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Studybay Affiliate Program ~ Earn Recurring commissions!

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the fast ways to make handsome amount of money online. But one of the biggest challenges has remained how to locate the high converting and massively used product to promote as an affiliate.

Today, we are looking at StudyBay Affiliate Program, one of the most rewarding affiliate programs on the Internet in our days. That’s because StudyBay is in an industry where demand for its services is in huge volumes and promoting it as affiliate is a sure way to make some money.


If you’ve not done Affiliate Marketing before, you really should give that a second thought. I have written a book on this so check it out here. Some of the secrets I discussed in it could be used to promote StudyBay

Make Money With StudyBay Affiliate Progaram

StudyBay is freelance marketplace for students and authors. Students can find a qualified writers and submit any type of paper:

  • Essay
  • Academic Paper
  • Term Paper
  • Dissertation
  • Etc

Authors, on the other hand, can earn money, get a great experience and real reviews.

Here are five things you get for joining the affiliate program



60 %

For every referral who signs up through your link and makes the first order, you are paid up to 60% in affiliate commission



15 %

This is where passive income comes in. For every of your referrals that orders more than once, you are paid 15% on every purchase.



One of the reasons we don't do well with some affiliate programs is the lack of promotional materials. The guys at StudyBay have gone far ahead of their competitors by providing a wide variety of promotional materials. Details on this ahead



5 %
Two Tier

The good thing about StudyBay is that they pay you up to 5% from the profit your affiliates make. Being a Two Tier affiliate program, you can help them recruit more affiliates and still make more money.



$ 10
Pay Out Min.

Now this is like nothing else on the Internet. All you need here is a minimum of $10 and your commissions will be paid any time. 

You don't have to wait 45 or 60 days to cash out. Cash out your earnings through Paypal or Payoneer.

Here are 3 more reasons to promote StudyBay!

There are several advantages and benefits working with StudyBay. First, we know the market for its products has a huge demand. Here are some three more reasons to give the product a try:

  • 64% CR (Conversion Rate) for paid and fulfilled orders.
  • The average number of orders per client is 10. That means StudyBay can be your huge source of passive income
  • The affiliate program turns 24/7. That means your traffic (from blog posts, social media or paid sources) is converted even while you are on holidays or in bed sleeping

Promotional Materials

One of the things that get me annoyed with some affiliate programs is when I'm not helped with materials that can facilitate promotion.

Generally, most Affiliate Marketing platforms provide banners, email swipes and some PPC keywords.

While StudyBay provides all of these, they have gone over the normal providing more promotional items.​ Let's look at two of these:

A) Order Forms

You can generate Order Forms and place on your websites. This promo allows you to convert traffic faster and get a great profit. All you do is copy and paste pre-made code. Below is a working sample of the Order Form; 

There are many different designs you can simply copy and paste on your web pages and boost your earnings. 

B) Landing Pages

Apart from forms, there are beautifully designed Landing Pages and all you have to do is download and then upload to your website. Any conversion through the landing pages drives commissions to your account

studybay affiliate program

Are Affiliates really Making Money here?

There are thousands of affiliates and partners already getting paid by the StudyBay Affiliate Program. The question right this moment is to signup and give it a try. However, this is proof that affiliates like you are already making money on the platform:

studybay affiliate program partners


Now, joining the StudyBay affiliate program is free. After having seen how much you stand to to earn, I think it's time to create your free account.

While you are signing up, please drop a comment below and let me know what you think about StudyBay.

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Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Maqbool Azam

Hi enstine Muki,

A great post indeed.studybay affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs which is very easy to understand and a popular way to earn.
Your explanation is understandable to every reader.
Thanks to share this post with us:
Maqbool Azam


I’ve tried a lot of sites to earn through affiliation but all my efforts ended to smoke. I’ve been just messing around I’d say rather. I’m gonna try your tactics and see if things could go my way.


What’s a promo code? I tried to sign up but was asked for a promo code.

How do I get it?


Hi Enstine,

I never heard about this affiliate program regarding education assignments, some of my friends are running education websites in India, I think they too don’t know about this program.

I will refer this program to them which can allow them to earn little bit more money from their websites, just landed on their website it is quite impressive.

Thanks for sharing information about this program.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Madhavi,
    Good to hear that and thanks for dropping the comment. I hope your friends make some money money from StudyBay 😉

    Good luck to you as well


Hi Enstine

What a great opportunity?

I definitely would check this out and share it with my friends.

They have so much promotions and I see that they look affiliate friendly.

Thanks for sharing. Take care

Abayomi Ajayi

thank you for taking your time to share this great opportunity , i think i will quickly sign up for this affiliate program since they have powerful promotional tools that can make one to generate good income as an affiliate makemoneyonline

Brent Jones

Hi Enstine,

You published this post on my birthday, so I felt compelled to check it out! 🙂

Well, first, you’ve piqued my curiosity about Thrive Content Builder. These are the same folks as Thrive themes, correct?

Your visuals in this post are excellent, so I’ll be checking that out.

Second, StudyBay sounds awesome — that sounds like something I could definitely promote. Right up my alley.

I feel like every time I visit your blog, I discover some amazing new tool or resource that I never even knew existed. Hats off to you, man. You’re one of the few bloggers I know who is consistently innovating. You should be proud of that.



    Enstine Muki

    Oh wow! Happy Birth Day man. You just dealt with another calendar today 😉

    Yes that’s thrive builder by those thrive theme guys. It’s amazing and simple to use 😉

    You have two ways to make money with StudyBay –
    1 – As affiliate, which is why I did this post
    2 – As content producer. so take a closer look and you’ll certainly come up with something.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment and compliment. There are lots of awesome tools there and I’ll be glad to reveal them to my readers so these can help make your business better

    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful week


Hi Estine!

You are always providing great information for us to look at. I still have a few things you have recommended that I haven’t taken action on yet but plan to.
Nazish recently posted…Qurtba Ki Khamosh Azaanein By A HameedMy Profile


Hi Enstine,

Thank you so much for bringing this to our notice, as a school teacher that my wife is, I know she will be of great help to me in making something with this affiliate program.

Like Terungwa, “the demand for academic services is huge – especially during the ‘peak periods’.

Once again, thank you for letting this out!


    Enstine Muki

    Hey that sounds great
    She might even signup as a writer and make some cool money. How about that?

Akaahan Terungwa

Hi Enstine,

Having worked with an academic assisting agency in the past, I can tell you authoritatively that the demand for academic services is huge – especially during the ‘peak periods’.

I’ve already hoped into the affiliate program and I know it’ll be a matter of a few days before I see a nice little number with the $ preceding it.

I appreciate you for bringing this offer where my radar can pick it up.

Enjoy the day!

Akaahan Terungwa

Arbaz Khan

Hey Enstine,
Thanks for featuring Studybay affiliate program.
Right now, I am making a list of programs that offer recurring payments and I have added it to the list. I am going to start working on all the programs very soon.
Thanks again! 🙂
Arbaz Khan recently posted…Clash Royale APK Download – 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.2.3 APK FreeMy Profile

Shalu Sharma

Looks like a great affiliate product. One question, is it OK to use PPC to drive traffic to their programme? 2 tier seems interesting. Certainly worth looking into.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Shalu,
    I think yes but I’ll still recommend you get in touch with the tech guys on the site so they can properly answer your questions.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week


Hello Enstine,

Can I promote it using EMD (Exact Match Domain) site?

I want to promote it using SEO.

Kindly let me know.

Monna Ellithorpe

Hi Enstine,

I will be taking a look at this in time. You are always providing great information for us to look at. I still have a few things you have recommended that I haven’t taken action on yet but plan to.

Have a great weekend.

    Enstine Muki

    Hy Monna,
    I know you are really are being kept down by what we discussed on FB. But as soon as you get some time, try out some of these stuffs.

    They really work 😉

Saminu Eedris

Hope you are having a great weekend Enstine,

This is one of the great Affiliate program I’ve seen here, I am currently signing up as at the time of writing this comment.

Thanks Sir.

    Enstine Muki

    Yeah bro the weekend was great 😉
    Good luck as you signup to this platform. I hope it helps you generate more income 😉

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