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10 reasons why work from home appeals to me!

Have you ever wondered how people who work from home, manage their time? How parents, who have left their office-based jobs, now spend their time working from home? Is working from home really worthy?

These questions may arise in your mind when you ask yourself about working from home, but let me tell you that there are many reasons why work from home appeals to me.

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If you have some doubts about the benefits of working from home and being your boss, you should keep reading this post. I bet you will be very surprised and eager to start your own business at home. 

10 reasons why work from home appeals to me!

1 – No schedules to comply!

You have to recognize that sometimes when your alarm clock rings very early in the morning, you just want to turn it off and continue sleeping. Simply, you are not in the mood for going to work today and spend time at the office. For sure, you would not suffer this experience again if you worked from home, since you have the flexibility to organize your day and start it whenever you feel ready.

However, do not take it literally and spend the whole morning just going around your bed. You should wake up early and organize your day, thus you can comply with your deadlines´s projects.

2 – No boss to say ¨yes¨!

The market research Gallup has found in March 2015 that approximately 50% of 7,200 American workers quit their jobs because they want “to get away from their manager”. Even though it is just unbelievable, it is totally true.

-> See how Enstine fired his boss!

When we have a boss that we can not tolerate anymore, we usually run away and start again in another cozy place. But, remember that if you work from home, this would not be a problem anymore, because you will become your own boss and set you own aims. Isn’t it great?

3 – More money in your pocket!

Forget about wasting time and money for going to your office everyday. When you work at home, there is no need to worry about transportation or its schedule.

Imagine if you save all the money you spend in gas for your car or in the ticket for the bus; or even to repair your bike when it has a flat tire or the breaks are not working. After some time, you will realize you have extra money in your pockets, just to buy the latest mobile phone.

4 – No job outfit to care about!

In some companies, there is an implicit dress code that employees must follow. In some countries, it is even worse since it is written and you must comply without hesitation. Then, it is usual we spend much money buying clothes just for going to work.

Don’t worry, this will not be your case anymore if you are a home-based worker. You can just work wearing whatever you want, indeed you can stay with your pajamas and start working. Nobody will notice, unless you have a Skype meeting of course.

5 – More time with your family!

why work from home appeals to me

If we compare the hours we spend at the office with colleagues and the time we are at home with our families on weekdays, we would get really surprised. We would find 40 hours versus 25, maybe. That is why many parents, especially women, prefer to move their jobs to their homes and raise their children while being present most of the time.

Just remember to set some boundaries between you and your family when you are focused in your work, so they know when you are actually busy.

6 – Have as many breaks as you want!

Do you want to have an hour break and watch your favorite program in the morning? If you work from home, you can just turn on the TV and relax. You have the total freedom to  have as many pauses as you wish, and restart after you are well refreshed with much more enthusiasm and motivation.

7 – Set up your working environment!

At home, you have the possibility to arrange and design your workplace all by yourself. This will have a real impact on your productivity and mood, because the place would be impregnated with your personality and style.

So if you always dream to decorate your desk with bonsai trees and family photographs all over around, it is the right time to do it when you work from home. You can even listen to your favorite music aloud, not only using headphones. Nobody will criticize you since you are alone at your place.

8 – Take vacations without notifying!

work from home

Does it happen to you that when you see a cheap flight ticket to travel to your dreamed destiny, you can’t buy it right away? The reason: you must agree first with your manager and/or Human Resources the days you are going to be off. If so, you should consider working from home and take vacations without scheduling in advance or even having to ask for permission or inform about it.

9 – Eat healthier food!

Forget about the food at the canteen or a takeaway sandwich at the lunch time. When you work from home, you will have plenty of time to cook your own meal. What can be better than food just recently prepared? Test your cooking skills and indulge your stomach with healthy meals. You will not only lose weight, but also decrease cholesterol or sugar levels.

10 – Less probabilities to have a flu!

Sharing cups or forks (which are not well washed), shaking hands with colleagues or clients, touching the same surfaces as the phone or door handle, can be only some of the reasons why we get sick when we are at the office. Definitely, at home you are safer from being caught by the flu, especially in the winter season.

To sum up, there are truly many reasons why your home can be your next workplace. You only should try it if you think the office is not where you belong anymore. It may be hard in the beginning to adapt yourself to this new work style, but  you will definitely manage it after some months of being your own boss.

Let me know in the comment box below what you think about working from home and being your own boss. If you like this post, please share it on social media.

Thanks for reading and engaging.

Liliana Sanchez

Liliana Sanchez is the communication assistant for SurveyBee.net. For more information regarding working from home, visit SurveyBee.net

Denny Setiawan

hi Liliana, Thanks for sharing your thought.

For me number 5 could be a trouble too. Since i have a baby, if i were around, she always ask me to play every time :D. Because of that, i need to sacrifice my sleeping time to keep working after she’s sleep at the night.

I think for the work-from-home people, we need to build a habit to set up a high discipline with the time line. Because we will have many distraction from everywhere. And also the mood to work also different when we are sitting at the office or in living room.

Thanks Liliana.


Omar Saady

Hello Liliana
For me the most enticing aspect of working from home is the great chance it provides to get control over my own life. As a self-employed working from home, I can shape my work life depending on my own goals and environment. There are no bosses to follow, no corporate culture to abide by, and no rigid work schedules nor time clocks.
All my best regards,
Omar Saady


Wow! This post isn’t very realistic. Chances are working at home you will not make money right away and you have to adhere to a very strict schedule to become successful. It actually takes more hard work and discipline. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

rahul saini

Nice Thanks so much this is reasons why I love working from home. When you think about how much money we have to spend on those working clothes, going out to eat most of the time. Agree with you in every point.

Luke Jones

One of the big ones for me is the freedom to move and train whenever I want 🙂 I’m able to get up early and do my morning routine, exercise during mini work breaks, and take the afternoon to do my main workout. Whatever your passion is, it can give you the freedom to organise your work around that, as opposed to the other way around!

Barbara S.

More family time is so important. By working from home, I can work when the kids are napping or playing on their own so the time I get to spend with them is when they’re awake and ready to go!


Hey Enstine! Long time no chat.

I have been taking care of stuff, but am back full force. I changed my website and moved all my old posts over.

Hope all is well!Love Liliana Sanchez !

A.F. Thorbens

I want to work from home so I can do it in my comfy slippers! I can’t wait until I hang up my day job.

Terry Brown

Nice Thanks so much this is reasons why I love working from home. When you think about how much money we have to spend on those working clothes, going out to eat most of the time, it is money in the bank. Plus it is more healthier eating at home. Making your own fresh meals, juicing, and exercising when you want to at a certain time of day.

From that perspective, it is a more healthier lifestyle. Then there is the times where we just write our time off. Now that’s important to me because my family lives all around the U.S. I can see them when I want.

Whether you are a busy mother, a stay at home father, a college student, or just want to earn some extra money – doing some extra work this gude will help you make money from home.

Yes you can make money quick & fast if you take action as soon as you can.

Artice Upchurch

Hi Liliana,

You’ve written a great piece here. You’ve forgot one tip; however: it is so much fun working from home. Haha! I work from home myself, and I love it. Every tip that is mentioned here is spot on and makes life so much fuller and enriching.

Thank you so much for sharing your insight. 🙂

Kiran Raanaa

Hi Liliana,
I’m a regular reader of this blog and this is my first comment on it, Your article made me comment on this post.

This post holds me till end of it, great writing skills you have 🙂

Thanks for such a good article.


Thanks to the Internet, we can work from home now and I see it a very helpful way instead of spending hours at office. Plus, we can work at flexible time. Why not working at home?



This post isn’t very realistic. Chances are working at home you will not make money right away and you have to adhere to a very strict schedule to become successful. It actually takes more hard work and discipline.




True, your time consume in your work and your family specially with the kids,And also you’re at your office right when you wake up in the morning!


This is what i search for, thanks Liliana..for make it more easier.., already got it, now i can make it with my self… 🙂 , thanks anyway

best regard shane….


Its simply awesome to work from home, unfortunately not everyone has that privilege. Those that are privileged will attest to that. Nice piece. keep it up please
Ella recently posted…Current Jobs at Silverlands Zambia: Human Resource AssistantMy Profile


I was looking for exactly this kind of article. I completely agree with the points you have stated.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing and informative post. Really enjoyed reading it . 🙂



You shared great benefits working from home. My husband also prefers working from home. Its really comfortable. Working in your comfort zone makes you enjoy your work also.

Harshwardhan Singh

Hi Liliana,

Very nice of you for posting it.

Yes many of us in the modern period has a home-based work, its also good if your working firm allows it. Its not really for all but some who really need it, its really a wonderful post.

The points you’ve discussed here are quite informative and tells the proper benefits that we get by working from home. The most convincing point here is that you can make your own office environment and rules totally according to you. It is the opportunity by which you can be your own boss.

Thanks for sharing such an helpful post, would definitely share it to the employees who need it. Keep going like this.
Have a nice week ahead.

~ Harshwardhan
Harshwardhan Singh recently posted…12 Trending Work Outfits to Wear in Summer 2016My Profile


By working at home you save on many hidden costs associated with going to work. These include costs of commuting, car wear and tear, fuel, road taxes, parking as well as indirect costs such as expensive professional wardrobes and the dry-cleaning of those. Often you can also save on older children’s care arrangements although for younger children it is highly unadvisable to forgo the childcare arrangement and try to balance close care and supervision with the demands of the job.


This is great. But how do you start? What do you do? Not everyone can be a good blogger, not everyone can write as son as you.

Doug Pierce

Must say its a great article.

All the points are so relevant. I think the most important point is to spend time with our family.

When we are in office, we cant be able to spend time with our families and that is why we cant be able to take care of our family members.
Through work from home, many females which cant be able work from outside, can earn money by working from their home. Its give them a platform which helps them to be an independent one.

Its a great idea for those who are not able to work from outside or who are not able to provide time to their friends and families.

Thanks for the share 🙂

Sharan Binning

Aha Liliana, you just inspired me to put more work in my family business so that I can quite my 9 to 5 job. My reasons: No Boss and Mo Money, Mo Money and Mo Money 😀

Wish me luck.
Sharan Binning recently posted…Winter Driving and Car Maintenance TipsMy Profile

Dan Ewah

Hi Lilian,

I’ll have to agree with your 10 points, it’s so exciting to work from home, but I must suggest that people should not just quit their jobs yet until they’ve got the train moving as regards making Money Online for sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Yes, it’s possible to make a full-time income online and yes, it’s not easy to get there, but you can with determination and focus but you’d need a job until that happens.

Thanks again Lilian for stirring up the motivation to work from home, I work full-time online and I must tell you it’s both exciting and challenging.




Great points, only thing it does not always work out to work from home
Maria recently posted…Holiday Family Photography SessionMy Profile

Rana irfan

Great article. i like and agree with all of your points. but most important point from these which i like
Eat healthier food!

Forget about the food at the canteen or a takeaway sandwich at the lunch time. When you work from home, you will have plenty of time to cook your own meal. What can be better than food just recently prepared? Test your cooking skills and indulge your stomach with healthy meals. You will not only lose weight, but also decrease cholesterol or sugar levels. you are wright.
any way thanks for nice sharing.

Nicole Pary

Hey Liliana,
An impressive and interesting information that how we’re freely work at home without any tension and hesitation, thanks for sharing a different niche or enjoyed to reading this article too much.

Areesha Noor

Hi Liliana,

Great post indeed,
I totally agree with you, we can’t ignore these points, we can do everything without telling to anyone, I agree with all your 10 points,

Any way thanks for sharing such great points with us.

Areesha noor!


Hii Liliana,
Well, it’s great that we can get everything from working at home but along with money we have to face off severe health problems. As, the main problem we face while working on computer for long time is Back Pain. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that we have to take care of our health too, while counting $$$ 🙂

D Syed

I’ve been working from home for about 5 years now and while most of the stuff in this post is true, there’s also a big reality check about it as well! Like time management, stopping family distractions (my son was little and constantly around while I was working) and also the discipline needed to be your own boss. But yes, the rewards are there 🙂

Theodore Nwangene

I don’t think there is any other profession out there that will ever beat working from the comfort of your home. It comes with so many awesome benefits and the one i like the most is the ability to travel anything to anywhere without having anyone question you.

Also, the fact that you can work from anywhere at your own convenient time is a no brainer. If i will still have to choose another profession in life, i will still choose the work from home job.
Theodore Nwangene recently posted…125 Marketing Quotes from Top BloggersMy Profile

Chris Hufnagel

Hey Enstine! Long time no chat.

I have been taking care of stuff, but am back full force. I changed my website and moved all my old posts over.

Hope all is well!

Ohh, and about this post! Its true, working from home can be a breath of fresh air, but you have to do it right! It can be really hard to turn off work mode since your work is always around you. I have to literally turn off my phone so work emails stop coming in so I can get away.

Chris Hufnagel recently posted…5 Quick Tweaks to Your Blog’s Sidebar That Will Increase Visitor EngagementMy Profile

Mi Muba

Hi Liliana

I love the last one; least probability of suffering from flu or we can broaden it suffering from any regular disease including headache, coughing etc.

I remember when I used to do an offline job and have to spare my leave account just to do off if I suffer from any seasonal disease.

But now thanks to amazing online world I have been associated with it for the last five years and just recalling how I had to manage my clothing to be up-to-date at my workplace with my colleagues but now shots and pajama with a tee shirt is sufficient to make me work for the whole day.

The blessings of working from home are no doubt well covered in this post but visualizing it further makes me think they are never ending and from every aspect you can see its benefits quite more than its quite a few demerits.

Many thanks for sharing this post on quite a refreshing topic

Have a super weekend ahead

Akaahan Terungwa

Hi Liliana,

It’s a pleasure meeting you at Enstine’s.

The 10 reasons you gave are part of the larger reasons why I chose to work online and be my own boss…however, for me, the most important reason remains being in complete CONTROL OF MY TIME!

You see, time is a very valuable resource that once expended, cannot be regained…why should I bother using mine to build someone else’s dream when I have a tall dream that needs building myself?

Do you ever feel this way?

Make the day great!

Akaahan Terungwa


Thanks Enstine for hosting such an awesome personality right on your blog here…Liliana’s writing sure inspires a ton!


Hey Enstine,

What a wonderful post and I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Liliana before so I definitely enjoyed this post.

Hi Liliana, it’s a pleasure to meet you and I really can appreciate what you’ve shared since I’ve been working at home for about 8 years now. I can attest to all that you’ve shared on this list.

There have been mornings though that I knew I didn’t have a full schedule and could sleep in if I wanted maybe due to not having the best night’s sleep. That’s always so very nice.

I also have to say that I now put less than 2,000 miles on my car each year which saves a LOT of wear and tear on my vehicle. I don’t have to buy work clothes or pay for the dry cleaners and I can wear whatever I want during the day. It’s awesome so there can be a lot of money saved as well plus just the fun part of working at home.

Thanks for sharing this and I hope you both have a glorious week.


    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Adrienne, thank you for sharing your experience. Testimonials as yours are always awesome! 🙂


I won;t agree with your #3 . Since we got many problem we work online alike huge rate for current bills,internet bills,Phone bills and all have to be concerned.But while we work for other, we don’t wanna consider. So,For a pro-blogger and Part time blogger, working from home is quietly different right?If so,the absence of boss,will make us tension free. 🙂

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Sneha, thank you for your comment. Yes, paying the monthly bills is something to be concerned for everybody. The idea is that working from home gives you the enough money to afford your expenses.


Hi Liliana

Yeah reading the reasons why working from home is a better option, made realise that you are so right.

I loved all the tips and being flexible when working at home appeals to me.

Thanks for sharing and Thumbs up Enstine for inviting Lilian to share her insight

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Ikechi, thank you. It seems that today more and more people are thinking seriously to start working from home due to all the advantages it has.


Working from home still remain the best. There are lots of benefits attached to it. But not everyone actually has the priviledge, but those that do are really enjoying it

Kurt Kummerer

Hi Liliana,

I love this list. Number 4 hits home with me as I wear a suit and tie every single day. I have to say it is highly overrated! Not having to do that in and of itself is a motivating factor for me to work from home sooner rather than later.

Thanks for having Liliana on your blog Enstine.


    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Kurt, I suppose that wearing a suit every single day can be very uncomfortable for me. At home, no worries about that!!! So thankful you liked the post.

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Lillian,

Like this topic……all the points you listed too are true and some of the awesome benefits of working from the comfort zone of your bed in your pijamas.

Though, I’ll like to say while is tempting and beneficial to work from home, the road to achieve it and fully live the dot com lifestyle is an easy path.

And the fact you’re working from home doesn’t completely gives you freedom. You have to be highly discipline, focus and we’ll organize.

Thanks Lilliana

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Shamsudeen, I totally agree, I think it is not possible that you can work from home without organization and discipline.


I Like the number 5 : More time with your family, it should be the first.and the number 10 is very funny.
Thanks for the nice post Liliana.

    Liliana Sanchez

    Thank you Smachizo. Family is always important!!!

Eve Adams

I love number 6! You are always with your family. Being a working from home person is everybody’s dream but I think if you don’t know where to start, you may end up short. My advice first is to get a real job and when you can supply all the bills offline then you can start a little by learning how to work online.

Keep up the good post!


    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Eve, thank you for your advice.

      Eve Adams

      Hi Liliana, I am always happy to give a comment here on Enstine. I hope someday, I will writ guest post here also like you.

      God Bless…

Arthur Ortiz

Hi liliana I see something really interesting about your blog. thanks for post.

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Arthur, thank you. It´s nice to see there are many people who know that working from home is worthy.

Donna Merrill

Hi Enstine,

These are 10 great reasons why I love working from home. When you think about how much money we have to spend on those working clothes, going out to eat most of the time, it is money in the bank. Plus it is more healthier eating at home. Making your own fresh meals, juicing, and exercising when you want to at a certain time of day.

From that perspective, it is a more healthier lifestyle. Then there is the times where we just write our time off. Now that’s important to me because my family lives all around the U.S. I can see them when I want.

When it comes to working home vs. the work environment, there is less of a chance of catching the flue, and worst!

All in all it is a clean and healthy lifestyle where I wouldn’t want to trade for anything in the world.

Donna Merrill recently posted…Your Blog Is Your Business CardMy Profile

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Donna, you just sum up all the advantages of working from home. Thank you for that!

Carol Amato

Hi, Enstine!

Love the perks for working at home and the no schedules to comply to are a huge plus, that’s for sure. 🙂

No fancy outfits, no drive time/gas/wear and tear on the vehicle, and definitely more time with my family. Gotta love it!

I never would have thought of less chance to get the flu… LOL but it’s so true, Enstine, another working from home perk!

Very encouraging read, Thanks for sharing. ?

Talk soon,

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Carol, there are so many people who work from home and enjoy the benefits!!!! Love you liked the post.

Sherman Smith

Hey Liliana,

There is definitely a bright future. I love all the reasons why to work from home. Especially for the fact that there are a lot of days where I just don’t feel like getting up at 5:30 in the morning. I know a lot will concur.

Thanks for sharing Liliana! Have a great week!

    Liliana Sanchez

    Thanks Sherman! Yes, getting up very early is one of the most difficult parts of going to work. That´s why we have the choice to work from home and get up when we are ready.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee

Hi Liliana Sanchez and welcome to Enstine Blog. After going through your writeup, I can see you highlighted some good points and am really impressed. Now I can see some reasons why Enstine fired his boss lol. Thanks for sharing.
Have a nice week.

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Hadharm, so happy you liked the post. As you can see there are many reasons to work from home, we only need to decide it.

Joy Healey

Hi Enstine,

This is really a post that caught my eye.

Apart from a short period of my life when I took a part-time job I have worked from home for 30+ years and wouldn’t have it any other way. When I had the part-time job I couldn’t wait to get back to working from home, which I have now done.

My biggest reason is that my body clock just isn’t attuned to commute to a desk for standard UK 9-5 office hours. My clients know not to ring me before 10am, and even then they don’t ask what I’m wearing !!

Like today – I’ve been doing odd jobs that need doing from 10am to 5pm, including that my cleaning lady came and it’s hard to settle while she’s buzzing about the house. Other days it may be meeting a friend for lunch, or even attending a business networking group.

But now it’s 5pm so I’m ready to settle down to do some paid work that needs serious concentration, so I shall be able to work with no interruptions until I’ve had enough – which, again, is my choice. I genuinely do my best work in the hours from 5pm to midnight, and happy to do so.

I have a bit of a problem stopping work as I tend to go on “forever”, but when I’m feeling happy and enjoying it is the best time to work. If I want to put my feet up, I do!

Must hide this comment as I know I’ll keep thinking of other reasons I love working from home and want to come back and add more!

In fairness, when my lovely grand-daughters came to stay for a week I didn’t get a scrap of work done, so I really admire Mums or Dads who work from home productively. That takes true organization.


    Liliana Sanchez

    Hello Joy, thanks for sharing your experience! As you said, the best of working from home is that you have your own schedule. It is your choice when you start and finish your day.

Brenda Pace

Hi Lilian! Great to meet you!

Your post is so timely. I’m currently taking steps so that I, too, can join the ranks for the work-at-home career minded woman. There are so many great aspects to it but for me, the real deal is to escape Corporate America, all the politics, and drama. I want to be my own person and work my own hours. It will take some time, but I’m determined to make it happen. This is a great post for anyone who is contemplating the move. Passing it along.

Great guest, Enstine!

Stella Chiu

Hi Liliana

Agree with you in every point. I was a stay-at-home Mom. I quit my chemist job when our second daughter was born. I don’t believe we can have it all. Working from home does provide opportunity to care for the family with some income.
Thanks for the post.
-Stella Chiu

    Liliana Sanchez

    Hi Stella, thank for your comment! You are totally right, it is possible to work from home and take care of the kids at the same time. The keys are organization and self-discipline.

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