Ultimate SEO Guide ~ How To Optimize Your Website (Infographic)

The Ultimate SEO Guide

SEO is one of the key factors in the digital marketing arsenal that can assist you in improving your brand’s visibility on search engines, thereby helping you to increase your ranking as well as organic traffic. However, the most vital part in optimizing your website begins with understanding the basics of SEO.

Since SEO consists of both on-page as well as off-page techniques, getting a clearer perspective on them and then implementing them on your site, can help you to effectively optimize your site and prevent any undue disaster.

Now, while there are a lot of articles that you can refer to, to understand the basics of SEO, most of them can either be overly complex and leave you confused, or miss the basics entirely. Thus, if you are looking for a guide that can explain the basic steps to optimize your website, then here’s an amazing article that has some clear guidelines on how to optimize your website.

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Known as the ultimate SEO guide, this article provides you a checklist that you can refer to when optimizing your website and includes both on-page & off-page techniques. Further, these 75+ SEO tactics are compressed into a fabulous infographic that you can download for free.

So have a look at this infographic and get a clear perspective on the basics of SEO before you start your optimization process!

Killer SEO Checklist [Infographic] by the team at Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP


Ultimate SEO Guide
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Nirav Dave

Nirav Dave is the Co-Founder of Capsicum Mediaworks, A Digital Marketing Agency based out of Mumbai, India, that specializes in all things WordPress & SEO. He worships WordPress and loves to read anything and everything written about this exceptional CMS its SEO Techniques.

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  • Thanks for sharing great article, ultimate SEO guide infographic is very simple, easy to understand and helpful.

  • Love the infographic and it’s informative too. Anyways, as a newbie in the field of SEO. Reading this definitely helps me a lot. For what I know, as long as you do it the right way such as white hat seo. Then, it will surely gain that long-term result. Great post. Cheers!

  • Hey Nirav, great infographic. It makes what you are explaining so much easier to follow.



  • Great post and outstanding infographics! This article really shows you all the basics you need to know to build a successful SEO campaign. I’ll be sure to share it and refer back to it in the future.

  • This is a nice infographic. Truly it should be called the ultimate SEO guide as it has everything. Detailed and informative.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hai Tran says:

    Hello Nirav,

    Really helpful and handy guide. This could help me save a lot of time. I did printed it and just like a way to review my knowledge. Thank you. Keep it up.

  • Awesome infographics that contains all points needed by new Bloggers.

  • Andy says:

    Excellent resource for people starting off with SEO. Duplicate content is a big issue for top rankings on search engines.

  • JackSEO says:

    Good day Nirav!

    Really, this is an awesome SEO guide. Infographics are much better and easier to understand than articles, you did a great job. This Might be helpful for bloggers and webmasters!
    Without following the right SEO methods there is no chance to get ranking on SERP unless the competition is easy.

    Thanks for the nice post & Keep up the good work

  • Amazing Infographics along with SEO Checklist. Infographics are really the best way of conveying information to the people in creative way.

  • Hi Nirav,

    This is my very informative and great post. I’m looking for some tips that help me in my work to optimize a website so that it make seo friendly. I always love infographics because it easy to understand.I hope it helps me out.

    Thanks for sharing useful tips. Keep sharing.


  • Great infographic.Everyone can teach us something different.Truly it should be called the ultimate SEO guide as it has everything. Detailed and informative.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Dan Neira says:

    Great Infographic! Gives a general overview of the science of SEO. And here is a link to an article that illuminates the process and criteria one should consider when hiring an SEO company http://burnmediagroup.net/2017/04/01/video-marketing-entrepreneurs-2017/

  • Hello Nirav,
    It was really a nice post, especially the infographics. I found that I have to learn a lot about SEO still. Sometimes I feel that SEO is an ocean. Everyone can teach us something different. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Jun Kim says:

    Loved it. This Infographic is an awesome tool to revisit and use as a checklist for SEO, thanks for compiling all these tips in a very easy to view format!

  • please give an advice to get my blog more traffic

  • Dan Micheal says:

    Hi Nirav,

    Its truly a ultimate SEO guide.Amazing Infographic explains everything and So helpful for budding bloggers like me. Keep doing service, cheers!!

  • Bryce says:

    Thanks for the great info Enstine. May a suggest next time that you link to social media platforms rather than directly to your moneysite for local SEO (white hat SEO).

  • Jeffrey Ito says:

    Fantastic Infographic mate! I actually got a lot of value out of this and its always nice to get a gentle reminder to go after a certain type of backlink. Will be sharing to my Twitter.

    Cheers, Jeff.

  • Hey, Nirav.
    Thanks for your another great post. You have shared everything that we must need to do better on this blogging journey. SEO is really a big issue. Most of the bloggers have some problems in SEO. So they have to suffer much. Your article can a perfect guideline for the bloggers, especially for the newbie bloggers.

  • Alex Bato says:

    Great content. SEO genius right here! Still relevant in mid 2017.

  • Kanti says:

    Thanks for sharing such an interesting infographic. This is surely going to help a lot of people. Got to see a valuable content after such a long time. Keep it up!

  • Stephen says:

    Hi Nirav,

    Thanks for the very detailed help guide. Great help for a newbie like myself.

    I will bookmark this page and use it as a reference.

    Cheers mate

  • Nayab Khan says:

    Hello Nirav,

    I have never came across such a detailed infography on SEO so far.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Saright B. says:

    Hi Nirav Dave,

    Thanks for posting this article because it gave me more clear understanding on how to do SEO efficiently. Didnt know about the disavow tool until now and can be very helpful for me on a site I’m concern bout and will help me in the future. Every section you hit it right on the money.

  • Derick says:

    Hi Narav,

    This was an extremely helpful post. I am actually new to SEO, and your checklist really helped me set some things in perspective. I look forward to any new info that you’ll come out with.

  • Aksa Sahi says:

    these are highly important methods. you can also use blogg commenting sites to

    grow you blog or website treffic. you have nice post

  • Hi NIRAV
    I liked your infographic very much. It has given me a detailed overview of the things to do and check in SEO. It’s really cool and I love it.
    Keep up the work.

  • Hi, Nirav, Thank you for sharing such a informative post.

  • Hey Nirav, this is a great post. I hadn’t seen this infographic before, and it looks to be a great entry point for people just getting into SEO. Thanks for taking the time to share it with your readers!

  • Al-Amin says:

    Excellent post. your all informative things which is very useful for top ranking in SEO . Your tips so give me a good input to my webblog .i hope i help your post and your site ..
    Thanks for sharing .

  • Suresh says:

    SEO offers incredible opportunity and access (it’s an inherently free marketing channel) to inbound traffic, but it can be hard to know where to start and what advice to follow. The Ultimate SEO Guide dispels those myths, and give you everything you need to know about SEO to show up in Google and other search engines, and ultimately use SEO to grow your business.

  • Davidseo says:

    It’s such an amazing list. It’s great to know how active you’re in the blogging community and providing such amazing tips and techniques. Keep inspiring.

  • Love the tips. Thank you for publishing such a comprehensive list of SEO great tips. what is you idea about the new said proposed https requirement to rank? Do u think it matter or not?

  • Rene says:

    Woah! This infographic is nothing but amazing. It really cleared things up on what to look for and other things I should be doing to optimize my website for the search engines. Thank you!

  • Hi Nirav

    You have done a great job by condensing the essence of SEO into an infographic that’s easy to read and understand even for a person with completely no knowledge about SEO. Well done and keep it up.


  • Mukesh Mali says:

    Nice post this very help full to checking the mistake.By this we found the mistake.

  • David Hood says:

    Interesting article with some useful tips. The issue I see is that some of these actions have 1,000 times more importance than other actions on the list. You will likely rank better spending all your time and energy on the top 4 most important SEO factors and only addressing most of these if there are indicators that there is a problem in that area.

  • Rupal says:

    Hey Nirav,

    It’s a great piece of information.
    And I am totally in love with the way you presented it.
    Beautiful infographics, very easy to grasp at one glance.

    I think, it’s a great idea to be active on quora.
    Also would like to add on that presence on Google + also plays important role for SEO.

  • Amazing Infographic, I liked it. You really have done a great job. The infographics contain all the information needed by the newbies. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vijay Kumar says:

    Hi Dave,
    Cool & very informative infographic!
    Thanks for this huge and useful ultimate SEO guide, it is very useful for newbie bloggers like me.

  • Hi Nirav,

    A Nice post indeeed. there first you write about seo importance in blogging then you tell the difference between on page seo and off page seo.
    After this you tell all seo techniques step by by.You brief it very explanation
    mode.I think you mention very single step and technique.
    thanks to inform us.
    Maqbool Azam

  • hey thanks to share important seo guideline for on page its realy helpfull for optimize blog. and your presentation style its realy cool its easy to understand

  • Sneha says:

    Hi Enstine,
    very informative piece!You’ve beautifully explained all the important points around SEO, with lovely infographics.

    Would be great if you could share your opinion around use of infographics in terms of increasing traffic?

  • Roy says:

    Hello Nirav,
    I am working as SEO expert. I have read your article and found new ideao for boost my site ranking. I have a question that
    Why you did not mention Blog Commenting for link building?
    Is Blog Commenting is value less now?

  • Nasim Khan says:

    Nice Post with a creative info graphic . And also with Noteworthy data. Some data here . I never knew But from your post i came to know.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for your tutorial, Guid SEO Optimation. I want to rise income from google ads. what should I do? thanks

    sory, I’m little English.

  • Ernest says:

    This is great and informative post, SEO is one of the major problem bloggers are experiencing today. I will try to learn about the use of infographics to optimize my blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Nirav !
    Awesome post..
    I was looking for something like this from a long time, I have loved this article to optimize my blog.
    Compressing images online is the best tip..!
    Thank you..!!

  • Hi Nirav, This is a very useful post and you’ve written awesomely and created this info-graphics with a lot of hard working and this help me to learn very new things about seo and optimizing my webpages…

    I am just going to share this awesome post..

    Thanks for writing..

  • Joan J. Carrigan says:

    In fact a stunning Infographics which contains breathtaking SEO Checklist,
    with the assistance of these, one can without much of a stretch streamline their site pleasantly and successfully.
    Every one of the tips are extremely worth usable and assumes a basic part for the improvement of site or blog.
    A debt of gratitude is in order for the awesome offer

  • dhanunjai says:

    i have got a doubt i.e can infographics use in posts will help in better ranking in serps ?i.e i never tried but recently everyone are started using infographics in their posts.

  • Mantra says:

    It’s a very detailed infographic covering all the essential points of SEO. It’s very much useful to recapitulate all the SEO points at once.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Armande says:

    I love the infographic, it gives me a much needed overview. I was just writing about it (the very basics I myself understand…) and I linked to this article!

  • Richard says:

    You have covered almost all the SEO tips one should implement on his site be it a newbie or a pro blogger. This infographic covers all the points that are On page and Off page SEO. Infographics is also a good way to get backlinks but the infographics b=must be well researched like this one to get natural links, Thank you for this information.

  • Kathir says:

    Hi Nirav, really awesome infographics.. It contains great points and covers most of things about SEO.. I think this will help to gain some more extra knowledge about SEO☺. I will share with my friends.

  • This is a really awesome infographic. Very informative and useful! Infograpihics are really the best way of conveying information to the people in creative way.

  • Rasaq says:

    Every time i visit this site, it makes me feel like i don’t know anything about blogging and rankings in search engine. But you know what? That is why i keep visiting. Thanks for the infographics Nirav and enstinemuki. It gathered lot of information new blogger like me needs to know before jumping to the pool blindly.

  • Punit says:

    Hi Nirav,
    I love infographics because they provide lot of knowledge in matter of minutes!
    Every blogger must use infographics to get backlinks to their sites!
    Thanks for sharing a quality infographic!
    – Punit Mahajan

  • Hi Nirav!

    I want to say you, very cool 😀 Really, an awesome SEO guide might be helpful for bloggers and webmasters!

    I downloaded this info-graphic quickly! Yes, without following proper method of SEO there is no chance to get ranking on SERPs!

    Anyway, thanks for the nice post!

    Keep it up!

    Happy blogging!

    • Suprabhat says:

      Hey Nirav,

      It is really cool Infographic, you shared a lot of useful information within the visual.
      I do agree with you that Keyword Placement matters more than Keyword frequency. So I never focused on keyword frequency but always try to place it in Heading, Titles, Subheadings, URL, Meta Description as well as somewhere inside the posts.

      Thanks for sharing
      Best Regards

  • Mohit says:

    Nirav, this is a superb infographic.

    Newbies keep searching for SEO guides, as they want to get more traffic to their new blog.

    Some people think that SEO is very difficult, but in reality it is very easy.

    SEO requires lot of study, and at the same time one needs to keep trying new things.

    You should come up with many more infographics as it will help newbies gain useful knowledge easily.

  • Demola says:

    I think i learnt a lot from this and i know some of my audience will as well.
    thanks for the time put into this.

    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hey Demola,

      Thanks you so much for the appreciation!

  • Jerry says:

    After studying SEO for months on end, I would have been willing to bet that I knew every item on this infographic. I would have lost that bet! Thanks for compiling all of these tips in an easy to view format. Now…to get back to trying to drop my landing page load time….again…sigh.

    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hey Jerry,

      I m glad you liked it.

  • Hey Nirav,
    This was one of the best infographics on SEO. You have put your maximum effort to give us very juicy content. If anyone just follows these instructions then definitely he/she will cover all SEO requirements.

    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hi Sudhir,

      You’re right! IF any follows this checklist then his website will definitely rank higher on SE for sure.

  • Julian Sakanee says:

    Dang, Nirav. That there is a nice piece of content. Definitely one of the best infographics I’ve ever seen.

    Nice job on the post. 🙂


    • Nirav Dave says:

      Thanks for your kind words Julian. I am glad your liked it!

  • Karan Bhagat says:

    Hey Nirav,

    That’s a good list of information under one roof, just to highlight I have redirected my attachment pages to parent URL a few days ago as I have been seeing separate attachment pages in SERPs which had nothing but an image only which is definitely not good.

    Along with redirecting I also set up “noindex” for media pages.
    Another way could be disallowing in robots.txt file and removing them from sitemap.

    I would like to ask you one thing about HTML sitemaps, you said it’s good for rankings, can you please explain how? I read somewhere that for search engine XML sitemap is okay, then why HTML?

    Thank You,

  • Amit says:

    Hi Nirav,
    Great infographics. You have covered everything related to seo in this single infographic.
    SEO is not a rocket science, Keeping simple and straight is also helpful to grab organic traffic.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hi Amit,

      Thank you so much. Glad you liked it!

  • Kim Willis says:

    Hi Nirav and Enstine

    SEO annoys me no end. I hate it.

    That’s why it’s good to have an infographic like this one. It lays out the dismal black science in a way that makes it seem almost simple. Of course, we know it’s not simple and the rules keep changing. But business owners and non-SEO types can at least get an idea as to how it works from this post. The smart ones will leave the implementation to others.

    Thanks for this, Nirav. You’ve done a great job



    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hey Kim!

      You’re so true! This Infographic has been made for people to get an idea about SEO!


  • Bren Pace says:

    Hi Nirav! Hi Enstine!

    This is a super fab infographic. I know there are a lot of people, including myself, that need SEO knowledge. This definitely helps! I’ll gladly be passing this along!

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    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hi Bren,

      I am glad it has helped you. Thank for passing it to other.


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      Hey Darrell

      Thank you so much! I am glad you liked it.


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    This is excellent stuff. Every small little thing on SEO best practices has been depicted in the infographic. Will definitely share this one. Thanks!

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    Nirav, did a fantastic job and shared with us an Amazing Infographics along with SEO Checklist. With the help of these one can improve our search engine rankings and optimize our blogs nicely and effectively.

    Thanks for excellent share once again 🙂



    • Nirav Dave says:

      Thanks for your kind words Mairaj!

  • Hi Enstine and Nirav,

    The best explanation and checklist for SEO that I’ve ever seen. I might actually be able to follow along with this and increase my blog’s SEO.

    Thank you both for sharing such great content.

    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hey Monna,

      Thank you so much. Glad you liked it!

  • I’m book marking this page. Great to have all these helpful hints in an infographic. I use h1 and h2 tags, I should incorporate h3 tags as well. I like the suggestion to be active on Quora. I do get emails from them about topics I follow.

    • Nirav Dave says:

      Hey Jeff,

      You surely should! I am sure it will help you for all your upcoming projects 🙂

  • Hi Nirav,
    Amazing Infographic, I liked it. You really have done a great job. The infographics contain all the information needed by the newbies.
    Thanks for sharing.

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      Hi Robin,

      Thank you so much. Glad you liked it!

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    This is a nice infographic. Truly it should be called the ultimate SEO guide as it has everything. Detailed and informative.

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    Excellent post. This Info-graphic mentioned all informative things which is very useful for top ranking in search engine. Your tips so give me a good input to my webblog

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