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Use this MyThemeShop coupon code to save up to 68% on WordPress premium theme purchase or membership account signup.

Coupon code: ENSTINE68

MyThemeShop is one of the most wanted Premium, SEO friendly, fast loading and responsive WordPress themes in the industry.

You can purchase a premium theme and create a professional blog right now for just $22.08, down from $69. Save up to $46.92

Got to MyThemeShop now and browse the catalog of over 95 premium, responsive WordPress themes.

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MyThemeShop Coupon Code

If you want a better option, I recommend the subscription option. This gives you access to all the themes and of course, new themes to be added.

There are 2 different subscription packages:

  • Normal subscription that gives you access to all 97 WordPress Themes and at least 1 New release/month
  • Extended subscription that gives you access to all 97 WordPress Themes and at least 1 New release/month, access to all 15 WordPress Plugins, access to PSD Files, Support For Clients & Projects.

MyThemeShop discount Code

Chose from over 90 exceptional premium, Ultra Responsive mobile ready, SEO friendly, fast loading themes;

mythemeshop premium themes discount

MyThemeShop Coupon code – My top 18 reasons to buy MyThemeShop theme!

Here are a couple of reasons I recommend you purchase and use themes from MyThemeShop;

  1. First, over 260,000 users cannot be wrong. The quick and easy way to know if something is result-driving is to judge by the number of satisfied customers. When a majority of users don’t complain, it means you can give it a try to. Use the MyThemeShop coupon code to safe up to 67% and join these  happy customers.
  2. Save up to 67% with the MyThemeShop coupon code. With this discount code, you access premium theme for a very affordable rate.
  3. All themes are 100% fluid responsive, so your website will look great on mobile devices and tablets. Mobile is dominating the web, and with a MyThemeShop theme, you can be assured that your website will provide a great user experience on any device.
  4. Easily customize your website just the way you want it with the easy-to-use yet powerful options panel. No need to crack your brain with code or css work.
  5. One reason to choose MyThemeShop is the narrated video tutorials. These hold your hand and show you exactly how it all works. From setting your own featured images, to changing your website layout.
  6. The beginner-friendly shortcodes option that allows you to create elegant buttons, contact forms and customize every bit of your website or a post.
  7. The options panel lets you customize the color options to go perfectly with your logo or your brand colors. Within a few minutes, you will have a unique color combination.
  8. While the themes come with unlumuted background option, you can even upload your own background image to truly customize the look of your website.
  9. You don’t need to rely on third-party plugins to handle your ads. The themes come with built-in option to manage your ads for the best CTR and highest earnings.
  10. Themes are compatible with major browsers
  11. All themes have Easy-To-Use Built In Social Sharing Buttons. You don’t need to install additional plugins for that.
  12. All Themes Have Contact Forms included. That’s a huge advantage. No need to worry about any contact form plugin.
  13. Themes using latest HTML5 and CSS3 Markup. This ensures your website has the best search engine visibility.
  14. Themes are designed to makes your site load fast. You know how important this is for SEO and for your reader experience.
  15. MyThemeShop team Provide 24×7 Premium Support when you get stuck.
  16. Themes are compatible with all major and most of the other third-party plugins. However, they already include the most commonly used features to further assist with this.
  17. Themes are Multisite-compatible.
  18. ShoeMoney highly recommends MyThemeShop so use the MyThemeShop discount code to grab a copy

Watch ShoeMoney’s video recommendation!

|-> MyThemeShop Coupon code: ENSTINE68

MyThemeShop is used by real people who are satisfied!

MyThemeShop discount code

MyThemeShop coupon code & Alternative -> Premium Plugins!

If you create a free account with MyThemeShop, you will have instant access to both free themes and plusins. However, if you purchase the extended membership account, using the mythemeshop coupon code above, you will instantly access all premium themes and Plugins.

At the moment of writing this post, there are 10 Premium plugins for $25 each.

mythemeshop discount plugins

These plugins include;

  1. WooCommerce Checkout field modifier.
  2. WooCommerce Products Arleady Added To Cart Or Purchase
  3. WP Time to Read
  4. WP Contact Widget
  5. WP Google Translate
  6. WP Notification Bar
  7. Wp Testimonial
  8. WP Subscribe Pro
  9. WP Review Pro
  10. WP Mega Menu

MyThemeShop Coupon Code: ENSTINE68

Time to go check out MyThemShop and grab your hugely discounted copy. Click here

However, if you are looking for the best discount code alternative to MyThemeShop, then you should have a look at the Divi Coupon and grab the fantastic offer so that you can take your site design to the next level.

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

alex martin

Thanks for this very generous offer I would call it because very few marketers offer that much huge discount on affiliate products. I really appreciate your efforts.

Mahir Chaudhari

Great Sir.I Have Used MtThemeShop Theme.Its Good. Great Discount.Thank You


Has anyone used this theme for coupon or deals site? Is it a good fit for creating Indian online shopping coupons website?

Anyone, please share your experience with this theme.

Hediyelik Portakal

Hi, i like the design of mythemeshop, thank you for the coupon!


Hi Enstine

Thanks for this terribly generous provide i’d decision it as a result of only a few marketers provide that abundant large discount product.

amitesh sinha

Do you have new coupon website themes sir i need to get a new theme for my coupon site which looks good and not too much costly.


Thanks for sharing. I hope the coupon still works. I’m a big fan of MyThemeShop. MyThemeShop is one of the best when it comes to WordPress themes. They not only create good looking theme, there themes are also optimised for performance and search engine.


Really like to use the ThemeShop. It is also very useful for me. ThemeShop Themes are very user-friendly. One can easily edit the theme and customize it too.

Manidipa Bhaumik

Hey Enstine,

With a lot of features at a minimal cost, Mythemeshop themes are really value for money. Previously I have used their PointPro and NewsOnline themes. Their latest addition Authority theme is also a huge hit, which I am currently using for couple of my blogs. The look is very catchy with high loading speed. Thanks for sharing the deal.


I love the designing of themeshop, I am also using themeshop template on one of my blog.Thanks


Thanks for the coupon sir. i really like the themes mythemeshop has, i love the cool theme design

Thanks for this post !


Hey Enstine…
I am planning to buy a new theme for my new wordpress blog and I love themes available at MyThemeShop . But cost of these themes are very high which I can’t afford.
Thanks to you , Using your 67% Off coupon. Now I can get a flat 67% of total payable amount which is really a great discount.

Thanks again for let me save such a big amount.


Thanks for being magnanimous enough sharing and giving out these themes for we your follower

    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro, I love doing this. Good luck to you my readers 😉


Hi, Enstine
Thanks for sharing this coupon. It’s working fine.

Minhaj Uddin

Hi Enstine,
Great review on my themeshop coupon code. I see you are offering good discount about 68%.
Mythemeshop offer amazing theme always. I notice many bloggers use mythemeshop theme on their blog.

Anyway, thanks for bringing this good offer for us.

Khagesh Darji

Hey Enstine,
Thanks for the discount coupon.

Purushottam Kadam

Interesting this is a very nice article about Mythemeshop discount
it saves a lot’s money who looking to buy WordPress themes from mythemeshop
this is a very useful post for readers thanks for the great share


Is this coupon code still working ? please reply


Hi Enstine

You are too generous and thanks for this info.

I have been using Theme Forest to purchase themes and now that you talked about MyThemeShop, I will definitely check it out. Take Care

    Enstine Muki

    Hey man,
    I have 70% commission per sale and I’m giving away 68% That keeps me with 2% which is nothing near $1.

    I want my readers to get the best 😉

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Enstine,

This is a fantastic offer that one should never miss out on it, I never tried My themeshop on any website before, so this seems a great opportunity to give it a shot.

This discount offer is a crazy one, nothing could be better than this.


Nomon Smith

wow value tempting discount !

Amelia Williams

I think mythemeshop provide 70% commission for each sale. Will they changed it to 68%?


nice one. I will try it right away.

Kurt Kummerer

Your welcome! That’s good to know Enstine. Thank you.

Yes, I am eager for the week to begin.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Kurt Kummerer


Great review on MyThemeShop. I love the use of all the visuals. Well done my friend. If ShoeMoney recommends MyThemeShop you need to at least give it a look. Personally I am not looking for a new theme, but based on this information you shared I will keep this in mind for the future.

I do like the fact that you can use your own background image and the contact form is included as well as social sharing buttons. Sounds like a win-win for those looking for a new theme.

I am sharing across social media for you buddy.

Thanks for sharing.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Kurt,
    Happy Sunday and thanks for stopping by and sharing this post on social media.

    Yes this coupon is evergreen so can use it anytime you want to grab your copy of this theme 😉

    Hope you are ready for a new and successful week ahead

Mi Muba

Hi Enstine

Thanks for this very generous offer I would call it because very few marketers offer that much huge discount on affiliate products.

I just have bought one of the themes by using your coupon and for that also want to thank you for helping me save more than $20 which otherwise I would have to buy with $45 or even $69 on regular price.

I missed to comment on your several previous posts but regularly reading all your new posts as they help me a lot in my blogging journey.

Once again a big thank you and have a great week ahead.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the purchase Mi and for taking the time to drop a comment 😉 I missed those comments a lot.

    You I wanted to give my readers something in this post. That’s why I set my commissions rate to 68 out of 70 and thanks for jumping on board and grabbing the opportunity.

    You can buy as many as possible. This coupon is evergreen 🙂

    Have a wonderful week bro

Theodore Nwangene

This is lovely Enstine,
My themeshop is a very reputable company for buying WordPress themes.

I got one of their theme sometime ago and never had the chance to use it though, I’m planning to use it on a new project.

I think you would have also explained to us to functions of those plugins?

Thanks for sharing.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey bro,
    I’ll be writing on these functions in a near future. I’m putting the materials together.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week bro



Wonderful share, I was looking for buy some new themes this month for my new projects. I guess I’ll have to consider buying from mythemeshop.


Akash Navi

Hello Enstine Sir,
Thanks for the MyThemeShop coupon sir, I was planning to change
my blogs theme. Currently using Magzine Pro, i will make sure i
use your coupon if i buy new theme from them.

Thanks again,
Akash Navi.

Pallab Kayal

Hello Enstine,
I’m thinking to buy Mythemeshop theme and Wp Time To Read plugins so it will help me a lot. Thanks again to mention.

Arbaz Khan

I agree with you on this.
I am using MyThemeShop themes on most of my websites and I am more than satisfied. I would recommend their themes to everyone. 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for your recommendation Arbaz
    I’m beginning to feel it too so have a wonderful weekend bro

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