How to Easily Make Friends with Hyper Successful Bloggers

Your network determines your net worth.

Blogging is a relationships game.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Platitudes out the ying yang. I know. Heard ’em all.

Platitudes are platitudes for a reason; each rings true.

8 years ago I wrote a cyber diary masquerading as a blog. Crickets greeted me each time I published a post. Things looked bleak. Things WERE bleaker. Lean days.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today. I am doing A-OK blogging-wise. Life-wise too.

I am writing these words from Thailand, having circled the globe for the past 6 years as a full time, professional blogger.

How did I make the quantum leap? I didn’t. My friends helped me create a successful blog. Because when I went solo my blog was a zero. When I made friends with experienced pro bloggers I noted an increase in blog traffic and profits and social shares too.

If you want to take your blog to the next level, surround yourself with a raving hoard of loyal blogging buddies.

Blogging buddies:

  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • help you
  • teach you
  • buy your courses, eBooks and audio books
  • hire you
  • expand your reach far and wide

The Confusion

You may wonder how in the Hades do you make friends with any blogger? Let alone, big dawg, successful, experienced pro bloggers?

As a guy who has some experience in the blogging tips niche I can assure you; we pros put on our pants one leg at a time. We are human. We can be wooed. Or buttered up. But more than anything, if you will just reach out to help out your fellow bloggers you can make friends with these pros easily. Really easily.

But you gotta know how to wine and dine these delightful entrepreneurs in order to attract them, and to become their friends. Otherwise, you’ll just get a drink thrown in your face.

I know personally how frustrating this journey feels at times. I know trying to Lone Wolf or Solo it can be incredibly agitating, annoying, and more than anything, I know how overwhelming this blogging journey feels.

Ya gotta make friends, guys. Because when you make friends, everything else falls into place so easily. Really.

Make blogging buddies by following these tips.

Retweet Fellow Bloggers

After reading a post I retweet the post. Doing so helps lay the foundation for blogging friendships.

Recently I hit 50,000 followers on Twitter. That’s a lot of retweets. That is a bunch of Twitter blogging buddies shouting me out, after I shouted them out on the platform.

Retweet fellow bloggers. Regularly. Build a big time blogging buddy network.

Facebook Share Other Blogger’s Blog Posts

If a post tickles my fancy I share said post on Facebook. The authors of said posts usually dig the fact that I shared the post. Some may even share my post on Facebook or Twitter. Another blogging friendship blooms through the loving power of sharing.

Be a friend to become a friend. Share another blogger’s post on Facebook to be a friend. Then, because you were a real peach, fellow bloggers whose content you generously shared will flock to you like ravenous bees to the sweetest, silkiest, tastiest honey.

Feature Bloggers

I drop links through:

to shout out my blogging buddies and to spread the word on up and coming bloggers. Many of these shouted out bloggers become my friends. Since my friends take care of me, I let in a slew of traffic and some sugary sweet (noting a theme here?) other benefits including blogging profits and shares and hey, my friends are loving, caring, genuine, fun folks….so meeting awesome folks is the greatest blogging benefit of all, when it comes to featuring fellow bloggers.

Note; I count a feature as a sentence or 2 reference and a link pointing to a blogger’s blog.

Peep David Boozer’s Blog by the Sea. One day as I fiddled around on Sound Cloud I stumbled upon his podcast and blog. Turns out, David featured me, explaining how he bought all of my blogging eBooks – that is a LOT of eBooks – and he gave me a rousing endorsement.

Friendship established.

Guys, all it takes is a few lines, a link and a genuine spreading of love to make friends with bloggers.

This is easy.

If you want to take a feature a step beyond….

Interview Bloggers

Interview a blogging heavy from your niche. Interview any blogger from your niche. Lay the foundation for a beautiful friendship.

Interview via Skype of Zoom or via a text format or by snail mail or by carrier pigeon. The format matters not. Just do the interviews.

If somebody takes time to interview me I often befriend these folks for their giving me mad props.

Ditto for anybody you interview on your blog. More often than not you build a strong friendship over the long haul because the more freely you give the more easily you make blogging friends.

Do you follow these tips?

The eBook

OK. You’re all fired up to make blogging buddies but still feel confused.

Are you a shy blogging guy or shy blogging gal?

I wrote an entire eBook to help you get comfortable with making friends so you can feel the joy of increasing your blogging income and traffic.

If you’re excited to get your paws on a manual on how to become a connected blogger buy my eBook

13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine

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