TeslaThemes 2 Tier Affiliate Marketing Program ~ Earn 50% and 15% commissions

WordPress is the most widely used open source Content Marketing System (CMS) today. That opens up a huge market for WordPress Theme developers and an unlimited opportunity for affiliates to pocket some nice commissions.

TeslaThemes opens up 2 Tie Affiliate Marketing Program for Affiliates and bloggers making it possible for them to create passive income stream in an ever growing and profitable industry.


Affiliate Marketing is by far a hassle-free way to earn passive income without going through head ache of product creation, maintenance and upgrade, customer services, delivery and other after sales services​

The only thing you do is;

  • Identify a high converting product in your industry
  • Promote it and earn the commissions

Why TeslaThemes 2 tier affiliate marketing program ?

There are thousands of different Affiliate programs out there but why am I asking you to promote Tesla?

Well, I have a couple of reasons I'm asking you to try out Tesla Themes Affiliate Programs.​ Let's see some of these points of attractions:



I think this makes TeslaThemes an interesting source of passive income. You get paid up to 50% on sales generated directly through your affiliate link.

​Now, if one of your clients joins the affiliate system and promotes the their products, you still get paid 15% on what they generate as sales

Here is how the 2 Tier structure on TeslaTheme functions!

2 tier affiliate marketing program

If you bring in Jon and he buys for $69, you get paid 50% which is $34.50. If Jon joins the affiliate program and brings in Joe who buys for $69, you get paid 15% on that sale, which boils to $10.35. This is a huge source of passive income isn't it?



I have bits of affiliate earnings in different accounts here and there waiting for payout threshold. In most cases, you'll have to earn a whooping $100 to be paid your commission

​To a greater extent, that's unfair. TeslaThemes pays your commissions even if you just earned a dollar. No need to wait till you have made 10 sales. That's a positive point given that sometimes, you may need just $1 to clear a situation



90 days are 3 months and that's long enough for someone to make a buying decision.

What this means is that if someone clicks your affiliate link, he has up to 90 days for a sale from him to be tracked to your account.​

Some affiliate programs have 60 days and that's chopping 30 days off your way. I think Tesla Theme's 90 days is a point speaking for them.​



One of the ways to recognize a reliable Affiliate Marketing Program is the tools they offer their affiliates.

Basically, banners are the most common facilities from product owners. But Tesla Themes breaks this limit by providing Affiliate Widgets. All you do is copy a piece of code and past on your blog or website and this will show theme thumbnails.

Your affiliate tracking ID already embed so any clicks and subsequent sales will be tracked to your account. ​

How do you generate the widget

First, signup to the Affiliate program here for free. Navigate to the affiliate dashboard. The widget generator allows you different options to pick what you want and customize for your design:

tesla affiliate dashboard

Demo of what the widget looks like



Online buyers like the idea of coupons because it helps them save money. With TeslaThemes, you can request for a coupon code for your readers.

Generally, you get 20% OFF on the coupons. But during spacial events, Tesla Themes will be ready to generate coupons up to 50% OFF for your readers. This is something most Affiliate Marketing Platforms don't do.​



Payoneer has recently grown to be a widely used payment option for International affiliate marketers.

Most Affiliates however have shunned some Affiliate Programs due to lack of other cash out methods except Paypal. If you are in a country where Paypal is not an option, you can check out Payoneer. Request for a free MasterCard here

They have a wider coverage and your commissions on Tesla Themes can be paid to you to cash out directly in your local currency.​

NB: You don't get this option on the payment options in your Tesla Affiliate Dashboard. But don't worry!

All you have to do is contact TeslaThemes Support with your Payoneer details and your affiliate payments will be sent to your Payoneer account

Some Ideas to help you promote TeslaThemes 2 Tier Affiliate Program.

I know there are so many ways to promote affiliate products and you probably know some of these ways. However, let's discuss some ideas so you can add more to your belt.

  • Create a review post

Review blog posts are the easiest ways for bloggers to promote affiliate products and generate sales. However, most affiliate bloggers don't see results because they lack some vital ingredients in the review articles.

The best review article you are ever going to write that will generate the best sales comes from your personal experience. What I mean is if you are using a product and seeing results, you can easily do a review post backed by results​.

Why not buy a theme from TeslaThemes, use it and do a detailed review of that theme. That will surely generate more sales.

  • Create a Comparison post

This is a trick. There are some TeslaThemes that are certainly better than themes from other authors. This is a huge opportunity for you to tell users of those other themes that they are missing out on something.

If you succeed in showing what they get should they switch to TeslaThemes, you are surely going to help solve their problem while you get the commissions​

  • Answer user questions on Q&A sites

In this post, I discussed Quora as one top traffic source. Users on this site have questions in every area of life. While you can ask your own questions on this site, it is also a remarkable place for you to find people looking for better WordPress Themes. 

Note that most Q&A sites don't allow affiliate links. You should not even try to cloak your links. Those guys are smart enough to get you. What you do is write your review and share your review links on the sites.​

  • Make use of events

During special events like blackfriday, Easter, Christmas holidays, Valentine's day, etc TeslaThemes run special event promotions. On such occasions, event based coupon codes are generated to help buyers safe on their shoppings.

It's a huge opportunity for you to tell your readers on your blog, list, social media, etc about TeslaTheme and generate sales.

Once you have the special coupon code or discount link, follow instructions on how to use them with your affiliate links and track any sales to your account​

  • Create a WP  Theme Section on your Blog

This is something that's unique to TeslaThemes. Their widget generator is something you can use to highly boost sales. What I'm thinking is you can create a section on your blog where you publish the widget to pull different themes in different categories.

Telsa premium wp themes

That's how it looks like on my blog. I have the menu "Premium WordPress Themes" and each item on the menu points to a page I have created and with the category widget which pulls and displays thumbnails of premium themes in the different categories. Smart idea isn't it? 

  • More ideas to promote

There are actually different ways you can promote TeslaThemes and make money from sales. Apart from the ideas discussed above, here are some more:

  • Share your links with friends on social media
  • Mail to your list and talk to them about the professional themes
  • Speak to friends about TeslaThemes during offline events
  • Publish banners on your blog
  • Add a paragraph on your tools page about recommended Themes


In my ebook "Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers", I have given some excellent tips how to promote affiliate marketing products and generate commissions as bloggers.

I point out some active result-driven tactics you can activate on your blog to make unlimited sales. Be sure to download your copy now​!

Things you are not allowed to do

Like any other Affiliate Marketing platform, TeslaThemes has terms and conditions that must be followed by its affiliates. *

For the most part, not respecting these terms could resulting to your commissions be held back or your affiliate account completely getting frozen. So here are some 'don't do' points to note:

  • You are not allowed to bid on TeslaThemes as keywords
  • PPC in general is completely forbidden
  • TeslaThemes brand name is not allowed in domain names
  • Using your Affiliate Links to buy from them is forbidden


Now, I encourage you give TeslaTheme 2 tier affiliate program a try. Signup today for free. Follow some of the methods I mentioned above to start your promotions and generate some sales.

Let me hear what you think in the comment box. Please share this post on social media as well.

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Maqbool Azam

Hi enstine,

Teslathems 2 tier affiliate program is great source of income.
It help to increase 50% and its commission discount is 15%.
Teslatheme 2 is consist on many features like promotional tools,unique coupon and payout to payoneer.
There you also show demo of different theme of teslatheme.
Thanks to share info about teslatheme with.
Maqbool Azam


50% and an extra 15% commission . Wow.superbb..Just do the proper marketing and can get easy sales.. Surely i am going to try it. Thanks Enstine for this awesome article..

viki debbarma

Hi, Enstine
Are you sure about this themes that it works out properly? I have never experienced about it as a new beginner..! I will certainly try this themes for my next work.!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Viki,
    Yes these are great themes so give them a try.

    Thanks for showing up

Mehul Boricha

Thank you for sharing an amazing affiliate program – Tesla Themes tier 2 affiliate program. I am going to try it out now. Keep writing awesome posts.


Hi, Enstine….Thank you for sharing this nice and great post. It really works.

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Hi Enstine,
Nice post for affiliate marketing. Tesla themes are good for sit and looks awesome but it decreases the loading speed of the site which is making my site go down out of visitors etc.
Can we get rid of this problem?
Thank you


Simply nice and awesome post-Mr. Muki.
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Thanks for sharing this article about TeslaThemes 2 Tier Affiliate Marketing Program ~ Earn 50% and 15% commissions. Thank a lot for sharing this type of wonderful post.

Alex Gadd

I will definitely be checking out this affiliate program. The only thing which turns me off is the 90 day cookie. Does this mean that after 90 days, one can no longer earn recurring income from that affiliate.
A very informative post nonetheless. Also, do you know if they pay out using PayPal?

Vineet Sinha

Yes 50% commission another good way to earn money. I will write articles all about Tesla Themes. Thanks for sharing this article, I am really happy with this offer


thaanks for sharing this nice and great knowledge on this topic .you explain it really well and one more thing this is my first article which i read word by word thanks again

Harish Nagar

Hey Enstine,
I already know about Tesla Themes affiliate program. It is definitely a very good program. 50% commission is something which is going to attract many bloggers towards this affiliate program.
Keep on making money by affiliate marketing and keep informing others about the new affiliate programs.


That’s Great Knowledge about Affiliate Marketing Program, I am working on it, but I have read this post after that I have got more ideas about Affiliate Marketing. Thanks a Lot for shared helpful article.

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Enstine,

Good to read about Tesla Themes and their affiliate programs, since the beginning of my affiliate marketing journey on the Internet, I’ve been promoting the StudioPress Genesis Themes and really don’t look in other directions.

But going by what I read here, Tesla affiliate program seems a better option in terms of pay out structure. Definitely, I’ll give them a try on my WordPress themes review blog.

Thanks for writing bro, good to be here.

Istiak Rayhan

I’ve been promoting TeslaThemes for last two years. It has a great conversation rate. Glad to know about its two tier affiliate program. I will try it on my blog. Let’s see if it works for me.

Thanks for sharing this awesome news.


Thanks for sharing this informative post, Enstine 🙂 Although I have been an affiliate to Tesla few months back I didn’t concentrate well as of now. This post has given me some motivation and idea to go further and try to earn some decent passive income. Thanks again for sharing 🙂


Well I just read a post at nirmala’s blog about teslathemes affiliate and I really love it. Seems like I’m gonna head over to it now.


aakash patel

Thanks for sharing this excellent post. Tesla theme 2 tier affiliate program would become a great income source for blogger and it has 90 cookie lifespan which is interesting.
Would you share some more affiliate programs which have 60 or 90 days cookie period?


Akaahan Terungwa

Hi Enstine,

This is super cool – the cookie lifespan, the option to receive commisions via Payoneer and the awesome idea of having no payment cap is supremely brilliant. Aside this, I so love the recurrent nature of the affiliate program.

However, I’ve NEVER heard of this theme provider neither have I had course to see their themes in action (knowingly). In this wise, I’ll have to ask you directly: how do the themes perform? Or, do you have any example of a site that runs them?

Do enjoy the day!

Akaahan Terungwa

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