4 Tips to Avoid Having the Pricing Posture of a Jellyfish

I just received payment from one of my blog consulting clients.

These days I receive $200 an hour for my services.

It wasn’t always this way though.

A while back I had the posture of a jellyfish.

I foolishly accepted $25 an hour for my coaching services.

I commanded a similar skill set to my current day skill set.

Not much was different.

Except back then I had like zero posture concerning my:

  • blog coaching services
  • blogging courses
  • freelance writing services
  • eBook prices

I ran into some serious financial struggles and worked like an animal just to make end’s meet because I allowed my fears around money, my lack of confidence and other folk’s fears around money to infect my mind, like a mental virus.

I have since turned things around.

After charging a disgusting pittance of $30 for my robust, stupid comprehensive, entertaining blogging audio course I raised the price to $350. People buy it at $350.

Ditto for my blog consulting services.

Ditto for my robust bigger eBooks. I formerly charged $5. I bumped up the price to $15. People buy it. Ditto for my 99 cent Amazon eBooks which people gobble up at $3.99 per eBook.

I know how scary it may feel to raise your prices significantly but if you cower to this fear you will either go broke or struggle like a fish out of water just to pay the bills.

Follow these tips to develop blogging posture so you get paid your worth and build a full time blogging career.

1: Blog Mainly for Fun

I blog mainly for fun.

I run a business through my blog but since I am blogging predominantly to follow my passion, if someone tries to low ball me or if I go through a little dry spell with any blogging income stream it doesn’t bother me.

The business side of my blog is extra, or cherry on the cake. Taking this attitude lets me have posture, clarity and confidence in all things money.

 2: Stand Firm on Pricing

No bartering!

Seriously. Tire kickers or shrewd folks may try to lower the prices for your services but they have no bargaining power.

I see my freelance writing and consulting services as price stamps on a can of peas in the grocery store. Fixed price. If someone attempted to barter the price of a product with a price stamp the store owner would laugh at them. If someone tries to barter with me I smile politely and simply state how I charge a fixed rate.

When I was more funny and silly I would add $100 to my price each time a cheapie begged me to barter, or to lower the price. This sent the tire kickers packing as they headed for the hills.

3: You Are in Control

This is so difficult for struggling bloggers to understand but you, the blogger, are in charge of the situation.

You charge what you charge because you are offering something valuable, something useful and something folks can use to better their lives.

Whether someone complains about pricing of your products or service you ultimately decide your worth and the worth of your offerings.


Sometimes a potential client notes how my products or services are expensive but this is simply their fear of spending money manifest. That fear has nothing to do with me.

It is: Their Fear Not Yours.

If you lower your consulting prices to accommodate a potential client’s fears about spending money you just aligned with their fears which both cheapens your consulting services and also attracts more tire kickers or bargain basement clients.

Do *not* lower your prices because someone who fears spending or losing money tells you that your products or services are expensive.

Be bold. Let your courage guide you. Don’t be swayed by someone’s money limiting beliefs or fears.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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