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The best way to make money online all the time is to create a membership or subscription sites where members pay a monthly recurring fee. The reason is that you are sure of your monthly income, as long as you have your members. The only job you have to do is maintain the site and of course the content.

There are two main problems to creating membership sites and  making money with them. In this post, I’m going to resolve one of these problems and probably attempt a solution to the other problem.

Zaxaa membership plugin

The first problem most of us face is that of product ideas. We often don’t know what to offer members.

Remember that the reason why people sign up and maintain their subscription is the quality of what they get from you. If you can succeed to have a killer idea that will scratch money from members’ pocket, you will be up for a beautiful game.

The second problem why some people have not started a membership site is the cost of the technology. There are good number of membership plugins out there but most of them will demand one of your legs. However, today, I’m introducing you to a free membership plugin for wordpress bloggers. This free subscription plugin handles literally everything you need to run a successful membership site.

Zaxaa membership plugin – Free Membership plugin for WordPress!

Zaxaa membership plugin

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged in to my Zaxaa Seller’s account this morning and found out they have made things so easy for sellers by releasing a free membership wordpress plugin. I went through this plugin and found amazing features for a free plugin.

We’re going to go through some of the things you can do with this plugin and have an easy life online. However, before I get to details of features, you may want to hurily grab your copy below. It’s absolutely free.

Download Zaxaa Free membership plugin now

What can you do with Zaxaa membership plugin?

  • Sell products and collect instant payments through the Zaxaa platform.
  • Sell subscription service and get paid on recurring basis – monthly, weekly or even yearly.
  • Limit access to certain pages, posts, categories and files on your blog to paid members only.
  • Offer a trial period for your product.
  • Drip feed
  • Protect partial content.
  • Create different levels of access.
  • Integrate with GoToWebinar.
  • Manually add paid members from dashboard.
  • Create WordPress pages that allows members to view their purchase history, modify their profiles, etc.

How do you create a product/membership level in this free subscription plugin?

It’s very easy to add products/services you want to offer your paid members. First, go to Zaxaa and sign up for free. Then watch this video;

That’s very simple isn’t it.

Payment types supported by Zaxaa membership plugin

This free subscription plugin supports mainly 2 payment types;

1 – One-time payment: This is simply applied when you are selling a product or service for which payment is made once. Your clients just buy something once and that’s all.

2 – Recurring billing: In this case, the clients makes payment once but gets billed automatically after a certain fixed period – weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

3 – Trial payment: This is a sub payment type that goes under recurring billing. It’s an excellent feature in any premium subscription plugin. However, this is made possible in Zaxaamember for free.  What happens is that your clients are billed a certain amount first, before regular recurring billing begins after a certain number of days.

Aweber for instance bills $1 for the first 30 days. You can use this to let your clients get in to see the value of your product – test it for a while before getting engaged.

free subscription plugin

In the image above, the monthly subscription fee for the products is $27. However, for the first 7 days, the customer is charged $1. This is the trial period for the product being sold.

How to create a login form

With this plugin, it’s amazingly simple how you can create a login form on your blog. You can place the form on a blog post, page or sidebar. Here below is another video that shows you how to realize this;

I have tried out some free membership plugins for wordpress but this is by far the most complete.

Protecting Content & Files & Drip Feeding

The raison d’etre of any subscription plugin is to be able to hide content from the public and only make it available to members. For a more flexible membership plugin, content must be made available on an ongoing basis. Most free membership plugins you find around the Internet don’t have this drip feeding facility. That’s a big weakness that limits the flexibility of your business.

Watch this video how protecting your pages, post, files and drip feeding is made possible in Zaxaa free membership plugin.

How can bloggers make money with Zaxaa membership plugin?

It’s awesome the amount of beautiful information we give out for free on our blogs daily or weekly. That’s what makes our blogs engaging and, as a matter of fact, it’s the power of attraction our blogs have.

However, if you think out of the box, you can still go beyond and offer something for premium members who pay you a token fee monthly.

Now, I want you to start thinking! There is surely something in your niche you can offer your readers and be paid for. Maybe you didn’t see it this way before.

Hey! What about publishing 10 unique PLR articles every month? That’s a beautiful idea isn’t it? Get together with 5 awesome friends and you guys produce 2 top quality article each per month. Isn’t that a beautiful idea?

You guys can go further by providing an article spinner. I think there are great article spinning plugins out there. That will make it possible for your members to spin those articles within the dashboard for free 😉

Now, download the free Zaxaa membership plugin here.

Let me hear from you in the comment box. What do you think about this plugin? Do you think my idea of a paid membership site is worth trying?

I know there are more beautiful ideas out there. I’ll be happy to hear from you in the comment box.

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