42 thoughts on “Why I Bought Thrive Content Builder ~ Why you too should buy now!”

  1. Hi Enstine,

    This is great post indeed.Thrive content builder is one of the plugin which helps the blogger to create his content in awesome style and in unique style.
    Thrive content builder allows you to design professional sales copy with visuals that boost sales.
    Thanks to share these lines with us.
    Maqbool Azam

  2. Found this in search while trying to figure something out and thought “Hey, that’s Enstine!” I love, love, love TCB. You and so many other readers told me to get it after I posted about Visual Composer. Kim kept raving about it so I got it a month ago. This leaves VC in the dust! LOL Thank you.

    • Ah! Welcome to my blog Lisa. I don’t know what it is that you were looking for in search but I’m glad you are here 😉
      I do remember that post you created about VC and I’m looking forward to (this time) a comparative post.

      If VC is been relegated to the dust, it therefore means TCB has some options that make it better.

      Any chance of having that VC vs TCB post?

  3. Hey Estine,
    When you wriote about TCB a few weeks ago and I saw it working I immediately have bought it. It has great tutorials and doc’s. So now I’m experimenting with this really helpfull and time-saving tool.
    I have no idea if affiliate marketing works in my field of education in the Netherlands. Nice item for a talk with Jasper.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing again and let’s make marketing more and more pleasurable (and honest)
    Walk in grace,
    Hans van Zanten!

    • Hi Hans,
      Yes there are quite many tutorial videos to help users and you won’t regret every buying this plugin.

      Yes Jasper should come in with some helpful information about Affiliate Marketing in your area. However, if you have bloggers reading your blog, they should be interested in the plugin too.

      I’d like to hear more from you how it goes

      Have a wonderful weekend

  4. I have installed thrive content and it takes time to post but once you posted it looks very beautifull visually

    • Hey Dav,
      The method is to pre conceive your design. Once you know exactly how it will look like, the next step is drag and drop the objects.

      BTW, how is your general experience with it?

  5. Hello Muki – How does the multi-license work for developers? Do you export the pages or install the plugin on your client’s site using your own activation code?

    • Hi Sy,
      I have not used that license but I’m sure it allows you to install on multiple sites and maybe export items.

      Thanks for dropping a comment 😉

  6. Hi Enstine

    I have heard of Thrive content builder and even visited their site.

    Well I love the way you have used it on the site and looks exciting.

    This is one tool I will definitely try out. Thank you for the tips. Take care

  7. Hi Enstine. You have really shown the value of the plugin. I can definitely see how it can make a post or page better. I’m thinking that it could be a good fit for some of my product pages. I will have to look into it more, as well as continue to follow what you do with it. The affiliate option is always a plus.

    • Hey Ben,
      Thanks for being part of this post today.
      This plugins is a great addition to WordPress and I hope you try that out some day on your sites.

      BTW, do have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for being part of the discussion 😉

  8. Hi Enstine

    A very complete and clear description of a tool that can make a site come alive. It certainly has a lot of stylish and eye-catching features that no blogger should be without.

    It seems like one of those tools that can attract money to the affiliate in no time.
    The importance of visual appeal should never be underestimated and it seems this plugin provides this in abuncance.

    It is always good to learn about new tools that can help grow our readership.

    Good helpful post.

    • What a wonderful weekend seeing you here Igert 😉
      And yes, there are 2 great things about this plugin;
      1 – Its wonderful tools to allow you create stunning content
      2 – It converts quite well for affiliates

      So if you want to promote an affiliate product that’s proven to sell well, don’t hesitate to try this.

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

  9. Hi Enstine,

    Indeed an excellent review of Thrive Content Builder. Really the features that you have mentioned about the plugin is super awesome. The thing which i like the most is one can easily create nice animated content by using Thrive Content Builder.

    Fantastic share once again 🙂



    • Hi bro,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment.
      Yes this plugin is wonderful and I’m sure you’re going to one day practically find out 😉

      do have a wonderful weekend bro

  10. Hi Enstine,

    I’m very impressed to see all the exciting ways you’ve used the Thrive Content Builder plugin.

    I bought myself copy a few weeks ago but haven’t used most of the features yet. I know I’ll be learning from you as I read further articles over the weeks.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hey Joy,
      I’m really going to post nice things about the plugin here. I’ll be doing how to posts and look, I do enjoy it 😉

      Wait for the next coming soon

  11. Hi Enstine,

    I’ve brought this earlier but couldn’t use properly. As a result, my blog posts were looking dull. This content has changed my idea & helped me to build a awesome content as well as save the time.

    Thanks for your excellent post.

  12. Hey Enstine,

    I have thrive leads and I’m quite sure Thrive content builder will deliver even more value. I like all of the formatting, call to action and other features that you mentioned here and it looks like you’re getting more than what you pay for it. Thanks for sharing Enstine!

    • Hea ya!
      The value in this stuff is quite much and I’m thinking like it’s more than what I spend.
      I don’t have thrive lead but from what I see here, I’m sure that will be another huge piece 😉

      Thanks for commenting and sharing man
      Do have a wonderful week

  13. Hi Enstine,

    I bought this and I am very eager to work with it but I have found a problem with my site, so working on getting that corrected before diving into this. I like what I see so far.

  14. A very awesome tutorial Enstine,

    I also have Thrive Content Builder and will start using it soon, I’m still trying to master it. Its indeed a very useful piece of tool and can’t wait to devour it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    • This plugin is awesome bro and you are missing a lot by not using it yet.
      Besides, it’s easy to use. the drag and drop features are down to earth

      Good luck man

  15. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for this great review. Like Ryan mentioned, you can’t go wrong with “eye candy” and this makes it so easy to do.

    This is like having a virtual assistant helping you creating not only content, but with so much more….capture pages, animations and so on….

    Thanks for this awesome review …you know I’m going to pass this on.


    • Hey Donna,
      Thanks for reading and sharing this review

      I really do enjoy the way this is simple to use and the results are great too. I have created a few content with it and don’t feel like using traditional editor any longer.

      Do you have it running on your blog too?

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Ya just can’t go wrong with using a visually-appealing content builder dude. Eye candy rocks. Your presentation here proves it. If you design something too busy, readers will flee. But if you spruce things up, with TCB ;), more readers will appreciate your blog and brand. Presentation counts, big-time.


    • Hey Ryan,
      Thanks for stopping by bud and the your comment is exciting.
      I feel awesome editing content with the new editor. The feedback I get too is crushing so I think I have added something awesome to this blog.

      I hope you are having a wonderful week there in paradise

  17. Hello Enstine,

    Long long time, mate! 🙂

    Wow! I can’t really believe how cool is that plugin – Super interesting post you crafted using Thrive Content Builder. Really cool!

    I will sure get it once I put my steps over commercial blogging! 🙂

    See ya often!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hey Adeel,
      Good to see you here bro and thanks for the comment.
      Yes this plugin turns content editing on WP around. You’ll enjoy it by the time you grab your copy

      I hope you are doing great this week

  18. Hi Enstine
    I must say that thrive’s product is one of the best product I’ve ever bought so far especially thrive theme, thrive landing pages and thrive content builder. But i’m not aware of its ability to creating visually compelling, animated content and the content reveal feature. Thanks for highlighted it.

    Again, what i love about thrive’s product is that its come with great product tutorial via member dashboard and response from the support is also fast.

    Last but not least, i’m highly recommend all thrive’s product for anyone and i love the way you promote it with this post.


    • Hi Imer,
      First, thanks for the recommendation 😉
      Yes, there are great and detailed videos everywhere teaching every function of the products. The team is working hard and the forum too is doing well.

      good to hear you are doing well with it too bro. However, put in some time to study how to do these animations. They are very simple and can turn your blog around 😉

      hope you are having a great week

  19. Hi Enstine,

    I bought this and I am very eager to work with it but I have found a problem with my site, so working on getting that corrected before diving into this. I like what I see so far.

  20. It’s True.
    I’m also using thrive content builder plugin on my blog and its truly awesome.
    Not only content builder, thrive leads and thrive clever widget also very good.
    Just few weeks ago they introduce their new inversion thrive headline optimizer plugin.
    Recommend you to try out their headline optimizer plugin.

    BTW thanks for sharing this detail post with us. Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

  21. Hey hey heyyyy Enstine! Yes my friend. Thrive Content Builder is an AMAZING plugin and is what I am using over on YourChicGeek.

    I first heard about this plugin from Fabrizio over on Magnet4blogging.net and I am glad that I did!

    It is really awesome…. Thanks for the review 🙂

    • O yeah? I’m excited to hear you have been rocking with this too. It’s such an amazing builder and I can remember when Fab wrote about it.

      What I also like about it is the conversion rate. As affiliate marketer, one can really sell more copies and get paid commissions 😉

      Congratulations on your product that’s live 😉

  22. Hi Enstine,

    This is really very amazing content building plugin and you have practically shown its features and benefits. Another great review and great post!


    Subha Sadiq

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