1 Painful But Necessary Step All Online Entrepreneurs Need to Take

I felt terrified.

But also excited.

3 years ago in beautiful Fiji I was faced with a decision; either make some changes to my old blog and brand or trash everything and begin intelligently with my blog, brand and online business, from a place of energetic clarity.

You know by now what choice I made. But if you do not know, simply visit Blogging From Paradise.

See what I mean?

I let go an unclear, somewhat scattershot,  thin blog I lost passion for to make room for my current blog.

I made a scary decision. A decision that few bloggers make. Which is why most bloggers struggle like hell to gain traction in their niche.

What was the choice?

I took the step that all online entrepreneurs need to take: I decided to do 1 thing so I did it darn well and by doing it darn well I made a name for myself in my niche.

The 1 Step

I chose to help people retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

This choice meant all blog posts on Blogging From Paradise would pertain to blogging tips. I would be a blogging tips guy. I would not cover how to make money online because making money online is a different niche.

No way would I cover personal development; again, a different niche.

Do you think Tony Robbins would be a world famous self help icon if he tried to master 2 or more disciplines at once? Impossible.

You can never get incredibly good at something unless you focus all of your business attention and energy to that one thing. Sure you can be OK at a few things. But in the same regard, you will never become well known to the point where world famous sites want to feature you for your expertise unless you make the freeing but scary decision to let go all other niches, to focus on one niche.

Why Scary?

Most online entrepreneurs feel letting go other niches, other specialties, or other disciplines is super duper scary because they fear that choosing one niche narrows things down too much.

The opposite is true. Holding on to more than one niche dissipates your energy, either leading to terrible failure or lukewarm, mediocre success.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Most bloggers devote their attention and energy to 2 or more niches. Each niche grows so-so, if that.

But guys and gals who devote all of their attention and energy to one niche become super skilled and well known in their niche, over time, and see success more quickly than the Jack of All Trade types.

Of course letting go other niches feels scary. I see it all the time with newbie bloggers, who in a state of delusion actually believe readers will trust their expert opinions on 2 or more niches.

That’s fantasy land, folks, because when you are trying to cover blogging tips and personal development, you have guys like Darren Rowse or Zac Johnson who have devoted a decade or more of their lives to blogging, and folks like Tony Robbins who have devoted decades of their life to personal development. Readers are seeking their blogs out instead of yours because people want specialists, not generalists.

Specialists Outshine the Generalist You

Look at the top bloggers in any niche; you see specialists.

Makes perfect sense. I spent 10 hours today learning, practicing, studying, creating and connecting in the blogging tips niche. I am a specialist in the blogging tips niche, because where my attention and energy goes, grows, and that attention and energy goes to blogging tips.

Meanwhile, a blogger who spends 5 hours on the blogging tips niche plus 5 hours on the self help niches today will pale in comparison to me and my blog. As they should. If you divide your attention and energy between 2 niches, you may have some muted success, but the specialist who made the clear move to master the niche outshines you 100% of the time.

Let go.


Master one niche.

Become a blogging specialist.

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