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Top 40 Brilliant Photography WordPress Themes for Your Original Portfolio

Photography WordPress Themes

“At the photographers’ hell the hottest furnace is for those, who are trying to keep within the limits and teach others how to live! “

It’s not a secret that your photography theme (carefully chosen for a fine list of Photography WordPress Themes), portfolio and site itself reflect your bright ideas and denote your status as a professional in your field. Real gurus over the years are trying to achieve perfection.

(Sure, it would be much faster if he knew about ready photographer templates ). They experiment, change lenses and hone their skills in order to attract the clientele and to take a perfect extraordinary snapshot. And the main tragedy is that many of them still remain unrecognized genii. And their masterpieces of photo art and are lying and gathering dust on the shelves.

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Free WordPress Themes ~ Why free is expensive!

free wordpress themes

There are thousands of Free WordPress Themes out there and many of these free themes keep coming up every moment. Of course, WordPress script itself is shipped with a couple of free themes.

While these free templates have their advantages, there disadvantages to my opinion outweigh the positive points.

You can have free wordpress templates just in any niche – from very simple to somewhat complex designs – for business, photographers, churches, musician, writers, etc When I say free, I mean free; Continue reading


25 Top Black WordPress Themes

Black WordPress Themes

Do you like black WordPress themes? Do you like black color? Not sure?

Let’s check it with a small simple test. Do you have at least one black thing in your wardrobe? We believe that you have more than one. Why you choose black even if its not your favorite color? The answer is obvious: it is suitable for any occasion and combinatorial almost with all rainbow colors. Black always looks elegant, expensive and classy. So, if these characteristics are important for your future website, you came very close to great solution, which will free your mind from all doubts and hesitations. Continue reading