4 Tips to Become a Confident Writer

Everybody needs a boost in writing confidence sometimes.

Even top bloggers can use a nudge here and there to get clearer and more bold with their writing skills.

If you become clear on your writing game and believe in yourself, you can expect:

  • increased blog traffic
  • more guest post invites
  • greater blogging profits

Follow these 4 tips to become a more confident writer.

1: Write 1000 Words Daily in a Word Document

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document just for practice.

After you reach your 1K word count for the day, trash that sucker.

Writing regularly gives you great confidence and clarity in your writing ability.

Trashing the document helps you detach some from your writing.

Following this simple practice is the easiest way to become a confident, skilled writer.

Write your butts off guys! Practice this skill to get super clear on your writing game.

2: Read Like Crazy

I am a voracious reader.

Even though I pulled back from reading fiction over the past few months due to a higher workload I suspect that I will begin reading again after hitting the road to travel the world soon.

Reading fiction or non fiction helps you become a confident writer through osmosis. Like a sponge you will soak up the confidence, clarity and immense skill of rocking writers.

I prefer world famous, iconic authors like George R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire author, the novels which inspired A Game of Thrones), James Patterson and Lee Child.

Whatever authors float your boat, read their works. Enjoying novels crafted by skilled professional authors appeals to your imagine and boosts your writing confidence.

3: Submit Guest Posts to Top Blogs

Of course, you better follow Tip #1 before submitting guest posts to top blogs because unconfident, unclear writers don’t place guesties on top blogs.

After 3-6 months of daily writing practice and networking with top bloggers from your niche you will either gain invites to guest post on top blogs or see your pitches get accepted.

The act of submitting and placing guest posts on popular niche blogs gives you a boost of confidence unlike few other practices.

Honing your writing skills daily offers you the ultimate form of writing confidence. Seeing your work published alongside pros in your niche gives you even greater belief in your writing abilities.

As a guy who has placed 440 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone I know how good it feels go land guest posts on authority blogs from your niche.

Don’t be shy.

Practice your writing daily. Promote top bloggers from your niche to build bonds. Place guest posts on popular blogs to gain clarity in your writing voice.

4: Accept Your Writing Style

Grammar teachers may vomit at my writing style.

I am not polished.

But I do know how to connect with my readers.

I am at peace with my informal, rough and ready, raw and real writing style. I will never impress a writing purist but that’s not intent.

Writing from the heart, adding humor to my work and simply connect with my audience on a deeper emotional level are my prime intents.

My eBook How to Find Your Writing Voice is one of the top rated eBooks in its category on Amazon.

As of this writing the eBook has netted 49 reviews, with all of the reviews being 5 star reviews.

I help folks accept their writing style – whatever the style is – to inspire them to be confident in their writing abilities.

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If you are a freelance writer who needs a boost of confidence buy my eBook:

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7 thoughts on “4 Tips to Become a Confident Writer”

  1. Great tips as usual.Writing 1000 words a day is a HUGE tip and if done right, it can alone help you hone your writing skills even if you’re a non-native English speaker like me.thanks for sharing.

  2. Its a very informative article for improve writing skills.
    These idea help me in future and make me easy in writing.
    and want to get learn more things from you. So keep writing.

    Iqbal aslo post an relevent article here easy write.

  3. Hi Ryan and Enstine,
    #1 resonated with me. Indeed competence leads to confidence. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Great tips as usual.

    Writing 1000 words a day is a HUGE tip and if done right, it can alone help you hone your writing skills even if you’re a non-native English speaker like me.

    Also it’s important to use platforms like other guest post sites, Quora, Medium etc to express your thoughts. These platforms will help you get the real feedback about your writing.

    The more you write, the better you get at it.

    Thanks for sharing it Ryan. Keep rocking.

  5. Hi Enstine & Ryan,

    It is great to see Ryan Here. writing is an art and it comes with confidence and it is important that we should be confident while writing, by the way all the tips are valuable and worth following for newbies. Great Work Ryan.

    ~ Donna

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