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3 Guaranteed Google First Page Tips – Page #1 Ranking In 24 Hours!

I know you want guaranteed google first page and I want to give you some really hot tips to achieve this. It only takes you 2 things to be on that highly coveted spot:

  1. Read this post attentively
  2. Do the things I suggest

I used to think getting to Google first page is very hard and I used to really feel it tough. That was because I wasn’t doing the things I’m about to share with you in this post.

But trust me it’s easy to get to Google page 1 in less than no time.

With these tips, I have had some of my entries on the first page of google in 24 hours. The reason I’m doing this post is to help you with the right information and answer the question on how to get your website on google first page.

3 simple tips for guaranteed Google first page

Now, there is something about Google first page that everyone online is scrambling for. This thing is called targeted natural traffic.

Google is the big master when it comes to natural traffic. We have Bing, Yahoo, etc but Google has over 60% of the market share.

Though getting to Google’s first page isn’t any guarantee for targeted traffic, it is one of the steps toward growing your business online.

First, you have to get your content indexed by Google. (Most of my content get indexed within few minutes).

Second, the war of ranking begins after getting indexed. You’ll have to get involved in all the SEO gimmicks in order to move your content from page God knows where to page 1.

Both Content and Technical SEO exercises are required. I personally like breaking SEO phases into Content and Technical with the Content phase further broken into OnPage and OffPage.

The technical phase of SEO is looking at Server configuration, plugins, themes and Mobile friendliness. Now, if you want a highly recommended SEO hosting for WordPress, take a look at WPX Hosting.


Before getting to the Google first page tips

Now, before I give you these tips, it’s important to tell you what I feel about Google page one. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most visited pages online made up of principally two areas:

  1. The paid ads section
  2. The natural results

There are often some more areas like videos and related search terms, depending on the popularity of the keyword typed by the searcher. But our concern here is with the natural listing.

So being on the first page is good. But finding your way to position #1 on the first page is best. Once you’ve pushed your SERP entry to the first page, try further to push it to the first spot.

At position one (all things being equal), you are going to get more clicks. The more clicks you get, the more time you maintain your leadership.

NB: At the end of this post, I will share with you some tips on how to improve or maintain your position on page one.

Here is how to be on Google first page unfailingly

Ok these are some guaranteed google page 1 ranking tips. They will help you on how to get on google first page for free.

1 -> Stop fighting with the big guys

Here is one of the biggest tips on how to get on google first page for free and within a short period of time.

As a matter of fact, there are 2 main things you should pay some amount of attention to when it comes to trying to get guaranteed Google first page:

  1. Keyword search volume
  2. Keyword Competition

Generally, keywords with high volumes are often correspondingly highly competitive. The more the keyword is popular, the more people struggle to grab the traffic from it.

Many different SEO software are going to calculate the competition and the strength of the entries already found on SERPs (competitors) and rank it in what they call Keyword difficulty.

According to ahref, Keyword Difficulty is an estimate of how hard it would be to rank in Top 10 Google search results (google first page) for a given keyword. It is measured on a non-linear scale from 0 to 100 (low difficulty to high difficulty).

guaranteed google first page

Here is a keyword with difficulty at 4/100 and volume is about 450 monthly searches. Here is why I think you should target such a keyword:

  • It’s easy to rank for. 4/100 means the few sites that rank for it are weak. If you get 10 backlinks, you should be on your way to the first spot on page 1
  • It gets some traffic.

NB: Don’t be discouraged by the search volume. In my opinion, focus on creating content around less popular keywords. The more content you create and rank well, the more your natural traffic builds up with time.

Now, take a look at this case:

how to get guaranteed google first page

This is a very popular keyword that gets over 200,000 monthly searches. But the competition is tough. Not only are the entries on SERP many to compete with, they are also tough. 93/100 is something you should be very weary about.

2 -> Anticipate keywords

Keyword anticipation is a smart move. It involves going ahead of time and creating a keyword before everyone else starts using it.

Once you’ve anticipated any keyword, be the first to create content around it. When folks start typing the keyword in Google, you will be on the first page guaranteed.

NB: I have written about keyword anticipation here

I anticipated the keyword warrior forum vault review and right this moment, I’m still sitting on google first page and slot 1 for it:

guaranteed google first page 24 hours

I encourage you read this article on keyword anticipation for more examples and how to apply it.

3 – Pay attention to Search engine optimization

If you want Guaranteed Google first page, everything else you do may not work without getting your site friendly before Google.

Both Content and Technical SEOs must be practiced correctly. Make sure you content quality is top notch and your server loads your site fast. The more keyword you create, the more authority you gain for your site.

How to maintain and improve your position on Google first page

It’s one thing to grab the first page of Google and it’s another thing to maintain that position. It’s often easier to get to page 1 than to maintain it. So here are some useful tips to strengthen your position on Google page 1:

a) Use proper meta text to increase CTR

Click Through Rate is a big ranking factor. It’s simply a fraction of searchers that click your link on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

If for instance your page comes up 300 times on SERP and only 1% click it, Google is going to consider shifting your entry away. The understanding is that you are missing the searchers’ intent. To improve your CTR, make sure your Page Title and Meta Description are attractive enough.

b) Increase dwell time, reduce Pogo sticking effect

Dwell time is the amount of time people spend on your page after clicking from SERP. Pogo Sticking happens when someone clicks your entry and instantly click the browser back button and then click the next entry after yours on SERP. Read more about Pogo Sticking here.

When readers pogo-stick your content, it tells Google something is wrong with your site. Maybe the title and description are misleading or your content isn’t just meeting the need.

To improve dwell time and reduce pogo sticking, focus on the following:

  • Make sure your introduction is not clumsy and stupid.
  • Remove distractions from above the fold.
  • Bring your content to the top as much as possible.
  • Don’t mislead in your Title and Meta Description
  • Use attractive elements on your content (beautiful, engaging images, videos, etc)
  • Properly format your text
  • Optimize your site for fast speed

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Now you see following these simple steps, you can easily get guaranteed Google first page. A student once asked me how much does it cost to get on the first page of Google and this is perfect answer to that question.

Let me know what you think about this in the comment box

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