GetResponse – Affordable Marketing Automation for SMBs!

GetResponse, the master of Email Marketing in a recent development has introduced a set of amazing tools for small and midsize businesses (SMB) in their Marketing Automation bundle.

Known as the World’s easiest Email marketing software, GetResponse’s steady growth, addition of new features, reliability and cost affordability build up a strong and irresistible attraction.

Businesses are constantly looking for marketing automation tools to help achieve their goals. Automation functions will roll off cumbersome, time-consuming and growth-retarding tasks. This of course allows business owners to focus on growing their businesses and profit.

GetRespons Marketing Automation introduces Scoring and Tagging features to help you know your customers and analyze their habits and preferences. Other marketing automation tools we will be looking at more closely are the Web Traffic Tracking and Cart Abandonment.

But before we get into details of these tools offered by GetResponse, here is a quick video that explains the use of these features:

GetResponse Marketing Automation

Businesses of all sizes need automated processes to optimize their marketing results. Email marketing is not just about capturing readers’ emails and sending messages to your list. That’s old school. But the automation tools takes your marketing results to a whole new experience.

The logic of GetResponse Marketing Automation is based on the “if this, then do that” logic. You set conditions and actions to take if these conditions are met. The automation functions run constantly, search the database for these conditions and taking the necessary actions as defined.

For example, if a subscriber does not open an email, then the subscriber is sent a reminder 24 hours after.

getresponse marketing automation

Understanding GetResponse Marketing Automation can drive more profit. First, based on your business flow, you have to define a list of conditions.These are automation events based on user behaviors.

For instance, what happens if a subscriber clicks a link in a specific campaign? Here are some more conditions:

  • You set a condition to take a specific action for those who open a certain mail — one specific message or any message.
  • Set a condition to trigger an action when a subscriber makes a purchase.
  • Set a condition to launch an action if a user abandons an online cart.
  • Etc

There are a couple of actions you can set when these or other conditions are made:

  • Send Mail : This action will automatically send a per-defined mail if a certain condition is made
  • Tag: The subscriber who triggers the action will be tagged with a specified tag value
  • Move: This action will move subscribers from one list or campaign to the other based on condition you’ve set
  • Scoring: This action adds (or subtracts) a specified number of points to the scoring of the subscribers that triggers the event.
  • Copy: The copy action will copy your contact from one chosen campaign based on the conditions pre-defined.

Using GetRespons Marketing Automation Filters

Filters allow you to narrow the group of subscribers you want to communicate with. The Range filter is used to limit a segment to a specified range. For example first 100 subscribers who clicked a link in a specified campaign or purchase a specified product.

The Amount filter is used to define the number of subscribers who receive an action. Example: send a gift certificate to twenty subscribers only.

GetResponse Marketing Automation for e commerce sites

The GetResponse Marketing Automation tools is a perfect combination to track and followup activities on your ecommerce site. It allows you to set up actions at three shopping events :

  1. Shopping cart abandonment: Track if an online cart has been abandoned and encourage a completed purchase.
  2. Visited url / page: This tracks the specific e-commerce pages visited by subscribers and helps in understanding their interests.
  3. Purchase behavior: Learn if a subscriber has purchased product and act on it.

GetResponse Marketing Automation easy to use

GetResponse features are just so simple to use and this includes the new Marketing Automation tools. With a simple drag-and-drop workflow builder, you can create complex campaigns.

marketing automation

Design the entire user experience with simple yet powerful workflows. Build hundreds of scenarios and get the real time view of your subscribers’ journeys.

GetResponse Marketing Automation Pricing

It’s amazing how GetResponse packages are affordable. All the packages include the new Marketing Automation suite of tools.

getresponse marketing automation prices

The monthly pricing is based on the number of subscribers, offering any business size the possibility to benefit from the new features.

The Pro package makes a little more sense, with the introduction of Webinars for 100 attendees. Here, we see GetResponse positioning itself as a real business platform.

Final words

GetResponse is the leading email marketing company with top marketing tools:

  • Landing page builder
  • Autoresponder
  • Webinar tool.
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Etc

By bringing this “enterprise” only tool to any business owner or entrepreneur, and by bringing marketing automation to the masses, GetResponse has become the best tool for SMBs.

email marketing automation

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  3. Wow. GetResponse and its marketing automation sound easy to use! The price is quite surprising as for such a feature rich tool. Certainly trying this one out!

  4. I have used Getresponse for a while, and it’s a good online service for internet marketing. I have jumped among many services and then stop at this one. Since then, it was helped me to spread words to readers.

    However, the price is high than other services. For example, MailChimp allows you to use up to 2k subscribers and send up to 12k emails per month for FREE.

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    Would this mean that it is possible to create user flows / autoresponders based on segments / saved searches? Right now this is restricting us in creating a welcome flow based on properties of a user.
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    After GetResponse introduced marketing automation I decided to check it out, and I have to say I am blown away with the effort they have put in it. It beats Aweber’s campaigns solution by miles.

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