Should Bloggers Waste Their Time On SEO?

A lot of bloggers believe that they CANNOT and SHOULD NOT bother with SEO.

Are you one of them?

Do you believe that it is –

  • Too hard
  • Too complicated
  • No longer possible for the small guy?
  • Or, just not worth doing anymore.

SEO is dead, right?



SEO Is Possible For Everyone

Whatever you have heard, or read, or believe, SEO is possible for everyone.

Sure, you may not end up at the top of Google for Pay Day Loans (one of the most competitive search terms) but you can get traffic from Google even if you are an SEO newbie

In fact, I have worked with many small businesses and bloggers who thought they had no chance at SEO, and look at one of the results we got.

Over 100 unique visits per day for one post. That is 3000 unique visits a month!

Increase your own SEO

I don’t show you these results to make myself look good.

I do it to show you that even if you are at the bottom (with no traffic, a new website, or even badly optimized website), you can still go to google first page and get traffic from search engines.

I know SEO is not as sexy as Instagram or Snapchat.

And, I know it’s disappointing that Justin Bieber does not spend his time tweaking his SEO settings! (I told him, but he doesn’t listen)

But SEO can bring you traffic that is

  • long term
  • sustainable
  • highly “targeted”

These are people that will be interested in what you have to offer/sell.

Sounds great, right?

Now, what I really want to show you is that SEO IS POSSIBLE for the average blogger like you.

And it is not as difficult as you may think…

What Does It Take To Do Proper SEO

Like anything else worth doing, SEO takes time and effort.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: you know you won’t become a social media influencer tomorrow.

And, you know you won’t win a gold medal at the next olympics with just 2 weeks training. (check out Michael Phelps training schedule! 6 hours a day, 6 days a week)

Mind-blowing, top level SEO is the same. (I get up at 6am and run for 3 hours before I start my day – only joking)

However, there are some “secret” stairs “almost” to the top.

[clickToTweet tweet=”There is no elevator to the top in #SEO, but there are some secret stairs!” quote=”There is no elevator to the top in SEO, but there are some secret stairs!”]

Let’s find out where they are…

Let’s Learn The Secrets Of SEO

There are some tricks for getting more SEO traffic that can help almost anyone..

There are simple things that you can learn. And, many of them are not that hard.

That might be a surprise to you, especially if you have read about some of the insane things that people like Brian Dean of Backlinko do to get ranked on Google! (But keep in mind he is aiming for the stars, not the house next door – big difference)

I just want to repeat that it is actually not as difficult as you have been (mis)led to believe by the experts.

So, without any more teasing, here are some tips for you to implement today (or tomorrow if you are already getting your hair done today!).

On-Page SEO Is Your Friend

You might have heard of the term “on page SEO”. Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, names are not that important.

What is important is what On-Page SEO can do for you.

On-Page SEO is responsible for a 20% increase in traffic in one month – for a client of mine.


On Page SEO Results

Yes, you read that right – 20% in one month!

All I did was implement “standard on-page SEO” for him, and one month later, he had 1/5 more traffic.

Why was it so easy?

Because they had some content (posts and pages) already but just had not done the SEO basics.

Those basics are really simple. They are called On Page SEO or “putting your keywords in the RIGHT places”.

AND, not overdoing it by putting them too often in your post.

I even have a handy checklist for download on my website (Grab Yours Right Here).

All it requires you to do is put your keywords in about 5 different places, and you can start impressing Google right away!

Lesson 1: Do your on-page SEO on EVERY page and post on your website using my handy checklist.

[clickToTweet tweet=”On Page SEO is easy. Get more traffic with 5 minutes work per post. #bloggingtips” quote=”On Page SEO is easy. Get more traffic with 5 minutes work per post. “]

Do Some Keyword Research (To See If Anyone Cares)

On-page SEO is going to rock your world, that is for sure. It is one of the foundations of top SEO.

However, there is one thing I did not mention (no, you don’t have to die your hair pink and post it on Facebook).

Ready for the big secret… (drum roll please)

You need to make sure that there are actually people searching for your content.

I know, crazy, right?

You see, the trick with SEO is to see what “real people” (you know, your readers, clients and customers) are actually searching for.

You should do this for all your pages and posts, even if it is months after you have published (you can always tweak your on-page SEO later).

It can really help get you traffic.

Plus the cool thing is, Google actually keeps track of what people search for.


They give us FREE access to the data. (Who would have thought!)

How? Through a tool called Google Adwords – Keyword Planner

It’s a fun tool that tells you how many times a month people search for specific phrases (aka – keywords).

What should you do with it?

Search for things your readers are looking for, of course!


  1. Start with an idea (phrase) and type it into Keyword Planner
  2. See what similar phrases people are using
  3. Search again once you get a better idea/keyword (if you have not found one)

Keep in mind that the numbers in Keyword Planner are just estimates, and that not “all” the data is in there. But it is a great place to find gold nuggets for your SEO.

If Keyword Planner doesn’t give you what you are looking for, try some other tools for finding keywords like:



Keyword Shitter (excuse my language – but it gives you lots of ideas)

Then feed them back into Keyword Planner to see if they have actual volume (aka searchers).

Lesson 2: Find the prefect keyword that works for your content, then do the “on-page SEO” dance (more on that above), and insert them into the content (as per my checklist).

[clickToTweet tweet=”Is anyone searching for your content? You should check before you write it. #bloggingtips” quote=”Is anyone searching for your content? You should check before you write it. “]

Using Some Tools To Help

If you are spending a lot of time optimizing your pages and posts for SEO, it might help to use a tool. (you wouldn’t build your house with just a nail right? you need a hammer too!)

And if you are a WordPress user, like most people reading this post, then I have some great news!

There are two great plugins available to you: either Yoast or All in One. Both of them offer a boat load of features to help you optimize your SEO.

However, in my opinion Yoast is the easiest for bloggers to use and it will get you the best results.

It gives you a handy panel below your content where you can add your keywords AND check that you have added them in the right places (Hint: the ones from my checklist).

Not only that, but it also goes into some detail by checking that you have not

  • over-optimized (because Google hates people who jam in their keyword too much)
  • written your post for a PhD student (readability is key!)
  • and lots more!

Here is what I see from Yoast below this exact post as I am writing it. I have not put in my keyword yet, and optimized, but you can see the kinds of things it does for you.

  • help you optimize your Focus keyword (your main keyword phrase for the page/post)
  • show what the Google search result looks like and allow you to optimize it
  • checks the other on-page issues for you (see the dots at the bottom)

Yoast One Page SEO

And if you want to take it a step further, you can check out this great tool Enstine found.

Lesson 3: Make your life easier and do your On Page SEO using the Yoast SEO Plugin.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Make your #SEO life easier by using the right tools. #bloggingtips” quote=”Make your SEO life easier by using the right tools.”]

But Wait, There Is More

No, I am not offering you a free set of SEO Optimized steak knives.

But I did want to mention this:

On page SEO and keyword research are just the tip of a massive SEO iceberg.

Yes, they are absolutely essential to getting ranked on Google and can make a huge difference to your SEO traffic.

However, in order to really understand how it all works, and how to really find “keyword gems” to get traffic for, you have to go a lot deeper.

I am in the process of creating an SEO Course for website owners like you. So, if you are interested in learning exactly how I rank my clients on Google optin to my list below. I will also send you my super-easy SEO Checklist as well as some tips to help you rank better today (or tomorrow)!


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  1. Nice post cos we all know hard it working SEO.. the painful fact about it is that is not immediate.. but all the same it is the best thing to practice.

  2. Hi Ashley Faulkes,

    Great post indeed!

    I agree with your point. SEO is not dead. but we are not working properly to achieve our goal. we should try with good points. but we just waste our time on seo by applying wrong techniques.

    Hope this post will help me a lot to gain some good result.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  3. Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for this useful and informative post.
    Yes, All bloggers should waste time to do propper SEO of their blogs.

  4. Hi enstine,

    I am one of them who are wasting their time on seo of blog but i hope that one day i will achieve my goal.
    I am sure seo is the only way which can increase my traffic and earn.
    Maqbool Azam

  5. Nice post cos we all know hard it working SEO.. the painful fact about it is that is not immediate.. but all the same it is the best thing to practice.

  6. I do my best in optimizing my post for the keyword am targeting, and I found myself on Google first, second and third page. What I do not understand is that post on the front page give me small traffic, compare to those on the second and third page. How do that happen?

  7. Hey, Ashley!

    Great one! So helpful one you posted up on Esntine’s place, buddy!

    And I admit for myself that I am not working on the SEO part. Or you may say that I am not learning enough about SEO.

    I think that’s the prime time I should turn my good focus towards learning SEO, and to gain good results of it.

    I am gonna look back into every URL you shared in here! 🙂

    Thanks for the great share!

    ~ Adeel

  8. Hi Sir,

    Fantastic post. Can you please add some tolls that can report the SEO missing factor of a page like MOZ. There are different but all shows different results. So your suggestion would be great for this.

    Right now I use to check the SEO issues. But when I check the same page some where else , it shows other different factors.

    I appreciate your efforts for the quality posts like this. 🙂

    Shahid Malik

  9. Hi Ashley,

    It’s quite interesting to read out your fantastic post which help us a lot and get quality information about SEO. Search engine optimization is in fact the soul of every online business with the help of it one can get quality results in shape of organic traffic.

    All the tips that you have shared are awesome and beneficial for every blogger.

    Keep sharing 🙂



  10. It is nice to read that I am on the right track apparently with my new blog. and it already shows in my stats. I am just an amateur but I always try to focus on good content, with the right keywords. And yoast is very helpful.

  11. Hello Ashley Faulkes, welcome to Enstine Blog. SEO traffic is the best for most blogs or websites but when it is not well taking care of no traffic will be received from search engines. Great and lovely insights here about search engine optimization.
    Best Regards,
    Hadharm Hiidee

  12. Thanks, Ashley,

    I was in thought that nowadays SEO is workless, but your excellent post has thought me the importance of on-page factors and now I know the truth, SEO is still powerful in the market. But if we spend more time in SEO then it’s our foolishness we need to find out the right tool quickly and make use of it. All are aware of SEO, but this kind of proper SEO is still not known to many of the newbies. You have worked a lot to bring up the negative thought of SEO. Thanks for sharing, hereafter I’m going to spend some time in SEO for my Blogger

  13. Hey Ashley,

    Great post!

    Indeed, On-page SEO is important, and is cost effective as well, one just need to dedicate some time before publishing the post on his/her blog.

    Yoast is great for On-page SEO, another plugin one can choose is All-in-One SEO, I think depends on your personal preferences.

    Thanks for posting!


  14. Thanks Ashley,
    Great post you covered all the topics about on page but i still have difficulty related to keyword research because its start before website that is i thought niche keyword research but i do simple keyword research for individual post like find a keyword put it into google planner check its searches and competition and then find LSI keywords but i am still confused about keyword research

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  16. Hi Ashley

    You are so right and your tips are spot on. You have shown that SEO is easy to implement as long as you are aware of the basics.

    Thank you for sharing. Take care

  17. Ashley,

    Thanks for sharing this timely post (that i just taken blogging seriously) to change my notion that SEO is hard tasks to achieve, but with your breakdown that ‘there is no elevator to the top in SEO, but there are some SECRET stairs!

    So, with the secret stairs you revealed to go about SEO has totally removed the negative notions that some bloggers (upcoming) have and believed with the tips you highlighted or shared here will be of great help.



  18. Hi Ashley and Enstine,

    Thanks for bringing us a simple approach to SEO. So many articles make it sound so unattainable that I really haven’t bothered with it much.

    I use Yoast SEO plugin which I really like – especially the extra enhancements they’ve brought out in recent versions. It must be doing something, because when I check my Analytics I’m getting visitors for certain keywords.

    Reading your article has inspired me to look a little more closely at the Google keyword planner and see if I can do even better.

    Thanks for an interesting article on SEO for bloggers.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  19. Wow – I can’t believe I missed KW Finder. I love that tool The SEO competition part is a nice immediate snapshot of the keyword’s difficulty to rank.

  20. Nice Article.Users always click on their first option or top option.So they must do SEO and also have to increase traffic.Thanks for this article.

  21. Hi Ashley,

    Search Engine Optimization is essential to boost a webtraffic. Now-a-days all are doing SEO activities. But a proper seo helps to rank.

  22. When I first started online in 2007 with a website it was targeting just that one area/city. But then when I really started getting into internet marketing and joined an MLM, I realized real quick my SEO skills where none existent! SEO is a learning process and anyone who takes the time to learn, read and purchase the right products can and will succeed! Excellent post, Mike Lawton

    • Cheers Mike
      There is certainly a lot of wrong or misinformation out there. And SEO is such a web of different areas that it is hard to really get a handle on it.

      Glad you have it figured out :>

  23. Beautifully written, Ashley! Wish I could have secretly slipped this article to the clients of the web development firm I worked with not too long ago.

    Loved your Olympics analogy plus the humor to give the right expectations in the “What Does It Take” section. And the easy “put your keywords in about 5 different places” in the On-Page SEO section.

    I know links are a whole ‘nother subject, but a couple well placed, well-thought-out ones in your content can be helpful too.

    I think you’re really differentiating yourself in the SEO world by the simple way you’re teaching it. Enstine too – loved the Pogo Stick post. Hope both of you keep it up!


    • Cheers John

      And right you are, links within the content can be helpful, both external links and internal ones. People often forget that all the things on your website are within your control and you have to make the most of them!

  24. Hey Ashley,

    For beginners, SEO is something the far away from their approach. But they can do it by following a few tips.

    The stairs for to reach on the top are there. The keyword search is an important task to do before writing a blog post.

    Embedding the keywords in the right place between the blog post is needed.
    Thanks for sharing this article with us.
    Have a nice day.

  25. Hi Ashley Faulkes,

    Glad to see you on Estinemuki’s blog and would like to say you thanks for such kind of great post on SEO. Really, SEO has important role on any site or blog. No one can get targeted traffic without SEO. If there is no organic traffic from search engine, you’re wasting your time. Means, We can’t make any sale from untargeted traffic. So, I want to say that each blogger should take care of SEO.

    Do some SEO –> Get Targeted traffic —> More Sale = More profit

    Thank you

  26. Hey Ashley,

    In fact, SEO is the spirit of any website and blog. Hope this article will be the source of inspiration for newbie bloggers to get familiar with SEO and implement it in their web projects.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  27. I’m a new blogger, If I do SEO seriously how much time it would take to rank aa keyword in Google? I do keyword research all the time before writing an article. I think bloggers should spend some time for SEO. Thank You

    • Hey Abhilash,
      SEO is always a great idea and you can certainly rank for certain keywords. But answering that question (how long does it take) is difficult. It depends on your content, the keyword, your website and authority and how many links you have. The best bet is to start small and go for longer tail, less competitive keywords and work your way up over time.
      hope that helps

  28. Hi Ashley Faulkes,
    First of All Thank You, you have shared helpful and beneficial knowledge on this blog. You are right SEO possible for everyone, but more than bloggers/ developers doesn’t have any basic knowledge about SEO. What can they SEO on Personal Blog?

    • Hey Asif
      The simplest thing to do is what I mention in the post
      – check that the keywords actually exist (in Google Keyword Planner)
      – do your on page SEO according to the checklist
      then write the best content you possibly can for the topic.
      That should certainly get you some traffic over time.
      thanks for the comment

  29. A great post! Very well written and well explained. All the points you have given are very useful.Got something new to learn. So SEO can be done by anyone. Thanks for sharing.

  30. What I believe is that you must know basic knowledge of SEO and write quality content and you will be good to go. Because believe it or not SEO is essential if you want to get traffic from Google. What do you say?

    • Hey Rohit
      Well, you could get lucky and get traffic from Google, but without a serious plan and understanding of what is required, it would be luck and very little traffic.
      Simple on page optimization alone can really help
      thanks for the comment

  31. Nice article faulkes

    Great seo tactics you mentioned
    Doing on page seo is really helpfull to get ranked first on Google
    I am using semrush for keywords research and use soovle for finding profitable words suggestions

  32. Glad to see you here, Ashley.

    You have great points there.

    Spending time on SEO is not waste in the first place. It begins at the inception of our blog posts, even before writing. That’s what I know.

    I focus on the content first.

    True SEO surfaces before I take a close look at optimizing my page.

    I agree. It is good. A friend. And it is for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing, sir.


    • Hey Francis
      Your approach sounds solid. People first, SEO optimization in the background but taking readers into consideration.
      That should certainly help your SEO
      thanks for the comment

  33. Hi Ashley,
    Its really good to see a new face at Enstine’s Blog. And surely I was attracted towards the title of the blog. And Reading the whole post got me a bunch of new things.
    So, SEO is Not dead and really can be done by anyone.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Cheers Robin, glad my title attracted your attention :>
      SEO is for everyone. We don’t all have to be gurus, but a little knowledge can go a long way.
      thanks for the comment

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