TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop ~ Best Premium WP Themes!

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop! Which of these two WordPress Theme clubs is better? Is there need to even bother about them? Is it worth buying a Premium WordPress Theme from any of these platforms. Are there benefits becoming paid member? What’s really in for me?

I’m sure there are many more questions roaming out minds because, from the look of things, these two,Β  TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop are steadily becoming leaders in the industry.

I have written, promoted and used premium themes from these two clubs. As a matter of fact, some of my readers have written to find out from me which of the two is better. I thought a better way to provide an answer is to do a MyThemeShop Vs TeslaThemes comparison post.

This may not be the most detailed comparison post you are ever going to read about these two game players. However, I promise to help you see some basic differences that can help your purchase decision.

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop – Which isΒ  better?

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShopThere are a couple of things we will be underlining in this post. These are prices, design, SEO, membership types, support, etc

To make things easier for understanding, I will be examining point by point. But before we get there, here are some interesting facts about TeslaThemes and MyThemeShop:

Both platforms have succeeded in putting in the market excellent Premium WordPress Themes. The themes you get from these platforms cover a wide range of categories. These means you will certainly be covered should you decide to buy from any of theme.

For Affiliate Marketers, both platforms have affiliate programs so you can promote theme and make commissions on sales. I recently wrote about TeslaThemes Affiliate Program.

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop – The differences!

Ok let’s get to the raison d’Γͺtre of this post and examine some differences that will surely have an impact on the choice we make;

1 – Pricing Structure

Both platforms have two pricing structures;

  • You can just buy a single theme and walk away. $59/theme on MythemeShop and $48/theme on TeslaThemes. The $11 difference is worth mentioning.
  • You have a second option to pay a yearly fee to access everything on board. $167/Year to to an unlimited access on MyThemeShop. $59/Yeah to access all themes on TeslaThemes (56 premium themes at the moment of writing). $108 is a remarkable difference that puts TeslaThemes on top of the list of choices.

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2 – Lifetime access – TeslaThemes Only!

This is a pricing structure that’s unique to TeslaThemes and I wanted to make it a separate point. With one time payment of $199, you have full access to current themes and more to be added to the club. This includes theme raw PSD files.

A big point to remember for TeslaThemes!

3 – Theme Design and uniqueness

Everyone with a blog wants a nice looking and unique theme. That’s why we choose Premium Themes by the way.

From the look of things, these two theme developers create templates that give great aesthetic pleasure. You won’t be disappointed if you buy from any of theme based on this. But from a unique point of view, I think TeslaThemes is making a bit more effort to create more idiosyncratic designs. Looks like a plus for them πŸ˜‰

4 – Documentations

The quickest way to help your customers out without having to get them on phone is through comprehensive documentation. And this is a point both platforms have mastery of. But I think MyThemeShop is making more effort by providing more video walk-through tutorials. TeslaThemes should work on this to stand to it.

But wait!

If you are not a MyThemeShop customer, you won’t access their documention, which is a bit of a hit to me. TeslaThemes makes their documentation available to all. That helps you have a deeper idea on what you want to buy.

5 – HTML Theme Version

At the moment of writing, you don’t get the HTML version of your theme from MyThemeShop. On the other hand, TeslaThemes makes available HTML version of all themes on the platform. You can then convert them to Drupal, Joomla , etc.

6 – Free Customization

Being unique is a constant desire of every WordPress blogger. TeslaThemes takes this into consideration and offers One Hour Free customization to all their buyers. That means if you buy from them right this moment, you can instantly ask for some changes to make your blog more unique.

MyThemeShop is yet to consider this option

7 – Test Platform

I can’t end this TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop blog post without mentioning this factor. It’s an option that puts TeslaThemes above MyThemeShop. This gives you access to a demo WP dashboard where you can test drive their Theme settings and features before making any buying decision.

-> Enter Tesla Test Room Here

TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop – Affiliate Marketing

I mentioned earlier that you can make money as affiliate marketer promoting both or any of the platforms. But here are some key differences to note;

1 – Affiliate Commissions

MyThemeShop pays up to 70% to affiliates. They also have a tool that allows their affiliates to generate unique coupon code. That sounds incredible but the downside is that the percentage you attach to any coupon you generate is cut off your 70% commissions on sales.

So if you generate a discount code for 25%, once that code is used, you’ll be left with 45% commission. On the other hand, TeslaThemes has a flat 50% commissions for their affiliates and a 20% coupon code, generated by the admin.

2 – Cookie Lifespan

Cookie lifespan is one very crucial factor in affiliate marketing. The more days, the more your chances to earn a commission on a sale. The reason is that some people take more time to decide on buy a product.

MyThemeShop: 60 days
TeslaThemes: 90 days

3 – 2nd Tier Commission

Two tier commission is the commission you get from the sales generated by any affiliates referred by you. For instance, if you promote TeslaThemes and John Doe signs up as affiliate, you will be paid commissions on sales generated by John.

MyThemeShop: 10% for life
TeslaThemes: 15% for life

4 – Affiliate Payout

Both platforms pay out monthly with TeslaThemes paying as low as $1.

Those are some of the differences I can make right now in this TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop post. Whether you want to buy or join the club, you can now make an informed decision. If you are an affiliate blogger, you may want to promote both platforms. It’s up to you.

Both MythemeShop WordPress Themes and TeslaThemes WP Themes are excellent responsive themes for WordPress blogs and sites.

TeslaThemes though, seems to be having more advantages. But then, those are my personal views.

I hope these differences will go a long way to help you make the best choice.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

26 thoughts on “TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop ~ Best Premium WP Themes!”

  1. Hi Enstine,

    It is nice MyThemeShop Vs TeslaThemes comparison post.Here
    The comparison is base on prices, design, SEO, membership types, support, etc.
    You give a account detail of both company.
    This post will help us to select theme which is better than other.
    Maqbool Azam

  2. For me MyThemeShop is working best.
    I am using MyThemeShop themes from last 2 years and working perfectly for. They also have a special deal today.
    Thanks for sharing the difference between two.

  3. Haven’t used Tesla yet, but have always been a big fan of MyThemeShop. At Better Brain (a nootropics and brain hacking site), we have used PointPro and have been happy with it. They are currently having a theme sale for $9 with code 9USDLOVE.

    I will check out Tesla next time I get a chance to. Thanks for the info.

  4. Recently Tesla theme is creating a bug buzz, but I will say MTS is the best as they have huge collection of themes and every theme is highly equipped with many features. Although the price is very low for Tesla theme. I think Tesla theme will perfectly suit for developers who are in web designing business. Thanks for this comparison.

  5. Hey Enstine,a really good article though,since these two are really same yet so different.
    Tesla is good on the Aesthetics and MTS is good on the SEO side.
    Yet,i made my 1st $ from MTS Affiliate,so i will definitely suggest someone that.

  6. Hey Enstine Muki,

    Basically, I am Using Sahifa WordPress Theme on my different websites, I will try TeslaThemes, furthermore, I am already working on ThemeShop Affiliate Marketing. Thanks for shared

  7. Really,this very post on Teslathemes vs Mythemeshop is such an irresistible write-up no one can afford to overlook.And I have been looking forward to see such kind of write-up about WordPress themes.So,thank God it’s here now.Big thanks to Enstine.

  8. Hi Enstine,

    I am using MyThemeShop theme on my blog and Tesla themes also looking fine with aesthetic looks one thing I liked about MyThemeShop is their forum and I don’t know about the Tesla themes.

    This comparison really helped me to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the both these companies, thanks for sharing this information.

  9. I have been using MyThemeShop. It was satisfying. But I want give a try on something new. Tesla I would name. Thanks for the comparison/review Enstine. Truly appreciate it..

  10. Hi Enstine,

    Looking around some other great themes, they’re all cost around the same price, however each company has their own taste of the way they design, they are all great.


  11. The first impression when I first visited Tesla Themes a 2 months ago is a WOW effect. I love the blue and gold combination of their homepage and entire responsiveness altogether. Coming to many features they offer, They are clearly affordable and budget friendly Themeshop which maintains great quality even at cheap and best prices. Although Mythemeshop is well known and popular theme shops, my gut feeling is, Tesla overtakes in near future πŸ˜‰

    • Hey bro,
      Teslathemes is becoming quite competitive, adding features that will surely cut off a huge portion of the market in their favor. MythemeShop needs to stand to the challenges πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for taking part in this conversation

  12. Hi Enstine,

    I’ve used themes by MyThemeShop ever since I started blogging. I really cherish their products than any other.

    Authority by MyThemeShop is what I’m using right now.

    I’ve used their themes to help create websites and blogs for friends too.

    I am not surprised Zac Johnson, Jeremy the Shoemaker of shoemoney.com, Matt Woodward, that’s to mention a few are enjoying their themes online.

    If you ask me to name an alternative, Studiopress will do for me.

    Tesla? Yet to research on them.

    I love your “Vs” reviews. They reveal hidden truth about products we all need to be aware of.

    Thanks for your love Enstine.


  13. Hi, Enstine.
    Mythemeshop themes are really nice with a good interface. I have already used few themes and I am really pleased. However, till now I don’t use Tesla. So, I don’t know about it.
    Anyway, thanks for knowing me this.

  14. Hi, Mr. Muki.
    Again a marvellous post from your side. Technically speaking, I have used both Tesla and Mythemeshop. The quality of the both is almost same to me. But yes, Tesla is somehow providing the best service with a cheaper price. So, Tesla will be a good choice.

  15. I’m hearing of Teslathemes for the first time.

    Excuse my French, I’m no tech freak…

    I just purchased my first ever premium theme from MTS last month. I can say, it’s one of the best decision I’ve made in recent times regarding my blog…

    Nevertheless, I’ll have to check out Tesla. I’m a perfectionist, who knows I might just run helter skelter to Tesla to get a new theme.

    One thing you should note about Mythemeshop is that they are super good in giving out coupon code at a staggering 50% discount every now and then

  16. Hey Enstine,

    I have been using the Studiopress affiliate system, Thanks for reviewing both of these affiliate networks.

    Between, you should mention about the support from the affiliate manager as well. That adds an extra edge like Good banners, Landing pages that can help you convert every visitor you send.

    Good day!

    • Hey John,
      You are right.
      I think TeslaTheme Affiliate team is doing better in helping their affiliates. They work on ideas, live-chat with affiliate and help them

      that’s a positive point for them too πŸ˜‰

  17. Yeah, you are right Enstine.
    I have been using MyThemeShop products but teslathemes is yet better than that as you have laid down. Membership cost is really very affordable in teslathemes where they offer a lifetime package too. Cheers on writing an amazing comparison.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. We already know the Winner here!

    I am currently using MyThemeShop PointPro theme and it’s been very cool but after reading this I am considering other option for the blog design.

    Thanks for the info Enstine!

  19. Hey Enstine,

    Clearly TeslaThemes stand far more ahead as comapred to MyThemeShop on the points which are considered while choosing any WordPress themes club.
    Also TeslaThemes stand ahead even in Affiliate Marketing Program.

    Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards

    • Hey bro,
      Good to see you here and I think you’ve made a point. A couple of elements make TeslaThemes more outstanding.

      Competition is fierce so I think MyThemeShop will be trying to make up πŸ˜‰

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