Product Review Networks – Get paid $2000 Per Review!

Let’s discuss what I call product review networks and how it’s possible to get paid $2000+ to review a single product. The beauty is, even if your blog gets less traffic, this method can still fetch you money.

I keep thinking how bloggers (collectively or as individuals) can put resources together and make big money from advertising while generating satisfaction for advertisers.

You know advertisers want exposure so if we can team up to give them unthinkable exposure, they will give us the money.  That’s the idea of creating Product Review Networks – I’ll explain in a moment.

You cannot succeed as an Island. If you stand alone, you’re certainly going to need to put in a lot more effort.

If you can make $1000/month as a blogger, join hands with many more bloggers and watch your income grow.

Here is the point…

If more people work had every month to give you $100 each, you end up making more than trying alone to make $1000/month. Think about it!

product review networks

Here is my idea of Product Review Networks (PRN)

3 or more bloggers in a specific niche bring their blogs together to create advertising package or network. They all move out looking for advertisers to buy the package. Each time the package is bought by an advertiser, the buyer gains exposure on all the blogs present in the package. That is, everyone of you in the network will have to write a review for that client on your different blogs and share the price.

It might not only be a product review business.  You can also have specific banner slots sold in the network.

Let’s see an example …

Here is a sample PRN named MaximExpo with  4 blogs

Blog A has 10 000 monthly  visitors
Blog B has 15 000 monthly visitors
Blog C has 17 000 monthly visitors
Blog D has  8 000 Monthly visitors

Total visitors in the network: 50 000 monthly visitors

This is crazy! I have seen blogs with 10 000 monthly visitors get paid $500 per review. If you guys can come together and offer this kind of exposure, I bet you, advertisers will rush for your network. With a solid network, you can charge $2000 or more per review post.

The idea is simple – you guys team up and hunt for business together. Instead of going round alone looking for someone to buy $50 banner space or pay you $75 to review his product, why not search for advertisers who can pay $500+ and get exposed on a whole network of blogs?

You may not be able to get a customer that can pay up to $1000 per post on your blog. Similarly, it will be difficult to get 10 customers who pay you $100 each per month for review posts.

On the other hand, it will be easier  for you to get 2 clients to advertise on your network of 5 blogs with over 50 000 monthly readers, and if each of you in the group gets 2 customers, that will be winning the battle.

Note that if you can put up this kind of huge traffic, getting business will not be the hard part any more.

NB: I wrote a post on how to write a business letter that attracts advertisers. See it here

Creating Product review networks

It is easy to start a network. First, define what you want – The categories of product you can accept to review on your blog. You have to make sure you focus on your readers’ interest first.  The products you accept to review or publish on your blog must be relevant to your niche.  If you are in the dog training niche, for instance, it will be senseless to review a gulf training product.

Invite few friends in your niche. Let them know what you want and how you guys coming together can boost your earnings. For a start, I don’t recommend going beyond 5 blogs in your PRN. The bigger the network, the more difficult it is to manage.

Work out a promotion strategy to attract advertisers.  Share your social media strength – How many followers each of you have. How many list subscribers, etc. These are all factors that can influence the success of your network.

Creating a PRN promotion page

This is an important part of the whole PRN idea. Everyone of you in the network should have a page that carries details of your network on your blogs.  Show your network capacity;

  • The blogs and bloggers in the network,
  • Traffic details of each blog in the PRN,
  • Social media coverage of each blog in the PRN,
  • Review post promotion strategies,
  • PR, DA, etc

The PRN page should be one of the most promoted pages on your different blogs and should contain enough information to attract business.

Sharing the cash

This is where members in the network have to agree on some terms.  If you are 5 in the network and you get a deal of $1000, you may share this equitably. You may (on the other hand) want to give a higher share to the blogger who brings the business or the blogger with the most popular blog.

However, you can start a PRN and lay down your conditions. In any case, you have to understand it’s a business group where everyone should contributes to its growth.

Developing a platform to manage this

There are many platforms out there to help bloggers make money. However, I have not seen any of them that has effectively implemented this idea. Do you think developing such a platform is worth it?

I’m PHP developer with skills to technically handle this kind of program but my hands are quite full now. If you a good developer and think we can work this out, contact me.

Let me know what you think about the idea of creating product review networks. Share your views in the comment box.

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