different pages. They stay longer on your site and they get to discover your other posts.

Another is that it passes relevance and much like link building, Google can see the anchor text you use but it also can see the words surrounding the link.

When you publish new posts, you can update older posts to link to the new post as long as it’s relevant.

Obviously, you can’t go crazy with it and just blindly abuse it.

I showed an example about internal linking using your blog here.

Note: Internal Linking within the menu OR using a related post plugin are good BUT it can never beat the value of the link within the text body.

External Linking
Do NOT feel bad about linking to other relevant pages. Besides giving you an “excuse” to build real life relationships with others in the same niche, you give Google a signal that you link only to quality resources.

Remember this: Don’t link to competitors competing with you on the front page for the same keyword. IF you really have to, just link to their home or about page.

Is the keyword in the URL? It would be great if you already did that. If not, then you might want to change the post URL but be sure to set up a 301 redirect, especially if the page has backlinks pointing to it.

Image Optimization
Check your spread sheet. Look for the pages that use the image. Add in the ALT text using the main keyword or keyword phrase.

For further optimize this, you can make sure the filename of the image is optimized for the keyword or use a related phrase.

I highly suggest that you also add a title for the image.

Optimize the format of the image as well. Something like can easily fix those images for you.

In WordPress, you can already do these very easily.

No-Index Worthless Pages
If you have been blogging for a while now, then you probably built a big database of tags. Click on one of them.

See how worthless they are? You might want to no-index them.

Category Page
Category pages can be really useful depending on the niche. If you can customize and add content here, then please do so. IF for some reason, you just can’t add anything unique on the category page, then just no-index them.

Get My Bonus Template Here

Grab my Spreadsheet to help you keep track of your content.

It’s always easier to do internal linking and keyword targeting if you have a list.

That way, you can do just a few at a time and know where you left off. You won’t get stuck.

Fixing or Improving the Pages

Improve your Content
So you look at your Webmaster Tools and see your content ranking low.

Take a look at your competitors and compare your content. See the problem? It’s probably not better than those above you. Sometimes their site just has a lot more authority but don’t let that be an excuse. You can still beat them.

See how you can improve your content. I would suggest that you do a little keyword research (Google’s Ad Planner is more than enough, it will even group the keywords for you) to find other keywords that are directly related to this keyword you are optimizing for. Use some keyword phrases into the article. As old school as that might sound, it’s relevant. It’s not like you are going to be spammy with it right? Just be sure it fits in the content and not force it in there. (Cyrus made a very clear explanation here on this post.)

Google can easily determine and categorize topics now very easily so nudging them with some optimization tactics will give you an edge.

From here, you can increase the length, cover more related sub topics, add more media, show graphs/stats and so on.

Basically, you need to be evergreen. You want people to keep coming back to your post years later. You want people to make it a resource. It needs to be relevant long term.

Improve the Experience For Your User
You want people to engage and like your content. You do this by giving them a great experience when reading it.

This can be using images that fit the situation, arranging your header tags to emphasize certain points, maybe add in a table of contents area to make it easier to navigate and link to relevant articles in your site.

Handle All Webmaster Tools Suggestions
Check out the HTML Improvements area of your webmaster tools. Be sure to fix all the problems in there.

That’s it! The next thing we did was to lay out an editorial calendar for the rest of the year and make sure each post that goes out are up to standard. We’ve gotten some good visibility from that so far.

From there, promotion and link building became the focus.

Bonus Round: What Else Can You Do?

  • Is your site image-heavy? If so, consider paying for a CDN but be sure you set it up properly.
  • Add breadcrumbs at the top for easy navigation and visible “siloing” (I don’t like the term but it’s the popular term for this.)
  • Make sure you have HTML and XML sitemaps (Geo Sitemap for local) plus the general static pages.
  • Set Up Organization Schema (I’ll have a plugin out for this soon, so keep an eye on the LeapFroggr blog or newsletter.)
  • Consider switching to HTTPS. There, I said it. I have to admit, we had a nice bump in traffic (it almost tripled) and impressions right after we made the switch late 2014 but obviously, the verdict for that is still up in the air.
  • Read more SEO strategies here.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips in the future. We just sent out a cool Scrapebox (white hat) tip this week to our subscribers.

A lot of the best practices for your blog’s SEO is already up there. So go do that audit now and you’d be amazed at what you’d find.

Lastly, do not use blogging only for SEO purposes. There are a lot of more profitable ways for you to benefit from your blog and SEO is just one of the means to get there.

I’m sure a lot of you reading this have been blogging for years and never considered auditing your website. This process will definitely help you out.

Remember, the example is from a very specific niche yet it’s in a very competitive market.

In your case, your blog might not be in such a very competitive situation.

That means only 1 thing. If a no authority site like ours can get a 100% bump, you can probably do 1000%.

Keep hustling, you’ll get there soon.

Proper On-Page SEO

Author Bio:

Dennis SeymourDennis Seymour is the lead SEO for LeapFroggr Inc, a digital marketing & SEO company based in the Philippines. Say hi to him on his personal blog, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

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    Nice post.

    “Remember this: Don’t link to competitors competing with you on the front page for the same keyword.” This is what I was searching for last some weeks, you have cleared one of my great doubt. Even I have linked to some of my competitors and was giving link juice to them in some of my posts. I have removed those now and as you said to link to their about or home page, yes I did it.

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    There are many article on my site which were getting fair amount of traffic, since i had already worked on the on page stuff very precisely. But i always like to check the performance of these pages like, for which keywords they page are ranking, and based on the reports from Analytic and webmaster, i normally do the tweaking the post. This helped in improving the keywords and traffic to 500% also sometime..:)
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    BTW I loved the content audit spreadsheet though. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Sourav!

      I like putting a lot of things on my category pages. As much as possible, I prefer not to noindex them. It has worked well for me 🙂

      Enjoy the weekend!

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    All of us only need to know the right keywords to get things like focus keywords, meta tags, alt tags right, and by using tools we just need to fill in the columns and no need to edit the html, making it quick.

    • Hi Piyush

      Yeah, there are also a lot of crappy tools. Onpage SEO will always be about the knowledge of the user and the work ethic/commitment to further implement them.

      Thanks! Have a great weekend!

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    • Hey Shamsudeen!

      Great to see you again!

      Sure. It’s mainly for ranking reasons. Linking to the exact pages that you are competing with just gives them extra leverage. Just link to another page of theirs and not the exact ranking URL.

      That’s basically it.

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    It’s great to see you here on Enstine’s site!

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    I try to do the basic on-page seo and then I always upload the sitemap to Webmaster Tools. My site will approach one year old the end of May and one thing I’ve learned is that new sites take a little time and then something happens after year 1 and it’s like the gates are opened, lol…

    However, as you know I tend to put most of my focus on connecting with those who I believe have a certain level of influence and serve the same audience I serve but in a different way.

    It’s has been HUGE for me and my business is really growing; and at the center of it all is my blog.

    I hope you have a great week Dennis! Great choice Enstine!!!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hey Don!

      Yeah, as long as you apply the basic onpage work since you are already creating content. Why not make the most of it right? 🙂

      I’d be interested to look at those stats for your 1 year theory! Make a post out of that after May!

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    I look forward to applying more of this advice. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Nathan!

      Bing’s WMT isnt as good as Google nor Yandex so just focus on Googles for now.

      Yeah, take a little time this weekend to run an audit and compare with your webmaster data. It’ll show you a lot of things and potential traffic you are missing.

      Good luck and enjoy the week!

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    • Thanks Lawrence. Thats right, all that’s left is to take action. There are a lot of things that can be done to increase traffic for each site. Hopefully, you can make use of this and get you those potential traffic that you might be missing out

      Thanks again and have a great week!

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    Wow, Dennis, you’ve really gone into details here and I would have to read those instructions again to fully understand them. All of this sounds very complicated for the technically challenged like me 🙂

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    • Hi Sylviane!

      I know you are on a roll recently, so I appreciate you taking time to read this post! 🙂

      Dont worry about it being technical. Just do it once and you’ll instantly see how its not technical at all. Using a smartphone is harder than SEO!

      Take care and have a wonderful week!

  26. Hi Enstine and Dennis

    That’s a great article, thanks. With lots of implementable tips.

    Sounds like I need to do an audit of my site!

    I fix “bad old content” when I come across it, but it had never occurred to me that there was something out there that would point me in the direction of the “quick wins” you highlight. I’m liking the sound of that!

    Thanks. Have a great week. Joy

    • Hi Joy!

      Great to see you here and I appreciate you taking time to read my guest post! 🙂

      You should definitely do this if you have some free time. It’ll save you a ton of time down the road. Find those pages, improve them, rank them better, get more traffic!

      Take care and have a wonderful week!

  27. Hi this is great article .But I have few points in mind .I use blogger but don’t know WordPress .another thing is .how to setup Alt tags for images because I have applied some methods from articles around the web but couldn’t succeed :/

    • It’s still the same. I didnt really use WordPress because its a requirement.

      You have to go to blogspots html to edit those. Im not sure if they give you an alt text option in their GUI at the moment.

      The html should look like

      The rest of the codes you can easily generate with online html tools. Or if you want to check the existing codes on your side, if you are using chrome, check the source and search for the meta title and the meta description.

      Either way, screaming frog still works for it so just use that.

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    I give importance to internal linking, proper description, external linking as well as I regularly try to improve the content quality. I avoid keyword stuffing as it is not a good thing. We need to target the right keywords and we need to optimize the content by including the keywords at the right places in the blog posts.

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    • Thanks Mohit!

      Of course I remember and Im thankful!

      Yeah, I also know a lot of people that are solely ranking because of great onpage work but that doesnt mean people should stop there. Continuing to nurture and build relationships (and links) will speed up the growth. 🙂

      Hope the blog is going well! Enjoy the week Mohit!

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      • Hey Dennis,

        It was a pleasure reading the article. You’ve provided a very high value piece of content. Now, I’m trying to bring these tips into action.

        Also, my blog is going very well these days. 🙂
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      I don’t think its that tough when implement the right strategy. Though panda and penguin failed traditional SEO tactics, the new content marketing strategy with social media can leverage the business.

      Anyways, if you follow Enstine’s blog you will know all the new tactics do get traffic.

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