2 Core Steps to Boosting Blogging Income through Sponsored Posts



Bloggers tend to get it all wrong, focusing on hacks, techniques, advertising their sponsored opportunities in a specific way and trying so hard to get that they repel top paying opportunities.

Sponsored post opportunities flow to influential bloggers.

Influential bloggers create generously. Top bloggers build their friend network daily over years.


Advertisers pay you for your platform.

If I publish a sponsored post I know advertisers want to access my blog community; plus appearing on my blog aligns advertisers and their businesses with Virgin, Forbes, Fox News and Entrepreneur through the power of association.

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Businesses and individuals pay good money to be in good company. Simple as pie. Good company means influential bloggers. Influential bloggers create helpful content and build strong bonds over years, patiently serving people and bonding with top influencers by aiding them in as many ways as possible.

How Bloggers Screw Up

Imagine running a local cable access channel. 5 people watch your channel daily. Most by accident.

Imagine expecting to earn a full time income by placing ads via your local channel. Delusion. Nobody watches so no sane business owner pays to advertise for…..nobody.

New bloggers intent on building a thriving income stream through sponsored post or advertising revenue are equally delusional. Why in the Hades would someone pay you $5 or $500 to gain access to 16 readers? Why would someone want to place a sponsored post on a fairly high traffic but unknown site?

In the TV world, advertisers pay $1 million for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl because paying $1 million dollars gives advertisers access to over 1 billion human beings watching the Super Bowl.

If you want to land sponsored posts to tap into this income stream you patiently:

  • create helpful content
  • build meaningful friendships with top bloggers
  • patiently and persistently build your blog from unknown commodity to respected, high traffic portal with a targeted, engaged readership.

Advertisers want:

  • high traffic sites
  • engaged, loyal, targeted readerships
  • known commodities

before paying money to sponsor a post on your blog.

Any sponsored post I placed arrived to my email inbox years after I began blogging. I needed to create helpful content, build strong bonds and persistently keep at it to build my name, to increase my blog traffic and to steadily grow a large, loyal readerships that grabbed the attention of sponsors. People need to see your blog as an in demand portal before investing money in advertising on your site. Not necessarily because they believe clicks and sales will occur, but also because aligning with your blog boosts their trust factor.

Sponsored posts don’t flow to bloggers with:

  • thin content
  • no connections
  • littered, unclear blog designs
  • an interest in covering 15 niches
  • zero integrity

Most new bloggers have thin content, no connections, unclear blog designs, change topics with the wind and have no integrity.

Of course this is the case; these bloggers are new and know not what they do.

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No worries guys.

Focus heavily on developing your skills and network to attract sponsored post opportunities.

I regularly receive advertising revenue through various channels without actively promoting my advertising opportunities until recently.


I created helpful content for years. I also helped top bloggers without looking for anything in return, building my friend network diligently.

Video Example

Today I talked to my friends Marta and Chotika of TheOut-Sider.com, my neighbors here in Thailand.

Marta discussed the possibility of accepting sponsored posts and advertising opportunities but also understood how creating and connecting persistently builds up your blog to the point where advertisers would seek you out.

Click the link to meet this dynamic travel blogging duo and to see how co-creating and connecting is done properly, to position yourself to receive sponsored posts.

Meet Marta and Chotika of TheOut-Sider.com

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