3 Tips to Make Your Blog Appealing to Buyers

Have you felt the excitement of a blogging buy recently?

Feeling the high of seeing money deposited in your Paypal account or directly into your bank account can help tide you over for quite a while, especially if you are a new or struggling blogger.

I blog mainly for fun and to serve people but celebrate payments for sure, because whatever you appreciate, appreciates.

Unfortunately, most bloggers are lost when it comes to making their blog appealing to buyers. Even veteran bloggers struggle at gaining clarity around their blogs, trying to sell anything that moves versus selling only stuff that their readers want to buy.

Following a few simple tips can influence readers to become buyers, boosting your blogging profits.

1: Align Your Blog Top Down

Buyers love experts.

People want specialists to buy from.

What better way to become an expert than by aligning your blog top down so that it speaks a clear, consistent message through all:

  • blog posts
  • blog pages
  • banners
  • sidebar elements
  • headers
  • footers

Toss in your domain name, brand logo, blog title, tagline, and heck, literally every element on your blog. Make sure everything aligns perfectly to speak one loud, clear, consistent message to readers.

how to make your blog attractive to buyers

People want to see you do one thing so you do that one thing well. Doing one thing well inspires readers to become customers because you seek out a specialist, not a generalist, when spending money on products or services.

Buyers need consistency, not a Jack of All Trades type blogger.

2: Make Buying Easy

I sell 170 plus products on Amazon through my eBooks, audiobooks and paperbacks.

I am also an Amazon Associate. Double dipping? Nope, not really.

Amazon is far and away the #1 digital storefront of earth for buyer convenience. We are talking 1 click buying. Does it get any easier than that?

I just purchased a yoga mat and sweet coffee sampler the other day through Amazon. Once I made my decision it was 2 quick clicks, 2 buys and the products arrived 2 days later.

Cyber purchases go through instantly. If you want any of my 124 Kindles on Amazon you can purchase any one within a few seconds and receive it instantly.

Make your blog attractive to readers. Sell products through platforms like Amazon. If you make it easy for buyers to purchase your stuff they will buy your stuff quickly.

I recall a blogger who had a horrible time trying to make money through their blog. One quick visit clued me in as to why.

You had to email the blogger to order books and eBooks, which set off an email chain back and forth where Paypal addresses were exchanged. Maybe this was acceptable in the early 90’s but since Amazon and other digital storefronts popped up, readers would of course close out the blog and buy similar eBooks with 1 click through convenient, trusted platforms.

3: Hang Out Where Buyers Hang Out

I am no fool.

Many folks who dig blogging tips or how to prosper online hang out on Enstine’s blog. I get to help you and yep, prosper by driving interested folks to my blog through my regular guest posts here.


But many bloggers struggle to make any progress, profits-wise, because they hang out in areas where their buyers do not hang out.

Comment genuinely on top blogs related specifically to your niche. Blogging tips bloggers should comment on blogging tips blogs. Ditto for whatever niche you work.

Hang out where your buyers hang out to ensure that your blog appeals to the right kind of reader; namely, people who dig your free content and premium content.

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