Webtexttool Review ~ SEO OnPage Optimizer 2018!

Webtexttool Review ~ A closer look at an unmatched web-based SEO Tool for OnPage SEO optimization!

Whether you are a blogger, ghost writer, freelance writer, etc, you need an SEO OnPage Optimization tool! This is because for every online business, Search Engine traffic is the most important. The simple reason is that it’s most targeted and converts the most. But getting Search engine traffic is the difficult part.

The act of doing anything online in order to attract more visitors from search engines is generally called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are three main SEO areas to focus on if you want this natural traffic and boost your business. These are;

  1. Technical SEO
  2. OnPage SEO
  3. OffPage SEO

But most people often don’t pay enough attention to technical SEO. However, in today’s Webtexttool Review post (presenting an unmatched SEO Onpage Optimization tool), I want to focus mainly on OnPage SEO.

OnPage SEO helps search engines understand the meaning and depth of your content so they can properly match it with search queries.

Poor OnPage SEO means that search engines are never going to get clearly what you are talking about in a certain post. That leads to very poor ranking, thus low search traffic.

Having the most accurately SEO-optimized post does not directly translate to high natural traffic though. Nevertheless, posts with very poor onpage SEO can clearly mean poor ranking on SERPS.

There are plugins and platforms out there designed for Onpage SEO optimization but most of them lack the necessary features to make them complete. They end at analyzing your posts, giving you stats on keyword counts and position. But Webtexttool makes a remarkable difference.

Webtexttool Review – SEO Onpage Optimization tool!

Webtexttool is both an online Onpage SEO optimization Tool and WordPress plugin created from the knowledge and expertise of top SEO experts. It has been designed to make your website content SEO proof.

Beside analyzing your keyword density and positioning, it takes you further through LSI keyword suggestion, competition analysis and keyword popularity.

Webtexttool Review: SEO OnPage Analysis tool standalone web edition

I mentioned above that this tool is both a standalone platform and WordPress Plugin. Let’s look closely at how to use it to optimize your pages for SEO.

First, Signup here

Have some time to look through the environment and get yourself used to it.  Then click the “Create” button to start a new post.

Webtexttool Review

The next thing now is to select the language or country you want to optimize your content. Enter the focus keyword.

You may want to click “Give me suggestions” so this optimization tool will analyze your given keyword and provide data to help you know whether or not this is something you can easily rank for.onpage seo optimization plugin

Further, Webtexttool helps you with a list of related (LSI) keywords, their level of competition, search volume and an overall SEO score.seo onpage optimization tools

You can just copy out some of these related keywords and use them within your article. Or if any of the suggested keywords is good enough, you may want to switch and use it as your focus keyword. Webtexttool will again analyze it and generate another list of related keywords.

So once you are ok to go, click “Use my keyword” to move to the text editor.

How Webtexttool SEO Onpage Optimization tool helps your SEO!

Now, once you are on the editor, the tool will keep scanning your document and making suggestions where to add, bold or italicize your keyword.

Here is what it looks like:

webtexttool reviews

You will actually have a friendly WYSIWYG environment to edit your document. Start with your article title and description.

The tool will check for keyword occurrence in your title, description, first paragraph, <h1> to <h6> tags, bold, italicized.

Based on current number of words on your page, Webtexttool will suggest the number of times to add your keyword to the article.seo onpage optimization platforms

Webtexttool SEO OnPage Optimizer WordPress Plugin!

Webtexttool also has a WordPress plugin version that analyzes and optimizes your content right within your WordPress dashboard.

You can download it right here

Note that to use it, you must create an account on Webtexttool. You will be required to use your password and username to login within your WP dashboard.

seo onpage optimization online tool

Once you hit the “Go” button, the focus keyword will be used to start analyzing your content. As you keep typing, you get more suggestions to improve your article SEO friendliness.

Webtexttool Review post

Page Tracking With Webtexttool SEO Onpage Optimization tool!

Webtexttool is not only an Onpage SEO. It helps monitor the position of your links in search engines for specific keywords.

Page Rank Tracking is an important SEO activity that helps marketers maintain their positions on SERPS and traffic. Without rank tracking, you may lose business and never know what’s going on.

Webtexttool will constantly monitor your position on Google SERP and send you alerts each time there is a position  change.

Once in your Webtexttool web account, go to Page -> PageTracker;

onpage seo tool

This will pop up a page where you will enter your url for your main keyword:

page rank webtexttool web

This page will be updated each time there is a change in rank. You can also notice the Webtexttool Optimisation Score. This helps you know whether or not more should be done to your content for better ranking.

4 Quick things you get with Webtexttool

  1. Analysis of your content: It analyses your content and tells you how to optimize for maximum SEO results.
  2. Realtime optimization suggestions: You get real time suggestion on how to improve your content as you type.
  3. Keyword analysis & research: It helps you get the best keyword by analyzing your focus keyword and providing crucial data including search volume and competition. Adding to this, it generates related LSI keywords so you can use for more traffic.
  4. Page Rank Tracking: Know the position of your pages in search engines for specific keywords. Get notified whenever there is a change in position.

Who is Webtexttool for!

Webtexttool is the perfect SEO OnPage Optimization tool for web content producers. Bloggers, SEO firms, SEO experts, Freelance writers, Ghost Writers and any content producer with a need for natural exposure and traffic

Create a free Webtexttool account here. 14 days – no commitment – no credit card – sign up in 10 seconds.

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  3. Enstine:
    Nice post. Will this work in the thrive content builder or do you need to create your post in the traditional wordpress method?

  4. That’s an awesome review of Webtexttool. I have been using Yoast SEO for on-page optimization of my posts. It’s working great. But, I have the limited version and haven’t upgraded it. So it doesn’t offer some of the features shown above like page rank tracking and keyword research. I would like to know whether this tool is a premium tool or a free version. What features can we get with a free version?

  5. Hi Enstine,
    Thanks for this review for Webtext Tool. This is my favorite tool for onpage SEO assessment. This is very useful and I’m using this for a long time.

  6. Hi enstine,

    what a great post indeed.Here you describe the importance of seo,specially onpage seo.I agree with you point”OnPage SEO helps search engines understand the meaning and depth of your content so they can properly match it with search queries.”It no doubt good seo good content attract the user and traffic.
    then you told here a tool that is Webtexttool here you mentioned advantages,its use and every thing about it.
    Thanks to share your experience with us.
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  9. HI Enstine

    I never heard about Webtexttool tools and now its seems very interesting. I will sure try this in my new blog and hoping for better result.

  10. HI Enstine

    I never heard about Webtexttool tools, and now its seems very interesting. I will sure try this in my new blog and hoping for better result.

  11. Hi there,

    That’s an awesome review of Webtexttool. I have been using Yoast seo for on-page optimization of my posts. Its working great. But, I have the limited version and haven’t upgraded it. So it doesn’t offer some of the features shown above like page rank tracking and keyword research. I would like to know whether this tool is a premium tool or a free version. What features can we get with a free version?

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    Thanks, Enstine Muki.
    Your review of WebTextTool was really informative .

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    • Hi Nisha,
      Thanks for sharing your voice on this post. OnPage SEO is a requirement to get good ranking.
      Give the tool a try and let’s know how it goes 😉

  16. Hey, your article is not only informative but also impressive. I was not aware of many things mentioned above by you! I have never come across such an amazing article so far. I hope these tips are going to help me in On page SEO! Thanks a lot for sharing such amazing article!

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    My sincere apologies for my recent absence but as you know we’ve had our share of challenges recently in our little village.

    SEO has always been a bit of a mystery to me even though I’ve spent quite a bit of money and time trying to understand keyword analysis plus both onpage and offpage SEO.

    Currently I use the Yoast SEO plugin for my SEO needs of my posts.

    But I also must admit that at times I ignore what it recommends as I want to maintain my own conversational style in my posts.

    Whever I have a struggle between SEO optimization and writing in my own style for my readers, the SEO aspects lose out.

    No doubt my approach is holding me back from more natural traffic sources so I will definitely check out your recommended Webtexttool – hopefully its something a technical and SEO dunce like me can easily use and implement!

    Enstine thank you as always for sharing your expertise and experience. I alwys find valuable tips and ideas every time I visit your place.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


    • Hi Peter,
      Good to see you here and for this valuable comment.

      The past week has been busy for me offline as well. I did publish just once and didn’t feature on any blog for usual commenting.

      Tens of comments on this blog too are yet to be replied to. I’m just jumping in today to do one or two things and I will be offline again. Sometimes, it happens. We get taken by some things we can control.

      Thanks for the focus on this post. Yes there are moments when you have to disregard those recommendations from the SEO plugins and just flow. Sometimes, I completely ignore yoast but still get natural traffic. When this happens, I do some tweaking on the post and the result is often an increase in traffic.

      This tool is definitely something to try out especially given that you can use it off your blog. I see many freelancers, ghost writers and blogspot bloggers jumping on it.

      Thanks again for your input buddy. Hope you are set for a more wonderful week ahead

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    Thanks for introducing another Onpage SEO tool which is indeed useful for bloggers to optimize their content effectively. Currently i am using SEOPressor and few other tools but i’ll definitely try this one in future.

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    This is a detailed and well-explained SEO tool review, I have used a variety of on-page SEO tools both in the past and now, but going through the features and usefulness of Webtexttool, it sure packed full with more advance features and fictionalities.

    Will be exploring it further to learn more on how it work and could be of great benefits to business growth.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Webtexttool is very helpful and very important for find perfect keyword versus Keyword Planner Tools, I have used them and Working very well, Thanks for shared webtexttool info.

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    Adam Hiidee

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    I used SEOpressor for some time but removed it recently, WebTextTool really looking awesome because it is doing so much of work like it is suggesting keywords to target with low competition and doing perfect on page optimization, not only that it even tracking our keyword position on SERP.

    I will definitely try this plugin on my other blogs test out the results, thank you very much for introducing this plugin, see you soon with another great article.

    • Hi bro,
      Thanks for sharing your experience
      I also have SEOPressor but have been quite drawn by WTT. A lot more features and the fact that you can use it standalone makes it great for non wp users.

      Please share your results with us once you get some experience with it on your new blog

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    I heard about Easy WP SEO and SEOpressor but never heard about this WebTextTool, this detailed article has given me the complete information about it.

    I found keyword suggestions with competition score looks amazing in this plugin compared to the other plugins available in this category, keyword tracking another good feature to track our rankings.
    Thanks for sharing information about this plugin.

    • Hi Madhavi,
      Thanks for dropping a comment
      One other impressive thing is the standalone version that allows non wp users to make full use of it and get their content too optimized.

      I’m sure many content developers are going to fall for this 😉

  29. I dont think this tool is free, because i just create my account and the tool saying that i am using 15 days trial version 🙁 Can you please confirm ?

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    In my view, SEO is the foremost thing a website developer must focus most. And yes, WebTexttool is really a nice SEO tool for on page. Thanks for your valuable review.

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    Well, you know me by now and you know when it comes to SEO I need all the help I can get lol. It is so difficult for my brain to work that way. I can see how Webtextool can work for me like a second brain lol.

    I’m so glad you did this review because for me this is a challenge and WTT can save me so much time. Looking into it 🙂


    • Hey Donna,
      Good to see you here and thanks for sharing this post on social media.
      What I like with WTT is the fact that it’s not just a wp plugin. It has a standalone option for freelance and ghost writers so every in the content production industry can use it.

      Some other plugins like Yoast, SEOPressor are limited to WP but WTT covers writers and bloggers on other platforms.

      Such a brilliant idea 😉

      Thanks again for stopping by

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