06 sources of free traffic to keep your website very busy!

Understanding the different sources of free traffic to your website/blog can make a huge difference to your business. Unfortunately, many bloggers and website owners are just throwing their feet in the dark.

As a matter of fact, readers come to your blog from 2 major traffic sources. These are:

  1. Free sources
  2. Paid sources

We want here to focus on 05 different channels that can be studied and developed to raise profit from current levels.

Some channels are more targeted than others. Some can drive huge traffic within a short period of times. Some won’t just work in some cases despite the numbers.

It’s therefore important to do some statistical studies and come out with data-driven results to maximize your online campaigns. Let’s now take a closer look at these 5 traffic channels.

06 free Traffic Channels to kill the silence on your blog

1) Natural Channel

This is by far my most exciting source of traffic. The simple reason is that traffic from Search engines is Organic and most targeted. As a matter of fact, SEO traffic converts the most for me.

Searchers tend to click your links because they believe you have the exact (or something very close to the) information they are looking for.

SEO on its own is a university. But here are some few points to help your blog get more results from search engines:

  • Add your keywords to the titles of your posts. This will effectively boost your CTR on SERPS
  • Add LSI keywords to the description meta section. It really won’t help in ranking but has a huge CTR effects on SERPs
  • Use the right SEO tools to get more results. Neil Patel has a list of 10 free SEO tools to start with.
  • It is recommended to do keyword research before starting your blog posts. Some folks may think otherwise.
  • Don’t write for Search Engines. Write for your readers.

2) Referral Traffic Sources

This is a quick traffic source and bloggers can easily find their ways out with this. This sources sends traffic to your website from links on other websites.

Generally, you can easily get this through blog commenting and guest posting. Commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs can highly boost this traffic source.

Other referral resources are forums, Q&S sites, mentions on other sites, etc. If you create highly engaging contents, readers will link back to your posts and that will bring you referral traffic.

3 ) Social Media

Some people see Social media traffic source as referral channel. It really is but social media is an Internet property with distinctive set of characteristics.

Contents posted on social media are short-lived. According to Moz, the average lifespan of a tweet is a mere 18 minutes! Whereas, comments and links on guest posts, forum posts, Q&A sites can still drive traffic after a very long period of time.

Links on social media cannot be manipulated. You don’t set the anchor text and other link properties. You take what you get from social media sites.

Here is how to get effective results driving social media traffic:

  • Don’t be influenced bu numbers. Focus on quality and targeting.
  • Respect social media platform rules
  • Join targeted groups on Facebook
  • Join targeted communities on Google Plus.
  • Be social and participate in discussions
  • Etc

4) Direct traffic Source

This is traffic from users that typed your URL directly into their browser, or who had bookmarked your site.

Here are some few ways to boost your direct traffic source:

  • Print your domain name on Business cards, Invitation cards, Calendars, Brochures,  etc.
  • Create exceptional content that will cause readers to bookmark your site.

Note that traffic from other sources like email, url shorteners, search, etc may be reported as direct by your analytics apps due to browser issues.

5) Email List

If you’ve not started building a list for your online business, you’re probably leaving out an important element of your campaigns.

Your email list is a sure source of targeted traffic. Each time you send a mail to your list, you are sure to get clicks.

List building on its own is another course. However, you may want to check out my post on MailerLite Vs MailChimp and how to build a list and earn trust from your readers

6) Pinterest

Pinterest has become a serious social media and SEO source of traffic you must not joke with. With over 250m people using the platform every month, developing an active pinning strategy is a way of building another solid traffic channel to your website.

How to know which traffic channels work best

It’s important to know what works best so you can focus on it to rinse and repeat. These are several tools that can give you this information.

However, you may want to start off with Google Analytics.

Go to Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels.

sources of free traffic

You may still want to dig deeper and know which Facebook group or Google Plus community generates the best results. An easy way to go about this is Google Analytics’ Campaign Url Builder

OK that’s it…

Drop a comment and let me know which of these gets the best results for you. Please share this post on social media for more exposure.

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur


Mr.Muki, this is a good quality list. While I cannot say that there were any surprises in store, none of these sources can seriously be argued with.

In fact, it is due to factor one (Organic Search Traffic) that I am here. That’s right – Google brought me right to your doorstep! And in point #1, I found my raison d’etrê.

“Add your keywords to the titles of your posts. This will effectively boost your CTR on SERPS”

For me, this bit of wisdom is priceless, as it helps me to plug a gap in my content creation. Thank you Sir!


I was searching the web for traffic sources and this article really stood out to me and I just wanted to say wonderful job. I think I’m finally starting to understand how organic traffic works and its importance with customer connections compared to paid advertising. Thank You.


Ok.. Great.. Enstine.
I have a doubt regarding this.
Is there any difference in CPC rate while if we Drive Traffic from the above 5 source of traffic.?


I think getting social media traffic very easy followed by a little bit of sharing links. I got awesome results whenever I promote stuff on social media.

Thanks for tips


These are great points. About social media, I love Facebook groups, especially the ones are active and that add value. I have discovered that they are a great place to promote your blog, as long as you don’t come out looking spammy. Forums are great too.

Adeel Sami

Hello, Enstine!

My favorite and the top traffic source is, no doubt, social media. 🙂

And after it, referral traffic which comes from the different blogs where I leave the comments.

That’s the good source because this way you have the related traffic that takes action on your own blog as well because they like your topic. 🙂

Thanks for the great one as always, brother!

~ Adee;


My major traffics are from search engines and little from social media.
Thanks for the tip.
Ernest recently posted…Lenovo ZUK Edge Specifications And PriceMy Profile

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee

Hi, Enstine, cool and useful information here. I am now able check out my traffic sources as well. What about if I want to know which other languages my website is being converted to apart from English?


    Is that possible?
    I need the info too.

Gautam Kumar

For me the best source of traffic is social media sites like reddit,Facebook,Stumbleupon.Stumbleupon and reddit are hard to get traffic from but once you get some good number of upvotes you get lots of traffic.

KumKum Bhagya

A really helpful post Ramit. I am new in the ground and considering mostly on nice content and simplicity. Will try your tips soon … thanks again

Endre Fredriksen

It all depends on your business. Different social platforms are popular in different industries. You can always educate yourself when it comes to SEO so that your blog can make more of an impact (thus traffic). Forums posts and blog comments made within your industry can also give you some additional exposure as well.


I have been trying to increase traffic from social media and and email list. Will surely try to implement the tips mentioned.

Peter Beckenham

Hi Enstine,

Thanks as always for sharing your expertise.

The topic of traffic is always going to be one of great interest to many folks and your post gives a great overview of the major types of free and paid traffic sources.

Actually, it was news to me that the lifespan of a tweet was only 18 minutes! wow

I totally agree with the email traffic source from email marketing being very targeted but what has been of great interest to me lately is the power of messaging on social media, especially on Facebook.

Traffic to my sites from Facebook PM conversations has proved to be of the highest quality and the highest conversions as well.

Best wishes as always from the remote Thai village blogger



This is really a very nice post. I have been trying many traffic sources but commenting on related blog post always works for me.
Ashvin recently posted…5 Killer Ways to Get More Comments On Your BlogMy Profile


Nice Post, i agree blog commenting and social media very helpful for increasing traffic. Thanks for sharing this information.


HI Enstine Muki

Awesome tutorial and thanks for sharing


Hi Enstine,
Excellent blog. Thnaks for sharing.

Areesha Noor

Hi Enstinemuki,

Great post indeed!
Organic traffic always gave me good result because I have entertainment niche that is not liked in social media sites. So I always do the best SEO to my site and get a good result from search engine. So I think white hat SEO is long term process and result for you.

Anyway thanks for sharing such great information with us.

Areesha Noor!


Hello Enstine,

This is my first ever visit to your blog, it definitely has awesome content. Thank you for summing up various sources here, I have just started building my email list, hope it goes in a good direction.

BTW, I would like you to know that there is a typo in a post which I found, in the 3rd section about “Social Media”, there is a point “Don’t be influenced bu numbers”, it should be by instead of bu, since key “Y” and “U” are together on the keyboard so this might have occurred.

Looking forward to read more.

Chalchitra recently posted…Some Movietube Like Websites That Provide HD Movies For Free StreamingMy Profile


Hey Enstine,
Great share. You have listed some good strategies for bloggers to grab traffic.
For me referral traffic and social media traffic is best for me.
Thanks for sharing this post.


Hi Enstine

What an amazing blog. Thanks for sharing.

Hemant Kumar

Woowwa awesome post Sir.
You rocked it.
You wrote it really greatly and yeah is the guide which every blogger should read right now.
Gladly shared on my social media 🙂

Aysha Haque

Hello Enstine!

Very useful post to get traffic to a blog from various free traffic sources. Search engines traffic is really very targeted. Forums and QA sites i use to drive traffic to my blog. It is true, we can get good amount of referral traffic from these free sources if we do it rightly!

Anyway, thanks for the great post!
Aysha Haque recently posted…STATUS Para Whatsapp de AmoR- Top 1000+ Frases Curta bonitaMy Profile

Minhaj Uddin

Hi Enstine bro!

Great article on free traffic sources! Yes, i always prefer free traffic sources as i have no money to go for paid one 😀

I get good traffic from google and decent traffic from social sites as i promote on some social platforms!

However, thanks for sharing an useful post with us.

Keep it up!

Happy blogging.


Fantastic tips Mr. Enstine.

Nowadays, Social Media is becoming popular and people pay more attention to social media posts. So, being a marketing professional one should try to get more constant traffic from Social Media.In addition, it is impossible to neglect referral traffic because it is necessary for business.

Thank you Enstine for valuable tips.

Narinder Kumar

Thanks Muki i am totaly agree with u blog commenting its really a great seo techniques to increase our blog traffic.


First thing i am very impressed with your organic traffic (10,000 +), is it 1-month traffic. I always focus on the organic and bounce rate. Both are very important for any online business. Thanks mate! sharing your web traffic from different sources.

Mansoor Bhanpurawala

Hi Enstine, I’ve been looking at my traffic more lately as I’ve increased my social sharing. It’s amazing to see where your traffic is coming from and it can you stay better focused. Thanks for your SEO tips too, who doesn’t love organic traffic? Have a wonderful weekend ahead Enstine.

Vijay Kumar

Hi Enstine thanks for this awesome article and thanks for providing ideas to source of free traffic. It’s really useful and appreciable, blog commenting is very useful if we got Dofollow backlinks.


Till now i am not able to get traffic from direct sources. Referral traffic is working for me. I am getting traffic from sources like Social media, email marketing, blog commenting..
You can suggest me how to achieve success from direct traffic sources.

But thanks for this post. You kept things very clear….


There are many types of free traffic we can get to increase traffic to our website. Two my favorite free traffic sources are social media (Facebook and Reddit), and Question & Answer sites (like Quora).

I’m now getting around 500 visitors per day for one niche site from those free traffic sources, without many efforts.

Lorraine Reguly

Hi Enstine.

I get most of my traffic through organic search.

I’d like you to elaborate on how to analyze the data given in Google Analytics.

Perhaps you can explain it here, or email me?
Lorraine Reguly recently posted…20 Ways to Be a Master Writer and Improve Your Writing SkillsMy Profile

hafiz junaid

hi enstine sir,

Great post indeed!
i am new bloggr and happy when read your post because your tips free traffic on website is butter for me.and traffic is important for every blogger.
thanks sharing for this nice post.

hafiz muhammad junaid

Joseph Chikeleze

Hello bro,
this is a nice guide – simple and concise post that shows how to get much traffic to site even though we are busy offline.

I discovers the power of social media and got my blog a page, now, things are getting better.

Have a nice day!

Lawrence Abiodun

This is really a very eye opener. I have been trying many Free Traffic Source I saw in other part of the internet, but in all, commenting as been the most useful and resourceful

Thanks fro sharing this…

Pankaj Kumar

Hello Enstine,
Traffic from search engines required a lot of hard work and patience (seems hard for beginners). But there are some other means of driving traffic to your blog in those initial days of your blogging. Blog – commenting, social media are included in those means.
Thanks for the valuable post.
Pankaj Kumar recently posted…Content Delivery Network (CDN) – A Detailed Guide 4000+ …wordsMy Profile

Sherman Smith

Hey Enstine,

So far referral traffic is my top traffic source. I have cut down on commenting on other blogs to focus more on promotion, but it looks like referral is still top notch.

I do want to build up my organic traffic. I’ve just bought Long Tail Pro a few weeks ago to get better keywords for my posts. I will start adding them on older posts to see what results I get.

Google URL Builder is a great tool for paid advertising and if you’re involved in social media groups. You can definitely determine which ads or groups bring in the best results.

Great share Enstine! Have a good one!
Sherman Smith recently posted…How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?My Profile

Sathish Arumugam

Hey Enstine,
I always prefer social media marketing strategies to get high traffic and rankings on SEO. Since TRAFFIC is very crucial, special importance should be given regarding the boosting of traffic. And finally, blog commenting will also lead to an efficient result of having some big traffic.

Thanks for this valuable post!

I glad to have much cooler posts as like this 🙂
Have a great day

– Sathish Arumugam
Sathish Arumugam recently posted…7 Foolproof Ways To Build An Authority Blog In 2016 And BeyondMy Profile

Riya Khurana

I really loved the organic traffic.
It takes time to bring traffic from search engines but it is long term investment.

Benny Mark

Hello Mr Enstine,
Great post as usual, you are really doing a great job sire.

As I will always say; “Traffic is Crown” where content is King, cos king without a crown would necessarily deserve the throne.

I agree with you totally that proper Keyword research should done before writing any word down in the name of a blog post. I am testimony to the realization that proper research before writing even gives you a better position for performing on page-SEO, of course if you do not know the level of competition for a selected keyword, how will you know the effort needed to outrank the competitors?

I want to add Mr Enstine, that Google analytics plays a very pivotal role in traffic analysis, people should find time to study their traffic analysis in order to understand what and where needs improvement. For instance, I noticed how traffic from Stumbleupon grew to over take twitter and facebook, I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me I need improvement to A or B, as I can clearly see what works and what doesn’t work.

Again great post Mr Enstine

Muhammad Mairaj

Hi Enstine,

Indeed I totally agree with you that with the help of these 5 traffic sources one can drive free traffic. You have listed some handy strategies which are advantageous for bloggers.

Many thanks for sharing a spectacular informative once again 🙂

Keep writing


P V Ariel

Hi Enstine,
I prefer, go with the social media and the referral traffic.
Yes, our comments can play a great role in this aspect.
Our solid, constructive and relevant comments can fetch
a good tr better contact and relationships.
Thanks for shaffic to our pages,not only traffic but more comments
along witharing these tips
Keep sharing
Have a wonderful weekend
~ Phil

Sagar Nandwani

Thanks for the article! a lot of it was known to me, but refreshing the brain helps to keep a person on their toes. It’s also a great reference for beginners. I would just add that being a true (sincere) contributor to conversations and in the community of your industry are huge. I think it takes time to build an audience and being that there is a boat load of spam, it takes awhile to build trust. So read articles, comment on articles, share those articles, credit the writers of those articles and repeat. Create great content, continue be social and the traffic will come.
Sagar Nandwani recently posted…How To Impress And Influence People With Your BrandMy Profile

    Benny Mark

    Hello sir,
    I agree with you sir,

    The art of blog commenting in anticipation of traffic in return hinges on how meaningful such comments are. I notice some people crowding blogs with a 1-liner comment with the hope of getting returns. Left for me that is still spamming in a different dimension.

    Sincere contributions is the keyword, it will go a long way to show how detailed one is in attending to situations.

    Have a nice day

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Enstine,

From experience, I think the best traffic channel anyone could quickly grow with is paid traffic channels.

Yes, organic traffic is the most rewarding, social could bring instant spikes in rush traffic, referral traffic could bring a handful for a long term…

but if you want traffic so fast and don’t want to wait endlessly for Google and other search engines to start sending you traffic…

Go buy it – buy the traffic you want.

If you know how to do it right, paid traffic channels too are rewarding and could even help the growth of your blog within the shortest time possible.

Thanks for sharing.
Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…How to Transfer Hosting From Whogohost to NameCheapMy Profile

Lisa Sicard

Hi Enstine, I’ve been looking at my traffic more lately as I’ve increased my social sharing. It’s amazing to see where your traffic is coming from and it can you stay better focused. Thanks for your SEO tips too, who doesn’t love organic traffic? Have a wonderful weekend ahead Enstine.
Lisa Sicard recently posted…Getting Verified on Twitter May Be Valuable But Not Always EasyMy Profile

Ravi Chahar

Hey Enstine,

I would go with the referral traffic the most. CommentLuv is one of the best plugins we have.

It’s hard to get the direct traffic for the beginners. They should learn the proper way to write an SEO-friendly article.

Social media always works fine.
Thanks for sharing the list.

Anis Chity

Very interesting article Enstine! Traffic is very important for every business!

I have recently heard that backlinks aren’t important anymore is that true?
I would like to read your take on that?

Your blog post is very helpful I am glad I have found it! 🙂

Thanks for sharing it and waiting for your response!

    Bashir Ahmed

    No Anis – you heard it wrong. Backlinks still counts for ranking but, only from authority sites. Don’t build links from low quality sites or your site will be penalized.

    I hope this helps!


Wow, Mr. Enstine, thanks for the tips, i should say. will try it out and get back to you.

Isaac Anim

Blog commenting seems to be working for me. About 70% of my traffic comes from other blogs. I am not planning to stop commenting at all.


Thanks for the insights Enstine, Social media is one of the aspect where you need to focus more to attract referral traffic and also constant traffic

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