Product Review Networks – Get paid $2000 Per Review!

Let’s discuss what I call product review networks and how it’s possible to get paid $2000+ to review a single product. The beauty is, even if your blog gets less traffic, this method can still fetch you money.

I keep thinking how bloggers (collectively or as individuals) can put resources together and make big money from advertising while generating satisfaction for advertisers.

You know advertisers want exposure so if we can team up to give them unthinkable exposure, they will give us the money.  That’s the idea of creating Product Review Networks – I’ll explain in a moment.

You cannot succeed as an Island. If you stand alone, you’re certainly going to need to put in a lot more effort.

If you can make $1000/month as a blogger, join hands with many more bloggers and watch your income grow.

Here is the point…

If more people work had every month to give you $100 each, you end up making more than trying alone to make $1000/month. Think about it!

product review networks

Here is my idea of Product Review Networks (PRN)

3 or more bloggers in a specific niche bring their blogs together to create advertising package or network. They all move out looking for advertisers to buy the package. Each time the package is bought by an advertiser, the buyer gains exposure on all the blogs present in the package. That is, everyone of you in the network will have to write a review for that client on your different blogs and share the price.

It might not only be a product review business.  You can also have specific banner slots sold in the network.

Let’s see an example …

Here is a sample PRN named MaximExpo with  4 blogs

Blog A has 10 000 monthly  visitors
Blog B has 15 000 monthly visitors
Blog C has 17 000 monthly visitors
Blog D has  8 000 Monthly visitors

Total visitors in the network: 50 000 monthly visitors

This is crazy! I have seen blogs with 10 000 monthly visitors get paid $500 per review. If you guys can come together and offer this kind of exposure, I bet you, advertisers will rush for your network. With a solid network, you can charge $2000 or more per review post.

The idea is simple – you guys team up and hunt for business together. Instead of going round alone looking for someone to buy $50 banner space or pay you $75 to review his product, why not search for advertisers who can pay $500+ and get exposed on a whole network of blogs?

You may not be able to get a customer that can pay up to $1000 per post on your blog. Similarly, it will be difficult to get 10 customers who pay you $100 each per month for review posts.

On the other hand, it will be easier  for you to get 2 clients to advertise on your network of 5 blogs with over 50 000 monthly readers, and if each of you in the group gets 2 customers, that will be winning the battle.

Note that if you can put up this kind of huge traffic, getting business will not be the hard part any more.

NB: I wrote a post on how to write a business letter that attracts advertisers. See it here

Creating Product review networks

It is easy to start a network. First, define what you want – The categories of product you can accept to review on your blog. You have to make sure you focus on your readers’ interest first.  The products you accept to review or publish on your blog must be relevant to your niche.  If you are in the dog training niche, for instance, it will be senseless to review a gulf training product.

Invite few friends in your niche. Let them know what you want and how you guys coming together can boost your earnings. For a start, I don’t recommend going beyond 5 blogs in your PRN. The bigger the network, the more difficult it is to manage.

Work out a promotion strategy to attract advertisers.  Share your social media strength – How many followers each of you have. How many list subscribers, etc. These are all factors that can influence the success of your network.

Creating a PRN promotion page

This is an important part of the whole PRN idea. Everyone of you in the network should have a page that carries details of your network on your blogs.  Show your network capacity;

  • The blogs and bloggers in the network,
  • Traffic details of each blog in the PRN,
  • Social media coverage of each blog in the PRN,
  • Review post promotion strategies,
  • PR, DA, etc

The PRN page should be one of the most promoted pages on your different blogs and should contain enough information to attract business.

Sharing the cash

This is where members in the network have to agree on some terms.  If you are 5 in the network and you get a deal of $1000, you may share this equitably. You may (on the other hand) want to give a higher share to the blogger who brings the business or the blogger with the most popular blog.

However, you can start a PRN and lay down your conditions. In any case, you have to understand it’s a business group where everyone should contributes to its growth.

Developing a platform to manage this

There are many platforms out there to help bloggers make money. However, I have not seen any of them that has effectively implemented this idea. Do you think developing such a platform is worth it?

I’m PHP developer with skills to technically handle this kind of program but my hands are quite full now. If you a good developer and think we can work this out, contact me.

Let me know what you think about the idea of creating product review networks. Share your views in the comment box.

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70 thoughts on “Product Review Networks – Get paid $2000 Per Review!”

  1. Wow very good information thanks for sharing it yeah i got the trick now hope to get sponsor review

  2. Just Brilliant Idea! Yes, if we can work together creating a network then the company’s are very much interested in investing for their exposure. This is something great and it really deserve a Share! I gotta be seriously thinking about creating a team 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

  3. hello enstine like always again you came up with a creative idea. Iam sure thatthis method would work. And like you said it won’t be very hard to get 2 or 3 customers eveery month. Great share mate and I can’t wait for your next post.

  4. Enstine,

    This is an awesome idea! Man, you come up with some excellent ideas for sure. I am a believer in your method of working together and achieving more. Once you get the system up and running and worked out the kinks, you could offer the system to others to create there own networks!!!!

    I completely see your vision and know you can make this happen! I would love to say more but your post has my wheels spinning 🙂 I’ll just end with you’re the man!

    Take care Enstine!

    • Hey Steven,
      Always good to have you around and thanks for the encouraging comment 😉
      I’m already working with a few bloggers to put up our first PRN. I’m sure this will be a success.

      However, you don’t seem to do reviews on your blog, do you?

      • Hey Thanks Enstine!

        I have been focused mainly on putting out post and building solid contacts recently. I do plan on doing reviews in the near future for sure. You do it well and I have been paying attention to how you do them and will take a few plays out of your book 🙂

        See ya

  5. Hi Estine, I must say that you have sparked a really great idea. I mean, there might be a possibility of rejection for a product review for a single blogger, but for a networked blogger, there is no chance for rejection of proposal.

    Prior to make such network, I must say the blog’s ranking also matters a lot for advertisers and product owners. Secondly, the similar niche is an additional advantage for great marketing for all the blogs in that network and for the advertisers too.

    AS you mentioned, the PRN’s landing page should contain valuable stats for all the blogs in the network to compel advertisers to offer you their review.

    Your idea is really a great one. Thanks for igniting the tip and sharing it on

    • Hi Sandeep,
      Thanks for the comment. I hope you soon get your buddies together to setup a network. Now you understand the idea, go ahead and try to make some more money 😉

  6. Hello Enstine,

    Well everything seems fine and perfect but where to start, I think I don’t have any partners or a big list of blogs.

    Thanks for sharing BTW

  7. Hello Enstine,

    This is the post I am most please with since I started checking out your blog…the potential for such a system will blow off any serious blogger’s imagination.

    Presently, mine is already blown and I am currently thinking at the speed of light already. Expect some changes in the days to come.


  8. Mr. Enstine,
    What a marvelous idea! Unity, togetherness, team work and profit sharing are the unique progressive idea for the good business development. But, it is rightly brought out now, for the welfare of the world bloggers community. It is heard that advertisement budgets are not fully used around the world. You have great wonderful expertise on grabbing the deals. Please lead the PRN for building a kingdom of bloggers, direct them to divide the niche and lead the profit sharing.
    In my country, many young brains are remaining idle and not clear what to do next. Similarity may be from your country and other third world. Nowadays, as a common man, owning a two bed room house is a life time struggle and a for-away dream. Your money earning guides are great and letting a light in the heart of bloggers through right earning. Thank you for your awesome efforts and services.

    • Wow! You brought out some truths in your comments. One reason most of us sit on our brains is the lack of means

      For instance, I’d love to do a lot of youtube stuff but we don’t have that kind of video bandwidth. Internet fee still too high and a lot other limitations

      I hope our leaders soon forget about their ego and invest for the grand masses

  9. This is a very good idea and the type that really need to give a shot. No doubt is coming out of the money blogger himself – Enstine.

    But first; before considering jumping on board in this king of program…… most be the first determinant factor that will ensure success and mutual understanding.

    And again, like you rightly pointed out in the article; all participating bloggers hands most be on deck and clean.

    Thanks Enstine, this is good and a very welcome idea.

  10. Great Post Sir, Really Inspiring Me a Lot.
    Now I am going to Make a Team of bloggers and start getting product reviews.
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, I hope that you will share many business ideas with us.

  11. Hi there Enstine!

    “You know advertisers want exposure so if we can team up to give them unthinkable exposure, they will give us the money.” this is a good takeaway and I have to agree with you.

    I like it since even though your blog don’t have much traffic, you can still get $2000.00 in reviewing a single product. That is very interesting! PRN or Product Review Networks is a very cool moneymaking tactic.

    Pretty sure, readers will search for advertisers who can pay $500+ and get exposed on a whole network of blogs.

    A guide here will help. Thanks for this! Awesome!
    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  12. Amazing idea Enstine bro! How do you come up with such ideas?

    I’m not blogging consistently these days and updating it once for a month or bimonthly. So as the traffic and Alexa rank- declining everyday.

    It is great to form PRNs as it gain us money as well as content.

    The two things we should care if we do this are connecting with right people and reviewing right products. What do you think?

    A notice again to you: Your Commentluv plugin is not working!

    • Hi Sriram,
      I get ideas by discussing with friends and thinking 😉
      I hope when you bounce back, you will put up a PRN. Good luck to you in your offline business

  13. Hi Enstine,
    I totally dig the idea of teamwork. If you get together you’ll do wonderful things. Appreciate it.

  14. Hey

    for 2 grand I’d even review Mark Cuban’s 1013 tax return, no doubt.

    what a great idea!

    cheerios my brotha!

  15. This is an excellent idea. I am always looking at ways to increase revenue. Product reviews are great ways, there are many advertisers who would jump to advertise. And in this way not only you will have a free product but get paid at the same time. I am beginning my reviews shortly. Thanks for the idea.

  16. I never thought about such trick to earn money. Individually a blogger might be weak in attracting advertisers but with a group of many bloggers one can attract advertisers on a continuous basis.

    Product reviews are the best paying sponsored article, it is often available in the market. For this strategy to work one needs to honest as the payment needs to distributed equally.

    Thank you Enstine for sharing this brilliant idea. I kingged this article on kingged.

  17. Hi Enstine, interesting concept, though not for me right now. Indeed, there are advertising networks out there and so why not start your own. The Internet is legendary for the many start-ups it has seen thrive. Since this is something one can still join at a later date, don’t take this as a negative endorsement from me, quite to the contrary, just not at this moment in time. [Btw.: your banner reads “singel” – it should be “single” – surely a guy from fiverr with good English credentials? 🙂 ]

    • Hey Darragh
      Thanks for pointing our the typo. That error was corrected few minutes after publishing the post. I think I’ll need to clear my minify cache so you can see the corrected version.

      It was not fiverr though 😉 It was my error

  18. You are just awesome Enstine. You always come up with awesome money making ideas. This time, i must say “it’s just amazing”. I will surely implement this. However, i have a doubt.

    Few months ago, Google penalized guest blogging network. Would it be safe to start such a network..? would love to know your response.

    • I understand the fears surrounding product reviews and guest posting now. However, these 2 are still strong as bloggers and product owners are beginning to understand the importance of the “nofollow” tag 😉

      If you have your private network of about 5 bloggers, there shouldn’t be any fear. Use the nofollow tag and you won’t have issues with Google

  19. Excellent idea! Loved the whole idea of making a PRN and reaching the advertisers with the network details to cash in big with the review. This would be great if done properly. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. Great ideas Enstine… Yeah! This post really does makes sense.. Now it’s time to find interested bloggers.. Big ups to you Sir.

  21. Why not I don’t mind.. Ill let you know when I got some good sponsored reviews.

  22. Great! Great!! Great!!! Idea Enstine.
    I love the way your brain works boss!
    I think this is cool and it will surely help a lot of bloggers out there to make money from their blogs.
    A Blog network will surely entice advertisers and make us all more money!
    Thumbs up for this Great Idea!

  23. Just loved the idea.. I have more 30000 visitors per month kindly let me know when you guys are initiating this.

  24. Hello Enstine,

    So you are back with yet another wonderful idea to make/generate great cash from product reviews. I guess I’ll have to go through the process completely.


  25. Wow, such a great and educative idea to make money bro. I really appreciate you sharing and it’s something worth trying. Thanks for the post

  26. Hi Enstine,
    I’d love to be part of such a network and I do get a good amount of traffic but i’m afraid the niche I’m in currently frowns on paid reviews. Book Market. **sigh*8
    But I have just moved my blog from blogger to self host with WordPress but when I read your post this morning it sparked off another idea on how to possibly use my old blog to work myself into a new niche possibly.

    I put the idea up on my blog and hope you’ll drop in when you have some time and advise on whether you think it could work from this perspective.

  27. That’s a great idea. What a single blog cannot achieve, group of bloggers can achieve the same in bigger way. Thanks for the post.

  28. Product Review Network ( PRN) is an awesome idea. Its a WIN WIN strategy for bloggers and and advertisers. I see that for this to work properly, there must be proper understanding for interested niche blogs.

    However, the grey areas of developing the platform and sharing revenue are to be clarified before going into PRN!

    PRN is revealing and I think it should be tried by bloggers who trust one another!

    I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  29. Excellent way to earn money. But I have a doubt that where can we possibly find such potential advertisers who want to get their things advertised through such integrated blogging networks?

  30. Enstine, did I already tell you, you’re a volcano of ideas? 🙂

    It sounds like a good project to keep in mind.
    The unity makes strength.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us, my friend.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  31. Hey Enstine, This is such a Great Idea. Thanks so much for this post , keep it up sir and Have a great day !

  32. This is indeed an excellent idea, original and new. An advertiser will prefer to advertise on a network of blogs and it will be easier to convince anyone than when its done individually. Enstine sign me up for a spot if you have one already. I will be glad to work with you on this.

  33. Hello Enstine Sir,

    This is really a cool idea. And only a blogger like you can come up with such kind of idea and even share with other bloggers too.

    And since we’re talking about teamwork, the tension and decreases automatically…

    This is really a cool idea Sir, will surely work on it and let you know the results.

    Thanks once again.

    Have a great day Sir

  34. Superb idea was thinking the something unique and you finally provide us the idea great Job Sir Once again Liked your new unique idea

  35. Hello Sir,
    Again a great idea for creating the mass exposure for the advertising engaging bloggers is impressive idea. I lived it sir. Thank you for such nice idea and review tips for getting income for our self.

  36. Enstine, your mind is a minefield of ideas! 🙂 and endless thanks for sharing them with us.

    This is a terrific idea. Just one doubt – Isn’t this idea similar to a private blog network? Isn’t such kind of advertisement against Google policies?

    What do you think?

    • Hey Chitraparna,
      This isn’t in any way against Google policies 😉
      If it is allowed to advertise on many different blogs at the same time, then this is clean. It is as simple as you and I deciding to collaborate and share profit. Rather than presenting just my blog to advertisers (who often ask me to recommend other blogs), I can present mine and yours. So instead of paying $100 to publish on my blog alone, he pays $200 or more so his product gets reviewed on 2 blogs.

      This is not like PBN too. It’s no link building attempt. It’s a profit sharing network. What do you think?

    • In addition to Enstine’s response, your blogging friends provide an excellent starting point. It would be a great idea to start with those you already know and can vouch for…I have five in mind already!


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