All You Need to Know About VMware Certifications!

The World is powered by knowledge.

If you think you know something, have your knowledge tested. Take a certification exam and prove your worth.

I did Cryptocurrency and took a Cryptocurrency Certification exam. That makes me a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE) and I’m proud of it.

I won’t stop going in for different certifications. That’s why I’m eyeing more IT certifications and VMware is something picking my interest at the moment.

If you want to stay competitive, you must constantly educate yourself. New challenges are coming up everyday and we must not allow them overtake us. If you are IT professional, you maybe interested in VMware.

What is VMware in the first place?

VMware is a software company, well known in the field of system virtualization and cloud computing.

Founded in 1998, VMware is now under the roof of the Dell Technologies. Currently, it is headquartered in California, but earlier in 2004 EMC Corporation made VMware its subsidiary.

VMware just like other vendors offers IT certifications related to the virtualization software, IT infrastructure, and many other IT related things. Furthermore, there are many products of VMware that are also quite popular such as the vRealize Suite, vSphere, Horizon, VMware vCloud Suite, vSAN, etc.

In a nutshell, one can say that VMware helps you as an IT professional with a wide range of certification programs making it one of the most reputed IT certification providers.

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What is VMware Certification Program?

Any IT professional who is working in the data center or wants to stay in touch with the technology changes related to cloud, network virtualization must opt for VMware certifications.

Currently, based on vSphere, VMware certifications offer you a promising career in the associated technology, such as new virtualization. Recently, it has come up with Version 7 certifications and is ready to eventually bid adieu to version 6 certifications.

What Are the Different Categories of VMware IT Certifications?

Similar to other certification providers, such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware also offers different categories of IT certifications and these are:

Cloud Management and Automation (CMA):

This certification is all about the clouds based on VMware vRealize Suite. However, it is expected from the candidates appearing in this category of certifications to have an understanding of other VMware associated technologies, such as vSphere.

In order to earn a certification in this category, it is a must to attend a training course and pass an elective exam – VCP-CMA, where VCP stands for VMware Certified Professional. Here your skills and knowledge to install and configure clouds based on vRealize technology are assessed.

Data Center Virtualization (DCV):

Just like CMA, here also you need to pass an elective exam – VCP-DCV in addition to attending a training course, which is mandatory for all candidates. Here, you need to display your designing and management of vSphere environment.

Network Virtualization (NV):

In this category, the mandatory elective exam is VCP-NV that you need to pass and attend a training course. Your knowledge of VMware NSX technology is demonstrated here and you have to configure and design NSX environment.

Desktop and Mobility (DTM):

The elective exam that you need to pass in this VMware category is VCP-DTM apart from attending a mandatory training course. Your capability in configuration, maintenance of applications based on VMware Horizon technology is measured here.

What Are the Different Levels of IT Certification Offered by VMware?

Keeping pace with other IT certification vendors, VMware has also started offering you different levels of IT certifications. However, earlier only VMware Certified Professional (VCP) level certifications were offered by VMware.

Even today, this is one of the most popular certification levels of VMware certifications, just like Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) offered by Cisco.

There are four different certification levels offered by VMware and these are:

1 – VMware Certified Associate (VCA):

This is the entry-level certification offered by VMware on cloud and virtualization. Here, your ability to implement VMware technology is assessed.

In order to earn a VMware VCA certification, you need to pass VCA exam in which your knowledge of VMware products and systems is measured to ensure that you have the capability to work on VMware technologies.

You must remember that this 1V0-701 exam- VCA is non-proctored and will kick-start your career in the IT field.

2 – The VCA exam is VMware Certified Professional (VCP):

This is one of the most reputed and highly recommended VMware certifications. When you become VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certified, then it becomes easier for you to get a job with better remuneration and you can also opt for other higher level certifications offered by VMware, such as VCAP, VCDX, etc.

To get VCP6-DCV (Data Center Virtualization) or VCP6.5-DCV (Data Center Virtualization) one needs to pass either 2V0-620 (work with vSphere 6 software) or 2V0-602 (vSphere 6.5 software).

In the final part of getting credential, one passes either 2V0-621 or 2V0-621D exam to gain VCP6-DCV certification. For obtaining VCP6.5-DCV credential one takes 2V0-622 exam.

If the candidate is a current VCP6-DCV holder, one takes delta exam- 2V0-622D.

Being a mid-level certification offered by VMware, VCP analyzes your skills and knowledge of vSphere technology in addition to other technologies.

There are four VCP certifications apart from a basic Vmware and these are – VCP-DTM, VCP-DCV, VCP-CMA, and VCP-NV. The basic exam is non-proctored, whereas the other four exams are proctored. In 2014, VMware rolled out the recertification policies.

Now, the validity of VCP certifications is for two years and after two years in order to retain the certification, you must retake both the Foundations Exam of vSPhere in addition to the elective exam.

3 – VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP):

Being an upper-mid level certification offered by VMware, VCAP certification is obtained by a candidate only if he or she passes the two types of VCAP exams. The first one is related to the VCAP Deployment and the second exam deals with VCAP Design.

Only a candidate who is VCP certified can opt for the VMware VCAP certification and can let his or her career grow to great heights of success. Both the exams are proctored and are held separately.

Once you pass the two exams within a certain track, then you automatically obtain another certification which is expert level – VCIX certification, where VCIX stands for VMware Certified Implementation Expert.

4 – VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX):

This is the uppermost or the highest level of IT certification offered by VMware. In order to earn VCDX certification, you must pass four VCDX certification exams- VCDX-CMA, VCDX-DCV, VCDX-DTM, and VCDX-NV.

This level determines that you have knowledge in designing a plan for virtualized infrastructure and only those candidates can opt for VCDX, who already possess VCP and VCIX certifications.


If you are an IT professional who wants to grow your career in the IT industry, then you must take VMware certifications seriously. This is a good way to enhance your skills and remain updated with the latest VMware technologies.

After earning any of the aforementioned VMware certifications you, you stand a high chance to seal a job deal that will allow you earn a handsome salary package. You just need to remember that while preparing for the VMware certifications you opt for training courses.

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