Pure Cash Contest ~ $100 & $10 daily with GuestCrew ~ Make money posting in forums

GuestCrew is running a pure cash contest giving us another opportunity to make money online 😉 Yes! You can actually take part and win this contest without even having a website or blog. The contest is very simple;

  1. Go to GuestCrew and sign up for free.
  2. Post in the forum and stand a chance to win $10 everyday.
  3. Promote this contest on Guestcrew and win $100 at the end of the month.

I see many opportunities coming up these days for us to make money online so the only excuse is laziness or lack of time. With GuestCrew, you can now make money posting on forums.

Earn money by publishing guest posts on your blog.

One of the ways to make real cash as a blogger is accept sponsored posts. You can earn as much as $500 or more per post.

However, the main issue has been where to find these advertisers who can pay you that much to post on your blog.

You may not earn that huge though as this largely depends on a number of factors; traffic, pr, niche, etc. Nevertheless, everyone can earn something from $10 per post. The beauty is that in most cases, advertisers have their content written. So all you have left is copy and paste.

Not only will this fetch some cool cash to your bank account, it also provides content for your blog.

While you can rely on the mercies of advertisers contacting you through your contact form, GuestCrew is a platform where you can easily find advertisers ready to pay you to post on your blog. That’s just it.

GuestCrew pays to Payoneer

pure cash contest

Most of you reading my blog know Paypal is messing up in many African countries. Being the most widely accepted payment processor, any business without Paypal is almost not doing well.  I remember my first WSO. When I switched from PayPal to 2checkout, I saw about 30% drop in sales.

Paypal is not a god by the way. There is Payoneer. You can apply for a free Payoneer MasterCard here. It works worldwide

I brought this Paypal issue to CuestCrew founder and he confirmed to me that they can pay to Payoneer card. So if Paypal is limiting you, grab the free card from Payoneer. Your earnings on GuestCrew will reach you save.

How much can you earn on Guestcrew?

There have been cases that pay more than $2400 per guest post so you have the elasticity to earn as much as you want. However, there are a couple of things that can affect your earnings. The more popular your blog, the more money you can make.

If you have 5 posts per month of $100 each, that makes cool $500 just from one platform.

Thank you for sharing this post. I really appreciate it. Want to make money commenting on blogs? Check out this post

GuestCrew for advertisers

Without advertisers, it will not be possible to make the money through sponsored posts. If you are an advertiser looking for top blogs in different topics to post your content for more exposure, traffic and links, this platform is one you have to add to the list.

Want to publish on Fobes, New York Times, Mashable, Lifehacker, etc? Join Guestcrew now. It’s free

How popular is GuestCrew

This platform is fast growing. It’s becoming a major source of income for many bloggers. With over 6000 active members, GuestCrew is soon becoming a reliable source of sponsored posts for your blog.

Now, head over to guestcrew and create a free account. List your blog and start making money through paid post. Enter the pure Cash Contest and stand a chance to win $10 daily and $100 this month.

Are you on this platform? Do you plan to join? Let me hear you in the comment box below.

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