TeslaThemes coupon code ~ 25% discount code 2020!

If you want to buy premium WordPress Themes, I have evergreen TeslaThemes coupon code for you. This will get 25% OFF your purchases of any WordPress template from Teslathemes. Like I said, this is evergreen Teslatheme discount code so you can use it anytime.

-> Go to TeslaThemes here to apply it

Just below, I’m going to show you how to apply this coupon code but first, here are some reasons why you should try out TeslaTheme.

Teslathemes evergreen Coupon Code: enstine25

TeslaThemes coupon code ~ 5 reasons to buy TeslaThemes

Most WordPress themes are quite limited in options and that’s bad for any business that can be scaled. However, here are some reasons you need to try out TeslaThemes;

  1. Beautifully designed – While beautifully designed and aesthetic themes don’t guarantee business prosperity, it’s quite clear that themes with poor visual quality can easily turn off clients.
  2. SEO friendliness – TeslaThemes are designed to load under 1 second. As load speed is a ranking factor, we understand how this is an important factor to consider.
  3. Compatibility – One of the bad things with some things is incompatibility with most major plugins. Testlathemes have been coded and tested to be compatible with a cross section of popular plugins we have today.
  4. Responsiveness – Theme responsiveness is a nonnegotiable requirement in today’s online business world. In order not to run into trouble with search engines, you need a WordPress Theme that will automatically adjust according to user screen size and resolution – desktop, tablet (landscape and portrait), mobile (landscape and portrait)
  5. Price – Most themes are some what prissy but you can have unlimited access to Testlathemes with as low as $59 paid once
  6. Customer Support – Customer service is one key factor that kills or scales a business. TeslaThemes team is always available to offer required support each time demanded by its clients.
  7. Flexibility – Most wordpress themes don’t allow you the flexibility and customization to get what you want. That’s why you can easily make out the same theme on different websites. TeslaThemes however has an options panel with a queue of tools to help you customize different areas of your blog.

TeslaThemes discount code – TeslaThemes Settings!

Once you have TeslaThemes install, you will have its configuration panel within your WordPress Blog Dashboard. This allows you full control over your blog.

You will be able to change every area of your blog including colors, fonts, font size, images, etc

teslathemes coupon code

How to use this TeslaThemes coupon code!

-> Go to TeslaThemes here

Now, all is set and it’s time to purchase your copies and apply the evergreen TeslaThemes coupon code. If you want a specific copy, you’ll have to browse the collection and choose what’s good for you, go to view its demo and click ‘Purchase‘.

But the best option is to go to the pricing page, choose a package and click ‘Get Them All‘. This will allow you access to download all the themes with additional features or items as specified on the package details. Of course, this TeslaThemes discount code applies to both option.

teslathemes coupon code

From the image above (and note that these prices can change), the most popular option gives you access to all 56 themes for a token fee of $59.  But if you want Lifetime access including all PSD files, I recommend picking the Lifetime (Almighty) option. This evergreen TeslaThemes coupon code applies to any package on this list.

For the sake of this demo, I took the most popular option and this is what the next window looks like.

NB: Before you apply the Tesla Themes coupon code to reduce the price by 25%, be sure to sign in. You may want to use the Facebook or social media button for quick access.

teslathemes coupon code field

Just enter the Teslathemes coupon code in the field as indicated by the arrow. Then pick any of the two payment options: Paypal or Credit Card.

Confirm on the next page that the TeslaThemes coupon has been applied. This is known by the drop in final price.

For credit card option:

teslathemes savings card

And for Paypal Option, see the discount code in action:

teslathemes savings

Remember I mentioned above that you can apply this evergreen TeslaThemes coupon code to any of the packages and get the same reduction.

-> Go here and signup for a huge collection of premium WordPress themes

Teslathemes Coupon Code: enstine25

TeslaThemes most sold theme – EPILOG

A few people buying something maybe wrong but once a huge number of buyers are scrambling for something, there is reason to be curious too.

At the moment of writing this TeslaThemes discount code (TeslaThemes coupon code) post, EPILOG is the most sold theme in the catalog.teslathemes coupon code

Epilog Teslatheme was built with bloggers in mind. Carefully coded and designed, it’s the responsive WordPress theme that allows your readers to read with please and easily navigate through your site. While TeslaThemes WordPress Templates are created with neat design, well thought code and fast loading time, Spilog has won the interest of many bloggers. You can use TeslaThemes coupon code to grab this specific Theme for .

Dowload Epilog theme here. Use this TeslaThemes coupon code to get 25% OFF.

EPILOG Features List:

  • 6 Blog layouts (List/Grid, Featured article then list/grid and a classic layout. All with and without sidebar),
  • Three promotional boxes,
  • Neat animations,
  • Instagram feed,
  • Contact form,
  • Different Post formats,
  • HTML5 + CSS3,
  • Featured article slider,
  • W3C Valid source code, properly formatted and commented,
  • Programmed with SEO needs in mind,
  • Responsive layout,
  • Cross browser Support – Tested in IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, iOS, Android and Blackberry,
  • Load speed optimised,
  • Fontawesome and Google fonts integration
  • 24/7 Premium support.

TeslaThemes Popular Themes!

We’ve noted above that EPILOG is the most sold theme by TeslaThemes. However, there are other very popular themes worth mentioning. Note that my evergreen teslathemes discount code will work for any theme you want to buy today.

Other popular posts include:

  • MOTIVE – Creative Portforlio WordPress Theme
  • REVOKE – Responsive WordPress Theme
  • NARCOS – Multipurpose Responsive Theme
  • WINTERFELL – Creative WordPress Theme
  • UNIVERSE – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Check out those popular themes here and use this TeslaThemes coupon code to get these themes.

NGOs, Churches and Political Oorganisations

Not any theme should be used for NGOs, Churches or political group website. TeslaThemes has specifically design themes that are suitable Organisations and political parties and candidates.

The CREDO TeslaThemes WordPress template is specifically designed for churches and ministries with special features to enhance ministry expansion and growth. These include:

  • Retina-ready mobile friendly responsive design
  • Sermon archives
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • Church events
  • Support for multiple location
  • Staff and Church news
  • etc

Check out here for TeslaThemes Church WordPress theme and use this TeslaThemes coupon code to get this theme.

TeslaThemes Landing Page Template

One of the reasons some WordPress themes are not doing well today is the lack of the Landing Page Option. A landing page is actually a blank page that allows you to add anything to it.

But TeslaThemes Landing Page wordpress theme makes it quite unique by providing elements to allow you effortlessly and professionally create your landing pages.

Theme Features

  • Pricing tables
  • Sticky menu
  • Responsive layout
  • Contact form
  • Visual composer (save $34)
  • Social integration (facebook, twitter, instagram, dribble)
  • Magnifying glass for product images
  • Shortcodes
  • Translations (WPML ready)
  • Clean Code
  • One click demo data import
  • Child theme friendly
  • Icon Fonts (3000+)
  • W3C Valid source code, properly formatted and commented
  • Premium Support
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Cross browser Support – Tested in IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, iOS and Android
  • Customizable typography
  • Programmed with SEO needs in mind
  • Load speed optimised

Click her to see the demo and purchase your copy and use this TeslaThemes coupon code to get this theme.

Customer Testimonials

Internet users from all the world buy TeslaThemes and have provided feedback based on their satisfaction. Some of them have used this TeslaThemes coupon code and got their 25% reduction. Check out some testimonials:

teslathemes coupon code

Note that buying a single TeslaThemes wordpress theme will cost you $48. But with only $59, you have unlimited access to the whole catalog. The TeslaThemes coupon code gives you 25% OFF

Teslathemes Coupon Code: enstine25

Put this TeslaThemes coupon code to use now

You don’t have to wait for Tesla Promotions. While I will be writing about Tesla Themes Review in the days ahead, take this opportunity and grab copies of these premium themes with this approved TeslaThemes coupon code.

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  1. Thank Enstine Muki
    teslathemes are discounted and it’s good to apply it to your applications
    Retina-ready mobile friendly responsive design
    Sermon archives
    Photo and Video Galleries
    Church events
    Support for multiple location
    Staff and Church news

  2. Hi enstine,

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  3. As you know, I have had a bit of conflict with the folks at Tesla Themes for the last few months. I am so grateful and thankful to tell you all that Tesla and I have rediscussed the issues at hand and have come to a resolve. They will be refunding my clients in full. I have the utmost respect for people and companies that take care of their clients and customers. It speaks volumes to me when someone goes out of their way to make someone else happy. In todays world of business the more you do and give, the more you will receive and today I would like to say that Tesla Themes has done just that, they have proven to us that the are a company worth doing business with and one can trust.

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  5. Tesla Themes will be the worst choice you could ever make! The themes do not download properly nor do they function as they should. Customer service is DISGUSTING! They do not respect you, nor do they respect the world of business. They say 100% guaranteed refund, that is a complete lie! It’s been proven over and over to them all the issues we had with their themes and they still do not refund, they simply say “could you please unsubscribe from us… thanks”
    If you use a coupon, they won’t even talk to you, because you didn’t pay full price, they believe that if the themes don’t work too bad, next time pay full price and maybe we’ll talk to you. Ignorant and arrogant on every level. Stay far away, do not waste your time or money because thats exactly what you’ll be doing. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  6. Tesla themes are really very good with the nice interface and light weighted. And it’s really a good option as a website developer. Thanks for the amazing coupon code Enstine.

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