How to start a blog on Quora that ranks on Google

In this new Quora article, we discuss how to start a blog on Quora  that ranks page 1 of Google.

Let’s get started!

For those who don’t know, Quora is gold dust when it comes to generating traffic.

But like all things in life, something only works if you know how to use it and Quora is really no different

In this new article, I will be giving some ideas on how you can start a blog on Quora and leverage the members to create a blog that ranks on Google for free.

How to start a blog on Quora that ranks on Google

If you are going to start a Free blog then Quora has to be the place to start your blog.

If you are looking to blog seriously then I still advocate that you should start a self-hosted WordPress site so that you are 100% in control; of your content.

But if you are just looking to blog as a hobby then Quora is a great free option especially if you already ask and answer questions on Quora.

There are lots of free blogging platforms that you can use that do run Quora close as my choice like Medium but Quora for me just has more under the hood than the other free sites.

So why do I like Quora so much?

Well, Quora has a domain with many pages that rank on page 1 of Google which tells us that Google loves Quora.

This makes Quora a really good place to start a blog as their authority becomes your authority if you create good content consistently.Getting Started

On setting up your Quora blog there a few very basic SEO optimizations that you need to set up when creating your blog.

They are:

  1. Create a Blog Title with your main keyword phrase in the title. Positioning your keyword phrase towards the start of your title.
  2. Add the keyword phrase to your blog link
  3. Incorporate your keyword phrase in your blog description

In very simple terms we need to tell Google exactly what this new blog is about if we want to create a Quora blog that ranks on page one.

start a blog on Quora that ranks on Google - Create Blog

Create a keyword rich blog name.

So for this blog, I used the title – “How to start a blog on Quora that ranks page 1 of Google” with the keyword being “start a blog on Quora”

Add that same keyword phrase into your blogs URL.

Finally, add your blog description. making sure to again add your keyword phrase.

“So how do you start a Quora blog that ranks page 1 of Google?

For anyone looking to start a free blog then Quora has to be one of the best options for starting a blog.

In this Quora Blog, I will be showing you how to get the most out of your blog and giving you proven tips and strategies that will help you start a blog on Quora that ranks page 1 of Google.”

And then you are ready to click “Create Blog”

That is your main blog page set up that will house all your articles.

We now have our blog and we have SEO optimized the titleURL and the blog description so that hopefully our new Quora blog will be ranking page 1 of Google once, of course, we have added some great articles to it, consistently.

Creating A Blog Article on Quora

On the pull down the page click on your Avatar and locate blogs and you will be sent to a page that looks like the screen capture below.

Click on “Write Post” to create your first blog article.

Creating A Blog Article on Quora

You will then be sent to the blog editor page for you to create your blog article.

Please read the next section of this article carefully as it has some key SEO optimization tips that will help you to get your new Quora Blog to rank page 1 of Google.

Setting up your article Title

The article title that you create is added to the blog URL that you created earlier.

For example, the title of this post is “How to start a blog on Quora” and so that title is automatically added to the URL of the article and that then bolts onto the blog URL.

Take a look at the screen capture below if you are not quite following yet.

Quora Blog Url structure

We now have:

  1. The blog name
  2. Domain name
  3. Article name

So again it is key to create article names that are keyword based.

Because we now need to tell Google exactly what this new Quora article is about.

So a great keyword based article titles are key if we want this Quora blog to rank page 1 of Google.

Moving on

Ranking content on Google is all about how good the content is.

You may have heard that it is all about SEO if you want to rank your articles and pages.

You need to not listen to those that say that because to start a Quora blog that ranks on page 1 of Google comes down to how good your content is.

It is not how well your content is optimized for SEO.

We don’t have masses of SEO options but what we do have is masses of members ready to give you traffic and a great domain to work from.

Think about it!

You need content to apply SEO optimization techniques.

And it is the content that ultimately responsible as to how well it does on Google.

If your content is now well received by its audience then your visitors don’t stop to read on.

They may bounce out to find something that better answers their questions and this sends signals to Google.

If your content hits the mark on Quora then it picks up comments and good comments add more indexable content for Google.

You can then reply to these comments and drive the conversation and engagement around your content.

Some may share your articles with other social channels.

They own or maybe even their Quora feed opening your content up to all of their followers.

Upvotes and Feedback votes also become very positive elements as well within Quora.

And that is really the big reason as to why you should start a blog on Quora as opposed to anywhere else.

The traffic within the Quora is very strong and the engagement is very positive.

This is why it is important to learn how to generate traffic with Quora.

Limited SEO Options

The SEO side, particularly on Quora, is just about making it clear to Google what your content is really about so that it knows where to rank you in search and the only way you can do that is to choose good titles and then sprinkle your chosen long-form keywords within the body of your articles.

But what you need to understand is that is your articles are not up to the job.

If they are not long-form (Google likes articles that are around 2000+ words long) then you are going to get patchy results at best and SEO won’t make the difference.

BUT, if the content that you write is long and if you do apply the SEO tweaks that we have discussed in this article then these little SEO optimizations can really give you the advantage over others but only if the content is good, to begin with.

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Promoting Your Free Quora Blog

Once your blog is live and your first article is up on Quora you need to get busy promoting.

You need to start to use Quora how it is primarily designed to be used.

Ask related questions and link members into your blog link.

Answer any related questions and link your blog making sure that your answers are always good and reasonably long form.

If your answers are too short they will be collapsed.

This means they won’t be visible to members.

If they do survive you may get called on spam if you are just dropping a link.

So really go the distance and create that conversation and then channel it to your blog.

As well as promoting on Quora it is also a very good idea to share to Twitter and Facebook and any other site that you have a presence on.

Creating social signals will really help build external traffic.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading.

If you have any questions then please feel free to add them to the comments section below.

And if you are a Quora member then make sure you look me up.

Regards Dexter

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