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SEO marketing agency ~ 5 Tips to choosing an SEO Firm that doesn’t hurt.

There are different sources of traffic for any online business – SEO, Social Media, Referral, Email, direct, Search PPC, Social PPC, etc.

I personally am of the opinion that SEO Traffic is top of the list in terms of relevancy and conversion. But getting natural traffic is not with just a click of the button.

Now, you have three options if you want more visitors from search engines:

  1. DIY (Do the SEO yourself)
  2. Hire an SEO expert
  3. Outsource to SEO agency.

Non of these options is going to be a piece of cake. Doing some random search online, you are going to find materials on how to do SEO yourself or tips to hire an expert.

But right here, I want to help you with tips to get an SEO marketing agency that will deliver satisfying results.

SEO marketing agency

Tips to choosing an SEO marketing agency

An SEO Agency is an institution whose role is to use ethical means to ensure you are visible on search engines so that potential customers looking for you, your products or services online can find you more easily. The agency should know how to create new leads that can be converted to sales.

However, with the many SEO companies cropping up every day, it can be a daunting task trying to find the one that will give you results that you desire.

Here are tips that can help you to choose an SEO marketing agency that will give you results.

1 – Check out the SEO marketing agency

The market is packed with SEO companies including new orleans seo. It is your job to choose the best. Check how the company ranks when you search for it. Check if their Meta description makes you want to click.

Find out what other businesses the SEO marketing agency has worked with. You are likely to find the names of the companies on the agency’s site. You can go a step further and ask for links and referrals for the clients they have worked with to ensure they have not just listed companies as the clients without working for them.

2 – The agency uses ethical SEO methods

A good SEO marketing agency uses search engine approved methods that produce long-term results using best practices in the industry that work. This is unlike those SEO companies which promise to

produce fast results using unethical means, and in turn, result in failure in the long run.

The agency should establish a long-term partnership, not just quick results that will fade with time. For instance, the SEO agency should use keywords that have the highest ROI. The marketing agency should use keywords that customers are likely to type in the search engine when they want to make a purchase.

Avoid agencies that promise to index your site in about two days since this means it has not analyzed your site. A promise to rank the top page in a week is suspicious since ranking is a process that is done periodically and cannot be speeded up.

Also, having too many inbound links built too quickly and with sites that are irrelevant is a sign of bad practices. Inbound links are built over time.

3 – An agency that meets your needs

Each business is different with different marketing needs. Choose an SEO marketing agency that will listen to your needs and formulate a package based on your goals, budget, demographic and industry.

You can know this by the questions the agency asks. A reputable SEO agency takes time to understand the needs of their customers so they can know your current position and your goals.

4 – Affordable

Choose an SEO marketing agency that is affordable and can work with your budget.  Most SEO services should be affordable with a high ROI. The agency should design a marketing package that suits your budget.

Be wary of agencies offering a standardized price package such as 5 keywords for $200. A good SEO company investigates first before offering a quote since companies have different needs. Actually, most reputable agencies have no keyword limits.

Good agencies may charge hourly, a fixed price for a particular task or a fixed amount per month.

5 – Look beyond SEO

Marketing is broad and it is more than just SEO. Choose an agency that understands the bigger marketing picture since SEO is part of the whole marketing strategy.

That’s it.

Have you worked with an SEO marketing agency before? Were there challenges? Did you get the right results? Kindly drop a comment.

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur


Hi Enstine,

Wow, Wonderful Its Realy helpful information for my website thanks For share with us.


Hi Enstine,
Wow, Wonderful Its Realy helpful information for my website thanks For share with us..

Vikas Pandey

Hello, SEO is very important part of digital marketing strategy if you wanted to dominate with organic traffic. Selecting the best and experience SEO company will definitely help in achieving the milestone. Thanks for sharing this useful post and i am sure this will also help many there while choosing the best SEO agency.. 🙂

Riya malhotra

Great, I Am Also Join Seo Agency really great point thanks For Share very helpful for me

Mike Cole

Hi Enstine,

I was already scammed by a freelance SEO guy. It is very much important to follow these points while choosing SEO agency.


    Enstine Muki

    Oh sorry to hear that bro.
    I hope with this knowledge, it won’t happen again.
    You know by buy from platform, the platform becomes an escrow service. You don’t release funds until you are satisfied.

    Do have a splendid weekend Mike

Rahul Kuntala

It’s always a smart decision to invest money on things that give you 10x results in the long run.

Investing money on the right SEO agency to increase your search traffic and sales is definitely one among them. Just make sure to check out their portfolio and do a proper Google research about the agency before you spend a dime.

After all, you need someone who can actually bring you results.


I believe agency in long run sucks.
One needs to hire inhouse team for SEO .
However if you got good budget then you can think of hiring an agency .

Tubu Mukherjee

Not just SEO.
one should also go for SEM and SMO,
Why SMO ? because it has the biggest network and easy for marketing your business.
And most important of them is Facebook and twitter.


Thanks for this information. We will keep this tips in mind before choosing marketing agency. Thank for the tips.

kumar rak

Nice inforamtions about SEO marketing agency blog. Thanks for sharing..

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