Thank You Blog Commentators (101 authors with 199 comments)

The month of May was so engaging and I love it

A huge Thank You to everyone that visited my blog. And my comment authors are just so awesome.

In the month of April, there were 88 authors who made 161 comments. Here is the list generated by MyCommentAuthors. Get your free copy here. Read more about it here.

There was an improvement in engagement and I’m happy with my commentators. So thank you guys. Here is the list.

Total Comments on this blog in May 2018

  1. Ronald Segura dropped 17 comments
  2. Ryan Biddulph dropped 11 comments
  3. Vishwajeet Kumar dropped 9 comments
  4. Monna Ellithorpe dropped 7 comments
  5. Youness Bermime made 7 comments
  6. qasim dropped 6 comments
  7. Lisa Sicard made 6 comments
  8. Adhip Ray dropped 6 comments
  9. Sathish Arumugam dropped 5 comments
  10. Moss Clement dropped 4 comments
  11. Praveen Verma made 4 comments
  12. Donna Merrill dropped 3 comments
  13. Amit dropped 3 comments
  14. Lorraine made 3 comments
  15. Julia Ann dropped 3 comments
  16. Mohammad Ali dropped 3 comments
  17. Aderemi Dare dropped 3 comments
  18. GEORGE AKWOWE dropped 3 comments
  19. Umesh Singh dropped 3 comments
  20. Ashish made 3 comments
  21. ben lawson made 2 comments
  22. Jeni made 2 comments
  23. Bhawna dropped 2 comments
  24. wasim made 2 comments
  25. Abhilash made 2 comments
  26. Lorraine Reguly made 2 comments
  27. Istiak Rayhan dropped 2 comments
  28. Temilola Globalwalyy dropped 2 comments
  29. Emenike Emmanuel dropped 2 comments
  30. asad dropped 1 comment
  31. Nirmal Kumar dropped 1 comment
  32. Faris Ansari dropped 1 comment
  33. Prashant Singh dropped 1 comment
  34. Hardeep Singh made 1 comment
  35. Clement Essien dropped 1 comment
  36. Julie Syl Kalungi made 1 comment
  37. Navin dropped 1 comment
  38. Jan dropped 1 comment
  39. Ashok dropped 1 comment
  40. Sergio AT Peixoto made 1 comment
  41. Philip dropped 1 comment
  42. Iqbal dropped 1 comment
  43. VEG. KOLHAPURI made 1 comment
  44. Gajanan Patel made 1 comment
  45. Anishad dropped 1 comment
  46. Lenin made 1 comment
  47. NAVIN CHOUDHARY made 1 comment
  48. Kapil Bhatt made 1 comment
  49. Sergio dropped 1 comment
  50. Babs made 1 comment
  51. Siddhant Satija dropped 1 comment
  52. Oivia Watson made 1 comment
  53. Aakash Patel made 1 comment
  54. John dropped 1 comment
  55. Maryam made 1 comment
  56. Pawan dropped 1 comment
  57. zeyan dropped 1 comment
  58. Shamsudeen made 1 comment
  59. jessicaheins made 1 comment
  60. Gerry made 1 comment
  61. Chidebere made 1 comment
  62. kankana saha dropped 1 comment
  63. Chandan Chakraborty made 1 comment
  64. Nehemiah dropped 1 comment
  65. Ajay Kryshna made 1 comment
  66. Robin Khokhar dropped 1 comment
  67. Diana Davidson dropped 1 comment
  68. Nirodha Abayalath dropped 1 comment
  69. inforesult made 1 comment
  70. Adira dropped 1 comment
  71. Shinde made 1 comment
  72. Mayank made 1 comment
  73. dhaval made 1 comment
  74. Pattygold dropped 1 comment
  75. Paul Towers dropped 1 comment
  76. Bonifacij dropped 1 comment
  77. jatin thakur dropped 1 comment
  78. Chandan Prasad Sahoo made 1 comment
  79. Andres Paredes made 1 comment
  80. sophia abram dropped 1 comment
  81. Adeel Sami made 1 comment
  82. Arslan Ahmed Khoso made 1 comment
  83. Philip V Ariel dropped 1 comment
  84. Harish Kumar dropped 1 comment
  85. Govind dropped 1 comment
  86. drake made 1 comment
  87. Kumar made 1 comment
  88. Addy Brown dropped 1 comment
  89. sreenivas dropped 1 comment
  90. Aaron haynes dropped 1 comment
  91. Pius Mendza made 1 comment
  92. Tola Korede dropped 1 comment
  93. Matt dropped 1 comment
  94. Aravind made 1 comment
  95. Tamal Anwar dropped 1 comment
  96. zabhinav dropped 1 comment
  97. Ruth LovettSmith dropped 1 comment
  98. Mathew Adams dropped 1 comment
  99. Mike Jones made 1 comment
  100. Israel made 1 comment
  101. Preet Grewal made 1 comment

101 comment authors with 199 comments in the month of May 2018

This list was generated by MyCommentAuthors

If you want to be on the next list with a backlink, drop a comment worth approving.

37 thoughts on “Thank You Blog Commentators (101 authors with 199 comments)”

  1. Sounds like a great idea Enstine! Looks like Ryan’s found a commenting competitor too 🙂


    p.s. Commentluv hasn’t heard of https?

    • Hey Justin,
      Good to see you here bro.
      Aha! Ryan is everywhere. Are you the competitor? That will be awesome 😉

      A team is being setup to continue CL development. I hope they include the https option in the next version.
      So how is the week going?

      • No his competitor is obviously your #1 there, Ronald 😉 (who’s just guest posted on my site btw.)

        I just mentioned CL because I’m seeing all these sites with it, but you can’t add the link due to a problem you’d think should be a simple fix. I might add it myself if they ever do.

        • Aha! Ronald has done a great job there on your blog. But looks like your commenting system has an issue. Been trying to drop a comment but it’s not going.

          CL was a huge plugin. It used to be almost everywhere, more popular than now when Andy was actively updating it.

          You are even going to see it more once the new team starts work.


  2. Sir you are really great for including our comment in a post.
    You are encouraging our work
    and increasing our confidence for our career to do more n mmore efoorts to become successful in life.
    Thanks sir

  3. Your post are really informative for us. That’s why we visit your blog for reading new stuff and we comment on your blog.

  4. Hey Enstine,

    Nice to see that your community is active and thriving. I love your persistence and dedication.

    Congrats to everyone that made it to the list.

  5. Hey
    Good idea to say thanks to the blog commentators and authors. I used to read your informative blog and I started commenting on your blog this year and I will continue to visit your blog to get knowledge about online business. Your blog always provides informative articles.

    I am very happy to be part of this community.

    Praveen verma

  6. I am very happy to see my name on your blog.
    Thanks for publishing my name
    Thanks again

  7. Wow! Great to see my name here.

    Thanks Enstine for the shout out. I think I love this your plugin so well.

    This is a powerful strategy you just used here.

    I will get to the top position this month.

    I love this.



  8. Thank you so much sir for mentioning my name in your list.
    I have never seen a blogger lie you who is very down to earth.
    Actually sir I am learning a lot of thing from this blog.
    So i will be always connected to this blog.
    Once again Thank you so much sir.
    wasim recently posted..How to increase wordpress website speed

  9. Hey, Ensinte!

    Oh goodness!….

    I could only land 1 comment in the whole month….

    Will do good. Even better this month. And forever! 🙂

    See me… MORE NOW!! 🙂

    So how’s everything going, brother? 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  10. Hello Enstine,

    Thanks for adding me to the list. It’s always something worth reading on your blog. I really like the content you published on your blog. I am also happy to contribute myself on your blog.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

  11. Hey Enstine,
    This i sthe great Idea.You are Doing Nice Work.You are Such a Nice Blogger.
    I appreciate your Work
    Thanxx Bro

  12. Hey Enstine,

    I’m honored. Thank you very much for including me on the list.

    I should say, even if I put an one comment, I have read more than 10 articles on your blog in May. I will definitely comment more in June.

    And, this is really a genius way to increase the blog engagement.

    Thanks again.

    – Nirodha –

  13. Hey Enstine!

    I love this blog post at the end of every month and I even wait for it! :p

    I see my name at the top of the list this time.

    It’s really a pleasure to have the chance to contribute to your blog, your readers and fellow bloggers who also contribute.

    It makes me feel like blogging is going back to what it used to be in the past, blogging is all about sharing and growing all together as a community.

    Have a nice weekend and beginning of a new month.

    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for making it funky in the month of May and I see it coming again this month. This is because of the understanding that blogging is sharing. So thanks again for being awesome.

      The weekend is going good so let’s keep giving for better days ahead.

  14. What an awesome, cool idea for celebrating your commenters. Way to bring them back, Enstine!

    You’re such a blessing, and your blog posts are fun and informative to read.

    Thank you for inviting me back.


    • Hey Jan,
      Thanks for being an awesome person in my community. I remember seeing you here for the first time on Ryan’s post and it’s being going well. Don’t forget we have beautiful days ahead. Let’s keep giving. the sky is bright.

  15. Hi Enstine,

    What a great way to thank your readers of your blog! It sure gives incentive to people to leave a nice comment for you. Well you so deserve it my friend.


  16. Hi Enstine,

    That’s indeed amazing!

    Glad to be part of this rocking community again.

    Good idea to get in touch with many via comment sharing and that again get acknowledged via yet another post. 🙂

    May was very hectic for me but still I could find a place here.

    Hope that I can be more active this month here.:-)

    I too published my comment authors list on my page today by using this wonderful plugin.

    Thanks Enstine for the first feedback there.

    Wish you and your readers an amazing June 2018. 🙂
    ~ Phil

    • Hey Phil,
      Thanks for the constant support and use of the plugin.
      Yes May was quite busy and thanks for making time to stop by.

      You are rocking it bro.
      Have a wonderful weekend

  17. Hey Enstine,

    So there’s another reason for people to leave thoughtful comments on your blog apart from reading great content.

    Glad to see you publish an exclusive post thanking your blog commenters. That’s a great gesture 🙂 I might copy the same tactic if it’s working well for you 😉 Kidding!

    Keep rocking bro.

    • Hey bro 😉 thanks for the friendly comment
      Yes of course you can copy this tactic. I have other bloggers that do same using the free plugin I mention. It does work. Are you on WP?

      • Yes bro! I might give it a try in the future for sure!

        BTW just published a new article on long tail keyword research tools on my site, worth checking out 🙂

        Keep rocking bro!

  18. Enstine, good morning and happy new month.

    I must admit that I am humbled by your comment.Iam honoured to be among numerous of your subscribers worldwide. It is an honor I cherish.

    May the Lord continue to empower you and imbue you with wisdom so you can share as you have done in the past.

    Thank you once more and remain blessed.

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