From Google page #3 to page #1 and +240% CTR with TextOptimizer!

There are a couple of Semantic SEO tools popping up with constant changes in the search industry.

Google and other search engines are now trying to understand topics, not just individual keywords in content. That’s what Semantic Search is all about.

Some search engine optimization tools that can help with this are TextOptimizer and SEMrush. Serpstat is another SEO gem for Text Analytics and Keyword Clustering.

Recently, I started off with TextOtimizer. I wrote about it here

So I have decided to share part of my results after using it to help me with Semantic ideas to freshen up some of my existing blog posts.

A good number of these old posts are getting improved results:

semantic SEO tool

This is an article that has jumped from page 21 (First position on 3rd page) to page 1 of SERPS. A huge leap if you ask me.

You now understand why so far it’s gotten +240% improvement in CTR. What I’m going to do is add more topical relevance, make it longer and watch.

I won’t build any more backlinks to it yet. Though there is quite big competition from tougher domains, I want to see if Semantics alone will push it further.

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TextOptimizer Semantic SEO tool is quite simple:

What it does is it scans your article, makes references to the selected search engine (Now it works with Google and Bing) and then brings you a list of topically relevant keywords to add to your post.


Here are two things I do with those proposed Semantic keywords

  1. I sprinkle some of those words in existing paragraphs.
  2. I create additional sub topics and paragraphs using ideas from those proposed words.

At the end of it, I get a more complete, long form refreshed content.

It should be noted that for the articles I’m working on, I have not added any backlinks recently. These improvements are simply as a result of semantic seo.

More about TextOptimizer, click here and let me know what you think.

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