6 Creative Trade Show Display Ideas to Attract More Visitors

Trade Shows or Trade Fairs are offline exhibitions at which businesses in a particular industry promote their products and services

Every new year presents new trends for trade show displays. As a result, when it comes to designing your own custom display, it can be confusing to know the direction you should take.

To relieve some of that chaos, we have listed some creative trade show display ideas you can use at your next event to attract more visitors.

1. Make Attendees Feel Relaxed and at Home

Time spent at a trade show event can be very tiring for visitors. You can assist them by setting up an exhibit that provides a calming space for them to rest and take a breather.

This can work especially if it matches your company’s theme e.g. a luxury spa, but almost any kind of brand can include the concept of relaxation into their exhibit.

If possible, try to offer charging stations where visitors can charge their phones along with comfortable spots for them to relax and eat the refreshments you provide. You will ultimately end up with attendees that feel comfortable with your brand and are open to knowing more about you are selling.

2. Form an Appealing Sensory Experience

The visuals you use in a trade show are very important, but you shouldn’t ignore the impact of the other human senses. Research on how the creative utilization of colors, lighting, audio or texture can assist you in making the right atmosphere.

For instance, you can accentuate luxury with a satin fabric, form excitement with amazing LEDs or go echo-friendly with bamboo.

Use elements that suit the message and mission of your brand. You can also consider choreographing your booth’s audio and lighting into an hourly show that grabs the attention of visitors.

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3. Go Higher

Consider having a multiple story trade show booth or utilize hanging signs so that your company can be noticed from multiple lines of sight. Using a maximum height not only raises visibility, but having multi-stories may also allow you to accommodate more attendees in your booth.

4. Use Live Green Walls

Incorporate the beautiful outdoors into your booth by using walls of greenery. If it’s appropriate for your company or exhibit idea, incorporating planters or walls with plants may help you to get noticed by visitors.

You will have an airy, healthy space where you can promote your company’s green products, or environmental practices. Furthermore, it will be a nice contrast to the nearby stands, forming an inviting mood for the attendees.

5. Use a Social Media Display

The best way to make visitors share and interact with your brand on social media is by making your booth fun. For instance, you can include a digital wall that clearly shows social mentions of your company or even provide playful incentives for social media shares.

People who visit your booth will have fun attempting to get their names featured on the board and at the same time your company will be marketed on social media for free.

6. Create a Designated Meeting Place

More and more exhibits are incorporating semi-enclosed spaces. This is because having a designated meeting place helps visitors to feel more confident asking questions in the purchase process. Moreover, your sales staff will be able to hold the attention of the visitors long enough to help secure a buying decision.

Those are just some creative ideas you can implement at a trade show to help you attract more visitors. If you are looking to purchase custom trade displays that suit your brand’s needs, ExpoMarketing can help you with that.

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